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Skyline of Dubai – A Story in 25 Photos

Skyline of Dubai

Not much can beat the Skyline of Dubai. That’s why we have filled this post with all of the amazing photos we have of the incredible Dubai skyline. Enjoy!

Downtown Dubai Skyline at Night

Skyline of Dubai from the Rooftop Looking into Downtown Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Here we have a fantastic photo of Dubai’s night time skyline from a rooftop view, looking back towards Downtown Dubai.

Sheikh Zayed Road Sunset Skyline

Sheikh Zayed Road Skyline and Traffic at Sunset | The Vacation Builder

This one was captured perfectly just before sunset. Taking in the busy hustle and bustle of world famous Sheikh Zayed road, as well as the gorgeous Dubai Skyline at dusk.

Downtown Dubai Skyline at Sunrise

Skyline of Dubai in Downtown at Sunrise | The Vacation Builder

Sunrise is as good as sunset for great photos of Dubai’s Skyline. Here we have a rooftop view looking back into Downtown Dubai.

Downtown Dubai at Noon

Downtown Dubai Skyline View at Noon | The Vacation Builder

Above The Clouds – Burj in View!

Evening Skyline of Dubai Above The Clouds | The Vacation Builder

A cloudy evening in Dubai still makes for fantastic skyline photographs! This one really does put into perspective just how tall The Burj Khalifa really is!

A Sand Storm Brewing..

Sunshine Breaking Through The Clouds to Show The Skyline of Dubai and a Potential Sand Storm | The Vacation Builder

As the sun bursts through the clouds, the gorgeous Dubai skyline is presented, with a possible sand storm brewing!

Dubai Marina & JBR at Sunrise

Skyline of Dubai - Dubai Marina at Sunrise | The Vacation Builder

Who doesn’t love the beach at sunrise? What’s more Jumeirah Beach Residence with Dubai Marina in the backdrop!

Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa & Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Photoshopped Skyline of Dubai with Burj Al Arab | The Vacation Builder

Photoshopped but nevertheless beautiful photo capturing Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel in one fowl swoop!

Dubai City – Aerial View

Skyline of Dubai City | The Vacation Builder

Monstrous skyscrapers tower through scattered crowds in an aerial Dubai city skyline view.

Dubai Skyline View from Palm Jumeirah

Skyline of Dubai from Palm Jumeirah | The Vacation Builder

If you look closely enough you can see Ain Dubai (Dubai Eye) during construction in this amazing snap of Dubai from out on Palm Jumeirah.

Red Sky at Night..

Dubai City Centre Skyline | The Vacation Builder

..Sailors delight! Dubai City Centre skyline at sunset.

Palm Jumeirah Promenade Views

Dubai City Skyline from Palm Jumeirah Promenade | The Vacation Builder

Captivating views of Dubai’s city skyline from Palm Jumeirah’s Promenade. Views like this come free at any one of The Best Hotels on Palm Jumeirah.

From Desert to City

Dubai City Skyline from The Desert | The Vacation Builder

Incredible Dubai City Skyline views from one of the desert roads.

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal & Skyline at Night | The Vacation Builder

The beauty of Dubai’s water canal and skyline at night is gripping, to say the least!

Dubai Water Canal at Sunrise

Sunrise skyline at Dubai Water Canal | The Vacation Builder

The skyline at Dubai’s water canal is even better at sunrise, in our opinion!

Dubai Creek Bridge

Skyline of Downtown Dubai from Dubai Creek Bridge | The Vacation Builder

The skyline of Downtown Dubai taken from underneath Dubai Creek bridge.

A Split View of JBR & Dubai Marina Skyline

Dubai Marina and JBR Skyline | The Vacation Builder

Two of the most happening places in Dubai, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence. We’ve even managed to get Palm Jumeirah in the distance!

Dubai Opera House and Sunset Skyline

Dubai Opera House Skyline | The Vacation Builder

Downtown Dubai again, as you know it makes for the best photos! Here we have the beautiful Arabian sunset in the backdrop of Dubai Opera House.

JBR Skyline in the Evening

Skyline of Dubai at JBR | The Vacation Builder

One of the best places to be in Dubai, with a gorgeous backdrop and skyline views, JBR.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina Skyline | The Vacation Builder

Literally one of THE most famous pictures on the internet to do with Dubai. Dubai Marina at Night Skyline.

Skyline of Dubai Marina During the Day

Skyline of Dubai Marina During the Day | The Vacation Builder

Literally one of our favourite photo’s. Dubai Marina Skyline during the day, but capturing real Dubai in the background too!

Rooftop Bars are a Great Way to See Dubai’s Skyline

Dubai's Skyline from a Rooftop Bar | The Vacation Builder

A great way to see Dubai’s skyline is from many of its rooftop bars. Make sure you read all about Dubai’s nightlife to see where’s best to go.

Skyline of Dubai from a Rooftop Bar | The Vacation Builder

Palm Jumeirah Back to the City at Dusk

Skyline of Dubai from Palm Jumeirah | The Vacation Builder

There aren’t ANY better places to view the skyline of Dubai than from Palm Jumeirah.

Thanks for viewing the best photos and locations to capture the skyline of Dubai!

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