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15 of The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai

15 Most Famous Hotels in Dubai, The Vacation Builder

Dubai is one of the major luxury holiday destinations in the world. The entire city is like an immaculate playground of rich and famous. Thanks to its extravagant lifestyle, high-end entertainment options and lavish accommodations, Dubai emerged as the home to some of the most famous and expensive hotels across the globe. 

Planning for a holiday in Dubai and looking for staying at a luxury property? Your hunt is over with our quick guide on 15 of the Most Famous Hotels in Dubai which are even trusted by celebrities! Have a look.

1. Atlantis The Palm

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Atlantis The Palm | The Vacation Builder

Atlantis the Palm is not just a hotel but also one of the most fascinating landmarks in Dubai. This stunning hotel is erected upon the theme of the Arabian Nights fairy tales and the beguiling story of the lost city of Atlantis.

Atlantis also hides a splendid aquarium within its main structure that offers shelter to more than 65,000 marine creatures. So, the USP of this luxury is more than what meets the eye.

What’s the unique selling point of Atlantis The Palm?

Atlantis The Palm is not just famous for its fabulous unique design but the very fact it has one of the best water parks in the world, sits at the head of Palm Jumeirah and provides the guests with unrivalled views of the whole of Dubai.

We have already curated a list of 15 Hotels In Dubai With The Best Palm Views. Click on the link to see which ones made it to our list.

2. Burj Al Arab

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Burj Al Arab | The Vacation Builder

Burj Al Arab is the name of a legendary hotel in Dubai that rings a bell in everyone’s ears. Sitting on a small artificial island and overlooking the azure blue water of Arabian Gulf, Burj Al Arab is blessed with gorgeous views of both the sea and the city.

Although the hotel authority of Burj Al Arab never claimed to be a “7-star hotel property”, it has earned an unofficial “7-star” tag for its extraordinary facilities and unbeatable service level.

What’s the unique selling point of Burj Al Arab?

The defining shape of this hotel, imitating the shape of an inflated sail, is a reason that it grabs the attention so quickly. You wouldn’t find any other hotel in the city that features 24-carat gold leaf interiors with plenty of real imported flowers all over the world.

The property is paired with a spectacular outdoor deck area encompassing two pools, a restaurant and a bar. And this whole set-up is floating above the sea!

3. Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Jumeirah Beach Hotel | The Vacation Builder

Built, managed and maintained by the reputed Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts Group, Jumeirah Beach Hotel is an iconic landmark in Dubai that stands out for its sweeping design representing a breaking wave.

What’s the unique selling point of Jumeirah Beach Hotel?

This award-winning luxury hotel can be a great summer escape for you and your family with its complementary Wild Wadi Waterpark access backed by a bunch of exclusive benefits. The chilled private pools and a pristine private beach is enough to lift every guest’s mood instantly.

Because of that signature curve in its design. All 500 rooms of Jumeirah Beach Hotel offer the uninterrupted views of the sea.

4. Address Beach Resort JBR

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Address Beach Resort Infinity Pool | The Vacation Builder

Located in a tranquil part of JBR beach neighbourhood, Address Beach Resort is a fantastic 5-star hotel in Dubai. This very first beachfront Address Hotel in the city is worth a visit not just because of its award-winning calibre, but more for the satisfactory views and unparalleled comfort.

What’s the unique selling point of Address Beach Resort JBR?

Infinity pool of Address Beach Resort has to be the most impressive part of your stay. Housing the world’s tallest infinity pool, this beach resort offers nothing but heavenly view of the city skyline and the sea.

This luxury hotel also enjoys the advantage of sitting on a great location that keeps guests close to Downtown Dubai and The Palm.

5. Caesars Palace

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Caesars Palace | The Vacation Builder

The best introduction that came to our mind for Caesars Palace is ‘an iconic hotel nestled in an iconic island’. This place is simply that overdose of everything that a combination of modern and stylish luxury resort can offer.

What’s the unique selling point of Caesars Palace?

Your stay at this dazzling property will present you with a 1.7-kilometre sandy beach front and 500 metre out of that stretch is exclusively owned by the hotel.

As the name suggests, the objective of this hotel is to ensure an ambience in which every guest of the hotel would feel like a Caesar. So, living life king size is not a myth here!

If you are in dilemma to choose between Address Beach Resort and Caesars Palace, our previously drafted face-off between these two giants may offer you some help. Take a look.

6. Palace Downtown

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Palace Downtown | The Vacation Builder

Sitting in the beating and beautiful heart of Dubai Downtown, Palace Downtown is undoubtedly the best place for people who are willing to stay close to Dubai’s eminent attractions, extravagant lifestyle and pulsating nightlife.

Traditional Arabic design and premium facilities that Palace Downtown come with is extraordinary. Staying at this hotel is nothing short of a miracle!

What’s the unique selling point of Palace Downtown?

Palace Downtown is that 5-star hotel property in Dubai where you can meet the giants like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Malls and The Dubai Fountains every now and then. Infinity pool of the hotel allows you to grab a heart-warming view of the city day in and out.

7. Bulgari Resort Dubai

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Bulgari Resort Dubai | The Vacation Builder

It would not be considered as an exaggeration if we say Bulgari Resort Dubai epitomises the Italian luxury at its level best. Since its opening in the year 2017, this 5-star luxury resort has firmly earned itself the reputation of being one of the ultra-luxury resorts across Dubai.

What’s the unique selling point of Bulgari Resort Dubai?

The resort occupies the land in a private seahorse-shaped island (Jumeirah Bay) off the coast of Jumeirah. This affluent beachside neighbourhood is surprisingly low-rise which means more natural views for the guests.

Following the Bulgari ideology, this resort hotel not just brings luxury for you but do this in the most fashionable way. Everything here comes with a dollop of class and fashion! If you want to buy some souvenir, they have a whole Bulgari jewellery boutique for you.

8. Armani Hotel Dubai

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Armani Hotel Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Envisioned and designed by exceptionally talented Giorgio Armani, Armani Hotel Dubai is a celebrity hotel located in the Downtown area. Known for its bespoke Italian sophistication, this luxury hotel comes with exceptionally managed 160 guest rooms.

What’s the unique selling point of Armani Hotel Dubai?

Armani Hotel has brought a piece of Italian hospitality and fashion to Dubai with this immaculate property. Stunning views of Dubai along with supreme Burj Khalifa is the added bonus for the hotel guests. Personalized service is offered to each and every guest so that you never loose a chance to plan your stay just the way you wished for.

9. Palazzo Versace

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Palazzo Versace | The Vacation Builder

If not the most expensive, Palazzo Versace is one of the most expensive hotels you can found in Dubai. The imperialistic building of the hotel looks exactly like a 16th Century Italian Palace infused with some Arabian architectural subtleties.

What’s the unique selling point of Palazzo Versace?

Palazzo Versace is the true bearer of Versace lifestyle backed by high-quality furnishings, tailor-made facilities and an aura of this exemplary Italian brand. Stunning waterfront views and outstanding Neoclassical architecture are two major things that keeps people engrossed at Palazzo Versace.

10. Anantara The Palm

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Anantara The Palm | The Vacation Builder

One of the best options that you have got to cherish a perfect beach holiday in Dubai’s famous Palm Island has to be Anantara The Palm. Positioned at the East Crescent of the island, this luxury resort offers more than you can imagine.

What’s the unique selling point of Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort?

Anantara The Palm features an exclusive private beach and also houses 3 gorgeous swimming pools. This 5-star property never fails to serve the best to the guests. Days in Anantara looks so ethereal and dreamy with those sunset hues and twinkling city skyline.

11. Mandarin Oriental

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Mandarin Oriental | The Vacation Builder

Another gem from the neighbourhood of Jumeirah is the fabulous Mandarin Oriental. This 5-star hotel sits in a beautiful oceanfront overlooking the crystal-clear water of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s fascinating skyline.

What’s the unique selling point of Mandarin Oriental?

Golden sand against azure blue waters has always added more beauty and drawn more attention to this captivating hotel in Jumeirah. The whole set-up comes with plenty of luxurious touches.

It houses Tasca, a Michelin star dining spot. But what makes your gastronomical experience unique is the Sublimotion. This is a never-before dining experience blended with culinary art and technological innovation.

12. One & Only Royal Mirage

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | One & Only Royal Mirage | The Vacation Builder

Do you wish to witness and experience the exotic Arabian heritage, culture and architecture? If yes, then One & Only Royal Mirage can be the most intriguing hotel to book your accommodation in the city. Have your own tropical beachfront oasis at Royal Mirage on the shore of the Arabian Gulf.

What’s the unique selling point of One & Only Royal Mirage?

This low-rise luxury beach resort showcases a mesmerizing interior heavily inspired by Arabian culture and architecture. Every room from this hotel bears a mark of the region’s specialities through exceptionally done colour schemes, furniture, interior and décor.

13. Jumeirah Al Qasr

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Jumeirah Al Qasr | The Vacation Builder

Designed in the style of a Sheikh’s summer residence, Jumeirah Al Qasr is a sparkling jewel in the crown of Madinat Jumeirah. “Al Qasr” means ‘The Palace’ and this stunning hotel is doing a fair share of justice to its name.

All those 292 rooms of Jumeirah Al Qasr offer facilities that makes your stay utterly comfortable while meticulously done interiors will transport you to a different era altogether. Traditional royal look of this hotel is simply outstanding.

What’s the unique selling point of Jumeirah Al Qasr?

Jumeirah Al Qasr looks like an ancient palace and the best part is it has recreated an ancient market, Souk Madinat Jumeirah with more than 70 galleries and boutiques.

There are many outdoor and indoor swimming pools for soaking up the sun as much as you want. Your booking also comes with a complimentary pass to Wild Wadi Water Park.

14. Bab Al Shams

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Bab Al Shams | The Vacation Builder

Next in the list s Bab Al Shams. This rare, unique and stylish desert resort is best known for a blissful yet unusual retreat in Dubai. Sitting amidst the golden sand dunes, Bab Al Shams is an Arabic fort-styled luxury property that promises nothing but exclusive desert retreats for its guests.

What’s the unique selling point of Bab Al Shams?

Bab Al Shams is highly praised for its authentic Arabian hospitality. Open-air dining coupled with musical entertainment takes you to a magical world full of good food, great music and overwhelming ambience. Mystique of Arabia awaits there for you.

15. Raffles The Palm

The Most Famous Hotels in Dubai | Raffles The Palm | The Vacation Builder

Last but not the least, here comes our very gorgeous Raffles The Palm. Situated in the West Crescent of Palm Jumeirah Island, this 5-star hotel is crafted with care to ensure elegant vacationing for the guests. View of the sea and the city is top-notch from any of its room.

What’s the unique selling point of Raffles The Palm?

Raffles The Palm believes, practises and promotes luxury living in a palatial way. The hotel looks like a palace where European heritage meets Arabian vibrancy to create that perfect platform for a wonderful beach holiday.

Rooms feature handcrafted furniture made by Italian designer. Therefore, a room in Raffles The Palm is a chance to live your days in ultimate grandeur.

The Most Expensive Hotel in Dubai?

The most expensive out of the bunch is none other than Burj Al Arab, and no wonder why it is rewarded with a 7-star rating! Everything there is not just expensive but exclusive too.


If you are fortunate and wealthy enough to spend money without thinking twice, the glamorous city of Dubai has got a hoard of luxurious spots to spend the night there. But our list of 15 expensive hotel is not everything that Dubai has got. You will find hotels for every budget and every requirement. So, grab your flight and land in Dubai.

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