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Best 6 Hip Hop Clubs In Dubai

Best Hip Hop Clubs In Dubai, The Vacation Builder

Having a hard time imagining the co-existence of Hip Hop culture and Dubai? We are happy to help you in changing your perception with our list of Best Hip Hop Clubs in Dubai.

With its futuristic appeal and luxurious lifestyle, Dubai is grabbing the attention of the whole world for all the right reasons. The city is already being celebrated for its mystique of Bedouin culture. But there’s more that will keep fascinating you and Hip Hop culture is one of them!

We guarantee you have to agree that “everything is possible in Dubai” as soon as you finish this write-up. Let’s have a look at what Dubai has to offer for Hip Hop lovers.

1. Armani/Prive

Dubai’s nightlife scene offers a riveting clubbing experience with plenty of doses of hip-hop. Armani/Prive is everyone’s favourite spot to pass the night in style and smile. Visiting this exclusive and VIP nightclub is like stepping into the ultra-chic world of late-night entertainment backed by Armani hospitality.

Best Hip Hop Clubs in Dubai | Armani/Prive | The Vacation Builder

The stylishly done understated interior of this nightclub brings the true essence of the Armani brand and looks perfect for those happening parties in the town. Armani/Prive always never fails to create an outstanding ambience with their very talented resident and international DJs.

The club curates its playlist so carefully that party-hoppers can’t resist coming back here again and again. In order to make your dancing session even better, a team of mixologists prepares some exquisite drinks just for you!


Lobby Level, Armani Hotel Dubai, The Burj Khalifa, 1 Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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2. 1OAK

If a name like 1OAK sounds ‘empty’ to you, we would like to explain it first. The word came out of the catchy phrase “One Of A Kind” and this place is living up to its name in such a glorious way! This nightclub brings New York City’s chic and elegance to the coastline of the Arabian Gulf.

Best Hip Hop Clubs in Dubai | 1OAK | The Vacation Builder

1OAK sprawls over a massive area of 9,000 sq ft with meticulously done architectural masterpieces. The hallway is engraved with the writings of Charles Darwin while an impressive art collection of Roy Nachum awaits to treat your eyes.

Not just hip-hop, 1OAK is known for a range of things and it’s very tough to pick just one to explain its unbeatable popularity among elite guests and celebrities.


JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Mantis Dubai

When your love for hip-hop is undying, Dubai has something to reignite your passion every time with Mantis. This captivating nightclub in Dubai is a mind-blowing fusion of past, present and future. An embodiment of old-school energy, Mantis is here to deliver one of the best nightlife experiences in the city.

Best Hip Hop Clubs in Dubai | Mantis Nightclub | The Vacation Builder

This glamorous venue dazzles with its modern yet sophisticated interior design. With white leather couches, minimalist glass tables and elaborated glitzy chandeliers, Mantis is successful in creating an opulent atmosphere where you can let the hair down for hours.

This leading celebrity hotspot in Dubai spreads over three floors making dedicated spaces for private bars, VIP areas and plush lounges. The discretely hidden bar on the second floor lets you choose from their wide display of premium champagne and classic cocktails.  


Emirates Financial Towers, Podium Level, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

4. Blu

Let’s check out another gem from Dubai’s nightlife entertainment arena and it’s the celebrated Blu Dubai nightclub. This place is a favourite venue in town to party out the night.

Best Hip Hop Clubs in Dubai | BLU Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Thanks to its long-standing legacy of hosting enthralling hip-hop events with resident and international DJs, Blu is certainly one of the best nightclubs in Dubai.

Night events at Blu come with so much so that often they are mistaken for some concert or festival. Music played here can transport you to a different era while the ambience inside the club is just perfect for making you fall in love with it.

Blu Dubai features a state-of-the-art light arrangement and sound system along with impeccable pyrotechnics. Everything you experience here, from intoxicating music to rousing drinks, is impossible to get anywhere else.


Al Habtoor City, V Hotel Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5. Mafia Club

We are now presenting the Mafia Club which has crafted a special niche in the hearts of Dubai’s party-goers with its exclusive and engaging clubbing experience. Mafia is an elegant, classy entertainment lounge with a hint of mysteries. Nobody really wishes to miss an opportunity to be in Mafia!

Best Hip Hop Clubs in Dubai | Mafia Club Dubai | The Vacation Builder

With a sleek and sultry interior design, Mafia aims to make your nights sensual with aptly chosen music and spacious dance floor. This place gives a very wild and vibrant vibe that knows no inhibition.

Mafia Club maintains a well-experienced and talented pool of resident DJs. International DJs often bless this spot with their glorious presence. Every event here speaks of nothing but luxurious and grand night experiences.


Downtown Dubai, Next to Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

6. WHITE Dubai

Located against the stunning backdrop of the Meydan Racecourse Grandstand, WHITE Dubai is the ultimate destination for hardcore hip-hop lovers and party-hoppers in the town. This fantastic evening escapade in Dubai is a night shelter for people who cherish living life at the edge.

Best Hip Hop Clubs in Dubai | WHITE Dubai | The Vacation Builder

This nightclub comes with an outdoor rooftop space that treats the guests with an incredibly lovely panoramic view of Dubai. WHITE Dubai is always on its path to creating remarkable night-time entertainment for both its local and international guests.

Good food, great music and a gorgeous set-up – everything is there to lift your mood. It is hard to decode the essence of WHITE Dubai but nobody can deny its power to dominate your senses and rule your heart.


Meydan Racecourse Grandstand Rooftop, Adjacent To The Ticket Sales Office, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


If you are looking to have some of the best hip-hop nightlife experiences in your life, Dubai can surpass your expectation. The city is dotted with so many outstanding hip-hop clubs that you will be spoilt with choices. You can pick a place beyond the list we curated here and you will not be disappointed.

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