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5 Best Hijama Centres in Dubai and More!

5 Best Hijama Centres in Dubai and More, The Vacation Builder

We all know how charismatic Dubai is with its cosmopolitan nature and extravagant lifestyle. But there’s much more beyond that! The city still keeps some things intact from its roots. Hijama or Cupping Therapy is one of them.

If you are looking for a holistic method of treating the ailment, then Hijama Therapy can deliver you outstanding outcomes. The good news is Dubai is dotted with a number of reputed and well-trusted Hijama centres across the city.

We are here with a collection of the Best Hijama Centres in Dubai along with some additional information on this unusual yet effective medical practice.

What is Hijama Therapy?

Hijama is an Arabic word that means “cupping”. So, this unique medical practice is also simply known to the world as Cupping Therapy. Hijama is a very ancient and holistic way of healing from a variety of diseases, particularly the ones that causes intense pain in the body or in any part of it.

Although there are certain controversies regarding the exact origin of Hijama or Cupping Therapy, its use can be traced down to even early Egyptian and Chinese medical practices.

5 Best Hijama Centres in Dubai

In spite of being an unconventional method for the treatment, a lot of people in Dubai still insist to go for Hijama Therapies. The primary reason for this is, of course, the result they feel afterward. We are listing down some of the best Hijama centres in Dubai in case you are looking for one in the town.

1. Natural Healing Acupuncture Centre (NHAC)

5 Best Hijama Centres in Dubai and More| Natural Healing Acupuncture Centre (NHAC) | The Vacation Builder

Natural Healing Acupuncture Centre is one of the most well-equipped Hijama therapy providers in Dubai. Powered by two branches, one on Al Wasl Road and the other in Mirdif. This traditional medical clinic offers state-of-the-art medical facilities.

NHAC works with a vision to bring balance between your body, mind and spirit so that an overall feeling of well-being can be pursued throughout life. The centre is managed by a group of qualified professionals with outstanding understanding and experience in the field of Hijama/Cupping Therapy.


2. Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre (DHTC)

5 Best Hijama Centres in Dubai and More | Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre (DHTC) | The Vacation Builder

If health is wealth, then Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre knows how to keep that “wealth” safe for you! This centre vouches for a ‘360-degree solution to a healthier you’ and they do what they declare.

DHTC works with a holistic view of your health and offers individualized solutions for your well-being accordingly. This bespoke approach is also the core philosophy of their Hijama Therapy sessions.


Za’abeel 1, Oud Metha Road, Towards Al Ain – Dubai Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Tong Ren Tang

5 Best Hijama Centres in Dubai and More | Tong Ren Tang | The Vacation Builder

When you are in Dubai and in search of an authentic Chinese cupping therapy centre, Tong Ren Tang can be your best bet. This medical centre is highly appreciated by its patrons for its traditional way of Chinese cupping, which is similar to Hijama in the Arabic traditional field of treatments.

Tong Ren Tang is an indigenous Chinese pharmacy with a legacy of offering medical help for more than three centuries. So, ancient knowledge blended with modern technology and execution methods never fails to offer you relief both in body and in mind.


4. Mirdif Centre for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

5 Best Hijama Centres in Dubai and More | Mirdif Centre For Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation | The Vacation Builder

Mirdif Centre For Physio Therapy & Rehabilitation is a trusted name when it comes to getting Hijama Therapy in and around Dubai. This centre maintains a pool of experienced and well-trained cupping professionals to offer remedies to your ailments.

Mirdif Physio & Rehab supports their clients not just in managing chronic health issues but also assisting them to avoid disease onset along with maintaining more enhanced general health.


Shop No. 10, Algeria Street, Uptown Mirdif, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5. 7 Dimensions Medical Centre

5 Best Hijama Centres in Dubai and More | 7 Dimensions Medical Centre | The Vacation Builder

7 Dimensions Medical Centre is a renowned medical facility in Dubai that delivers exceptional and equally integrated holistic solutions to a range of health ailments. This centre came into existence with a mission to stellar outpatient services backed by affordable treatment plans.

At 7 Dimensions, you will always meet doctors and therapists who are highly trained in the latest healthcare technologies so that ancient treatments like Hijama/cupping therapy can be laced with the best outcomes.


Near Dubai Miracle Garden, Diamond Business Centre A, 1st Floor, Arjan, Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


We understand that you might have lots of questions bubbling up in your mind related to Hijama or Cupping Therapy. Well, we are here to share the best possible answers to your queries.

Q. How does Hijama/cupping therapy works?

5 Best Hijama Centres in Dubai and More | FAQs on Hijama or Cupping Therapy | The Vacation Builder

Hijama or cupping works by generating powerful suction on the skin with the application of a heated cup. This enhances the blood flow, breaks down the damaged tissue and helps relieve the tight tissues. Cupping triggers the lymphatic system that in turn clears the blood vessels, activates the skin and drains out the toxic elements.

The therapy has the ability to lower the intensity of pain by affecting pain transmission communication routes from a stimulating location to the brain and backward.

Q. Is Hijama or Cupping an approved medical method?

Yes. Hijama or cupping is medically recognized worldwide and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) also approved this alternative therapy in the UAE.

Q. What are the types of Cupping?

There are mainly three types of cupping available. These are:

  • Wet Cupping – Hijama actually falls under the Wet cupping category. In this treatment, a vacuum is used at different points of the body with minor incisions on the skin. Wet cupping is very effective in eliminating toxins and free radicals from the body.
  • Dry Cupping – In this method, using a vacuum on a number of body spots, blood is gathered to treat the ailment. This method doesn’t involve any incisions.
  • Dry Massage Cupping – It’s quite similar to dry cupping except that mint or olive oil is applied on the skin for easy movement of the suction cups. It improves blood circulation and is particularly beneficial for athletes.

Q. What is Hijama Therapy good for?

Hijama can treat and improve a wide range of health concerns –

  • Lower back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Muscular pain
  • Sciatica and other types of pain

Q. Is Hijama Painful?

Honestly speaking, it can be painful at times but is totally worth it! The process doesn’t feel painful for the whole time of the procedure. 90% of patients don’t feel any pain but of course, everyone has different pain threshold levels.

Q. Can everyone undergo Hijama or cupping therapy?

Although considered safe, Hijama or cupping is not for everyone. People with the following health conditions should avoid this therapy –

  • Liver, kidney or heart failure
  • Having pacemaker
  • Haemophilia, Anaemia or similar blood disorders
  • Heart diseases
  • People who are on blood thinners


Hijama or cupping can treat the root cause of a variety of diseases. This ancient medical treatment is still very much in use. Coupled with modern medical approaches, Hijama therapy is reaching new heights in setting people free from many of their chronic health conditions. Dubai has many more Hijama therapy centres apart from the five we listed here. You can choose one that looks more convenient to you.

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