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25 Expert Picks To Find Where to Buy Best Abaya in Dubai

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Exploring Dubai offers you an array of sophisticated choices when it comes to abayas. Your quest for elegance and modest fashion finds its match in the city’s chic boutiques, shops and souks.

From contemporary styles to traditional clothing, Dubai caters to the fashionable desires of muslim women with practical and elegant options. Here are the best ones:

Keep reading this helpful guide to discover your best abaya in Dubai. 

Shopping Centres and Malls to Buy Abaya in Dubai

In Dubai, there are a number of shopping centers and malls which are known for their wide range of abaya collections. Which are they? Here we go…

Abaya Mall Mirdif

where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Abaya Mall

Best For: Mid-range

Price Range: AED 270 – AED 2000

Location: 58 29C Street, Beside Star International School, Mirdif, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you are looking for excellent quality and beautiful design abayas in Dubai, Abaya Mall Mirdiff is the one-stop shopping destination for you. This three-storey mall is exclusively set up for all types of abayas – be it traditional, modern or festive wear.

At Abaya Mall, you can go for on-site customization for that perfect fit. Or, you can buy your choice of dress material for a custom-made abaya stitched with the help of a tailor. You can even pick some accessories to match your abaya. 

Do not hesitate to use your sharp bargaining skills to crack great deals. The first price is never the last!

Abu Hail Centre

where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Abu Hail Center

Best For: Budget-friendly to mid-range

Price Range: AED 150 – AED 400

Location: Abu Hail Road, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Next to Abu Hail Park and Masjid Khalifa Bin Sultan)

Abu Hail Centre is one of the oldest and most sought-after abaya shopping destinations in Dubai. With their extensive collection of captivating pieces and boutiques, Abu Hail curate an inexpensive and wholesome shopping experience. 

When you have got three floors full of abaya shops, browse them all before you purchase. Chances are high that you will find good designs in a reasonable to lower price range.

The quality you get here is way better than Naif Market. Many shops offer personalized tailoring facilities if you can afford 3 – 5 days. Prices hover around the average range, yet there’s a good chance for negotiation.

Make sure you check the garment quality and strength of the embroidery while shopping at Abu Hail Centre.

Mamzar Abaya Centre

where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Mamzar Center

Best For: Budget-friendly to mid-range abayas

Price Range: AED 100 – AED 400

Location: Al Etihad Road, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Not far from Abu Hail Centre and with a full selection of Abaya shops, the Mamzar Abaya Centre from Mamzar Shopping Centre caters all sorts of abaya needs for all types of occasions. This modest place is loaded with beautifully crafted abayas. 

Whether you seek something casual or elegant, tailors at Mamzar Centre can guide you in choosing fabrics, colors and designs to match your taste. Your unique abaya will be ready in just a few days. This place also comes with some great kids wear and accessory collections. 

where to buy best abaya in Dubai-J3 Mall Abaya Gallery

Best For: Mid-range to premium

Price Range: Starting from AED 300

Location: Al Wasl Road, Al Manara, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: j3mall.com

J3 Mall is a decent, small but good mall that you must not skip while looking for the best abayas in Dubai. This mall stands out with modern designs and latest trends.

Abayas available at J3 Mall are very pretty and a bit pricey. Their collection can easily fit your demand for premium labels. Here good-quality design abayas can be bagged without paying a fortune! 

You would love to visit the J3 Mall with your kids as Cheeky Monkey is a wonderful play area for keeping your little munchkins occupied for hours.

Other Shopping Centres and Malls

Below, few other shopping centers and malls where you will get some good shops to purchase abaya:

  • Galleria Mall Jumeirah Wasl
  • Abaya shops in Al Warqa City Mall
  • Bin Sougat Centre

And, click here to discover more shopping destinations

Souqs and Shopping Area

It’s impossible to end your hunt for the best abayas without exploring the souqs in Dubai. There is nothing better than going souq shopping to get your hands on some budget-friendly hidden gems!

Souq Naif

where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Souq Naif

Best For: Budget-friendly abayas

Price Range: Starting from AED 80

Location: Deira Street, Deira, Dubai, (Next to Ahmed Majid Al Ghurair Mosque), United Arab Emirates

Thanks to huge competition and availability of local manufacturing units, shops situated at Souq Naif are the best treasure troves to get a wonderful affordable abaya. 

No other spot can beat Souq Naif when it comes to cost-effective abaya purchasing and tailoring. We suggest you go for a rigorous quality check before paying for the garments to avoid any disappointment.

Global Village

where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Global Village

Best For: Budget-friendly to mid-range

Price Range: Starting range AED 150

Location: Global Village, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: www.globalvillage.ae

Global Village is one great entertainment hotspot in Dubai with an opulent chance to shop for traditional clothing including abayas flaunting different regional influences. You will love the variety that covers everything from classic to modern designs. 

Abayas at Global Village outlets are not that expensive but they are not cheap at all. You can obviously buy a good number of nice pieces at a reasonable range if you bargain.

We would like to mention that the UAE and Kuwait pavilions here feature a good range of abayas, hijabs and traditional Arabic clothing. There is more to enjoy at Global Village so check here why it is always worth a visit.

Meena Bazar Bur Dubai

where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Meena Bazar

Best For: Budget-friendly

Price Range: starting from AED 80

Location: Al Fahidi, Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Meena Bazaar is one of the old shopping hubs in Dubai. When you are looking for places in Dubai to buy affordable traditional garments and accessories, particularly for women, this marketplace shouldn’t be overlooked!

This marketplace is known for cheap abayas. Shops also deal in different types of Pakistani and Indian dresses including sarees and shawals along with budget-friendly abayas. Local attires can be seen all over Meena Bazar.

Karama Centre and Karama Old Market

where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Karama Center

Best For: Budget-friendly

Price Range: Starting from AED 80

Location: Kuwait Street, Al Karama, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you are anywhere near to Karama neighbourhood in Dubai and willing to get yourself some affordable abayas, then head straight to Karama Centre and Karama Old Market. 

This marketplace has got a decent variety of abayas and you can grab some incredible cheap deals if you are ready to invest time in bargaining. 

Top Branded Abaya Stores

The easiest way to give your abaya game a paradigm shift is to own some branded pieces. Here come some of the best abaya brands in Dubai for the latest and trendy pieces in the women’s fashion scene. 

Hessa Falasi

where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Hessa Falasi

Best For: Luxury

Price Range: AED 1,200 – AED 4,000

Location: Hessa Falasi Boutique, Building 2, Dubai Design District, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: www.hessafalasi.com

Launched in 2011, this contemporary luxury abaya brand has its flagship store in Dubai Design District. Their exclusive line of fashionwear and lifestyle space reflects Hessa Al Falasi’s creative vision nicely.

The brand reflects the concept of modesty and minimalism through its timeless and simple designs including abayas, kaftans and other products.

The store offers private consultation so that you bag the right abaya from its extensive range of designer collections. You can also try out the items and request alteration services to ensure the best fit. 


where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Chi-KA

Best For: Luxury

Price Range: AED 1,700 – AED 4,500

Location: Warehouse # 69, Alserkal Avenue, 17th Street, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: www.chikacollection.com

In their attempt to blend Japanese kimono with Emirati style, CHI-KA is creating abayas without hindering the modesty and elegance of this traditional attire. You will find the collection quite stylish, modern, sophisticated and yet trendy.

You can shop from its luxurious collection of silk-made abayas, kimonos, kaftans and dresses. If you are eyeing chic yet laid-back silhouettes, CHI-KA has plenty of timeless pieces flaunting hand-painted and hand-embroidered works.

To add more longevity to their creations, CHI-KA uses only the finest fabric. This also ensures outstanding fall and fit for you. You can also go for customization as per your body type. They even bring their collection to your home or hotel if you ask for it. 


where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Mauzan

Best For: Luxury

Price Range: AED 1,200 – AED 7,000


  • Mauzan Boutique, Second Level, Shop No. SF 231, The Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Mauzan – Jumeira, Um Al Sheif Road, Jumeira 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: www.mauzan.com

Founded by extremely creative and talented designer Rafia Helal Bin Drai, Mauzan is a tremendously admirable luxury fashion brand across the UAE. The abayas from this brand epitomize grace and femininity. 

With Mauzan’s contemporary and custom-made abaya and sheila designs, you can flaunt your femininity with confidence and comfort. To bring more options for you, the brand comprises three signature collections – Mauzan, Mauzan Exclusive and Miss Mauzan.

Delicate beadworks make Mauzan’s limited edition abayas even more irresistible. You will love the flowy, soft fabrics and flattering cuts. Stores also display custom-made designs to suit your body measurements. Mauzan collection makes for gorgeous occasional as well as decent daily wear.

Louzan Fashion

where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Louzan

Best For: Premium to Luxury

Price Range: AED 900 – AED 2,000


  • Unit SF – 210, 2nd Floor, Dubai Mall, Financial Center Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Also available in Arabian Center and Beach Center  

Website: www.louzanfashion.com

This luxury ladies fashion abaya brand is well-known for practical yet graceful designs. With more than 20 stores to shop for, you can easily find one of their outlets near you.

They are reinventing traditional Arabian abaya fashion with the help of impeccable tailoring, quality fabrics, fine stitching and flawless finish.

Louzan focuses on creating a diversified collection with a variety of contemporary designs. Whatever your requirements are, this brand can fulfill them with its spectacular range of handcrafted abayas.

Illi Studio

where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Illi Studio

Best For: Premium to Luxury

Price Range: AED 800 – AED 1,800

Location: Warehouse Number – 2 – 5 6th Street, Al Quoz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Website: illistudio.com

Luxury brand Illi Studio takes Emirati traditional fashion to a whole new level with their innovative idea of blending contemporary fashion with tradition. You will be amazed by the way Illi has curated a line of abayas ranging from occasional wear to everyday attires.

Illi Studio is giving Emirati women a chance to make modest yet bold fashion statements with modern prints and simple cuts. You will feel confident and stylish while adorning their unique designs.

Other Branded Abaya Stores

There are a few other reputed abaya brands that you can shop with:

Online Stores

If you wish to avoid hopping from one shop to another and yet wish to get good quality abayas to reach your doorstep, try the following online abaya stores. All you need to do is to scroll through their abaya collection and place an order for your favorites.

Basic Abaya

where to buy best abaya in Dubai-BasicAbaya

Best For: Mid-range

Price Range: AED 300 

Website: basicabaya.com

Basic Abaya is an online brand aiming to deliver quality and style at an affordable price. This is why all their abayas are priced at AED 300! Such a unique approach makes high fashion available to a broader customer base.

Their collection ranges from basic black abayas to some vibrant options. Such varieties make for timeless pieces for your wardrobe to create elegant looks with bolder statements.


where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Boksha

Best For: Mid-range to Luxury

Price Range: AED 79 – AED 6,000

Website: boksha.com

From simple patterns to designer wear – BOKSHA is that one online marketplace which covers everything in the traditional ladies garment section. In addition to a massive collection of abayas, the website sells dresses, kaftans, kids wear, headscarf, perfumes, travel wear and more.

From Ramadan Kaftans to Moroccan designs, this online platform presents you an array of choices to make. When you are buying a BOKSHA product, you are promoting the region’s skilled female entrepreneurs.  

Designer’s pieces set you apart from the crowd with their modern and distinctive styles. It is really impossible not to find your type of abaya when you are shopping at BOKSHA.


where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Kamin

Best For: Mid-range to Premium

Price Range: AED 220 – AED 920

Website: kamin.ae

Kamin brings you one of the best abaya collections to shop online. This online brand is dedicated towards offering seasonal relief with their vast range of modest and graceful abayas. In fact, many regional social influencers and celebrities were spotted flaunting Kamin’s creations.


where to buy best abaya in Dubai-Bousni

Best For: Mid-range

Price Range: AED 225 – AED 420

Website: www.bousni.ae

To cater your Emirati fashion needs, Bousni can be a fantastic online place to shop for a huge variety of traditional ladies garments along with beautiful jewelry pieces. Their abayas reflect elegance and sophistication and fit for any occasion.

At Bousni, you will be spoilt with choices as the website incorporates not just abayas but ready-to-wear, dresses, jalabiyas, travel wear, inner dresses and hijabs too.  

Buying Guide

A little bit of guidance plays a significant role in finding an abaya that fits not just your body but matches your personality too. We are here with a quick and easy abaya buying guide.

1. Understand Abaya Styles

Choose between traditional, modern, open, closed, or designer abayas based on personal preference and cultural appreciation.

2. Consider Fabric Quality

Opt for lighter fabrics like crepe for summer and heavier fabrics for winter. Georgette or silk blends work well for all seasons.

3. Color and Design

Black remains timeless, but modern trends offer a plethora of colors and embellishments. Select based on the occasion: more ornate for special events, simpler for daily wear.

4. Budget

Abayas vary in price from affordable to luxury. Determine your spending limit ahead of shopping.

5. Select Shopping Locations

Explore our article with all the recommendations from high-end boutiques and traditional markets in Dubai to online and shopping malls for a wide selection.

6. Fitting and Comfort

Choose a size that fits well without compromising on modesty. Length should ideally brush the feet.

7. Customization and Tailoring

Many shops offer tailoring services for a perfect fit. Consider custom elements like embroidery for a unique look.

8. Accessorize

Coordinate your abaya with complementary shawls, hijabs, and other accessories for a complete look.

For a seamless shopping experience, keep these detailed steps in mind to find an abaya that beautifully complements your style and respects the cultural essence of Dubai.

Ending Notes on the best places for Abayas in dubai

Buying the best abayas in Dubai can be overwhelming as you will be spoilt with a huge number of brands, outlets and marketplaces across the city. 

While Abaya Mall Mirdiff is certainly an amazing place for abaya shopping, there’s a lot more for you to explore if you can invest plenty of time and energy.

This is why we thought of assisting you in your abaya shopping with this “Where to buy best abaya in Dubai” post. Hopefully, it is informational and helpful. Now it’s time to grab the wallet and go shopping!


Which brand of abaya is the best in Dubai?

With so many options available around, it is very hard to pick just one brand for the best category of abayas. We have a few favorites – Hessa Falasi, CHI-KA, Mauzan, Louzan Fashion and Illi Studio.

How much is the average price of abaya in Dubai?

The starting price of an abaya can be around AED 100 while it may end up in thousands for designer pieces. We found the average price of a good-quality abaya can be anything between AED 300 and AED 500.

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