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What It Takes For Wonderful Men Photoshoots In Dubai

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Dubai is such a futuristic city with all those iconic structures, beguiling cosmopolitan ambience, expansive desert and fascinating beaches. In short, the city is overloaded with every element that makes for a wonderful photoshoot. But there’s a catch!

We are going to develop this post around a few essential tips and tricks to arrange men photoshoots in Dubai. Ladies, don’t get upset. You can steal the ideas and we wouldn’t mind.

A perfect and satisfying photoshoot doesn’t come out of blue. It’s a little bit tricky to arrange, particularly when you want to shoot alone. Check out what we have to share so that all you will be left with to do is grinning from ear to ear while camera focuses on you!

1. Choose the Location(s)

Your first step to a fantastic men photoshoot in Dubai has to start with deciding a particular shooting spot or a few of your favourite locations in the city. A good photoshoot always demands a nice backdrop and you can’t deny that!

When it comes to picking your shooting locations in Dubai, you will be spoilt with choices. There are plenty of fabulous spots right within the city limit. So, you have to make a list of spots that you think can add that extra spark to your photos. A professional photographer can offer excellent guidance on choosing the right location.

2. Decide What to Wear

The thumb rule is very simple when deciding what to wear in a photoshoot – wear whatever you feel comfortable and look good in. Dubai has as many sides as you want to explore. This gives you immense opportunity to bring a good variety of your favourite clothes to shooting locations.

What It Takes For Wonderful Men Photoshoots In Dubai | Decide What To Wear | The Vacation Builder

We will strongly suggest you to flaunt a kandora in Dubai photoshoot. This traditional Emirati attire looks somewhat like a robe but with better fittings and great looks. They come in different colours and style that go so well with any Dubai backdrop. JAMIS PHOTO can do wonders with candora, Arabian waters and the City of Gold. Feel free to contact them to book your slot.

3. Pick the Right Time of the Day/Year

Not just the location, right light plays important role in generating stunning photos. This is why you should try to host the photo session either in the morning or in the evening. We would like to remind you that Dubai sun can be really ruthless at times. Therefore, don’t even think of shooting under burning Dubai sun in a summer noon or afternoon.

What It Takes For Wonderful Men Photoshoots In Dubai | Pick The Right Time of The Day/Year | The Vacation Builder

Winter months (November to February) are undoubtedly the best time of the year to go exploring gorgeous landmarks in Dubai. This time of the year lures many people to schedule outdoor photos in and around the city. In case you choose to don a kandora, this can really help you in escaping scorching sunrays.

4. What Make-Up to Wear

Well, we are talking about men. Still it’s not a good idea to pose in front of those high resolution cameras without a hint of make-up. Certainly men don’t need those dramatic eyelashes or bold lips but right kind of touch-up is essential to bring out the best facial features.

A Dubai photoshoot package usually comes with a make-up artist to take care of client’s requirements. You can also have a talk before the shoot to decide what kind of attire you are going to wear and what time of the day you are choosing to click photos. This helps make-up person to understand what will be the best to put on your face to complement the colour of your dress, backdrop and light.

5. Plan Your Poses

Yes, you hard that right! It is a great idea to discuss about the poses well before you reach the shooting spot. You can even ask your photographer to take some photos in the poses that you have in your mind.

While those trial photographs give you a fair idea of what looks good through a lens, the photographer understands what pose brings the best out of your personality. It all depends on your style and your preferences because it’s all about expressing yourself.

6. Discuss the Money Part

To arrange a smooth and rewarding photoshoot, you have to fix a budget for it beforehand. You may have to increase/decrease the amount a little, but have a clear picture of what you have to pay through a discussion with the agency or the photographer.

What It Takes For Wonderful Men Photoshoots In Dubai | Discuss the Money Part | The Vacation Builder

Have a clear word with the agency/photographer to decide when and what amount to be paid. Better to go for a written communication to avoid any sort of confusion in future. Never leave the monetary part unattended.

7. Have Fun

Make your photoshoot count. Choose the place you enjoy seeing in the backdrop, flaunt the styles what you love boasting off and most importantly, enjoy the shoot as much as possible. Try to build a cordial bond with your shooting team to have a wonderful time out there.


Men photoshoot in Dubai can be really fun if you plan it properly, and we have shared all tips and tricks to make that happen. Hopefully this quick guide will be of great help when you are thinking about taking outstanding photos in Dubai with a professional photographer by your side.

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