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Dubai is fast becoming one of the most popular places for a vacation in the world and why shouldn’t it be. The year round sunshine, eye watering architecture and child friendly atmosphere has everything for everyone. Here we take a look at the weather in Dubai month by month.

Dubai Weather January

Dubai Weather January - The Vacation Builder

The coolest time of year in the UAE hotspot, the weather in January is relatively cool during the evenings but still warm enough for shorts and T-Shirts in the day time. Weather averages in January range from 14 Degrees Celsius (57F) overnight to 23 Degrees Celsius (73F) during the day.

The weather in Dubai in January can reach highs of around 28C on the odd days but can be as cool as 10C overnight. Average amount of sunshine in Dubai in January is 8 hours, there are 6 days of extremely light rainfall and the sea temperature is around 21C (70F).

January is a good time of year to visit Dubai for cheaper hotels and to go on a lot of sightseeing excursions as the days are not too hot.

Dubai Weather February

Dubai Weather February | The Vacation Builder

Dubai doesn’t stay cool for many months of the year, just two in fact and February is the last of the two. Weather averages in February range from 15C (59F) overnight and day time temperatures see 24C (75F).

Again it is possible to have the odd 28C day as there were in February 2018 but in general February is extremely similar to January’s weather in Dubai. Average amount of sunshine in Dubai in February is 8 hours and rainfall stands at just 4 days and 40mm. Sea temperatures generally the same as January with 21C (70F).

Dubai Weather March

Dubai Weather March | The Vacation Builder

The first month of the year where the weather noticeably starts to rise in temperature. March is a great time to visit Dubai for pleasant heat and warmth that is just about enough for beach days. Weather averages in March ranges from 17C (63F) overnight and 27C (81F) during the day.

It is not rare to see the odd day of 30C during March in Dubai. Sea temperatures start to rise towards the end of the month and stand at around 22C (72F), sunshine increases by an hour to 9 hours and rainfall is at a bare minimum of just 10mm.

Dubai Weather April

Dubai Weather April | The Vacation Builder

April is another good month to visit Dubai for great weather. Averages begin to increase on March but the heat is still bearable and good for holiday makers. Weather averages in April start at 20C (68F) overnight and rise to 32C (90F) during the day.

April in Dubai can see the odd daily temperature reach as high at 35C. Sunshine hours increases again against March’s 9 hour to 10. Sea temperatures are noticeably pleasant at around 25C (77F) and rainfall is virtually non existent at 10mm.

In my opinion April is one of the best times of year to visit Dubai. The evenings are still cool enough to get a good night’s sleep, the day time temperatures are hot but not too hot and the sea temperature is great for a swim.

Dubai Weather May

Dubai Weather May | The Vacation Builder

May in Dubai is the first of several hot summer months. Holiday makers who travel to Dubai during May are usually seasoned sun-worshippers who are used to the heat. The plus side to travelling in May is it is one of the cheapest times to take a vacation in Dubai. Weather averages in May range from 24C (75F) overnight to 37C (99F) during the day.

May in Dubai can potentially present the odd extremely hot day so do not be surprised to see some days soaring towards 40C. Sunshine hours also increase again in May compared to April and now stand at 11. Rainfall is virtually zero and the sea temperature is 28C (82F).

May is still a good time of year to take a Dubai vacation if you are used to the heat.

Dubai Weather June

Dubai Weather June | The Vacation Builder

June is where we start to see some serious heat. Travellers from the UK should consider carefully before travelling to Dubai in June. The summer months in Dubai generally see locals ducking and diving from one air conditioned lobby to another. However, there are tons of things to do in Dubai indoors! Weather averages in June have lows of 26C (79F) overnight and 38C (100F) during the day.

Rainfall is again virtually zero during June and sea temperatures begin to feel like a bath at around 31C (88F). Sunshine hours are also up, at 12. June has the most hours of sunshine compared to any other month in Dubai.


Dubai Weather July

Dubai Weather July | The Vacation Builder

July is another extremely hot month in Dubai and the penultimate month before the peak for the year. Weather averages in June begin with overnight temperatures of 29C (84F) and daily highs of 40C (104F).

Sunshine hours begin to drop in July to 11 from Junes previous of 12. Sea temperatures soar at 32C (90F) and rainfall is non existent. Most holiday makers avoid the month of July for travel to Dubai due to the immense heat.

Dubai Weather August

Dubai Weather August | The Vacation Builder

The hottest month of the year in Dubai is August. Daily average highs reach 41C (F) and overnight doesn’t generally drop below 30C (86F). One advantage of travelling to Dubai during August though is to make the most of cheap hotel deals!

Sea temperatures in Dubai are like hot baths at 33C (91F) and daily sunshine hours stand at 10. Rainfall is again, non existent.

Dubai Weather September

Dubai Weather September | The Vacation Builder

September is still part of the hot season in Dubai although we now start to see daily sunshine hours and temperatures dropping. Weather averages in Dubai in September have highs of 38C (100F) and lows of 27C (81F) overnight. September is a good month to visit Dubai due to how cheap it is to fly.

Sea temperatures begin to drop but are still fantastic for a swim at around 32C (90F), daily sunshine hours stand at 10 and rainfall is rare at around 10mm for the whole month.

Dubai Weather October

Dubai Weather October | The Vacation Builder

October is our favourite time to visit Dubai. Hotels and flights are generally cheaper than most other months and the temperatures are still high (but not too high). Weather averages in October range from overnight lows of 23C (73F) to daily highs of 35C (95F).

The sea temperature averages 30C (86F) and daily sunshine hours stand at 10. Rainfall is rare and stands at around 1 day with 10mm on average.

Dubai Weather November

Dubai Weather November | The Vacation Builder

The most popular month to travel to Dubai is November. November in Dubai is seen by most as the perfect climate to visit. Weather averages in November start at 31C (88F) during the day and drop to around 19C (66F) overnight.

Sea temperatures in Dubai in November are still pleasant enough for swimming at 27C (81F). Daily sunshine hours stands at around 9 and the average rainfall days is 1.

Dubai Weather December

Dubai Weather December | The Vacation Builder

December is another popular month for holiday makers in Dubai. Many travel here over the Christmas and New Year period to enjoy the nice warm days and the many amazing things Dubai has to offer over the festive period. Weather averages in December have daily highs of 26C (79F) and lows overnight of 16C (61F).

Sea temperatures in December drop drastically though and average around 23C (73F). There are four rain days on average and 8 daily hours of sunshine.

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