Al Khan Beach – The Gem of Sharjah

Al Khan Beach - The Vacation Builder

The crystal clear and warm turquoise water is a big draw for visitors coming to the UAE! What’s more, Sharjah has some beautiful beaches with the most well-known being Sharjah Beach, however you may be missing a hidden gem! Al Khan Beach features some of the most beautiful sunsets you will see during your stay … Read more

Dubai or Bali – All Things Considered

Dubai or Bali, Where is Better for a Vacation | The Vacation Builder

Dubai and Bali are incredibly popular destinations for tourists, but they both offer a completely different type of holiday. Dubai offers a trendy and urban city break, whereas Bali offers a tropical haven type holiday. Wherever you end up, you will surely not be disappointed. If you’re struggling to choose between Dubai or Bali then … Read more