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Dubai Hotels During Ramadan : What To Expect?

Dubai Hotels During Ramadan: What To Expect, The Vacation Builder

Dubai looks fabulous most of the time irrespective of the season you are visiting to explore this swaying cosmopolitan city. If your travel dates are falling into the month of March and April, chances are high your holiday might coincide with the Holy Month of Ramadan.

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about picking the dates to plan your holiday in Dubai during Ramadan months. Being the home to an impressively large community of expats coming from different countries and cultural heritages, this city never imposes anything forcefully to tourists or foreigners.

On the chance you are planning a vacation to Dubai during Ramadan and wondering what to expect in major hotels; we have you covered below! You’ll find that visiting Dubai hotels during Ramadan has some wonderful surprises for you!

What Is the Significance of Ramadan?

To gauge the gravity of the situation, it absolutely necessary for you to understand the significance of the Holy Month of Ramadan for the Muslim community of Dubai. Here’s our brief introduction to this prayerful festival.

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar which is celebrated by Muslims worldwide as the month when the first revelation of the Holy Quran was made by Muhammad. As per their belief, God asked all Muslims to fast during Ramadan and pay Zakat and Fitra (monetary donations) before offering Eid prayers.

Ramadan is the month when Muslims reflect on their own past actions and cleanse themselves through payers and fast to get prepared for Eid-ul-Fitr. The act of fasting itself is an effort to improve one’s character and let go of arrogance, vanity, grudges and other poor traits. Emphasis is put on compassion, kindness and charity.

Muslims finish their early morning prayers along with a small meal (Suhoor) before sunrise and begin the fasting day. The fast is broken at the sunset to have Iftar meals with family, friends and loved ones. Iftar is a festive affair for sure.

In the year 2023, Ramadan will be spanned from the evening of 22nd March to 21st April. These dates are not typically fixed. They keep changing every year.

We highly recommend visiting Dubai during Ramadan and for more clarity you can read our quick guide on holidaying in Dubai during Ramadan.

Do Dubai Hotels Function As Usual During Ramadan?

Dubai Hotels During Ramadan: What To Expect | Dubai Hotels Functioning During Ramadan | The Vacation Builder

Yes, they do. As a guest, you will never have any issues when you are staying at a Dubai hotel during the month of Ramadan.

All you need to understand is that a significant number of the people working in the hotel are followers of Islam. Therefore, be a little more mindful and compassionate towards them during those days because they are fasting from dawn to dusk yet doing their best to make your stay at the hotel comfortable.

Do Dubai Hotels Serve Food During Fasting Hours of Ramadan?

If you are a tourist visiting Dubai during Ramadan, you are not at all expected to fast just like the Muslims do. You will be kept out of it completely. You are free to have your food and drink at any time of the day. But you must show some respect towards those who are on fast.

Eating, drinking and smoking in public during Ramadan is strictly prohibited in Dubai. However, the city is showing more tolerance about the foreign people eating in public. It has become a general practice now.

Since 11th April 2021, the Dubai Department of Economic Development even lifted the restriction on restaurants in the emirate that no license or black-out windows to operate during broad daylight hours of Ramadan.

Hotels will offer meals and drinks at the time you ask for it. Restaurants inside the hotels will be fully functional during the daytime. Walking around eating and drinking in public during Ramadan is still socially unacceptable in Dubai. We ask our readers to give the upmost respect to those fasting at this time of year. However, It is fine to eat and drink in the privacy of your hotel.

Do Hotels in Dubai Sell Alcohol During Ramadan?

Dubai Hotels During Ramadan: What To Expect | Alcohol Selling During Ramadan | The Vacation Builder

Most of them do. Dubai’s tourism authority relaxed licensing rules so that hotel can keep their bars and restaurants open and serve alcohol and food during the daytime in the Holy Month of Ramadan. Previously alcohol used to be sold or served only after sunset but now it’s the case anymore.

What Dubai Hotels Strictly Don’t Allow During Ramadan?

Dubai hotels don’t allow any kind of belly dance performance during Ramadan month. This is probably the only thing that Dubai hotels and clubs deliberately strike out from their list not to hurt the sentiment of the Muslim community.

Do Dubai Hotels Keep Pools Open During Ramadan?

Yes, they do. Public and private beaches also remain open throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan. All you need to mind is to put on a cover-up at the time you leave the beach area.

What to Wear in Dubai Hotels During Ramadan?

Dubai Hotels During Ramadan: What To Expect | What To Wear During Ramadan | The Vacation Builder

There is no additional restriction on dress codes in Dubai hotels during Ramadan month. It just gets slightly more conservative during the Holy Month to show respect for the Islamic culture.

Hotels with swimming pools allow you to take a dip into the water in your swimwear but grab a cover-up as soon as you come out of the water. Just remember to avoid wearing too much revealing or tight clothes when accessing public areas. Better if the dress covers your legs and arms in public spots.

What Kind of Foods Do Dubai Hotels Prepare During Ramadan for Breaking the Fast?

Dubai Hotels During Ramadan: What To Expect | Dubai Hotels with Iftar Menu | The Vacation Builder

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslim people come together after sunset for iftar to be celebrated with their loved ones. No wonder, it’s a kind of celebration time for them. Being a foreigner doesn’t prohibit you from enjoying those “special” delicacies at your hotel or in a restaurant.

All hotels and restaurants make it a point not to disappoint guests who are willing to have an elaborate Iftar meal. These meals are usually consisting of hearty and meat-based dishes.

Some of the best staple foods that are cooked by Dubai hotels for Iftar during Ramadan are:

  • Lentil Soup
  • Biryani
  • Harira
  • Shammi Kebab
  • Khoresh Fesenjoon
  • Chicken Pulao
  • Lamb Stew
  • Baklava
  • Phirni
  • Date Cookies and more…

Is It Cheaper to Stay in Dubai Hotels During Ramadan?

Dubai Hotels During Ramadan: What To Expect | Cheaper Rates for Hotel Rooms During Ramadan | The Vacation Builder

To push the business and attract more foreign travellers to the land, Dubai hotels come with some unbelievable discounts on their rooms during Ramadan. Staying at luxury properties becomes particularly cheaper during Ramadan month.

What Are the Advantages of Booking Dubai Hotels during Ramadan?

There are some great advantages of staying at Dubai hotels during Ramadan:

  • They are cheaper than the usual price range.
  • Ramadan-special foods are delicious and your hotel room is the best place to enjoy them anytime you want to.
  • A precious opportunity to be a part of those elaborated Iftar parties even though you are non-Muslim.
  • Dubai hotels keep some added benefits during Ramadan so that guests never hesitate tobook their accommodation with them.
  • Lesser crowd helps the hotel authority to manage everyone’s need more efficiently and quickly.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Staying at Dubai Hotels during Ramadan?

Nothing really except any belly dancing performances arranged in any Dubai hotel. Very few hotels sell alcohol or open their bars after sunset and you can avoid booking with them because plenty of options are available. Everything else is just fine and normal.


So, we hope now it’s high time to put aside your apprehensions and plan your Dubai holiday even if it’s the Ramadan month. Now, book your flight tickets and accommodation to enjoy the true and elevating spirit of Ramadan in Dubai.

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