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Dubai Eye vs London Eye

Dubai Eye vs London Eye

Large observation Ferris wheels are a great attraction to overlook places from a sky-high view. A view you would not be able to have otherwise! They offer great photo opportunities as well as being able to give you a lasting memorable experience. Here we face off the two most famous in the world, Dubai Eye vs London Eye!

With Dubai’s Ain Dubai due to open any day, we thought we would compare the Ferris wheel with the world famous London Eye to determine which is the better attraction! We will be looking at the location, price, and height, as well as other points.

Which is in the Better Location?

You are able to visit Ain Dubai on Bluewaters Island. Here you are surrounded by various shops, entertainment, restaurants, and hotels.

However, you can easily see Ain Dubai from JBR if you just want to take a snap of the wheel. The location comes with the obvious downfall that it isn’t in the heart of the city, so you do have to go slightly out of your way to reach the Eye. However, it is only a 10 minute drive away from JBR.

The location of Ain Dubai makes viewing Jumeirah Beach Residence, Palm Jumeirah and frequent Sky Divers from Skydive Dubai possible all from one angle. You can also spot the world famous Burj al Arab hotel and Burj Khalifa in the distance too.

The London Eye is surrounded by many popular London attractions including Big Ben and the Sea life Aquarium. Other hotspots are located a short walk away.

Likewise, you can happily take photos of the London Eye from across the embankment if you are more set on snapping pictures. The London Eye’s location is in the heart of the city and is just a 7 minute walk from Waterloo station and Westminster station.

The location of the London Eye is better enjoyed on an evening, viewing the sunset over London and then seeing the West End all lit up.

The London Eye objectively offers the best location in terms of convenience and surrounding attractions. However, Ain Dubai offers the most scenic location as it is situated right by the sea.

Which Has the Best Prices?

Unfortunately we do not yet have ticket prices for Ain Dubai as the attraction has not opened yet or released ticket information. But to keep an eye out for ticket prices be sure to check regularly with the Ain Dubai website.

Buying an online standard ticket for the London Eye is £24.50 per adult or £31 for on the day. The London Eye offers all sorts of add-ons and combination tickets to group up with other London attractions. A popular deal is the 3 London attractions which costs approximately £45 per adult when booked online.

As there is no ticket information for Ain Dubai yet, we cannot objectively fairly determine which attraction has the best prices or value for money.

Which is Taller?

Dubai Eye vs London Eye | The Vacation Builder

Ain Dubai is the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel. It stands at over 250 metres in height! The wheel is also made from over 9,000 tonnes of steel, which is nearly 25% more than what was used for the Eiffel Tower!

The London Eye was launched back in 2000 and stands at 135 metres tall. The attraction has won more than 85 awards for national and international tourism, outstanding architecture, and for engineering achievement.

In terms of height, it is no competition. With Ain Dubai standing at over 250 metres tall, it is nearly double the height of the London Eye!

Which Holds More People?

Dubai Eye vs London Eye | The Vacation Builder

The massive Ain Dubai has 48 air conditioned capsules. Each can hold up to 30 people, so the wheel could hold approximately 1,400 people per rotation. Each rotation lasts around 50 minutes.

The London Eye has 32 capsules, which are said to represent the 32 London boroughs. A fun fact is that the capsules are numbered to 33, missing out the unlucky number 13, a common theme across London. Each capsule is said to hold up to 25 passengers, allowing the attraction to have an approximate total capacity of 800 people. Each rotation lasts around 30 minutes.

There is no question here, the Ain Dubai can hold around 600 more people per rotation, making it the victor for capacity.

What Else Is There To Know?

Dubai Eye vs London Eye | The Vacation Builder

Ain Dubai has yet to open, but is already being recognised as one of the Middle East’s most impressive and recognisable landmarks whilst boosting Dubai’s modern skyline appearance. This ground-breaking attraction is expected to open during the start of 2021.

Thrill seekers will be queuing at the ready when Ain Dubai is officially open as it is going to feature the worlds highest rope climbing platform!

The London Eye is one of the most popular paid tourist attractions in the UK. It has also been featured in numerous films and TV shows since it opened in 2000.

Dubai Eye vs London Eye – So Which One Wins?

Both attractions offer something special to their culture and are worth a visit. Ain Dubai is bigger, has a greater capacity, and is more ground breaking in its architectural achievements. However, the London Eye has a more convenient location compared to other attractions within the city.

As there isn’t any price information for the Dubai Eye we are unable to make a proper judgement on value for money. In this case we call a draw.

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