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8 Schools in Dubai with Outstanding KHDA Rating

8 Schools in Dubai with Outstanding KHDA Ratings

Whether you’re looking at moving to Dubai (Great Choice By The Way), or your already an expat with a growing family, here we break down a full guide to schools in Dubai.

The very best schools are listed below, along with their KHDA rating, location, and speciality, to help you make the best choice for your children.

Where the KHDA score was not available we gave each school a rating of our own.

Gems United American Acadmey

Schools in Dubai - GEMS American United Academy | The Vacation Builder

GEMS American United Academy is a Dubai American Academy who offer learning to children from pre-kindergarten age to 12th grade. This school has a strong athletic background and often runs after school sports clubs, contributing to your child’s overall physical development.

The main features of this school is it’s outstanding sports facilities and Outstanding rating by the KHDA (9 years in a row). The school also has the worlds first robotics and AI innovation centre which contributes to why the children here excel so well into the future.

GEMS is located in Dubai Sports City, near ICC. See below for accurate location.

The school is in a good location for anyone living in Sports City, production city, studio city and green community motor city.

Fees start at 61,000AED for Kindergarten 1 & 2 and rise to 86,000AED for grade 1 – 12.

GEMS Wellington International School

Schools in Dubai - GEMS Wellington International School | The Vacation Builder

GEMS Wellington is yet another of the GEMS group of schools which has achieved an outstanding KHDA score. Located in Al Sufouh, on Sheikh Zayed Road, this is one of the most centrally located schools in Dubai.

Like many modern schools in Dubai, GEMS Wellington prides itself on its interactive and connected classrooms with smart boards, wifi and multimedia projectors.

The school is spread over an impressive 8 acres and has an exotic garden featuring plant life and flora.

Fees start at 43,941AED for pre primary and rise to 95,597AED in year 13.

Kings School Dubai

Schools in Dubai - Kings School Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Kings School is a primary school for children of ages 3 to 11. Located in Umm Suqeim 3, not far from Jumeirah Beach, Kings School is a fantastic place to send your children for their best start in life.

Kings School builds on its excellent reputation with state of the art classroom facilities and incredible sports areas. The School features an astro football pitch, 50m running track, 2 hard courts, a swimming pool and gymnasium.

Tuition fees start at 43,619AED and rise to 66,383AED in year 6.

Dubai British School

Schools in Dubai - British School Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Dubai British School has held the KHDA Outstanding rating since 2017. This School’s facilities include a state of the art science lab, an outdoor play / learning area and an auditorium for those interested in drama studies.

The school also doesn’t shy away from sports, with an asro pitch, sports hall and swimming pool too.

Located in between Jumeirah Islands and Emirates Hills, not only is Dubai British School in a great location but also easy to get to for many in the area.

Tuition fees start at 49,026AED for Pre Primary years and rise to 73,540AED by year 13.

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School

Schools in Dubai - GEMS Jumeirah Primary School

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School is a landmark school in a landmark area and houses over 1,400 children per day! Furthermore, as with most schools in Dubai the sports facilities here are great. The school has a multi purpose sports hall, multi purpose outdoor area, synthetic turf pitch, infant learning pool and a 25m swimming pool.

Located in Al Safa 1, this is one of the best primary schools in Dubai.

Tuition fees start at 40,865AED for FS1 and rise to 51,511AED for FS2 to year 6.

Horizon English School

Schools in Dubai - Horizon English School | The Vacation Builder

Horizon English School has been teaching the young for over 30 years. Horizon tutors children from age 3 to 11 years and provides learning for around 900 kids.

This school prides itself on a huge range of extra curricular activities such as French Movies, Water Polo, Arabic Writing and Hip-Hop Dance just to name a few.

Located in the heart of Jumeirah, this is within easy reach of surrounding areas such as Al Safa 1 and Al Wasl.

Tuition fees start at 40,872AED for FS1 and rise to 54,770 by Year 1.

Repton School – Dubai

Schools in Dubai - Repton School | The Vacation Builder

Repton School is home to the largest campus in the region, measuring in at a massive 1.3m square feet. Adding to their Outstanding rating from the KHDA, Repton School also boasts 51% of it’s students with either A or A* in exams. Furthermore, 98% of the children attending exceed global test results.

Repton School Dubai is located near to Dubai Silicon Oasis and Nab Al Sheda 4.

Tuition fees start at 52,863AED and rise to 70,221 by year 6.

Jumeirah English Speaking School

Schools in Dubai - Jumeirah English Speaking School | The Vacation Builder

JESS Dubai is a very forward thinking school which prides itself on fantastic sports and technology facilities. Talking of facilities, this school is short of nothing! From temperature controlled swimming pools and netball courts to a 500 seater auditorium with open air amphitheatre!

JESS Dubai is located in Al Safa 1, south of Safa Park.

Tuition fees start at 39,838AED and rise to 49,232 by year 6.


Thanks for reading about the best schools in Dubai! For more information on what schools are available, listed by rating, visit the KHDA Website.

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