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Kite Beach or JBR?

Which is the better beach? Kite Beach or JBR | The Vacation Builder

Dubai is the most sought-after urban as well as futuristic destination in the UAE. The city has earned an unbeatable reputation of being the playground of rich and famous. Dubai may be known to the world for its giant shopping malls, towering skyscrapers and luxury hotels, but it is also home to fine-sand, pristine white beaches.

Life is really good at Dubai’s beaches. There are many beautiful beaches in the Emirates of Dubai but when it comes to the stunners, Kite Beach and JBR Beach will surely give tourists a tough time to pick the best.

Below we compared the two based on Locations, Accessibility, Scenery, Things to do, Amenities and more to find out which was the best beach. Kite Beach or JBR. Overall we found JBR to offer a little more, but it was extremely close.

Like anything, your beach choice is a personal one to you. So read on and make your own decision based on the most important factors to you!


Kite Beach is a very popular free public beach in Dubai. The beach sits very close to the iconic Burj Al Arab. As you can get from the name, the beach is heaven for Kite surfers when waves and wind take their side. Stretching about a length of 2 kilometres, this soft – white sand beach offers the best seaside vistas in the town.

Kite Beach is located in Umm Suqeim, just off the Jumeirah Beach Road. From Jumeirah Beach Hotel, it’s a short walk to reach the beach.

Another favourite public beach in Dubai is The Beach @ JBR. This is still one of the prime beaches and the biggest within the limit of the city. This massive beach runs along the full length of the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) Area.

A few portions of the JBR Beach are designated for hotels, but thankfully most of it is wide open and free to public. The beach is nestled just opposite Dubai Marina too.

Both Kite Beach and JBR Beach are celebrated tourist places. Location-wise, both come with swanky neighbourhoods and impressive seaside scenery, however, The Beach at JBR has more to offer when it comes to location location location. This is due to the close proximity to Dubai Marina.

Verdict: The Beach @ JBR

Transport Links

To reach Kite Beach, you can avail public transport as well as private transport. Public bus and Dubai Metro line cover the area efficiently. You can also hop into a taxi to visit the beach from anywhere in Dubai.

Bus routes 8,81, 88 and 93 takes you close to the beach. Nearest Metro Stations to Kite Beach are:

  • Airport Terminal 3 Metro Station, Red Line (2 kilometres away from beach)
  • Noor Bank Metro Station, Red Line (2 kilometres away from beach)
  • FGB First Gulf Bank Metro Station (3 kilometres away from beach)

JBR Beach is readily accessible by metro, taxi and bus. If you are planning to visit the beach via Dubai Metro service, take the Red Line. You have to get down either at JLT Metro Station or at Dubai Marina Metro Station. These are the closest to the JBR Beach. Take a cab from the station or just walk all the way to the beach.

You can also take the tram to access JBR Beach. Jumeirah Lake Towers is the nearest tram station connected to the Jumeirah Lakes Towers Metro Station.

If you are going by bus to JBR, the bus routes you can opt for are 8, 84, and 55A. Taxi services across the city are always available too.

Because of the locations of both Kite Beach and JBR Beach on the same side of the city, similar set of transportation links can be used to access them.

Verdict: Tie

Which Has the Best Scenery

Kite Beach or JBR - Where is better for scenery - Kite Beach | The Vacation Builder

Kite Beach is a part of Umm Suqeim Beach which sits near the northern tip of Dubai Emirate. Here the beach is significantly wide and noticeably flat. That’s the reason it is preferred by kayak and paddleboard lovers. The exposed coastline of the Kite Beach is very windy. So, kite surfers flock here in bulks to enjoy a wonderful time.

If you look at the sand of the beach, it appears a little coarser and loaded with many seashells compared to other beaches in Dubai. Views of majestic Burj Al Arab from the beach are fascinating.

Kite Beach or JBR - Where is best for scenery - The Beach at JBR | The Vacation Builder

JBR Beach is the biggest and still the most popular one in the city. Sand of the beach is quite fluffy, white and powdery soft. So, JBR Beach’s shoreline appears to be more even and feels great once you lay down. Gorgeous blue-green shades of the water creates a stunning contrast with sparkling white sand.

JBR is more commercialized whereas Kite Beach more open. JBR is ideal for people who are looking for a more engaging beach experience backed by all essential amenities. But, if you are serious about your water sports in the sea, then Kite Beach is just right for you.

Verdict: Kite Beach is the winner because of its open spaces and less-commercial lands.

Best for Things to Do

Kite Beach or JBR - Best for things to do - Kite Beach Food Trucks | The Vacation Builder

Things to do at Kite Beach

1. Eating out at Food Trucks

Kite Beach is particularly known for its food options available at the myriads of food trucks. You can spot a long queue of these trucks parked right beside the beach. From local to global cuisines – you will be spoilt with choices when it comes to enjoy a hearty meal.

2. Learn Kitesurfing at Kitesurf School Dubai

Are you envious of those kite surfers playing with the wind and waves because you don’t know how to do that? Nothing to worry. Learn the art of the game at Kitesurf School Dubai. They offer memberships to all the trainees. It’s just a matter of time and you can join those kite surfers after completing your training session.

3. Go skating

Kite Beach features a nearby skatepark. This is place where skaters can go for long sessions with their skateboards.

4. Running along the Joggers’ Track

Apart from the fun at the beach, Kite Beach allows fitness enthusiasts to go for a quick run to maintain their regular regime. You can hit a 14-kilometre-long jogging track as hard as you can at the beach.

5. Play beach volleyball

The beach is dotted with a number of well-designed volleyball courts. You can play beach volleyball with your friends and family or with other beach hoppers to have sweating match and lots of fun.

6. Read out something interesting at the Mini Library

It’s surprising to see that Kite Beach has actually got a mini library for book lovers. After having a good time under the sun and with the sand, you can find your solace in a book at this library.

7. Try some paddleboarding

This is one of the most favourite things to do at Kite Beach. You can spot many local paddleboarding companies here. They offer paddleboarding equipment on rent. So, you don’t need you carry your gadgets in order to try paddleboarding at the beach.

Things to do at The Beach @ JBR

Kite Beach or JBR - Things to do - Restaurants at JBR The Beach | The Vacation Builder

1. Walk along the beach

JBR Beach shoreline is all made of powdery and soft white sand. Walking at the beach feels like walking over a mushy carpet. You must start your day at JBR Beach with a long walk and relishing the beautiful skyline of the neighbourhood.

2. Take your kids to Splash Pad

Let your kids enjoy to the fullest with the Splash Pad. This place is meant for toddlers and kids so that they can also have their fair share of beach life.

3. Eat your heart out

Once you have enough of walking, swimming and lying on the sand, your tummy must be craving for some food. The Walk is the best place near the beach to get all sorts of cuisines. You can order local delicacies as well as some international dishes. Many restaurants line the promenade facing the beach for unspoilt views.

4. Satiate your shopaholic side

When you are at JBR, you have got many other things to explore and shopping is just one of them. Ranging from global brands to designer boutiques, you can shop depending on your budget and requirement.

5. Go to the gym

Yes, you heart right. JBR Beach understands how important it is for gym lovers to hit the pad every single day. Now, there’s no need to skip your gym to relish a day-out at beach. You can workout during your beach vacation with the beach gym at JBR.

6. Spread your wings with Skydive Dubai

When you are at JBR Beach, you are not very far from spreading your wings in the sky. Just go to Dubai Marina and book your slot with Skydive Dubai. Take a high plunge right above the iconic landmarks of Dubai and experience the excitement in your veins.

Kite Beach is ideal for watersports lovers while JBR is for people who want more than just sun, sand and sea.

Verdict: The Beach @ JBR


For a wonderful time at the beach, visitors must be provided with several amenities. Here is the list of amenities available in Kite Beach –

  • On-beach showers
  • Changing rooms
  • Beach library
  • Life guards
  • Loungers and umbrella rentals
  • Green paid parking
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • Running track
  • Skate Park
  • Beach gym
  • Children’s play area
  • Benches
  • Free Wi-Fi and charging points
  • Food trucks and restaurants
  • Fast-food joints
  • Access for guests with disabilities

JBR Beach is also loaded with all essential amenities and more so that guests don’t face any hinderance to enjoy their time at the beach. The amenities are –

  • Free access to beach
  • Sunbeds, cabanas and towels available on rent
  • Beach shower
  • Public toilets
  • Changing room
  • Beach gym
  • Paid Green Parking at The Walk, JBR
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Retail outlets

Verdict: It’s a tie

Which is the best for families?

After comparing the facilities and activities on these two beaches, JBR Beach looks more family-friendly to us. This place has got many things to try out apart from just spending time at the beach. There’s also plenty of things going on which keeps the neighbourhood busy throughout the day.

There is a hoard of places to enjoy global cuisines, shopping branded items and rejuvenating spa sessions. For kids and toddlers, dedicated play area is there. In short, everyone from your family will get hooked to something at this highly commercialised beachfront.

Which is the best for couples?

Couples will find Kite Beach far better than JBR to enjoy some quality time together. But that doesn’t mean, JBR is a bad choice. Kite Beach is more open and urban intrusion is less here. Therefore, finding a tranquil place along the shore is much easier.  


Be it Kite Beach or the JBR, you are going to have a blast whichever you choose. We have furnished our findings before you. Now, you have to decide which one to pick as your personal preference must be met while planning any sort of vacation.

Overall we rated The Beach @ JBR as the better of the two, but it was extremely close to call.

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