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The Best Time to Visit Dubai – Revealed!

When is The Best Time to Visit Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Dubai has fast turned into a tourism hot spot. The many cultural highlights, modern upgrades and breath-taking attractions are what add value to this destination. All year round, millions of tourists make travel plans to visit Dubai.

However, one important question on the minds of many tourists is, When is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?

We found April to be the best month to visit Dubai for Weather, September to be the cheapest month to visit and December the best month to visit for things to do.

If you want to find out why April, September and December are the best months to visit Dubai, check out our full in depth review below.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it!

Be it for the sake of taking a selfie around Burj Khalifa or setting out on a shopping spree, Dubai indeed has a lot in store.

By knowing the right time to visit Dubai, you’ll be able to make the most of your stay. Choosing the right time to visit will ensure you enjoy benefits in the form of a pleasant weather, special events and most importantly bulk savings.

When considering the best time to visit Dubai a number of aspects need to be considered.

This being a subjective topic, the best time to visit Dubai may vary for different individuals. However, our comparison will give you all the information required to help make your decision based on what YOU find the most important aspects.

Best Time to Visit Dubai for Weather?

The Best Time to Visit Dubai for Weather - April | The Vacation Builder

As a tourist when you visit any place, you look forward to go around, roam and explore. Next, what comes to your mind naturally is a desire to enjoy pleasant weather.

Only when the climate is in your favour, will you be able to hang out without any worries.

A similar thought process runs in the heads of people visiting Dubai as well. And with the extremely hot summers, this is one of the most important aspects to consider.

Let us try to clear the confusion by studying the weather conditions in Dubai all year round.

Summer in Dubai usually begins from the last week of April and ends towards the end of October. Likewise, winter in Dubai runs from November to early April.

Summer Season in Dubai

Summers in Dubai are extremely hot. If you are used to living in a cold country then taking the Dubai heat during summers may be very difficult for you. At times, the temperature during this season rises up to 50 degrees Celsius during the daytime. This is not the most pleasant time to visit Dubai based on the weather.

Tourists might find it impossible to explore the outdoors during the summer season. Even though flight and hotel prices are slashed during these months, your visit will remain unfruitful, if you fail to explore the beautiful landscape of Dubai because your too busy ducking in between the air-conditioned hotels and malls.

Alternatively, if you are to visit Dubai in the summer; try to make sure you go in April or October. Visiting during the beginning and or the end of summer gives you more chance to avoid extreme weather.

Winter Season in Dubai

Winter months in Dubai are pleasant. During this season, the sky keeps changing its appearance from being mostly sunny to partly cloudy.

If you love to engage in outdoor activities, then these months would make a perfect time for your visit. Furthermore, winters are best for exploring the many landmarks Dubai has to offer.

In addition, since this is a popular season in Dubai, most tourists plan their visits around this time. This in turn lifts the vibe of Dubai and makes this place full of life and energy. This is another reason, why winters should be your calling.

Hence, it is clear that during the winter season that is the period between November and April is the most apt for tourism. The months of January and February are most crowded due to the Dubai Shopping Festival.

If we had to suggest you an ideal month to head to Dubai for the weather, it would certainly be the month of November. Serene tropical weather awaits you during this month, with the temperature not too high to spoil your exploration days, yet warm enough to hit the beach and sea.

Verdict: April

For a full breakdown of the weather in Dubai you can check our weather page below.

When is The Cheapest Time to Visit Dubai?

As a tourist when you plan a visit to any new place, you’re constantly looking for offers. This is particularly true concerning the price of your flight tickets and accommodation.

Let us now look into the periods whereby you can enjoy the best prices on your Dubai air travel and accommodation.

Increased Flight Costs to Dubai

During the months of December, January and February, prices of air tickets are the highest. This is because the winter season in Dubai is the most popular. Additionally, if you decide to book too far in advance, you will still have to shell out a heavy sum.

Another reason for the increased airfares is due to people loving to visit for Christmas and New Year. Next comes the Dubai Shopping Festival, which is why air prices skyrocket in the following two months of January and February.

Let us not forget the mild weather, which leads to additional visitors and in turn rise in air ticket prices during these months.

Decreased Flight Costs to Dubai

Tourists usually dread summers in Dubai. Hence, the number of tourists visiting Dubai during the summer months is on the lower side. This is when air tickets are available at cheap rates.

If cheap air tickets are your primary agenda, then September is the ideal month for you to visit Dubai.

Cost of Hotels in Dubai

Pricing of accommodation in Dubai depends largely upon the type of hotel you choose to stay. For instance, a luxury hotel can cost up to 100,000AED per night. On the other hand, a regular urban hotel will cost as less as 500AED per night.

Another parameter that influences hotel pricing is the location of the hotel. For example, the Hor Al Anx area in Deira is quite cost-effective as far as accommodation is concerned. This is one of the cheapest localities in Dubai. On the other hand, Hotels on Palm Jumeirah are generally a lot more expensive.

Leaving these factors aside, hotel prices in general are on the higher side during peak months, when tourism is high.

Similarly, during the summer months when there is scorching heat, stay facilities witness a huge drop in prices.

Hence, if you are purely interested in saving money on your stay, then you will have to plan your visit in Dubai between April and October.

Verdict: September

Best Time to Visit Dubai for Things to Do

The Best Time to Visit Dubai for Things to Do - December | The Vacation Builder

After looking into the weather and cost, the next aspect to consider would be the time of year. Dubai has so much going on during most months of the year. Here is a breakdown of the main things to do by month below.

Things to do in Dubai During January

Dubai Shopping Festival

Your visit to Dubai would remain incomplete if you fail to experience its cultural heritage. From great shopping options and extraordinary cuisines to entertainment activities such as the rocking music concerts. This and a lot more waits to be experienced at the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Furthermore, this festival is one of the most extravagant events that is ever held across the globe. The festival takes place every year between the months of January and February.

Website: https://www.visitdubai.com/en/dsf

Dubai Marathon

If running gives you a high, then it is definitely worth participating in a Marathon. Wouldn’t it be even more fun to run a marathon in a foreign land?

If this thought gets you excited, then you should certainly consider participating in the Dubai Marathon. Likewise, if you are someone, who would simply like to chill and cheer, then you can step into the shoes of an enthusiastic spectator.

Website: http://www.dubaimarathon.org/

Desert Safaris

One of the best things to do in Dubai is to get on a desert safari. Sandboarding down the dunes, speeding across the open desert and experiencing a traditional Bedouin evening meal underneath the stars are just a few reasons why this excursion is so popular.

The main thing to consider when heading to the desert is the weather, and hence why January is a great month to experience it, with average daily high temperatures of around 23°C. Be careful not to visit during August as you could get caught up in heat up to 50°C, which is sure to spoil your trip!

Things to do in Dubai During February

Dubai Food Festival

Let the foodie in you feel happy and content by planning a visit to the Dubai Food Festival. Here you can enjoy an opportunity to indulge in cuisines that are native to this place.

From local flavors, ingredients, food dishes to beverages, there is lot more at this fest that will get your taste buds in high spirits. The best part is that the venue of this festival is widespread and covers different areas including the renowned malls, high-end restaurants as also the regular eateries.

Website: https://www.visitdubai.com/en/dff

Dubai Jazz Festival

If you are someone, who is fond of music, then attending the Dubai Jazz Festival would be worthwhile. Held at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, this festival celebrates different forms of music.

You will have a great time grooving at pop rock, funk, rhythm and blues and also soul music. Some of the big names from the music fraternity perform at this fest every year.

Website: http://www.dubaijazzfest.com/

Dubai Tennis Championships

What better way of spending your vacation than to enjoy a good game of tennis. The best part is that Dubai Tennis Championships witness star players such as Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova.

Don’t miss the Dubai Open that is held at the Aviation Club.

Website: https://dubaidutyfreetennischampionships.com/

Things to do in Dubai During March

Art Dubai

People who wish to familiarise themselves with art that is native to the regions of Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, should certainly visit Art Dubai.

You will be awe-struck just viewing the art and design displayed at this festival, which is rich in culture and heritage. Artists from the surrounding regions use this festival as an excellent opportunity to display their work.

Website: https://www.artdubai.ae/

Dubai International Boat Show

One of the best marine events across the world is the Dubai International Boat show. On your visit to this show, you will get an opportunity to explore luxurious yachts and holiday crafts. 

This event is held at the Dubai Harbor, which is one of the largest marine hubs in Dubai. At this show, you will be able to interact with buyers, sellers and other people interested in boats & yachts.

Website: https://www.visitdubai.com/en/events/dubai-international-boat-show

Things to do in Dubai During April

Children’s International Film Festival

If you love both movies and popcorn, then heading to the Children’s International Film Festival would be the right thing. An extravaganza of sorts, this festival focuses on meaningful and inspirational cinema.

From movie making workshops to film forums, there is so much more worth exploring at this film festival. Some of the best international films are hosted at this event.

Website: http://ciff.ae/

Beach Polo Cup

An interesting game of polo with live entertainment playing alongside is sure to be a fun-filled experience. If you wish to get a taste of this incredible sport, then the Beach Polo Cup Dubai is the place for you.

Spread across 2 days, at this event you will get to witness some enthralling action by some of the best polo players of the world.

Website: https://www.beachpolocup.com/

Ramadan Festivities

If you are planning to visit Dubai anytime soon, then it will be worth experiencing the Ramadan festivities. During Ramadan, which is a Holy Month for Muslims, they fast between dawn and dusk.

Additionally, you will get to witness Ramadan very close and personal in Dubai. However, as a tourist you will have to follow certain norms and restrictions. You may be required to avoid eating in public, no loud music and also no smoking or serving alcohol in public.

Ramadan Night Market

The Ramadan Night Market bears resemblance to any traditional street market. This market is set up for 10 days. Here, you will get to shop from over 300 popular brands.

Let us not forget the hefty discounts that you can enjoy at this market. Once you are done shopping, you can munch on some delectable local delicacies.

Things to do in Dubai During May & June

Eid-al-Fitr (2022)

If for some reason, you were unable to visit Dubai around Ramadan, then you can participate in the closing of this festival.

The fireworks that glow up Dubai during Eid-al-Fitr certainly deserve to be watched and enjoyed.

Event wise, May & June are traditionally quiet in Dubai.

Things to do in Dubai During July

Eid Al Adha

The name translates to the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’, and symbolises the end of the Hajj season (Pilgrimage to Mecca). The city really comes to life during this festival period, with most of the shopping malls and restaurants putting on fantastic displays. Special meals with family and cultural performances is what is done best during Eid Al Adha.

Things to do in Dubai During August

Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS)

If offers and discounts get you excited then Dubai Summer Surprises is the best surprise you can ever get. Your kids can have a fun time at the character shows held at DSS.

At DSS, you can participate in engaging competitions, be a part of the lucky draw contests and of course enjoy attractive deals from retailers that you have been eyeing for a while.

Website: https://www.visitdubai.com/en/sc7/dss

Things to do in Dubai During September


A platform that unites creative tech start-ups with international investors is what the GITEX Technology week is all about. Some of the world’s best speakers share their insights at this event.

If technology gets you excited, then you should certainly attend this event.

Website: https://www.gitex.com/

Things to do in Dubai During October

Camel Racing

You must be assuming that your visit to Dubai is incomplete if you fail to get a camel ride. What would be even more disappointing for you is to miss catching up on a live camel race.

To be a part of this event, people from Qatar and Saudi Arabia also head to Dubai.

Website: https://www.dubaicrc.ae/

Things to do in Dubai During November

Dubai Design Week

A platform that aims to promote and encourage out of the box and innovative creations and design is the Dubai Design Week.

Most events at this festival are free to attend and open to all. From architecture, interior design and graphic designing this and a lot more is on display at this event.

Website: https://www.dubaidesignweek.ae/

Dubai International Motor Show

Get a first-hand view of some of the world’s most hip and trendy motorbikes and super cars only at the Dubai International Motor Show.

From car designs to technological upgrades. Much more than just this can be openly studied, discussed and understood at this show.

Website: https://www.dubaimotorshow.com/

Things to do in Dubai During December

Dubai International Film Festival

One of the key film festivals for the whole of Dubai and Middle East is the Dubai International Film Festival.

It is during this fest that some of the leading actors, directors, writers, producers, industry leaders and movie buffs head to Dubai. Some of the best films are presented at this festival every year.

Dubai Rugby Sevens

If you would be interested to watch a match of Rugby, then attending the Dubai Rugby Sevens event will certainly be worthwhile. This sporting event is held at The Sevens stadium.

Your family as a whole can have an enjoyable time at this event.

Website: https://dubairugby7s.com/

Christmas and New Year

If the idea behind taking a vacation is to bring in Christmas and New Year’s Eve, then make sure to plan a visit to Dubai.

Christmas will seem even more spectacular, if you decide to visit the Dubai Winter Festival. From a king-size Christmas tree, festive décor and lighting to your very own Santa Claus, will welcome you at this fest.

You can also head to the Christmas Market at Marina Mall to buy gifts and enjoy some Christmas treats.

Just like most places around the world, Dubai hosts multiple fun parties for the night of 31st December too. You can head to one of these New Year bashes. Similarly, you can take out time and watch the mesmerising firework in downtown Dubai.

In the end, based on your availability and the event that appeals the most to you, you can decide on a good time to visit Dubai.

Verdict: December


By now, it is clear that various factors are responsible for determining the suitability of a particular period to visit Dubai. In the end, it all sums up to one’s personal preference and convenience.

As a whole Dubai is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. So, whenever you choose to go we’re sure you will thoroughly enjoy your time!

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