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Kite Beach Center – Umm Al Quwain | A Hidden Gem

Dubai has many fantastic beaches, with a plethora of things to do. But if you want to experience something outside of the usual likes of Jumeirah and Mamzar Beach, then make sure you check out Umm Al Quwain Beach! Located just an hours drive outside Dubai, Kite Beach Center at Al Quwain Beach is the perfect beach day out for all of the family.

Here we dive into how to get there, things to do and what you can expect from Al Quwain Beach.

Kite Beach Center UAQ from Vibrant Sorcery on Vimeo.

How to Get to Kite Beach Center from Dubai?

How to Get to Al Quwain Beach From Dubai | The Vacation Builder

One of the great things about Al Quwain Beach is that it is easy and fairly quick to reach from Dubai. Travelling from Downtown Dubai will take you just under an hour by car (50 mins). If you’re a little further out in area’s such as Dubai Marina or JBR, then probably allow another 20 minutes on your journey.

If you’re travelling by taxi you will be looking at around 120AED / £23 / $32. To save money, there are buses which will get you to Al Quwain Beach Hotel (just a couple of minutes walk to Kite Beach Center), but we don’t recommend this as the travel time can be up to four hours!

If you are driving yourself, the easiest way would be to stay on the E11 through Sharjah until you get to the roundabout at Al Abraq 1 (Just Past Sharjah Waterfront City), take the exit on to King Faisal Street and keep on it until you see the signs for Kite Beach Center.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Kite Beach Center?

Entry fee’s vary between Adults, Children, Dogs and Weekends.. Yes we said it, you can bring your dog!

Adults Weekday – 35AED
Adults Weekend – 75AED
Children 6 and Over Weekday – 25AED
Children 6 and Over Weekend – 45AED
Children Under 6 – FREE
Dogs Weekdays and Weekends – 75AED

Things to do at Al Quwain Beach

Now you know how to get there, let’s dive into all the things to do at this amazing beachfront location.

Rent a Beach Hut for the Day

Things to do at Al Quwain Beach - Rent a Beach Hut | The Vacation Builder
Photo from Kite Beach Center Facebook Page

Whether you are with the family or just looking for somewhere to call “base” for the day, the beach huts at Al Quwain Beach are fantastic. Made completely of wood and straw, the huts give you a safe haven when it reaches mid day and the temperatures are soaring. What’s more, the beach huts have a second floor and balcony, giving you that view over the beach and ocean that no one else has.

The beach huts also have their own shower, seating area and hammock too!

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Beach Hut?

Weekdays – 262.50AED
Weekends – 367.50AED

Prices are for 4 hours which is plenty of time!

How to Book?

You can book your Al Quwain Beach Hut via the Website here or via Whatsapp on 055 507 3060.

Swings with an Unrivalled View

Things to do at Al Quwain Beach - Beach Swings | The Vacation Builder

The swings on the edge of the ocean give Al Quwain Beach a feel like no other. Sit and swing with your partner or friend as you kick your toes into the warm Arabian Sea whilst admiring the views.

Watch The Sunset

Things to do at Al Quwain Beach - Watch The Sunset | The Vacation Builder

As with all beaches in the UAE, watching the sunset after an action packed, hot day is the perfect ending. Although there is beauty in the skyscrapers which line the background to Dubai’s beaches, there is also a tranquil escape from city life when relaxing at Al Quwain Beach, with nothing but the sun and the sea in the distance.

Go Kayaking in the Mangroves

Things to do at Al Quwain Beach - Kayaking in the Mangroves | The Vacation Builder

Two things which many people do not expect to come together, Dubai and Kayaking. Well, believe it or not, there are many awesome spots for kayaking in and around Dubai and Al Quwain Beach provides one of them. For something a little different, head to the mangroves!

The 3km long mangrove tour can be done on kayak or stand up paddle board. The tour lasts for 2hr and 30 minutes and is 160AED per person.

If you fancy kayaking at the beach instead, you can also rent kayaks for the open water at 75AED per hour.

Tarzan Beach Gym

Dubai has many great outdoor gyms but this is a great one outside of Dubai. We wouldn’t say it’s great for those who are avid weight lifters, but nevertheless great for a bit of exercise on the beach. All of the equipment is made from wood and stone which adds to the beach gym feel of the place.

The price for entry to Tarzan Gym is just 30AED on weekdays or weekends, it does not matter.

Kite Surfing

Things to do at Al Quwain Beach - Kite Surfing | The Vacation Builder

The open beach location of Al Quwain benefits from good winds most of the time making it ideal for Surfing. Whether it’s kite surfing, surf boarding or hydrofoil, it’s all here at Kite Beach Center. Experienced surfers should choose to visit here regardless. For those who aren’t experienced, lessons are available for a fee.

Kite Surfing Lessons – 250AED Per Hour
Surfing Lessons – 200AED Per Hour
Hydrofoil Rental – 500AED for 2 Hours
Hydrofoil Lessons – 700AED for 3 Hours
Kite Surf Rental – 250AED 1 Hour
Kite Surf Rental – 400AED 2 Hours

Go Fishing

Things to do at Al Quwain Beach - Go Fishing | The Vacation Builder

If big catches are your thing, then there are even fishing tours to be experienced from Kite Beach Center. The tour lasts for 2 hours and is 285AED per person. There are two time slots which you can take, either 6:30am or 3pm depending on preference.

Once your done, you can have your catch of the day grilled back at the beach for dinner too!

On top of all of this there is always something going on inside Kite Beach Center. Whether it’s a game of table tennis by the sea, attempting to walk the tight rope on the sand or playing beach volleyball with your friends, your sure not to be bored!

Food & Drink

Kite Beach Center also has its own Cafe & Restaurant which is open from 7am to 10pm. The restaurant and Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. So no matter what time you arrive, you won’t go hungry!

They have some tasty meals on their menu from Shakhoka and Warm Croissants to the Seafood Mixed Grill! When you’re done with all of that there’s coffee, frappe, smoothies and cakes too! You can see more of what’s on the menu here.

Nearby Hotels

Barracuda Beach Resort

Hotels Near Kite Beach Center - Barracuda Beach Resort - Umm Al Quwain

First on the list of nearby hotels is the family friendly and extremely reasonably priced Barracuda Beach Resort. This hotel is actually located the other side of the water from Kite Beach Center / Al Quwain Beach but nevertheless offers a great “base” if you’re looking for a short stay in the area.

Prices start from as little as 280AED / £56 / $77 per double room per night.

Palma Beach Resort

Hotels Near Kite Beach Center - Palma Beach Resort - Al Quwain

Another family friendly hotel available at a great price. This time, closer to Al Quwain Beach. Palma Beach Resort is a 4 star hotel which was built with an ancient Egyptain concept behind it. Not only is the hotel family friendly, with play area’s and children’s pool, but it also has an element of class to it.

Palma Beach Resort has beach chalets which allow you to step right out onto the sand as well as executive suites and The Royal Villa.

Jet Ski’s are also available for rent just a stones throw from your room, at the jetti!

Pearl Hotel & Spa

Another 4 star hotel close to Umm Al Quwain beach available from just 330AED / £66 / $91 per night is Pearl Hotel & Spa. Towering palm tree’s on the private beach aren’t the only thing which lure you to choose The Pearl Hotel. The spa, choice of bars and restaurants and pool chalets are all something to behold here.

Vida Beach Resort

Hotels Near Kite Beach Center Al Quwain - Vida Beach Resort | The Vacation Builder

If you are looking to stay in Umm Al Quwain and want to make the most of having your dog on the beach at The Kite Beach Center then this hotel is just for you. Vida Beach Resort not only allows dogs during your stay (for a fee) but also even has a doggy playground!

Vida Resorts has every taste and need covered with pet friendly rooms, a spa, restaurants, bars, watersports and tennis courts. Prices start from just 430AED / £86 / $120 per night which puts most hotels in Daubi of this quality to shame based on value for money!


Well there you have it. Umm Al Quwain Beach is a blissful stay away from the usual hustle and bustle of busy Dubai, and only an hours drive away! To be honest, wherever you are staying and whatever your taste, we think Kite Beach Center at Umm Al Quwain has something for everyone and is well worth the visit!

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