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Living in Dubai as a Woman | 9 Things to Consider

Living in Dubai as a Woman | The Vacation Builder

Being a woman and shifting to Dubai is not always as easy as it seems. From jobs to dresses, it is expected that the lady adapts to the local people and the culture. This adaptation, or rather moulding, can be a little overwhelming. To make things easier for women, we have come up with this much needed guide.

If you have already started living in Dubai or are going to shift soon, this guide is for you. We are going to offer you an in-depth review of staying in Dubai as a woman squaring both the local and expat side.

Is Dubai Safe for Women?

As expected, this is the first question that flashes in everyone’s mind when it comes to women living in any place. And the shortest answer to this common question is ‘Yes’, Dubai is indeed very safe for women.

An In-Depth Review of Living in Dubai as a Woman | Is Dubai Safe for Women | The Vacation Builder

According to recent reports, the UAE is one of the world’s safest countries. The numerical analysis states that almost 96.1% of people feel safe in Dubai. Women can take a walk around the city after sunset without any fear.

Exceptional situations are not being considered here. Every place has a minor percentage of people who make the area unsafe. You may encounter such an event in Dubai also but the data is too thin to count on.  Crime against women in the city is measurably lower than the frightening data you see for global cities like New York, London etc. and we believe that’s because of the stringent laws.

What’s the Dress Code in Dubai for Women?

There is as such no specific dress code for women living and working in Dubai. But it is always better to dress according to the situation. Of course, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city but it is also a place where people are still deeply attached to the societal norms that they believe to be essential in order to maintain a dignified social structure.

An In-Depth Review of Living in Dubai as a Woman | What's the Dress Code in Dubai for Women | The Vacation Builder

As a woman, you can dress in almost any way when outdoors in Dubai. But we are here with a few generic dress recommendations from our side for all the beautiful ladies out there.

  • Long jeans
  • Sleeved shirts
  • Knee-length dresses
  • Jumpsuits
  • Button up dresses
  • Full-length gowns
  • Shirtdress

When you are visiting any religious sites, like mosques, we recommend you carry a scarf with you. According to religious beliefs, you should cover your head when entering such an area. We do advise you to respect their opinions and cover your head.

Although you have a plethora of options for dressing, we would recommend you to stay away from overexposing dresses like bikinis, underwear visible dresses, short skirts above the knees. On the beach, you can wear bikinis or likewise dresses of your choice. But, always remember to cover up your body once you leave the beach. 

And we are well aware of the fabulous fashion sense that you have. So, combine your dressing style with some light makeup, and you are ready to go for the day.

Can You Live with Another Woman in Dubai?

According to Sharia Law, you cannot live with another person unless you are married. However, you are allowed to marry anyone of the opposite sex and stay with them. But you are legally not allowed to stay with another woman. 

An In-Depth Review of Living in Dubai as a Woman | Can You Live with Another Woman in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

If you have any of your family members staying with you, then the UAE government has no legal implications associated with it. Dubai police do not knock on all doors for checking your marriage certificates. But, if anyone from the neighborhood complains, then nobody can help.

What are Women’s Rights in Dubai?

Women and men enjoy equal rights in the land of Dubai. They are allowed to do everything that a man of the same age does. Being a woman, the rights that you will undoubtedly enjoy are-

  • Driving: You are allowed to drive around at any hour of the clock if you have a valid driving licence and are in a complete state of consciousness. So, ladies, take hold of the steering wheel in your hand.
  • Voting Rights: If you are a valid citizen of the country, then UAE welcomes you to cast your votes in favour of candidates of your choice. Your opinion matters to the democracy of the UAE.
  • Own and inherit property: In UAE, women fall no behind men regarding property inheritance. Moreover, women can also own their personal property listed under their names.
  • Education: Women are free to pursue their education as long as they want. There are no legal implications to provide boundaries to the education of women. 
  • Work: Adult women can take up any job of their choice without any gender restrictions. Depending on your personal choice, merit and passion, you can take up any job and compete with men.

Can Women Live Alone in Dubai?

Absolutely! There are thousands of women living alone in Dubai, and it is interesting, most of them are living in their own bought properties. We have interacted with solo women residents in Dubai, and surprisingly, almost 90% of women confessed that they feel incredibly safe living alone in this busy city.

You can rent a property or buy one for yourself and enjoy the taste of living alone. Ditch all worries about safety and start living like a free bird.

Are There Enough Scopes Related to Higher Education for Women in Dubai?

If you want to pursue higher studies in Dubai, you are free to do so. Many universities offer regular and distance courses for women in various expertise fields. Check the university sites for further details related to higher studies.

What are Some Popular Jobs for Women in Dubai?

While you have all options open in front of you, we will list the most popular jobs among women in Dubai.

  • Teacher or Lecturer: The most common job that women opt for is teacher or lecturer. There are plenty of educational institutions in the city, and you will undoubtedly get the opportunity to teach the subject of your expertise to the students of UAE.
  • Medical Professionals: As a medical professional or a paramedic, there can be no better workplace than Dubai. You will get to enjoy high remuneration along with a shade of respect and love from local people.
  • Dietician: People of the UAE are highly health-conscious, so they are very particular about their diet. Being an expert dietician, nobody can stop you from becoming successful. And, we will highly recommend you to take up the job of dietician once you are in Dubai.
  • Child Development Specialist: These specialists help children with psychological or physical developmental delays. This job is highly paid, and you can expect a salary of 30,000 AED per month in this profession.
  • Yoga Instructor: In UAE, there is an acute shortage of knowledgeable yoga instructors. You can become one and help people improve their health.

All these jobs may not be extremely high paying, but we have included them in this list because these are perfect for a woman. You need not apply much physical energy while gaining your name and fame. Moreover, according to statistical information, in all these jobs, women succeed more than men.

What are the Highest Paying Jobs for Women in Dubai?

If money is the most crucial deciding factor for taking up a job, then here we present a list of highest-paying jobs for women along with an approximate salary per month. But, we would advise you to cross-check the pay and other terms and conditions before you take up any job.

ProfessionSalary per month
DieticianAED 43,100
Skincare SpecialistAED 32,100
Child Development SpecialistAED 30,000
Patient Relations ManagerAED 25,200
Youth Care CounselorAED 25,100
Curriculum DeveloperAED 21,400
Yoga InstructorAED 18,500
Interior DesignerAED 17,900
Special Education TeacherAED 17,100
NurseAED 15,900

The Pros and Cons of Living in Dubai as a Woman

Living in every place has its pros and cons. But before we finally move to the site, we must know all the pros and cons of that particular area. For your convenience, we have listed most of them under this blog section.

1. A diverse community

According to epidemiological studies, women from almost all corners of the world have started living in Dubai. So, you will get to enjoy a diversified community. To put it in simple words, you will be experiencing the miniature version of the world in the city you live in once you have moved to the UAE.

2. Nullified Tax

If you are a registered tax resident of UAE, then you need not pay any income tax to the government. No matter how much you earn, you get to keep everything to yourself. However, you have to pay tax for alcohol and other amenities that you get to enjoy in the heart of Dubai. 

3. Enhanced Career Prospects

Being a woman, you get to enjoy bright career prospects. There is a broad focus on the expats in the land of Dubai, so your career will prosper more with time.

4. Strict Laws Regarding Several Common Practices Around the World

Although Dubai welcomes tourists with open arms, everyone should respect Islamic religious beliefs. Some of the rules that you are expected to follow are-

  • You have to cover your head with a dupatta when you enter a mosque.
  • Public display of affection is not encouraged in the UAE.
  • Homosexuality is illegal.
  • During Ramadan month, you may not be allowed to consume alcohol if you are a Muslim.
  • Taking photos of other people without permission is punishable under legal procedure.

5. Blazing heat

Dubai is too hot during summer. The sun seems to bless the city with all its heat. The temperature is around 40 degrees, which is, of course, invariably hot. Being an expat, you should be prepared to stay in air-conditioned interiors. Dust storms are also common.


Hopefully, this article meets all your doubts. If not, drop us your queries in the comment section. And, ladies who have already shifted to Dubai, let us know how much this blog has been helpful! We wish you all the best in your upcoming endeavors in Dubai. We wish you a wonderful life and career in Dubai.

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