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The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need!

Best Area's to Live in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

The popular and very lively city of Dubai is known to the world for its exceptionally friendly environment for both locals and expats. Choosing Dubai to move in and settle down (at least for a few years) is certainly a wise decision for an expat to take.

To make it even wiser, we will help you to pick an awesome location in Dubai to live. Today we are here to share the best areas to live in Dubai for every budget and need. Our guide also comes with different categories so that you can go directly to the one that interests you.

The Most Affordable Areas to Live in Dubai

Finding an affordable place for yourself and your family in Dubai is not at all cumbersome if you know the right place to look. We have listed below the most affordable residential areas in Dubai so that you don’t go crazy trying to find them.

1. Dubai International City

Dubai International City is a very affordable area to set up a cozy home. The beautifully crafted futuristic community is a great place to live a decent life within a decent budget.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Most Affordable Areas to Live in Dubai | Dubai International City | Italy Cluster | The Vacation Builder
Italy Cluster – Dubai International City

Located in the Al Warsan Area, this beautifully planned residential zone spreads across 8 million square meters.

The whole locality is sub-divided into 10 localities. Each of these areas is named after countries such as France, China, Italy, Greece and Spain. As per the names, the residential spaces flaunt different architectural styles and designs to suit their country of origin.

At Dubai International City, the authority has left enough room for greenery. Patches of seasoning plants and trees will make your living so blissful. Irrespective of its humongous size, International City is laced with schools, supermarkets, medical facilities, restaurants, cafes and all other modern amenities you can think of.

We tagged Dubai International City as the most affordable area in Dubai to live in and that’s because of the range of rental apartments you get here even within a tight budget. From studio to spacious 3-bedroom apartments, you can take them without crashing your bank balance.

2. Mirdif

In our opinion, the second most affordable place in Dubai has to be Mirdif. This residential area is immensely preferred by locals as well as expats to find reasonably priced rental apartments.

Sitting next to Dubai International Airport, Mirdif features a cosmopolitan population which offers a perfect base for expat families.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Most Affordable Areas to Live in Dubai | Mirdif | The Vacation Builder
Local Housing in Mirdif, Dubai

This family-friendly residential community in the suburbs is highly in demand for its peaceful and serene environment. In fact, it is one of those exclusively residential neighborhoods in Dubai that you can trust blindfolded.

Mirdif is dotted with retail outlets, schools, parking spaces, restaurants, supermarkets and other amenities to make living effortless. Rental options are vast, ranging from studio apartments to private villas. Finding something within your budget will not be a problem if you are eying Mirdif to set up home.

3. Deira

When you can’t afford exorbitant rentals within the city limit of Dubai, Deira can be one of your best choices. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods featuring excellent affordable rental properties for expats.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Most Affordable Areas to Live in Dubai | Deira Area | The Vacation Builder
Deira, Dubai

Deira’s residential area is mostly inhabited by Indian families along with a good chunk of South Asian people.

In terms of infrastructure and urban facilities, this area has shown remarkable progress and that’s why expats are loving to set up their homes here.

Living in Deira gives you a splendid opportunity to witness the old and new faces of Dubai at the same time. The average annual rental for a decent, well-furnished accommodation here will cost you nearly AED 50,000.

Let’s take a glance at the average annual rents trending on these three affordable residential areas from Dubai

  Average Annual Rent for Small ApartmentAverage Annual Rent for Large Apartment 
Dubai International CityAED 30,000 for StudioAED 85,000 for 3-Bedroom
MirdifAED 42,000 for StudioAED 90,000 for 3-Bedroom
DeiraAED 32,000 for StudioAED 100,000 for 3-Bedroom
Average Rental Rates – Dubai International City, Mirdif, Deira

The Most Expensive Areas to Live in Dubai

Dubai strongly believes in living the life of luxury and no matter what, the city continues to promote luxury villas and expensive residential properties from its bone. There’s no dearth of expensive areas in Dubai to live in.

Here comes our top 3 most expensive neighborhoods from the city.

1. Palm Jumeirah Island

Looking for that ultimate glamorous lifestyle in Dubai? The upscale neighborhood of Palm Jumeirah is bound to cast a spell on you. The unique layout of this man-made island coupled with surreal vistas of the Persian Gulf is enough to make anyone fall in love with this place.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Most Expensive Areas to Live in Dubai | Palm Jumeirah |The Vacation Builder
Palm Jumeirah Villas

The glitzy neighborhood of the Palm Jumeirah is the home to ritzy hotels and premium villas to take care of your accommodation. This palm-shaped archipelago houses global icons like Atlantis The Palm, Anantara The Palm, Kempinski Hotel & Residences and many more. No wonder why this area is the richest in town!

This island brings all sorts of amusement and entertainment options for residents and tourists so that they don’t ever feel boredom. From hiking to Aqauventure fun, Palm Jumeirah assures the best of everything.

2. Bluewaters Island

Next comes the very famous and ostentatious Bluewaters Island. This luxurious area in Dubai features a massive seafront observation wheel, Ain Dubai, that marks a very impressive presence of this residential island community across the city. When you are willing to add the touch of exclusiveness in your neighborhood, Bluewaters Island can offer tons of it!

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Most Expensive Areas to Live in Dubai | Bluewaters Island |The Vacation Builder
Ain Dubai – The World’s Largest Ferris Wheel on Bluewaters Island

Apartment complexes from Bluewaters Island put the residents close to some of the city’s swankiest entertainment and shopping destinations. There are too many good seafront restaurants and cafes that residents can visit for a fun outing with friends and families.

Bluewaters Island communities are powered by a wide range of amenities including kids’ play areas, swimming pool and disability-friendly facilities. This is truly a world-class residential neighborhood that you can boast of proudly.

3. Emirates Hills

Heavily inspired by the world-famous and swanky neighborhood of Beverly Hills, Dubai has designed its very own and equally flourishing Emirates Hills. This is undoubtedly one of the most expensive areas to live in the ‘City of Gold’. The fabulous gated villa community was developed by Emaar Group and they are putting their best effort to maintain its fame forever.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Most Expensive Areas to Live in Dubai | Emirates Hills |The Vacation Builder
A Villa in the Luxurious Emirates Hills Area of Dubai

Sitting off Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Hills is laced with beautifully manicured parks, sprawling open spaces, majestically designed offices and the whole range of world-class urban amenities.

Renting a property in Emirates Hills was never cheap and it is still not. Living in this plush neighborhood is only possible when you have a strong and steady source of income.

 Average Annual Rent for Small SpacesAverage Annual Rent for Bigger Spaces
Palm Jumeirah IslandAED 120,000 For Studio ApartmentStarts from AED 220,000 for 3-Bedroom Apartment
Bluewaters IslandNAStarting from AED 400,000 for 3-Bedroom Apartment
Emirates HillsFrom AED 100,000 for a 2-bedroom villaFrom AED 320,000 for 3-Bedroom Villa
Average Rental Costs of Palm Jumeirah, Bluewaters Island and Emirates Hills

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Beach Lovers

There are peace lovers who look for tranquil residential areas to live in and then there are these beach lovers who love to be surrounded all the time by loads of fun and festivities. For these beach fanatics, we have sorted out the best places in Dubai to move in.

1. Palm Jumeirah

If your life seems impossible without Vitamin ‘Sea’ on regular basis, Palm Jumeirah Island is your place to live in Dubai. There is nothing better than this high-end seaside residential community in the whole city that can bring the sea this close to you.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Beach Lovers | Palm Jumeirah | The Vacation Builder
Views from the Palm Jumeirah are Captivating

The island is made by the highly ambitious Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who was determined to present the world with something extraordinary and he did that successfully.

Home to many socialites and celebrities, Palm Jumeirah flaunts a gorgeous marina and a string of private beaches.

We don’t really hesitate to say that Palm Jumeirah is meant for beach-loving and high-earning individuals only. The luxury villas here come with backyards that extend onto the sea. High-end waterfront living is made possible with the best amenities only at this man made paradise.

2. Bluewaters Island

After Palm Jumeirah, the world-class beachfront living in Dubai can be achieved at Bluewaters Island. This is another man-made wonder that the city has crafted to boost all beach lovers for a blissful living condition near the sea itself. You can choose between the penthouses, townhouses and premium apartments but a family-oriented and urban neighborhood is guaranteed anywhere on this island.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Beach Lovers | Bluewaters Island | The Vacation Builder
Cove Beach at Bluewaters Island

The vibrant community of Bluewaters Island hosts several residential, retail, hospitality and entertainment options. Although Ain Dubai is often treated as the centerpiece of this neighborhood, the whole of it is too spectacular to overlook.

3. Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

For a round-the-clock beachy vibe and resort-inspired lifestyle, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is one of the best among the options you have got in Dubai. Offering stunning sea views from all the luxury villas, this island community is described as a paradise for beach babies.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Beach Lovers | Jumeirah Beach Residence | The Vacation Builder
The Long Stretch of Beach at JBR

This is the place where you will spot the most beloved beachside boulevard in Dubai, The Walk. This buzzing street houses lots of upscale dining options, stylish boutiques, exhilarating retail outlets and frequently hosts amazing street performances.

The beachfront at JBR is laced with amenities like changing rooms, outdoor showers and washrooms to make your day at the beach hassle-free.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Peace & Quiet

We know that imagining a Dubai life inevitably conjures up images of a luxurious and happening lifestyle. Well, we can’t deny that but we have more for you. You will be surprised to know that there are numerous residential projects in Dubai that guarantee peaceful and quiet living.

Here are the best two peaceful areas in Dubai.

1. Arabian Ranches

Located on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Arabian Ranches is a little peace heaven for all people who want to leave behind the fast-paced city life as soon as they enter their home. This prestigious gated villa community in Dubai is profusely decorated with lush greenery, seasonal plants, parks, walkways and small lakes.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Peace & Quiet | Arabian Ranches | The Vacation Builder
A Lake at Arabian Ranches, Dubai

The peaceful neighborhood of Arabian Ranches is the primary reason that Western expats love to live here. Accommodation is certainly quite pricey but nothing is pricier than your mental peace. Apart from spacious private villas, this community houses clinics, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes and schools in close proximity.

2. Emirates Hills

Powered by world-class urban facilities and modern amenities, the neighborhood of Emirates Hills is an excellent choice for peace-loving people in Dubai. This gated community is absolutely family-friendly and doesn’t let the city buzz disturb your mental peace.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Peace & Quiet | Emirates Hills | The Vacation Builder

The serene and quiet areas within the boundary of Emirates Hills are hugely preferred by expats and high-end income groups from the city. Thanks to its top-notch infrastructure, renting an apartment at Emirates Hills is never going to disappoint you.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Things to Do

When it’s Dubai, you will be literally spoilt with choices with amazing neighborhoods to stay during your stay in the city. If exploring the city and trying out different things is your hobby, we have picked up the best two areas for you to live in Dubai.

1. Downtown

Stacked with apartment buildings, luxury hotels and office blocks – Downtown is the rumbling ground of Dubai. You can call this place is the center of the city with it’s buzzing atmosphere. Travelling to any part of the city or visiting those fantastic tourist attractions in the town is way easier from the Downtown area than any other place in the city.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Things to Do | Downtown Dubai | The Vacation Builder
Downtown Dubai

Downtown marks the locality, nestled between old and new Dubai. This area offers the best of the two world – the culturally rich old Dubai and the rapidly progressing new Dubai. Downtown is dominated by star icons like Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Canal and Dubai Creek.

Another strong reason that we picked up Downtown is its seamless transportation service. You can utilize the metro service that connects rest of the city. Accessing Dubai International Airport from Downtown is also simple and quick too.

2. Bur Dubai

Travelling to the attractions spread across Dubai can take up a significant part of your journey time and energy. So, it is wise to stay in an area which is centrally located and well-connected other parts by seamless public transport. Bur Dubai fulfils all these criteria and that’s why it is a great idea to live in this part of the city to explore wonderful neighborhoods.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Things to Do | Bur Dubai | The Vacation Builder
Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is a convenient place to visit authentic souks, Dubai Creek, historical neighborhoods of Al Seef and Al Fahidi. The area lets you access several stations for metro service. Apart from the metro, you can also hire metered taxis from Bur Dubai to reach your destination comfortably at a reasonable price.

The Best Areas in Dubai to Live for Families with Children

Wondering where to settle down in Dubai with a family including the kids? Well, the city has a series of well-planned residential areas that are ideal for families and kids. Let’s check out the best areas in Dubai for families to settle down.

1. Arabian Ranches

When you are hunting for a family-friendly area in Dubai, Arabian Ranches is the best you have got. The area is lined with spacious homes with plenty of room for children to play around. This quiet suburb area is a pleasant escape from mundane city life.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Families with Children | Arabian Ranches | The Vacation Builder

The area is also considered as one of the best to enroll your children in any of the nearby schools. All schools maintain their educational level up to the latest standards. So, you don’t have to worry about sending your kids to these schools because they are receiving quality education for sure.

2. Mirdif

Mirdif is a very renowned residential area in Dubai where expat families love to live in. Considering the elegant European-style communities and child-friendly facilities, Mirdif is safe, affordable and a perfect place to watch your kids grow.

Mirdif is well-connected to the city centre and not at all far from Dubai Festival City, Deira City Centre and Academic City. This residential community is home to a number of good schools too. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about where to send your children for world-class education.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Singles or Couples

Dubai offers fabulous career opportunities, investment scopes, a lavish lifestyle and tons of entertainment options. No wonder why singles and couples move in here in hope of building a better future for themselves. But you need a good place to live in order to make your dream come true. We are here with the best two areas for singles and couples to live in Dubai.

1. DIFC & Business Bay

DIFC and Business Bay areas are more than ideal for people who wish to stay close to their workstations and in a swanky location simultaneously. Both these neighbourhood is therefore crowded with singles and couples who work hard and party even harder.

The Best Areas to Live in Dubai For Every Budget & Need | The Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Singles or Couples | Business Bay | The Vacation Builder

Staying close to your office block actually saves your time and energy while travelling to your workplace. Architecture at DIFC and Business Bay is really captivating but the most interesting part is you can do a lot more other than your job in these glamorous neighbourhoods.

2. Downtown Dubai

When you want to live in a place that keeps you close to all sorts of things happening across the city, then go to Downtown Dubai area to find accommodation for yourself. This is an ideal location for those who dream of living a high-flying lifestyle with plenty of glitz and glamour around.

Even if you are too lazy to venture to any other neighborhood, Downtown Dubai itself has countless restaurants, retail outlets, cafes, entertainment options to keep you engrossed. Living next to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall can literally make your days in the city unforgettable.


This article is a handy guide to areas that suit every budget and every need of you. Whatever is the requirement, you can find something for yourself. We hope, this guide will help you to choose the right area to live in Dubai.

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