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Outdoor Gyms in Abu Dhabi – The Ultimate Guide

Outdoor Gyms in Abu Dhabi

After our recent article on Outdoor Gyms in Dubai we thought we’d answer your questions on The Best Outdoor Gyms in Abu Dhabi. Why waste the mild winter months by breathing in the air conditioning when you have so many great work out spots outside in Abu Dhabi.

1. Vogue Fitness – Al Raha

Outdoor Gyms in Abu Dhabi | The Vacation Builder

Vogue Fitness is a great traditional gym option if you want a bit of variety in your routine!

The gym offers numerous indoor and outdoor programs for all ages and fitness levels. There is a great range of equipment for you to incorporate into strength building or calorie burning cardio exercises. This also means that if you are unlucky enough for the weather to not be in your favour, you can still workout from the comfort of the indoors!

Even more, you can complete your outdoor classes against the peaceful and beautiful backdrop of the Al Muneera beach front.


Cost: 999AED p/month
Hours: 7 days a week, Sun-Thurs: 6am – 9.30am & 3pm – 8pm, Fri: 9am – 10am, Sat: 9am -11am
Website: www.vfuae.com/vogue-fitness-al-raha/
Contact: +97126721572


Vogue Fitness, Al Raha Beach, Al Muneera,

2. Haddins Gym

Outdoor Gyms in Abu Dhabi | The Vacation Builder

Haddins Gym offers a mixture of indoor and outdoor training classes so you can gravitate to what you fancy.

Haddins Gym is located right next to Zayed Sports City so you can really immerse yourself in the active lifestyle! There is a vast amount of outdoor space for you to partake in all sort of workouts. Haddins offers a good range of classes including challenging circuits, exhilarating cardio boxing, CrossFit, and peaceful yoga.

Outdoor Gyms in Abu Dhabi | The Vacation Builder

Haddins has run Fitness By The Shore which also offers a large selection of classes and personal training sessions. Included in this, is the popular Primal training.

Fitness By The Shore has also offered a convenient 7 day package for tourists, so you won’t have to commit to a hefty month membership! Haddins often runs deals to allow members to access both gyms too.


Cost: 3,360 AED p/year
Hours: 7 days a week, Sun- Thurs: 5am – 9:30pm, Fri: 8:30am – 12:30pm, Sat: 2pm – 6pm
Website: haddins.com/
Contact: 0501047948 or info@haddins.com


Haddins Gym, Zayed Sports City, near the Bowling Stadium

3. STRIKE Fitness

Outdoor Gyms in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

If you’re exclusively looking for the true outdoor gym experience, then look no further than Strike Fitness! Strike offers a versatile range of activities all right on a sunny beach location.

Strike on the Beach works cooperatively with Abu Dhabi Marine. Located right on A’l Bahar’s vibrant beach, you can enjoy the community feel of working out right by the crashing waves! After you are done, there are tonnes of entertainment options and activities for you to enjoy across the gorgeous A’l Bahar, Corniche.

Outdoor Gyms in Abu Dhabi | The Vacation Builder

Strike Fitness has all sorts of workout classes and programs so you are bound to find something that takes your fancy. Their classes include: blood-pumping circuits, fiery boxing, strength boosting calisthenics, powerful Muay Thai, tranquil sunset yoga, and stretching to unwind.

Strike plans to introduce more gym equipment soon, so keep an eye out!


Cost: 800AED p/month for mixed classes
Hours: 7 Days a week, Mon: 6pm – 10pm, Tue: 6pm – 9pm, Wed: 5pm- 8pm, Thurs: 5.30pm – 6:30pm & 7pm – 9pm, Fri: 7.30am – 9.30am, Sat: 8.30am – 9.30am & 5pm – 9pm, Sun: 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Website: www.strike.ae/
Contact: +971503032594


Abu Dhabi Marine Water Sports Center Corniche, Corniche at Al Bahar, near to Patron Meat House

4. Fitness Gate

Outdoor Gyms in Abu Dhabi | The Vacation Builder

Perhaps you’re looking for a combination of indoors and outdoors, but wouldn’t mind feeling a bit on top of the world. If that’s the case, Fitness Gate can literally provide that for you with their breath-taking open air rooftop area!

Located in the heart of the city, you can workout whilst feeling immersed in the city sights from high up.

Outdoor Gyms in Abu Dhabi | The Vacation Builder

The gym also has a magnificently lit indoor pool if swimming is more in your lane. Fitness Gate offers all sorts of activities, including: Sweat inducing CrossFit, communal group classes, stress relieving martial arts, athletics, and personal trainer services.

There is a great variety of scenery and exercises here to suit all sorts of different tastes.


Cost: 999AED – Basic 8 week membership
Hours: 7 Days a week, Sat – Thurs: 6am – 11pm, Fri: 2pm – 10pm
Website: fitnessgate.ae/
Contact: +97126662900


Al Inshirah St, Seha building, R floor, near to Yadoo’s House Restaurant & Cafe


Check out our overview for the guide to Uutdoor Gyms in Abu Dhabi!

GymFeeHoursPhone Number
Vogue Fitness999AED p/month6am-8pm+97126721572
Haddins Gym3,360 AED p/year5am-9.30pm0501047948
STRIKE Fitness800AED p/month7.30am-10pm+971503032594
Fitness Gate999AED – 8 weeks6am-11pm+97126662900

Thank you for reading our guide to Outdoor Gyms in Abu Dhabi. Hopefully you have found this information helpful in finding your ideal outdoor workout spot!

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