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Palm Jumeirah Fountain – A Quick Guide

A Full Guide to Palm Jumeirah Fountain

The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial coastal island that has become famous because of its incredible residential options, world-class features, and attractions. It gets its name from its architectural design of a palm tree, which is so large it can be viewed from space!

One of the main attractions at the island is the Palm Jumeirah Fountain, launched in October 2020. Like many attractions in Dubai, the fountain holds a world record, for being the largest fountain in the world.

This mesmerizing and vast water attraction presents a choreographed dance show that viewers admire so much.

The fountain is located at The Point, Palm Jumeirah and thus spreads over almost 14,000 sq. ft. across the ocean. The water shoots from the fountain are capable of reaching incredible heights of 105m!


Fountain Views From Palm Jumeirah Villas

Among many other features, the fountain in Palm Jumeirah is the most notable one. People living in Palm Jumeirah villas around the fountain can easily access and enjoy the view anytime.

Living close to this iconic mark allows people to view the sight from home without battling the crowds. You can easily shift into a Palm Jumeirah Villa or apartment in proximity to a fountain with the help of professional movers in Palm Jumeirah.

What to Expect at Palm Jumeirah Fountain Show?

Enjoy a mesmerizing experience by watching the Palm Jumeirah Fountain show take place every day. The 105m high fountain lights up the night sky with around 3,000 LED’s.

  • Lights, Music & Choreographed Water

Here, more than 3,000 multi-colored LED lights with music create an incredible ambiance while giving sparkles to the sky. This creates a magical sight for the viewers while leaving them in awe.

  • Various Musical Tones

To enhance the fountain dance show and performance, the largest audio system is installed containing more than 80 speakers. This adds more to the excitement and pleasure while encountering the show.

  • Choreographed Water

The auspicious spectacle of  choreograohed water on musical tones spans over almost 14,000 square feet. Hence, the Palm Jumeirah fountain show goes on continuously for three minutes after every 30 minutes. This means that there are 5 fountain shows per day.

Palm Jumeirah Fountain Design & Features

The Palm Fountain is emerging as a new tourist attraction in Dubai that attracts many visitors from all around the world.

The Palm Jumeirah fountain design is unique and made by a Chinese company, further developed by Nakheel. However, this fountain is another benchmark of an architectural marvel in Dubai that gained significant attention and appreciation.

  • The Palm Fountain Water Source

The fountain has been exceptionally designed where the water is gained directly from the ocean instead of any other water storage means. Moreover, the whole sustainability and energy-saving aspects are highly kept in mind during the entire performance. You will definitely have a memorable experience while encountering this incredible sight.

Palm Jumeirah Fountain Show Timings & Schedule

If you visit Dubai, you should not miss the fascinating Palm Fountain show. This is the largest fountain in the world where you can encounter a magnificent water dance show full of lights, music, and fun.

  • Palm Fountain Show Timings

The show happens from 7PM to 10:30PM Saturday to Wednesday and 7PM to 11:30PM Thursday & Friday.

The fountain performance continuously goes on for 3 minutes, every 30 minutes. The show starts with a great thrill and excitement thus features the best music, lights, and high water wave shooters. Hence, many choreographed songs are played that makes the environment more pleasant. During the fountain show, you can enjoy a range of music ranging from classical to pop, Khaleeji, international and more.

  • Safety Measures

Throughout the show, energy-saving and safety measures are highly considered to avoid any unpleasant incident. Moreover, the whole show is smartly managed by a professional team and a control room. Palm Jumeirah Dubai Fountain stays open for tourists all around the year.

How to Reach The Palm Fountain?

You can visit this spot any time to enjoy this wonder. Visitors can easily get to Palm Jumeirah by car as there is spacious parking space at The Pointe. Also, you can book a taxi, Careem, or Uber to reach here and enjoy the enriched experience.

One of the best ways to travel around The Palm is by using The Palm Monorail which has stops at most of the biggest attractions on the island such as:

Watch Fountain Show at Palm Jumeirah from Anywhere at The Pointe

The Pointe is an exclusive landmark in Dubai featuring the best restaurants, shopping malls, and other attractions. This is set on a vast area with considerable space and vantage points from where you can see and enjoy the amazing palm fountain show. Every evening, the show is free to attend by anyone.

Restaurants, Bars & Shopping Malls

You can view the performance from various bars and restaurants at The Pointe. This allows you to enjoy delicious cuisines while having an incredible view of the Palm Jumeirah fountain show. Here, many facilities are available for the visitors such as spacious parking spaces, WiFi, the largest shopping malls, and much more.

The Pointe Beach

The palm fountain show has Western as well as Eastern sides where the show is presented. What’s more, the fountain show can be viewed from The Pointe beach on the Western side.


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