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Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide, The Vacation Builder

Not all that glitters are gold, but if we are talking about Dubai, there is more than just gold that glitters! The luxury and opulence of this city never cease to surprise you. Loaded with some of the most beguiling tourist attractions, Dubai Miracle Garden is definitely one of the most amazing go-to places in the town.

Branded as the World’s Largest Natural Flower Garden, this place is truly an extraordinary experience. We are sharing a full guide on Dubai Miracle Garden so that all you are left with is to pick a date to visit this gorgeous garden.

Once you are done with this post, you will have info about the garden’s location, timings, entry ticket price, how to get there, point of interest, things to do, places to dine and all essential stats. Let’s begin.


Dubai Miracle Garden is nestled at Dubailand in Al Barsh South, along Umm Suqeim Road. It is about a 20-minute car ride from the Mall of the Emirates.

How To Get There?

Accessing Dubai Miracle Garden from any corner of the city is not at all difficult. The convenient location of the garden makes thousands of people flock to this wonderland. Be it bus, taxi or Dubai Metro – you can pick any of these routes to reach the spot.

If you are preferring to take the Metro route, then it is best to hop into a Red Line coupe. Get down at the MOE (Mall of the Emirates) station. Take an RTA Bus Route 105 from there and you will be dropped at the Dubai Miracle Garden within 15-20 mins.

If public transport is not your thing, nothing to worry about. There are tons of taxis ready to take you to Dubai Miracle Garden. It’s a bit expensive for sure but it is the fastest and most convenient means to reach this iconic flower garden.

From Abu Dhabi

Even if you are travelling from Abu Dhabi, you will be happy to know that continuous car services are available between Abu Dhabi and Dubai Miracle Garden. You can also board RTA Bus Route E101 from Central Bus Station to reach Ibn Battuta Bus Station. From there, get a cab to reach the garden in 20 minutes.

Ticket Price

Adult/Seniors : AED 55 (Age 12 years and above)

Child : AED 40 (Age 3 to 12 years), ID is Required

Child Below 3 years is Free, ID is Required

(All prices mentioned here are inclusive of VAT)

You can book your ticket right from Dubai Miracle Garden’s booking site.


Remember that Dubai Miracle Garden is a seasonal affair and this place is not open to visitors all year round. The timings mentioned below were fixed for the last season that ended on 15th May 2022.

Monday to Friday, from 9.00 AM – 9.00 PM | Saturday & Sunday, from 9.00 AM – 11.00 PM

You can expect similar timings once the garden opens its door for the next season around October 2022. Keep following their official website for the exact timings.

Best Time to Visit the Garden

The winter steps into Dubai in November and the weather across the city remains pleasant till the end of March. So, November to March (early spring) is the best time to plan your visit to Dubai Miracle Garden.

Tips: Don’t forget that November pulls the biggest crowd to the garden. So, you are advised to book your tickets well ahead of your trip. Planning an early morning visit will also save you from the maddening crowd along with some good chances of clicking some exceptional shots.

Points of Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden

Spreading over an area of about 72,000 sq. ft, Dubai Miracle Garden is a place where exquisite floral arrangements and installations have been erected just to make your heart flutter with happiness. With more than 50 million flower blooms, this place is massive! To cut your effort short and add more to your fun, we are listing here the most popular and enigmatic points of attractions from Dubai Miracle Garden.

1. Emirates A380

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Points of Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden | Emirates A380 | The Vacation Builder

When it’s about Dubai Miracle Garden, Emirates A380 floral installation has to be the most iconic one. As you can clearly make it up from the name, yes, it is an airbus structure. The only difference is, that it is all made of beautiful living flower plants and it never takes off the ground!

Emirates A380 flight is the biggest structure ever been built inside Dubai Miracle Garden and no wonder why it also holds a Guinness Book of World Record. This life-size floral replica airbus keeps changing its exterior with fresh and beautiful but different blooms in each season.

2. Smurfs Village

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Points of Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden | Smurfs Village | The Vacation Builder

Doesn’t matter whether you are visiting the garden with a kid or not, there is no harm to keep the child within you alive always. The Smurfs Village is certainly a place that transports you to a fairyland where your heart has always wanted to go.

This immaculately designed spot features a picture-perfect Belgian Smurfs village right from those childhood comic books. The village also hosts themed shows and performances, adding more points to its USP. Those tiny blue Smurfs are always ready to make your day in Dubai.

3. Teddy Bear

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Points of Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden | Teddy Bear | The Vacation Builder

We all have wanted a huge Teddy soft toy in our bed. Isn’t it? Well, Dubai Miracle Garden is giving you a rare opportunity to see a humongous Teddy right inside Dubai. The best part about this Teddy is it is all made of living plants, twigs, flowers and imagination!

This giant floral installation features a cuddly teddy bear embracing a giant heart with its arms. This reminds all of us of our undying love for Mr. Teddy and vice versa. This structure was the main theme of the 6th season of Dubai Miracle Garden and it’s still going strong even in its 20th season.

4. Floral Clock

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Points of Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden | Floral Clock | The Vacation Builder

It is impossible to turn the time backward. But when you are in Dubai, you can at least turn the time into a splendid memory! Dubai Miracle Garden showcases a stunning piece of floral arrangement in the shape of a giant clock right at the centre of the garden. The floral design of this clock is changed with every season. So, it always looks new to the visitors.

This one of the most spectacular attractions from the garden has been achieved through the meticulous arrangements of flowers and plants. You can spot dancing lady figures, butterflies and enormous heart-shaped figures surrounding the Floral Clock.

5. Sunflower Field

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Points of Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden | Sunflower Field | The Vacation Builder

Although all floral installations in Miracle Garden are splendid, Sunflower Field is possibly the most gleaming attraction here. Spreading across every direction, this field will surely brighten up your day instantly. With millions of blooming yellow flowers, Sunflower Field ushers hope and happiness in every heart!

This extremely gorgeous landscape offers a picture-perfect backdrop for those Insta photos. On a bright sunny day, this area looks more like a pool of sunflowers floating in the air.

6. Floating Lady

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Points of Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden | Floating Lady | The Vacation Builder

Dubai Miracle Garden is magical and so are its floral creations. The garden keeps adding new attractions so that you don’t get any chance to be bored. Floating Lady is such a new addition that soon became the talk of the ‘garden’ after its appearance.

As the name says it loud, Floating Lady is a thought-provoking floral installation depicting a larger-than-life woman floating in the air carefree with her hair and dress touching the ground. Her eyes are shut close and it seems she is not bothered by anything in the world.

7. The Heart Passage

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Points of Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden | Heart Passage | The Vacation Builder

Love doesn’t need any particular season, month or day to be celebrated. The vibrant Heart Passage from the Miracle Garden gives you an eternal opportunity to celebrate love everyday! This passage brings together two wonderful things for you – the love and the flowers.

The passage is lined up by huge heart-shaped arches. Each arch is made of a particular shade of flowers. No two arch from this walkway of the same colour sits next to each other. If you are visiting the Miracle Garden with your love, then it is mandatory to take a walk through this passage.

8. Umbrella Tunnel

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Points of Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden | Umbrella Tunnel | The Vacation Builder

Not just flowers but colourful umbrellas are also used in Dubai Miracle Garden to design a wonderful and colourful passage. This spot certainly reflects the utmost creative talent that the designers of the garden have got.

Here the umbrellas have been kept upturned and suspended in the air to create a shaded canopy for the whole passage. Both the sides of the walkway are decorated with hanging blooming floral pots. There are enough chairs and tables along the passage where you can take a rest and click amazing photos.

9. Floral House and Bungalows at Lake Park

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Points of Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden | Lake Homes | The Vacation Builder

Dubai Miracle Garden has got probably the most beautiful houses and bungalows in the universe because they are made with love, care and flowers. Covered with millions of flowers, these edifices sit beside a small lake.

Those floral houses in the garden look nothing short of a fairyland! They look beautiful and feel even better. It’s an escape from harsh reality where your joy would know no boundary.

10. Half-Buried Cars

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Points of Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden | Half-Buried Cars | The Vacation Builder

For some quirky yet amusing visuals, you must visit the Half-Buried Cars area in the garden. You can spot a number of cars there with their heads submerged in the pool of flowers. This sight never fails to amaze the visitors.

Those cars are mainly restored versions of scrap materials. So, this is a very intelligent and impressive concept of making the ‘best out of the waste’. Flowers and cars don’t go hand in hand but here they look fantastic together.  

Things to Do at Dubai Miracle Garden

You never run out of doing amazing things at Dubai Miracle Garden. Irrespective of your age, this place has something for every age group. A number of exciting things can be enjoyed and we are giving you a few of those ideas.

1. Watching the Flower Parade

The Flower Parade is the most beguiling experience that one can have in Dubai Miracle Garden. Specially your kids are going to love it. This special performance is an entertaining blend of street dances and live music. The parade will make you groove to its tune. The vivacity of the Flower Parade is unbelievable.

2. Take the Kids to the Play Area

Dubai Miracle Garden never forgets what makes a kid happy – the play and the flowers. Keeping in mind the interests of the young minds, the park authority has developed a fabulous interactive play area inside the premises. Your kids can have enormous fun there and to assure their safety, there are dedicated staffs to keep an eye on the kiddos.

3. Join a Zumba Session

You will be surprised at the effort that Dubai Miracle Garden management puts to ensure a healthy body and sound mind. They have come up with Zumba classes. So, you can be a part of an enthusiastic group of people who love to dance out the fatigue amidst a picturesque set-up.

4. Shop, Eat and Repeat

Dubai Miracle Garden doesn’t just focus on flowers. They have got everything so that you can have a wonderful time with some rewarding shopping and dining experience. You can spot souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants around to elevate the fun quotient for your trip to the garden. Having a meal at Miracle Garden comes with a delightful view for sure.

5. Taking Loads of Photos

Never ever forget to bring your shooting gear while visiting Dubai Miracle Garden. Each and every shot taken here comes out so vivid and vibrant. You can make a collection of wonderful snaps to make your social media timeline amusing. Making good memories comes free with your visit to Miracle Garden.

Popular Tourist Attractions Near Dubai Miracle Garden

Your visit Dubai Miracle Garden cannot be done without visiting at least one or two more touristy places sitting near the garden. Here are the most sought-after places that you can explore near Dubai Miracle Garden.

1. Dubai Butterfly Garden

Distance: Walking distance from Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Popular Tourist Attractions Near Dubai Miracle Garden | Dubai Butterfly Garden | The Vacation Builder

Situated next to Dubai Miracle Garden’s main entrance, the Dubai Butterfly Garden is another revolutionary entertainment spot where you can meet 15 thousand of butterflies belonging to more than 50 species. The colours of their wings, shape and striking features of their bodies will blow your mind. With an Education Centre, Butterfly Museum and Cinema Hall, this unique garden is a worthy escape to the world of wonders.

2. Global Village Dubai

Distance: About 6 kilometres far from Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Popular Tourist Attractions Near Dubai Miracle Garden | Global Village | The Vacation Builder

Spreading across a humongous area of 17,200,000 sq. ft, Global Village Dubai is the most significant cultural and entertainment destination in the UAE. This spot experiences a footfall of around 5 million visitors each year which is enough to understand why you must not skip this global arena during your trip to Dubai Miracle Garden.

You can click on our 10 Huge Reasons Why Global Village Is Worth A Visit in case you have any plan to visit this amazing place.

3. IMG Worlds of Adventure

Distance: Almost 18 kilometres from the garden

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Popular Tourist Attractions Near Dubai Miracle Garden | IMG Worlds of Adventure | The Vacation Builder

Situated along the swanky Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, IMG Worlds of Adventure is Dubai’s very first and exclusive indoor theme park. Sprawled over an area of 1.5 million sq. ft, this cartoon-themed park is a wholesome family entertainment destination.

4. Mall of the Emirates

Distance: About 15 kilometres away from Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Popular Tourist Attractions Near Dubai Miracle Garden | Mall of The Emirates | The Vacation Builder

Not just a typical shopping complex, but Mall of the Emirates is the “World’s First Shopping Resort” that you can visit, explore and amazed at only in Dubai. Shopping, dining, gaming or adventure – this mall will take care of everything you can ask for. This mall has got something for every age group. Ski Dubai is housed in this mall where snowflakes reign all the time.

5. Dubai Frame

Distance: 27 kilometres from Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden: Your Quick Guide | Popular Tourist Attractions Near Dubai Miracle Garden | Dubai Frame | The Vacation Builder

We know that Dubai Frame sits not that close to Dubai Miracle Garden but it is totally justified to go for another 27 kilometres from the garden to behold this man-made “miracle”. The largest frame in the world is something that will keep your mind blogged for a few seconds with its sheer size and shine. If you want, you can also pay a short visit to the Museum of The Future which stands pretty close to Dubai Frame.

Tips for Visiting Dubai Miracle Garden

  • This garden remains open for a specified time. So, check the operational hours and opening days to avoid disappointment.
  • The Winter seasons experience huge rush in the garden. Book your ticket well ahead of your trip.
  • To cover all the attractions in the garden, make a round of it either in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.
  • You can bring your stroller inside the garden for children below 2 years.
  • Try to enter the garden as soon as it opens its door in the morning. This is very helpful in avoiding the crowd and clicking beautiful pictures.
  • You can buy Dubai Miracle Garden Skip The Line ticket to save time in queue.
  • It takes about 3 – 4 hours to cover the whole garden. So, plan accordingly.

Where to Shop from at Dubai Miracle Garden?

Dubai Miracle Garden houses a souvenir shop, a Disney merchandise store and a Photo Booth.

You can buy gifts of your choice from the shop for your friends and family members. You can also buy flowers here which you have spotted in the garden.

The in-house Photo Booth right beside the main entrance lets you bring some beautiful captures in/of the garden.

Disney Merchandise Shop sells a lot of Disney stuff tagged with a logo of Dubai Miracle Garden. All their products are cute and affordable.

Can I Take Food Inside Miracle Garden?

No, you can’t do that. But they allow baby food products on request.

Where to Dine at Dubai Miracle Garden?

Walking around this massive garden will soon leave you tired and hungry. No worry. Miracle Garden is packed with cafes, restaurants, food kiosks and sweet bars. The meal can be really elaborate with American, Lebanese, Indian, Italian and Arabic style cuisines. You can grab some quick bites like grilled corn, popcorn, wafers and more from snack kiosks.

Where to Park the Car at Miracle Garden?

Dubai Miracle Garden has a lofty parking space available at the venue with a parking capacity of 2,000 vehicles.

What is the Nearest Metro Station to Miracle Garden?

MOE (Mall of The Emirates) in Red Line is the nearest metro station to the garden.

What is the Fastest Way to Reach Miracle Garden?

The fastest way to reach the garden is by taxi or car. But this also depends on which part of the city you are commuting from.

Are the Blooms Real in Dubai Miracle Garden?

Yes, all the flowers you see in this garden are real.

Why Is This Called “Miracle” Garden?

This garden actually sits amidst dessert. It is not at all possible to grow flowers here. It took tremendous hard work and new-age technologies to make flowering plants grow and bloom there naturally. That’s why it’s not less than a “miracle” to have such a beautiful garden in such a barren land and an extreme climate.

How Much Time Do We Need to Explore the Miracle Garden?

It is advised to have at least 3 – 4 hours in hand to explore this garden. The more time you spend, the more beautiful memories you will make.

What Records Miracle Garden Holds?

The Dubai Miracle Garden has successfully won three Guinness World Records on three occasions i.e., the largest floral display (2017), the tallest topiary art (2018) and the biggest topiary art (2019).

Is Dubai Miracle Garden Open Throughout the Year?

No. It’s a seasonal event. The next season will come up around October 2022.

Do Miracle Garden Tickets Give Entry into the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

No. You have to purchase a separate entry ticket for Dubai Butterfly Garden.


Dubai is extremely flamboyant and this miraculous flower garden is just an example of its flamboyancy. This quick guide has flourished every bit of useful information about Dubai Miracle Garden. Now plan your visit with utmost comfort and in lesser time.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to come back for more on Dubai Abu Dhabi. Also, follow us on Pinterest and Subscribe to our Youtube channel too.

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