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Dubai Solo Trip: Everything You Need To Know

Dubai Solo Trip: Everything You Need To Know, The Vacation Builder

Dubai is a true traveller’s paradise with all its glitz, glamour and unconventional landscapes. This emirate is a place where you will never gonna run out of things to see and do! The only challenge is to figure out how to execute your plan. No worry. We are here to help you fullest.

We are going to answer here all your queries like why a solo trip, things to do, what challenges you may face, Dos & Don’ts, useful tips etc that might be bothering you regarding your Dubai solo trip . As soon as you end up with this write-up, you are a pro to design a rewarding solo trip. Let’s begin.

Why Should I Opt for a Solo Trevel?

Solo travelling ALWAYS helps people reconnect with themselves and find a way where they can seek solace. Two is not always better than one particularly when your travel requirement is different from theirs.

Dubai is a travel destination with various layers. If you don’t wish to take the regular path that most tourists choose, then travelling solo is the best option you have got. You can of course include all those celebrated tourist spots along with some unexplored and hidden gems as per your preferences. Nobody is there to interrupt you. That sounds great!

Why to Take a Solo Trip to Dubai?

Dubai Solo Trip: Everything You Need To Know | Reasons to Take Solo Trip to Dubai | The Vacation Builder

For everyone who holds some apprehensions about taking a solo trip to Dubai, the following reasons will be enough to break those myths and convince them for sure.

1. You Don’t Feel Like an Outsider

Dubai is not just a global travel destination but it is the place where millions of expats settle to build an outstanding careers and a good life. So, you can spot all sorts of foreign people (including tourists) roaming around the city and beyond.

People from all walks of life of multiple ethnicities form a major portion of Dubai’s population. Therefore, you will never feel that awkwardness of being a foreigner.

2. Emirati People Are Very Tolerant

A solo trip becomes blissful when you are travelling in the middle of a bunch of friendly and respectful people. When it is about being friendly to foreigners, Dubai has got one of the best bunches around the world. Local people treat everyone with the utmost respect in public places in Dubai irrespective of your age, gender and ethnicity.

3. Getting Around Is Simple and Quick

Nobody wants to pick a destination where public transportation is a hassle. Dubai showcases a very effective and easy public transportation network with plenty of taxis, metro trains, monorails, water taxis and buses. Thanks to a wisely developed infrastructure, Dubai offers cheap yet faster transportation.

4. Food Is Not a Problem

Food is a major concern that travellers often have to deal with. But when you are heading for Dubai, you will never face a hiccup to find your food preferences. As Dubai is home to various nationalities, its food variety is vast. You can either have cheaper and more expensive meals because the city restaurants are full of variety in terms of menu and price.

5. It Is Safe for Solo Travellers

You will be extremely happy once you take a look at the Crime Index of Dubai. It is so low compared to those sought-after global destinations across the world. It is completely safe o travel alone in Dubai for both males and females. We would just recommend our lovely ladies to dress decently in public to respect the values of Emirati culture. Western outfits are fine, just don’t flash too much skin.

6. Buzzing Nightlife

Dubai offers countless entertainment options day in and out. The city never sleeps and it is perfect for people who don’t wish to waste their holidays in hotel rooms. Anytime is a good time to roam across the town and cherish all its big and little things. Nightlife in Dubai is something that keeps party-hoppers on their toes and you must join at least one such night event to feel the vibe.

7. Dubai Solo Trip Can Be Pocket-friendly

Yes, you read this right. It is very much possible to enjoy a budget holiday right in the heart of Dubai. It’s true that most of the things in Dubai look expensive but not everything comes with a whopping price tag.

There are many hotels, restaurants, shops and supermarkets that allow budget travellers to live their Dubai days in comfort. You just have to research a bit before finalizing your Dubai solo tour and the internet will pour you with hundreds of suggestions.

8. It Is the Land of Versatility

Doesn’t matter what your travel goals are, Dubai will meet all of them nicely. This emirate has too much to offer the tourists and travellers. Ranging from unprecedented technologies to beguiling modern architecture, from fascinating historical sites to swanky neighbourhoods, from pulsating city-life to silent sand dunes – everything is there. In short, Dubai is an all-in-one destination that you would love to visit.

Things To Do and See in a Dubai Solo Trip

Dubai Solo Trip: Everything You Need To Know | Things To Do and See In a Dubai Solo Trip | The Vacation Builder

As soon as you land to Dubai, you will understand how vibrant this city is. It is insane to include every experience because you have a limited time and resource in your hand. We are still listing down a few major things to offer you the best of both worlds – Modern Dubai and Old Dubai.

1. Visit Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain

You are in Dubai where stands Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It would be a sin not to going to the top of the world. You need to book your ticket for the highest observation deck in Burj Khalifa to touch the sky and relish a bird eye view of the city. There is something spectacular waiting for you at the base of Burj Khalifa and it’s the spectacular Dubai Fountain.

Check out our post exclusively on Burj Khalifa and what’s inside it.

2. Take a Stroll to Gold and Spice Souk

Dubai has a very enchanting old-charm world hidden right within the heart of the city. The Gold and Spice Souks in Deira are something exclusive to the Middle East. These two spots are loaded with traditional shopping vibe infused with glitter and aroma.

3. Be the Part of Jumeirah’s Vibrant Crowd

Dubai is known for its gorgeous beaches and Jumeirah Beach life is something to envy. This is a great place to spend a day. The area is full of activities that you would love to be there. Crowd is decent and not too much to bear with.

4. Bedazzled with the Beauty of Miracle Garden

Located in Dubailand district, Miracle Garden is undoubtedly the most visually captivating destination in Dubai. with more than 45 million flowering plants, it holds the record of largest flower garden in the world.

Note: Miracle Garden opens for specific time period. Book your date accordingly.

You can go through our Miracle Garden Guide article for more detailed information.

5. Go to Al Fahidi Historical District

Sitting along the Dubai Creek, Al Fahidi is the key heritage site in the city with much of its original structures. The traditional buildings and wind towers in the area have been preserved meticulously so that visitors can still experience what it was during its glorious days.

6. Take a Deep Plunge with Sky Diving

If you are not afraid of height, we will highly recommend you to go for sky diving in Dubai. This activity is thrilling and enchanting too. Under the supervision of an expert diver, you can fly like a bird and behold the fantastic view of the city. Picking the Palm Island area to go for sky diving is the best you can do.

7. Take a Desert Safari

When in Dubai, how can you skip a desert safari? You can’t and you shouldn’t. If you wish to go deeper, then book a desert camp overnight stay. Spending the magical night under star-lit sky is once-in-a-lifetime experience.

8. Having a Dhow Cruise Dinner

Dhow is the most iconic water transportation in Dubai. It is so popular among tourists that they have chalked out a wonderful plan to offer the best of a Dhow ride – a Dhow Dinner. This allows you to enjoy the splendid night view of the city while having delicious food on your table.

9. Exploring Beautiful Art Galleries of Al Quoz

Just because you are alone, it doesn’t mean to can be lazy like a sloth. Head for Al Quoz. This place is highly appreciated for its mesmerizing art galleries and exhibitions. Visit as many as you can and you will have enough time to figure out those exquisite artworks with your own imagination and thoughtfulness.

You may also like our post on the art galleries of Dubai.

10. Go Retail Therapy

If anything that makes Dubai standout in the crowd, it has to be those humongous and spectacular shopping malls. There is no better place than the “City of Gold” to win over the hearts of true shopaholics. We would also like to share that it is possible to shop till you drop with a moderate budget in Dubai. Not everything here is costly.

Please Remember…

There are many more things to explore in and around Dubai. A solo trip allows you to focus on your interest areas and you are free to pick your destinations and activities accordingly.

Challenges You May Face on a Solo Trip to Dubai

For the first-timers, the biggest challenge on a Dubai Solo Trip has to be managing the finance. Dubai is undoubtedly a pricey destination and on top of that, it requires the “heart of a saint” to resist those temptations you will see all around.

So, solo travelling tends to be more expensive than group travelling in Dubai. You must stick to your budget rigorously no matter what. You are allowed to spend insanely only when you reached the last couple of days of your trip with plenty of money in your hand.

Tips for Making the Best of Your Solo Trip to Dubai

Dubai Solo Trip: Everything You Need To Know | Tips For Making The Best of Your Solo Trip to Dubai | The Vacation Builder

If you are planning to travel solo in Dubai, we want to give you a big shoutout to you because it is certainly the best way to explore the very best of this breathtaking destination at your own pace and comfort. To make the best out of your trip, we are sharing some little but useful tips here.

1. Enjoy Your Own Company

In general, one of the most challenging sides of solo travelling is feeling “lonely”. That’s why many people hate the idea of traveling alone. But they don’t see the brightside of a solo trip. it’s a chance to be your own “boss”. You must learn the art of enjoying your own company before heading for a solo trip to Dubai or anywhere else.

2. Focus on Experiences Rather Than “Things”

Every person has their own idea of travelling/exploration. What’s your? Give it a thought. Once you figure out, try to pick experiences that you wish to go through during the trip. Be ready with your bucket-list activities and then make room for them.

3. Reach Out to Other Travellers and Expats

Dubai is an activity-centric destination and many of them feel great with company. To have some like-minded people around you, reach out to other travellers and expats. Thanks to the large community of expats and a big chunk of foreign tourists in Dubai, it’s not difficult to find your gang!

4. Stick to Your Budget

As we have already said, managing your budget during a solo trip is very crucial. It can either make or break your whole experience. So, try to avoid luxury destinations, expensive hotels and fine dining while on a Dubai solo tour.

5. Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

Never ever travel to a foreign land without travel insurance. Travelling solo is not always about “rainbows, butterflies and unicorns”. Things can go down to south anytime. Be ready for that with a travel insurance. Of course, it will cost you extra but nothing is more valuable than your safety and peace of mind.

Dos and Don’ts for Solo Travellers in Dubai

Like every other destination, Dubai trip comes with its own set of dos and don’ts. Check out what to keep in mind when you are gearing up for a solo trip to Dubai.

1. Dubai is insanely hot, particularly for those who are from Europe and Northern part of the globe. So, keep yourself well hydrated by carrying water and energy drinks all the time.

2. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city but local culture doesn’t encourage too much of “openness” Dress modestly when you are in public glare. Cover your head and shoulder with scarf while visiting any religious place.

3. To keep your skin safe from harmful sunrays, pack sun protection lotions, shades and hat for the your Dubai solo trip. You can thank us later.

4. Wear comfortable, preferably cotton-made clothes. This will keep your cool and make you feel relaxed throughout the trip.

5. Refrain from showcasing Public Display of Affection (PDA). Emirati society doesn’t like that. You may be reported for obscenity in public. Holding hands or kissing on cheeks is fine.

6. Don’t consume alcohol or use foul language in public places. It’s a strict “NO” in Dubai. 7. Bring your medicines with you because they cost huge in Dubai. Always carry your medical recordsand travel insurance so that you can seek quick help in case of any medical emergency.

Additional Tips for Solo Female Travellers

Although Dubai is pretty safe for everyone, we would not recommend Dubai Deira to stay for solo female travellers. Deira locality is absolutely fine for daytime visits but some women travellers find it quite creepy at night. You can avoid this part of the city after sunset but make it a point to visit during broad daylight because it is the home to some of the nicest places in town.

How to Allocate a Budget for Dubai Solo Trip?

Dubai Solo Trip: Everything You Need To Know | How To Allocate Budget For Your Dubai Solo Trip | The Vacation Builder

The one and only way to allocate a budget for your Dubai solo trip is to do your part of research. The more time you spent on research, the more you can save on your travelling.

Make a list of things that you have to pay for. Search internet to check what they will cost you. Compare the prices and then decide which one to go for. This will give you fair idea of how much money do you need to enjoy a hassle-free solo trip in Dubai.

Unless you are determined to go for a luxury vacation, try to avoid 5-star hotels and fine dining restaurants. There is enough of amazing accommodations available at reasonable prices across Dubai. And you can always have delicious meals in most of the restaurants without spending too much like fine dining spots.

Book your flights and hotels well ahead of your travel date. It is wise to schedule your visit to Dubai during shoulder season rather than peak season. Peak season obviously comes with exorbitant price tags.


Your chance to explore Dubai by your own is literally endless. This city along with the emirate is a wonderful place to spend some alone time with yourself. Solo trip is certainly the most opportunity to do so. We hope this article will be your starting point to plan one.

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