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Dubai in October | Events | Weather & More

Here we are in month number 10 of our month by month guide to Dubai. October is very much the start of the ‘winter‘ peak season in Dubai and see’s tourist footfall start to increase. But what’s going on in Dubai in October? What’s the weather like in October? How much are hotels in Dubai during October? Here we answer all of your questions!

Reasons to Visit Dubai During October

October is the time of the year when you’ll find that tourism will start to increase in Dubai. The intense summer heat has finally started to die down and there are more events and attractions going on across the city.

October is a great time to visit if you are wanting to avoid the peak tourism time later in the winter months, but you don’t want to visit during the scorching summer. Hotel and travel prices will steadily start to increase from now on, so if you don’t mind spending a little extra than you would in previous months, October is an ideal visiting time.

If you are wanting to visit a lot of attractions and truly experience the Dubai lifestyle, especially if you are visiting for the first time, October is a pleasant time to visit.

5 Reasons to Visit Dubai in October

  • Perfect Weather Mix
  • A Good Mix Between in Season and Out Season Prices
  • Many Events Begin to Open Up
  • Dubai Expo 2021 Starts
  • Not Too Busy

Weather in Dubai During October

Weather in Dubai During October | The Vacation Builder

Temperatures will vary, but on average you can expect the beach-worthy day temperatures to be around 35°C. As for the nighttime, you can still expect warm temperatures of 23°C! If you’re hoping for a dip in the sea, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can expect toasty temperatures of 30°C. Obviously these temperatures are quite hot so remember to stay near water to cool off, keep hydrated, and pack plenty of SPF!

October Events in Dubai

Beautyworld Middle East

If you are interested in beauty, hair, and lifestyle, then you do not want to miss out on Beautyworld Middle East! The show highlights and explores growing trends in the beauty and wellness industry. It also features star appearances from professionals in the industries. Adding onto that, you can access on offer products and attend events at the exhibition!

And it is a huge event, the previous edition had over 1,800 exhibitors and over 44,000 visitors!

October Events - Beautyworld Middle East | The Vacation Builder

Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Rd

5th October – 7th October


Dubai Muscle Show

If fitness is more your thing, then you may love the Dubai Muscle Show. There are all sorts of fitness shows you can attend, including: bodybuilding, boxing, martial arts, and weightlifting. You can also find all things sports and health related.

Big must-see events include the intense Middle East’s Strongest Man and Woman competition, the Battle of the Bars, and the Emirates Weightlifting Championship!

Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Rd

28th October – 30th October 2021


Mai Dubai City Half Marathon

If you are wanting to get involved with the sporting action yourself, maybe you’ll enjoy the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon!

This is a really great and inclusive event as it is open to everyone aged 16 and over. It also features different length circuits rather than just the 21km half marathon, so if you would prefer to run the shorter 5km or 10km track, then there is that option too.

The actual route is rather picturesque as it takes you through Downtown Dubai so you can catch some great sights of landmarks including the renowned Burj Khalifa, the Museum of the Future, and the Emirates Towers.

October Events - Mai Dubai City Half Marathon | The Vacation Builder


  • 5km – 150 AED
  • 10km – 225 AED
  • 21km – 325 AED

DIFC Gate Village, 54 312 Rd, Dubai International Financial Centre

15th October 2021


GITEX Technology Week

Events in Dubai during October - GITEX Technology Week | The Vacation Builder

If technology takes your interest more, you can check out the GITEX Technology Week!

This event highlights technological breakthroughs from both established creators and fresh start ups alike. You can check out demonstrations of augmented reality, virtual reality, and even mixing realities! If you are from a business, this is also a great opportunity to network. The event tends to target key industries to develop technology including transport, tourism, and education.

The last exhibition saw more than 1,200 groups partake from over 60 countries. Examples of previous landmark creations being introduced include the world’s first firefighting drone and the first autonomous electric truck!

Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Zayed Rd

17th October – 21st October 2021


Dubai Expo 2021!

If you really want to quench your thirst for technology, then Expo Dubai will be right up your alley! The best part of this, is that the Expo lasts for 6 months, from the 1st October 2021 right until the end of March 2022.

The Expo highlights ground-breaking technological advances, creations, and immersive, interactive experiences. There are also live performances, cultural and cuisine showcases, so you can really find everything under one roof! Housed at the Pavilion, sporting its own share of breath-taking architecture, the Expo is sure to be a treat!

October Events - Expo Dubai Sustainability Pavilion | The Vacation Builder

Dubai Exhibition Centre

1st October 2021 – 31st March 2022


Desert Is A Forest Exhibition

Dubai in October | The Vacation Builder

Stepping away from tech, if art takes your fancy, you should check out the Desert Is A Forest Exhibition.

Fortunately, this exhibition will last throughout the majority of the winter if you don’t think you’ll make it in October. The art piece is by Sunoj D and Namrata Neog and focuses on the UAE’s biodiversity, strangely, particularly on humans and goats, if you’re looking for something slightly quirky. The meaning behind it is that plants are consumed by humans and goats which refers to living relationships, the politics surrounding food, and the domestication of livestock.

Desert Is A Forest is also the third commissioned piece for the Artist’s Garden which is a plot of land where artists can explore nature and art. Do note that you have to book a slot to visit the exhibition.

Jameel Arts Centre, Jaddaf Waterfront

17th October – 1st January 2022


How Much Does it Cost to Visit Dubai During October?

As we mentioned at the start, October is when hotel prices for Dubai tend to rise again as the city enters its peak tourism season. Typically, hotels will cost you approximately 869 AED / £182 / $237.

In terms of flights, you will be looking at spending around £300 for a direct flight from London, $695 from New York JFK and $1,100 from Sydney. Flights with one or more stops can typically be found up to 20% cheaper.


Thank you for reading our guide to Dubai in October. As the desert temperatures start to decline, the city is a lot more bearable to visitors, hence the increase in tourism! Attractions and events start to become more popular and busier, but October sports the advantage of not being in peak tourism time!

October is a good time to visit if you don’t mind sacrificing a bit more money to avoid the summer heat. You can also enjoy the city before it becomes too busy.

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