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Address Beach Resort or Caesars Palace – Which Hotel?

Address Beach Resort or Caesars Palace | The Vacation Builder

If it’s hotels in Dubai you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed whichever you choose. The general standard of stays here is unrivalled to anywhere else in the world; meaning your choice is not as critical as it may be elsewhere.

Today we take a deep dive into two new luxury resorts to find out which is the better hotel out of Address Beach Resort & Caesars Palace.

Below we compared the two for Location, Ratings, Facilities, Food & Drink and more! Overall we found Caesars Palace Resort to be the better of the two.

However, many of the aspects discussed may be more or less important to you, so it’s important to read the review and make your own decision too.

Brief Overview of Address Beach Resort

Address Beach Resort vs Caesars Palace | A Brief Overview of Address Beach Resort | The Vacation Builder
Address Beach Resort at JBR

Address Beach Resort keeps up with Dubai’s reputation of continually providing world firsts with the highest infinity pool in the world. Located in the far south corner of Jumeirah Beach Residence, the infinity pool here will give you unrivalled views of JBR, The Palm Jumeirah and Bluewaters Island.

The hotel was opened as recent as December 2020 and so visitors not only get a taste of a 5 star luxury hotel but also have the advantage of fresh décor and the most up the date technology.

Restaurants with a view, direct beach access, family and adults pools and lip-smacking Brazilian cuisine all add to the resort being one of the best in the area, but more on facilities later in this comparison.

For a full hotel tour you can check out this awesome 3D walkthrough.

Brief Overview of Caesars Palace

Address Beach Resort vs Caesars Palace - A Brief Overview of Caesars Palace | The Vacation Builder
Caesars Palace at Bluewaters Island

Caesars Palace is an iconic 5 star resort based on Bluewaters Island, just a stones throw away from JBR. If it’s a luxury stay which is slightly out of the way of the busy tourist area of JBR, yet close enough to dip your toe if you so wish, then Caesars Palace is positioned perfectly for you.

5 Restaurants, 5 Pools and private beach access make this place a top seller amongst those looking for luxury in Dubai.

Romanesque touches to the décor and a mix of family friendly rooms and activities, as well as being the perfect place for couples are reasons why this hotel is so popular among so many different types of travellers. Whether you choose to stay within the energetic heart of the Palace Tower or the family friendly Julius Tower, there is an area for everyone here within 1 resort.

Address Beach Resort vs Caesars Palace Ratings

The first and most obvious thing to do when comparing two hotels is to look at the ratings from a range of hoteliers and travel sites.

We have chosen our affiliate partners Hotels.com & Booking.com as well as the ever trusted TripAdvisor to compare both Address Beach Resort and Caesars Palace for ratings below.

HotelTripAdvisor RatingHotels.com RatingBooking.com Rating
Address Beach Resort4.5/59/108.7/10
Caesars Palace5/59.6/109.2/10
A Comparison of Ratings Between Address Beach Resort and Caesars Palace Dubai (2022)

Based on ratings alone, the clear winner is Caesars Palace. However, Address Beach Resort still has awesome ratings.

Verdict: Caesars Palace

Which Hotel is in the Best Location?

When choosing a hotel, one of the first things to consider is the location. This section will be important to the individual as some people prefer a quiet location and some people like to be in the hustle and bustle of a vibrant nightlife and day-time activities.

Address Beach Resort Location

Address Beach Resort is located on The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence. There’s a foot bridge close by which connects to Bluewaters Island too.

If it’s active beach vibes, a vibrant shopping and food scene and buzzing nightlife that you’re after, then The Walk at JBR is definitely the place for you!

Caesars Palace Location

Caesars Palace is located on the freshly constructed Bluewaters Island. This area benefits greatly from a reduced footfall of tourists in comparison to JBR. However, there’s still plenty going on here with Madame Tussauds, a Shopping Centre, Many Restaurants and Ain Dubai (The Worlds Largest Ferris Wheel).

Bluewaters Island as a location offers the perfect mix of a quieter area as well as not being too far to walk to JBR for all of the fun as and when you wish.

Our Verdict: Caesars Palace

Which Hotel Has Better Facilities?

The next thing you’re going to want to know about when choosing a hotel is its facilities.

Both of these hotels aren’t going to disappoint you on this. It’s just merely a case of where offers the best facilities.

Main Facilities at Address Beach Resort

  • World’s Highest Infinity Pool
  • Adults Pool
  • Family Pool
  • Private Beach Area
  • Kids Outdoor Play Equipment
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • 5 Restaurants
  • Pool Bars
  • Water Sports

Main Facilities at Caesars Palace

  • 3 Swimming Pools
  • Bar
  • 5 Restaurants
  • Private Beach Access
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Water Park
  • Kids Club
  • Nightclub
  • Children’s Playground
  • Water Sports
  • Live Music / Entertainment

Our Verdict: Caesars Palace

Which Hotel for Food & Drink?

Both hotels host 5 restaurants, but where would be better for food & drink?

Address Beach Resort Restaurants

Address Beach Resort vs Caesars Palace - Restaurants at Address Beach Resort | The Vacation Builder
Restaurants at Address Beach Resort

TripAdvisor Ratings

The Restaurant – 4.5
Li’ Brasil – 4.5
The Beach & Grill – 4.5
Lobby Lounge – 5
Zeta Seventy Seven – 4.5

Caesars Palace Restaurants

Address Beach Resort vs Caesars Palace - Restaurants at Caesars Palace | The Vacation Builder
Restaurants at Caesars Palace

TripAdvisor Ratings

Hell’s Kitchen – 4.5
Cleo’s Table – 5
Neptune – 5
Roman Lounge – 5
Demon Duck – N/A

Although both hotels offer restaurants with fantastic reviews, Caesars Palace takes the crown again!

Verdict: Caesars Palace

Which Hotel is Cheaper?

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a hotel is of course the price.

If you are struggling to decide between two hotels, then more often than not, the deciding factor will always be the cost.

We’ve taken an average price for a standard room by exploring both Hotels.com and Booking.com for the first Saturday of the month, for every month of the year. This has given us an average weekend rate. Then we’ve done the same for the first Monday of the month for every month of the year to give you an average weekly night rate.

HotelAverage Weekend RateAverage Weekly Rate
Address Beach Resort3,125AED2,834AED
Caesars Palace2,541AED2,200AED
Average Rates of Address Beach Resort vs Caesars Palace Dubai

Verdict: Caesars Palace

Where Has a Better Beach?

Address Beach Resort vs Caesars Palace - Where Has the Best Beach? The Vacation Builder
The Beach at JBR with Address Beach Resort in the Background

When it comes to beaches, Dubai is never going to disappoint you.

Address Beach Resort is situated on The Beach at JBR, whereas Caesars Palace has it’s own section of private beach on Bluewaters Island.

Address Beach Resort does have it’s own small section of private beach right out in front of the hotel, with sun beds and cabana’s available, but this section is relatively small, and you need to stretch out around 100m onto the JBR public beach to reach the water for a dip.

Caesars Palace private beach is footsteps from the ocean and stretches around 500m.

Both have their advantages. The Beach at JBR features motorised water sports at your fingertips, an inflatable obstacle course, beach play grounds and beach gyms. There’s also tens of restaurants that line the promenade too. The private beach at Bluewaters Island means that peace and quiet and keeping an eye on the kids is much easier. For those active ones, motorised water sports are also available here too!

We would prefer to be on the private beach at Caesars Palace, but choose what’s most important for you.

Our Verdict: Caesars Palace

Which Hotel is Better for Families?

Address Beach Resort vs Caesars Palace - Which is More Family Friendly? Caesars Palace Family Pool | The Vacation Builder
The Family Friendly and Shallow Pool at Caesars Palace

When it comes to family friendly hotels, both Address and Caesars Palace cater well. However, if we need to choose a winner, it has to be Caesars Palace again.

The hotel has been clever with splitting rooms based on family friendly and couple orientated. Fully furnished 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments at The Residences at Caesars Palace are what makes the hotel stand out. Equipped with kitchens and laundry rooms, The Residences offer families that home from home comfort.

On top of this Caesars Palace has ROAM (a high tech arcade and games room) and Empire Kids Club. The family pool is top notch and the stretch of private beach is also more family friendly than JBR.

Address Beach Resort also caters to families well. However, the family rooms don’t match up to what Caesars Palace offers and there is a charge to use the Children’s Splash Pad.

Verdict: Caesars Palace

Which Hotel is Better for Couples?

Infinity Pool at Address Beach Resort

When it comes to entertaining couples, again both resorts don’t disappoint. However, the infinity pool at Address Beach Resort and ZETA 77 (Asian Fusion Bar & Restaurant on Level 77) coupled with the location at the vibrant JBR make this resort a major pull for couples.

Verdict: Address Beach Resort


Caesars Palace steels the show on most factors when compared to Address Beach Resort.

This doesn’t mean that choosing Address Beach Resort is a bad choice. If staying in a vibrant area with possibly the best views of Dubai from the Guinness World Record infinity pool is a major pull, then choose Address. For those looking for value for money, a private beach and family friendly atmosphere, choose Caesars Palace.

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