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Dubai in November | A Great Time to Visit

Here we are in month 11 of our month by month guide to Dubai. Dubai in November offers cheap hotels, perfect weather and like most other months, plenty to do and see! November sees the beginning of the surge in winter tourism and you can rest easy that there are plenty of events going on to suit all tastes!

What is the Weather Like in Dubai in November?

Dubai Weather November | The Vacation Builder

Dubai’s temperatures have cooled down from the desert summer heat by November, but that doesn’t mean that the weather still isn’t great! The average day temperatures in November sit around 31°C which makes for pleasant and warm days to spend at the beach or visiting any of Dubai’s various attractions!

As for the average evening temperatures, you can expect a comfortable and mild 19°C which is perfect for an evening stroll and is a lot more comfortable to sleep. As for swimming in the sea, you can enjoy delightful warm temperatures averaging 27°C!

All round, November in Dubai offers the perfect amount of heat during the day and mild temperatures at night to have a very enjoyable holiday.

Things to do in Dubai in November


Events in Dubai in November - Diwali | The Vacation Builder

Diwali is the Indian Festival of Lights, where in Dubai you can enjoy all sorts of shopping deals in the malls across the city. Dubai also celebrates Diwali with quirky pop-up stalls which sell all sorts of traditional goods, decor, and clothing. You can also expect to see live performances across the city malls. As for the evening, you can gaze in awe at some of the world renowned fireworks displays across the city!

Diwali is a beautiful festival to be involved with whether that is by grabbing a bargain, exploring the culture, or unwinding under the stars and fireworks!


29th October – 13th November

Dubai Fitness Challenge

Events in Dubai in November - The Dubai Fitness Challenge | The Vacation Builder

Fitness events proved to be popular in Dubai in October, but November is not exempt! In fact as the winter months kick in, many people living in Dubai make the most of the Outdoor Gyms and workout spots.

The Dubai Fitness Challenge essentially encourages participants to pledge to workout for 30 minutes for 30 days, known as the 30×30 challenge! The month calendar features free classes, group fitness sessions, sporting events, and healthy eating goals. The Dubai Fitness Challenge also offers lots of guidance for various lifestyles, whether you’re working out at home, with your family, at a gym, or outside. Overall, they offer 200 virtual classes, 2,000 classes and sessions, and 150 locations to partake in the challenge!


29th October – 27th November


Downtown Design

Events in Dubai in November - Downtown Design | The Vacation Builder

Downtown Design is an interesting one as it is the Middle East’s leading design fair! If you are particularly interested in interior or architectural design, Downtown Design is a must-see.

How it works is that students, studios, firms, and other names arrange for limited edition creations to be made for the fair. Audiences from professional or enthusiast backgrounds from continents all over the world come together to celebrate the designs. The fair also sees the first releases of new products by well-known brands! As part of Downtown Dubai, you can see and take part in design events, competitions, exhibitions, talks, workshops, and even installations. You can find anything here from flooring to furniture to accessories to lighting!

Dubai Design District

8th November – 12th November


Dubai Design Week

Sticking with design, you can also enjoy the Dubai Design Week, which umbrellas the Downtown Design!

Here you can watch showcases on architecture, interior design, products, and of course, furniture. You can have the chance to see both local and national artists and talent, and also international artists and studios. Other key attractions to the festival include the Global Grad Show which is a programme for graduate students who are working on social impact modernisations, and Abwab which is an exhibit to showcase design talent from the Middle East, South Asia, and North Africa along with talks and workshops.

Dubai Design District

8th November – 13th November


Yogafest Dubai

Events in Dubai in November - Dubai Yogafest | The Vacation Builder

If you are looking to unwind a little bit, Yogafest Dubai may be a great event to attend. What’s more, it is open to everyone of all abilities and ages.

The goal of Yogafest Dubai is to connect groups in outdoor spaces and encourage sustainable living, as well as support children’s charities. It also supports those who are looking to go on a journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

The weekend features all sorts of classes and talks, as well as food tasting, and a place to meet new people. Ticket prices vary from 47.62 AED for 1 Class Package to 142.86 AED for the entire event. Children under the age of 12 can go free!

Dubai Internet City

11th November – 13th November


Dubai Airshow

Events in Dubai in November - The Dubai Airshow | The Vacation Builder

The Dubai Airshow is a diverse event for all those transport and technology lovers!

This year’s event is focussing on new and growing technology, startup businesses, sustainability, and future transport. The 2021 Dubai Airshow is going to display aerospace themes and is said to be a must-see event! There will be exhibitions, networking opportunities, and the chance to get up-close with AI.

The Dubai Airshow is a great event for lovers of aviation, technology, and where the industry is heading!

DWC, Airshow Site

14th November – 18th November


Oman National Day

Events in Dubai in November - Oman National Day | The Vacation Builder

Oman National Day celebrates Oman gaining independence from the Portuguese control in 1650. For those who are unaware, Oman borders the UAE.

During this celebration, there will be events taking place across Dubai including live performances and cultural displays. Celebrations in Dubai tend to consist of fabulous light displays across many of the city’s attractions including the Dubai Frame, the Burj Khalifa, and the Palm Fountain.

It’s a breathtaking and exciting celebration for residents and tourists alike!


18th November

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Dubai in November?

Now we’ve covered what’s going on in Dubai in November, let’s take a look at how much it will cost!

Whereas in October, the prices began to rise again, November actually sees a slight fall in accommodation costs, as mentioned at the start. On average, the price of an overnight stay in a standard double room in November is 600 AED / £126 / $163.

With regards to flights in November, you will be looking at spending on average £270 for a direct flight from London, $695 from New York JFK as a one stop flight, and around A$1166 for a direct flight from Sydney. Flights with one or more stops will generally work out cheaper.

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Thank you for reading our guide to Dubai in November. Hotels will generally be cheaper than they were the previous month and temperatures will begin to grow milder – but still very warm! You can expect to see a growing range in events and the amount of tourism within the city too.

November is a brilliant time to visit if you want to avoid the desert summer heat, plus you can also get a slightly cheaper holiday considering you are in the peak time for tourism.

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