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The 20 Best Travel Toys for Toddlers

Best Travel Toys for Toddlers | The Vacation Builder

When we travel to Dubai with our three toddlers I often think of the best ways to keep them entertained on a 7 hour flight. Truth is, travelling with toddlers can be difficult, especially when flying for medium to long haul, such as to Dubai. That’s why I have put together this post which explores the 20 best travel toys for toddlers.

These 20 items are sure to keep them entertained. In addition, all of my recommended toys will fit into hand luggage and are light on the pocket.

1. Lego DUPLO Town Plane

This one is bound to keep the kids engaged and excited about flying. Let them build and play with their own aeroplane whilst on-board. The toy is an easy build and comes with a pilot figure, workshop table and chair, oilcan, wrench, mug and a brick decorated as a radio. Above all this set is around 5 inches in size (perfect to fit in hand luggage or mums handbag), and is suitable for children aged 2 and above.

The toy can be picked up for around £9 with free delivery here. In addition, 84% Percent of buyers rated this children’s travel toy 5 stars.

2. Munchkin Float and Play Bath Toy

Munchkin Float and Play Bath Toy | Best toys for travelling with toddlers

The Munchkin Float and Play Bath Toys are great for young travelling toddlers. Each pack includes two characters and two whirly toys that spin and rattle. Each bubble helps stimulate the babies sense of sight, hearing and touch. This toy is a great way to keep babies and toddlers entertained on a flight and also entice them into getting in the bath when back at the hotel.

Furthermore, the toys are suitable for babies and toddlers from 4 months old. What’s more, this toy is light on the pocket too at around £13 delivered. 86% of customers gave this travel toy 5 stars.

Tip: Wrap up each bubble toy individually to give your little one something to open and get excited by when on-board.

3. Water Magic Cards

Water Magic Cards for Travelling with Toddlers

These non-toxic water colouring doodle boards are great for toddlers on flights. No ink, no mess and no risk to mum and dad with this one. What’s more you only need water to activate the pens. Once the water dries on the magic cards the pictures fade away so they can be used again and again.

In addition to this, the amount of space taken up in hand luggage is minimal and the toy can be picked up for only £10. 90% of Purchasers gave this travel toy 4 or 5 stars respectively.

4. Richgv Colourful LCD Writing Tablet

Best Travel Toys for Toddlers

Suitable for all ages, even mum and dad, this LCD writing screen is safe and easy to use, compact and has an LCD screen without radiation or glare to protect your toddlers eyes. You can make this toy as fun or as educational as you wish. Have them practicing numbers in the car on the way to the airport or drawing pictures of their holiday whilst on the plane.

The tablet is available for just £16 which is a steal in my opinion and is sure to occupy the kids for more than enough time. In addition, 74% of buyers recommend this travel toy.

5. Mini Construction Vehicles

Mini Construction Vehicles for travel with toddlers

These mini construction vehicles are another sure way to keep the kids entertained on the flight for a few hours. This pack of nine can be wrapped up individually and given to your little one every hour or so to keep them excited and interested.

Amazon have recently slashed the price of these toys from £21 to just £8.59 so grab them whilst you can. That works out at less than £1 per vehicle. 85% of travellers recommended this toy with 4 and 5 star ratings.

6. Mini Transformers

Transformers Rescue Bots Keep Toddlers Entertained on Flights

My personal favourite travel toys for toddlers and a toy which keeps my two young boys entertained for hours. These transformer rescue bots are small enough for hand luggage but sturdy enough for hours of transforming fun and play.

88% of buyers recommend this product with 4 and 5 star reviews. Like more toys, always make sure to seperate them and wrap them for the flight. This gives makes sure your toddlers aren’t losing interest and you can use the small presents as bribes for good behaviour, you can thank me later.

7. Ambulance Rescue and Doctors Set

Best Travel Toys for Toddlers

A toy for young budding doctors and nurses. This compact ambulance vehicle set teaches toddlers creative play with the sound effects of a real ambulance and medical accessories. What’s more, your toddler will have hours of role playing fun as the ambulance opens up with some perfectly sized medical tools to play with for your little ones hands.

If there’s enough room on the plane the ambulance is battery operated and will drive until it bumps into something before automatically turning around.

8. Gear Interlocking Building Set

Interlocking building set for travelling with toddlers

This SHAWE Kids interlocking building set is a great idea to keep kids entertained on a flight or even round the pool. Light-weight and easy on the pocket this set of 80 pieces can be picked up for around £10. 78% of buyers gave this product 5 stars and it’s no wonder why.

Bring out your toddlers creative side and help them build an aeroplane or a dinosaur with this easy to use set which is suitable for toddlers of all ages. This toy will help develop hand-eye coordination, master fine motor skills, improve logical thinking, & boost vital problem solving skills. 

9. My First Puzzle

Travel Sized Puzzle Set for Toddlers

This pocket sized puzzle set is a great idea to keep toddlers quiet on your flight for a short time. The puzzle box has 6 different animal themed puzzles to solve and is suitable for children of 2 and above.

Each puzzle has a different colour on the back to help you little one distinguish between the pieces. Hopefully something like this will give mum and dad the quiet time they need. The set has been rated 5 star by 79% of customers so far and is available for around £10.

10. Magnetic Sticks

So there’s plenty of toys on the market for toddlers but what about kids of age 6? Sometimes children of this age are the hardest to entertain but this Syolee toy is sure to keep your 6 year old entertained for some time. Furthermore, this toy is available from around £21.

This magnetic block set can help encourage creativity and imagination, promote brain development and problem-solving skills. In addition, a whopping 77% of customers recommended this product with 5 stars, so it’s well worth giving a try.

11. Magnetic Drawing Board

Magnetic Drawing Board for Travelling with Toddlers

This absolute classic has probably been experience by all of us at some stage of our life and shouldn’t be underestimated. For around £17 this toy is going to educate and keep your toddler entertained whilst travelling. Small enough to fit in hand luggage or a hand bag and mess free too.

89% of purchasers gave this travel toy 4 stars and above and it’s no wonder why. A cheap, simple and practical solution to entertaining young ones on a flight and a toy that will last a lifetime. You can purchase this magnetic board here.

12. Countries of the World Quiz Game

Travel toys for toddlers
Countries of the world card game for toddlers

Another one of my personal favourites. What better way to entertain and educate your toddler than with learning the countries of the world whilst on holiday. Targeted more towards early schoolers of ages around 4 -6, this hand sized quiz game will keep little one’s quiet whilst also giving them an insight to Geography.

This set is available for just £7 and has been rated 5 star by a massive 81% of buyers. You can make a purchase here.

13. Zoo in a Tin

Zoo in a Tin for keeping toddlers entertained on flights

Travel toys for toddlers don’t always have to be big and expensive. This Zoo in a Tin is a great little time-passer for toddlers. The Zoo in a Tin has everything your little one needs to make their own mini zoo. The kit contains assorted wooden animals, a zoo keeper, sign, tree, fencing and play mat.

Suitable for children of ages 4 and up and available for just £12, this miniature zoo kit has been rated 5 star by 85% of buyers.

14. Travel Flip Memory Game

Travel Memory Game

Memory games are great for kids, especially when there is more than one involved and they have some competition. This travel flip memory game is just £10, small and light-weight and sure to keep the toddlers entertained for a short while.

92% of buyers recommended this product with 4 or 5 stars and at that price it’s another cheap and simple toy to carry in hand luggage.

15. Hey Duggee Travel Figurines

Hey Duggee Travel Set | Best Travel Toys for Toddlers

Now who doesn’t like Hey Duggee?! This miniature figurine set is a great way to keep toddlers entertained when travelling. Rated with 5 stars by 82% of buyers this presents another great and cheap option for parents travelling with toddlers.

Perfectly sized for little hands to hold children will have hours of fun recreating their favourite stories from the delightful Hey Duggee show.

16. Magneti Book

Magneti Travel Book for Travelling with Toddlers

This educational magnetic game has 50 magnetic puzzle pieces and 18 cards. Once the book is open, the aim of the game is to make on the stage, the same vehicle as indicated on the card with the magnets.

Suitable for children 36 months and up and with a purchased rating of 73%, this is another great toy for travelling with toddlers.

17. Sticker Books

Sticker Books for Travelling with Toddlers

Sticker books are a sure fire way to keep kids entertained on flights. They’re incredible cheap and take up next to no space in hand luggage. In addition to this the value that a sticker book brings to keeping your toddler entertained compared against the cost is incredible.

This Barbie Make-a-Scene sticker book is only one example. Got boys, then go for Paw Patrol instead! Every family should pack sticker albums when planning their travel toys for toddlers.

18. Stackable Pegs and Peg Board

Stackable Pegs for Traveling with Toddlers

Flip down the table tray whilst on the plane and have some stacking fun. Whilst this toy can become a real pain in the back should you drop it, it still offers great value to a long haul flight. The set comes with 30 plastic pegs of vibrant colors easy to grasp and handle and a green foam baseboard with no sharp edges.

The stackable pegs and peg board is suitable for children aged 3 and above and is good value at around £20. 71% of travellers gave this toy a 5 star rating too.

19. Toddlers Travel Tray

Best Toys for Travelling with Toddlers

A must bring accessory to for most families travelling with toddlers, this fold away travel tray can sit on your toddlers lap or strap to a table or seat. The side walls help toys not slide off and gives your little one a platform to play. The tray has stretchable mesh pockets which are great for toddlers storing their toys (or sweets they’re hiding).

Suitable for children of all ages and priced reasonably at around £20 this is probably one of the must haves on the list so far. The picture above shows a girls tray but boys ones are also available too in many different designs. 86% of customers rated this product 4 stars and above.

20. The Obvious One We’ve All Avoided

Toddlers Ipad Case

Ok, so the one we’ve been avoiding for the previous 19 best travel toys for toddlers.. the Ipad. When you’ve just about exhausted the list above, and your pocket, and they’re still not settling; throw them the ipad. It’s guaranteed to shut them up for some time. Just make sure you have all of their favourite shows pre uploaded onto it and double ensure to buy a case just like above!

Thank you for taking time to read my post on The Best Travel Toys for Toddlers. I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration. There’s no need to be worried about flying with toddlers, just make sure you are prepared.

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