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Laguna Waterpark vs Wild Wadi | Which is Better?

Laguna Water Park vs Wild Wadi

As we continue our research to find out which is the best water park in the UAE we look at Laguna Waterpark and Wild Wadi. Below we look at ticket prices, accessibility and location, slides, rides, food and more to find out which is better, Laguna Waterpark or Wild Wadi?

Overall we found the Laguna Waterpark to be a better waterpark than Wild Wadi based on ticket prices, rides, slides and food. This may come surprising to some, given Wild Wadi’s popularity, so read on to find out why!

Which is in the Best Location?

Let’s start by looking at which is in the better location for accessibility and scenery.

Wild Wadi Waterpark‘s location is quite central with plenty of facilities nearby. It is located opposite the renowned Burj Al Arab hotel, so if you are staying there, it’s a no brainer! The waterpark is in a convenient location if you’re also planning to visit the beach as it is only a short drive away. Likewise, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes within walking distance including the Kaftan Turkish Cuisine & Fine Art, the Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe, or for a sweet tooth there’s Creations Cakery! In terms of big sights, the Wild Wadi Waterpark is located approximately a 15 minute drive from Dubai Marina, a 20 minute drive from the Dubai Frame, and a 20 minute drive from the Burj Khalifa.

In terms of scenery, the waterpark’s grounds have plenty of green trees and you can gaze upon the grandeur of the Burj Al Arab and the sea beside it, but there aren’t any particularly natural scenic views you can look upon aside from this.

As for the Laguna Waterpark, you will find that it has an ideal off-centre location but is still right beside the city. It is located right by the sea with La Mer beach being only a 5 minute walk away. There are also a number of restaurants and eateries right on the Laguna Waterpark’s doorstep including The Bungalow, AcaiXpress Cafe, and El Greco. In terms of accessibility from other attractions, Laguna Waterpark is approximately a 20 minute drive from the Burj Khalifa, around a 35 minute drive from Dubai Marina, and a 15 minute drive from the Dubai Frame.

As for scenery, Laguna Waterpark has stunning oceanic and beach views that are not obstructed. As well as this, in the evening time the area is beautifully lit up to create a tropical atmosphere.

This was a hard round to judge as although the Wild Wadi Waterpark has a good location in terms of travel times and convenience for the Burj Al Arab, Laguna Waterpark has the better views and overall convenience for places to eat. Therefore, the Laguna Waterpark wins this round.

Laguna Waterpark vs Wild Wadi Ticket Prices

Next we will take a look at the ticket prices. An immediate look over both websites will show you that the Laguna Waterpark offers a lot of different packages and offers depending on the day, how many people are going, or if you want an annual pass. The Wild Wadi Waterpark is a lot more streamlined and to the point, so we will be looking solely at general admission and cabana prices to keep it balanced.

Admission (Adult)Cabana
Wild Wadi Waterpark229 AED2,100 AED +
Laguna Waterpark145 AED1,000 AED +

As you’d expect, there are different things included with each admission package, so we are going to break down what each includes and what variations there are before making a decision!

The Wild Wadi Waterpark‘s main gate admission is 229 AED per person for 1.1 metres or over and 159 AED for those under 1.1 metres. Online tickets are 199 AED per person for 1.1 metres or over and 149 AED for less than 1.1 metres. Children under the age of 2 are allowed in for free.

The Laguna Waterpark‘s tickets are 145 AED for ages 12 and above, 99 AED for ages 2-12, and free for under 2 years of age.

Which Has Cheaper Tickets? - Wild Wadi | The Vacation Builder

As for the Cabanas, the Wild Wadi Waterpark offers 50% off of admission prices when hiring a cabana for 2,100 AED or more. The cabanas come with a private setting, luxury sun loungers, complimentary towels, a VIP fast pass, and a bottle of water per person with soft drinks and fruits in the private refrigerator.

The Laguna Waterpark cabanas include a safe, premium sun loungers, included park entry for up to 4 guests per cabana, a signature fruit platter, and a free photo.

In terms of ticket price, there is no debate that the winner is the Laguna Waterpark in terms of costs for the general and cabana admissions, and across all ages.

Which Has Cheaper Tickets? - Laguna Waterpark | The Vacation Builder

Laguna Waterpark vs Wild Wadi for Slides and Rides

The main drawing point for any waterpark is the rides and slides they have on offer! We will now be taking a look at the rides and slides Laguna and Wild Wadi offer, as well as what type they are.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Ride NameThrill RatingRide TypeMinimum Height (Metres)
Tantrum Alley4*High speed, 4 person tornadoes1.1
Jumeirah Sceirah5*High speed, adrenaline, 1 person slide1.1
Burj Surj4*High speed, ‘bowl’ style ride up to 5 people1.1
Master Blasters4*High speed, rubber rings1.1
Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon1*Family interactive play structureN/A
Juha’s Journey1*Lazy riverN/A
Action River2*Moderate speed, river rapidsN/A
Wipeout and Riptide4*High speed, surfing simulator1.1
Breaker’s Bay3*Wave poolN/A

Laguna Waterpark

Ride NameThrill TypeRide TypeMinimum Height (Metres)
ConstrictorHighWater slide, dark tunnels and illusions1.2
Free FallHighWater slide, floor falls from under you1.2
Mad RacerHighDual lane slide race1.1
The LoopMediumTranslucent water slide1.2
MantaHighThrill slide for groups1.1
Infinity PoolMediumRelaxing poolN/A
Lazy RiverMediumLazy River (with surprises!)N/A
Splash PadMediumInteractive water playgroundN/A
Aqua PlayRelaxInteractive children’s water play areaN/A
WaveOz 180 FlowRiderHighIntense surf experience 1.2

Both waterparks offer a variety of rides, activities, and slides for thrill seekers. However, Laguna Waterpark just about takes the cake for having more.

Laguna Waterpark vs Wild Wadi – Value for Money

It is hard to determine which waterpark is a better value for money as it simply depends on your personal preference. Wild Wadi Waterpark is more expensive and has slightly less rides, but a lot of them are creative and larger than life. Laguna Waterpark is cheaper and has more rides, but a lot of them are nothing you haven’t seen before.

To judge which is better, we will look at the general adult admission of online tickets divided by the number of attractions to see which is less.

The Wild Wadi Waterpark comes out at 22.1 and the Laguna Waterpark comes out at 14.5. So, therefore the Laguna Waterpark is better value for money. Your getting more bang for your buck, but not necessarily more enjoyment.

Which Has Better & More Food Options?

To judge which waterpark has the better food options, we will look at how many eateries there are and what sort of food they serve.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

RestaurantFood Type
Julshan’s Burgers and DogsBurgers, chicken, hot dogs, salads
Riptide PizzaPizza

Laguna Waterpark

RestaurantFood Type
Pool CaféSnacks
TakeoutFast Food
Surf ShackSnacks and Dessert

When looking at the eateries side by side, there isn’t a huge variety in the offerings from the places to eat. We’d recommend grabbing a light bite in the parks and visiting a restaurant later on to refuel if you are wanting to try different cuisines.

However, purely because there are more places to eat, Laguna Waterpark wins this round.

Which Is Better Suited for Small Children?

Looking over the types of rides and offerings for smaller children, we’d say that Wild Wadi Waterpark is perhaps best suited for smaller children compared to the Laguna Waterpark. Although the Laguna Waterpark is better tailored to smaller children from the overall atmosphere, we’d say that Wild Wadi has more variety. Laguna Waterpark offers similar children’s play areas, a pool, and a lazy river for smaller children which is fine, but Wild Wadi has more variety.

Smaller children might feel left out from some of the bigger rides, especially if they have older brothers or sisters. Wild Wadi generally has more group rides which smaller children will be able to go on with their families such as the lazy river, the rapids, and the wave pool. There is the children’s interactive play area at Wild Wadi, which is perfect to keep them entertained too.

Laguna Water Park vs Wild Wadi - Which Is Better Suited for Small Children? - Laguna Waterpark | The Vacation Builder

Which is Better Suited for Teenagers?

When you look over the list of rides that are more thrilling and suited for adults and teenagers, we’d say that Wild Wadi Waterpark wins again. There are more group rides at Wild Wadi compared to Laguna Waterpark which is perfect for groups of friends on a day out. There are also generally more intense thrill rides at Wild Wadi so it’s good to see a range of exciting and innovative rides that will be exciting for teenagers and adults on a day out.

Although Laguna Waterpark and Wild Wadi Waterpark have the same number of high thrill rides, we’d say in terms of variety and quality, that Wild Wadi is best suited for teenagers and adults.


Both the Laguna Waterpark and the Wild Wadi Waterpark are sure to offer a great and memorable day out for you and your family or your friends! But overall, the Laguna Waterpark wins by 5 points to 2.

The Laguna Waterpark wins for the location, prices, food range, and ride quantity. But, we’d say that the Wild Wadi Waterpark has better rides overall even if the park is more expensive and there are less rides.

Don’t just take our word for it, both are great family days out so try them both!

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