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Atlantis The Palm vs Atlantis Bahamas

Atlantis The Palm Dubai vs Atlantis Bahamas

Two of the best hotels, arguably on the planet, but which is the best? Atlantis The Palm or Atlantis Bahamas?

Today we dive deep into these two incredible hotels in two of the best holiday vacations in the world. Below we compare them both on Location, Ratings, Things to Do, Which is best for families, Which is best for couples and Value for Money, before eventually deciding on the winner of Atlantis The Palm vs Atlantis Bahamas!

After a full review of all the major factors, we found that Atlantis The Palm was better than Atlantis Bahamas.

To find out which hotel faired the best on each aspect, check out the full report below.

Brief Overview of Locations & Climate

Let us start by taking a look at the locations and climates of the two hotels.

Atlantis The Palm is situated on the man made Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai, which belongs to the United Arab Emirates. The Palm Island is filled with a mixture of luxury hotels, residences, shopping outlets and restaurants. Dubai experiences extremely hot summers between the months of May and September and warm winters too. Over in the UAE there is very little rainfall, which is great to guarantee you a holiday which won’t disappoint on weather!

The negative side to Dubai is that, unless you are used to extreme heat, the months of May to September are usually off limits as daily highs reach over 40°C!

Atlantis The Palm vs Atlantis Bahamas - Where Are They Located? | The Vacation Builder

Atlantis Paradise Island is located off the south east coast of the USA and belongs to The Bahamas. The Bahamas became an independent country during the commonwealth in 1973.

The Bahamas is considered by many as one of the best islands in the West Indies to take a vacation. The sub tropical climate, white sand beaches and high standard of hotels all contribute to this island being one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world.

Aside from the positive side of a sub-tropical climate comes the down side, the hurricane season, which runs between June 1st and November 30th.

Verdict: Tie. Both locations offer a luxury vacation with great weather but on the other hand, both have seasons to avoid.

Which Has The Better Ratings on Trip Advisor?

One of the first things many look for when comparing hotels; the ratings. Trip Advisor has over 350 million page views a month and is one of the most trusted sites out there for hotel reviews.

If you aren’t familiar with Atlantis Bahamas you will need to know that the hotel is in fact split into 6 sub-hotels:

For this, we’ve taken a look at the 5 hotel properties and not the timeshare properties.

HotelTrip Advisor Rating
The Cove @ Atlantis Bahamas4/5
The Reef @ Atlantis Bahamas4/5
The Royal @ Atlantis Bahamas3.5/5
The Coral @ Atlantis Bahamas3.5/5
The Beach @ Atlantis Bahamas3.5/5
Atlantis The Palm Dubai 4.5/5

Quite incredibly, considering the class and standard of the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas, the ratings are no where near that of Atlantis The Palm, Dubai.

Verdict: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Things to do at Atlantis The Palm vs Atlantis Paradise Island

Atlantis The Palm vs Atlantis Bahamas | Which Has More Things to Do? | The Vacation Builder
Water Slide at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

First of all, there is no way you can be bored at any of these hotels! Aside from the world class cuisine, pristine beaches and large amount of swimming pools there is just so much to do! But which hotel has more and better things to do?

Below are a list of the main activities and experiences at both Atlantis The Palm and Atlantis Paradise Island:

Atlantis The Palm Activities:

  • Aquaventure (World’s Largest Waterpark)
  • Dolphin Bay
  • Sea Lion Point
  • Lost Chambers Aquarium
  • Diving in Lost Chambers Aquarium
  • Atlantis Kids Club
  • Zone for Teens
  • Shuiqi Spa
  • Educational Programme for Kids in Marine Life, Animal Welfare and Ocean Conservation

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas Activites:

  • Aquaventure Waterpark
  • Dolphin Cay
  • Marine Adventures
  • Marine Habitat
  • Golf
  • Atlantis Marina (Hire Yachts and Power Boats)
  • Spa
  • Casino
  • Private Fishing Charters

The lists we have put together are of the main activities each hotel offers and are not an extensive list. There are many other great things to do at both hotels to keep adults and children entertained.

Overall, it’s close again but due to the Golf Course, Casino and Marina, we’d say the Bahamas just about edges it.

Verdict: Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

For more information on everything to do at both hotels check out their websites –
Atlantis The Palm
Atlantis Paradise Island

Which is in the Best Location?

Atlantis The Palm vs Atlantis Bahamas - Which is in the Best Location | The Vacation Builder
Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

When comparing which hotel is in the best location there are three aspects to consider. These are Accessibility, Scenerycenary and Proximity to Local Attractions.

Atlantis The Palm vs Atlantis Paradise Island – Accessibility

HotelTo AirportTransport LinksTo City Centre
Atlantis The Palm36kmBus, Taxi, Monorail27km
Atlantis Bahamas19kmTaxi7km

Both hotels are easy to reach from the main airports of Bahamas and Dubai. Atlantis The Palm is easier to reach but takes longer, whereas Atlantis Paradise Island can only be reached by car, but is quicker and closer. The distance from Atlantis The Palm to Downtown Dubai is almost four times as far as Atlantis Paradise Island to the centre of Nassau.

Atlantis The Palm vs Atlantis Paradise Island – Scenery

Atlantis The Palm vs Atlantis Bahamas - Which is in the Best Location | The Vacation Builder

When it comes to scenery, there aren’t may hotels in the world which offer the views of these two. However, we need to split them apart on which offers the best location.

Even though Atlantis Dubai offers unparalleled views of Downtown Dubai and the Arabian Gulf, there just cannot be any comparison to swinging palm tree’s on white pristine sand beaches of a Caribbean island.

Atlantis The Palm vs Atlantis Paradise Island – Local Attractions

Even though there is little chance of becoming bored at any of these two hotels, you are probably going to want to venture out to see the rest of Dubai or The Bahamas.

Nassau is a relatively small island and so reaching different area’s to experience some of the many things to do is quick and easy. Dubai on the other hand is over 20 times the size of Nassau, however, transport links are plentiful, quick and cheap!

Some of the best things to do in Nassau include:

  • Visiting the Blue Lagoon Island
  • The Queen’s Staircase
  • Clifton Heritage National Park
  • John Watlings Distillery
  • Ardastra Gardens and Wildlife Conservation Area
  • Baha Mar Casino
  • Junaknoo Beach
  • Straw Market
  • Bay Street Shopping
  • Fort Fincastle
  • Swimming with Pigs
  • Quad Bike Tours of the Island

Some of the best things to do Near Atlantis The Palm Include:

There sure is no shortage of things to do around both hotels, however the transport links from Atlantis The Palm into the main city of Dubai make this a better proposition for those wanting to venture out and experience more. The Bahamas takes the scenery point but Palm Jumeirah offers more in the ways of accessibility and things to do close by.

Verdict: Atlantis The Palm

Which is Better for Families?

Family Vacations - Atlantis The Palm or Atlantis Paradise Island | The Vacation Builder

Both resorts offer plenty with regards to catering for families. Each hotel has the world famous Aquaventure Waterpark on top of kids and teens clubs, educational activities and child friendly cuisine. They’re both situated on calm and safe private sections of beach too; meaning you can relax as the kids play in the distance with peace of mind.

The down side to both of these hotels when it comes to families is that they don’t offer all inclusive. We hope that changes sometime soon and whichever hotel does it first will surely set it apart from the other.

Verdict: Tie

Which is Better for Couples?

Atlantis The Palm or Atlantis Paradise Island - Which is Better for Couples | The Vacation Builder
White Beach at Atlantis The Palm

Both Atlantis Hotels are great for couples as well as families. However, White Beach Club at Atlantis The Palm has a shine of exclusivity and glamour (as most places in Dubai do). Add to this the local hotels within walking distance which offer bubble infused brunches and the metro which takes you into the heart of Downtown Dubai; then we do have one hotel which draws away from the other.

The city of Dubai offers the perfect blend of city vibes with exclusive shopping malls and rooftop terrace bars (with out of this world views), as well as beach vibes hosting some of the best beach clubs in the Middle East. Step out of Atlantis The Palm to find many bars and restaurants at the trunk of the island or step outside of Dubai to find desert tours and hot air balloon rides!

Verdict: Both hotels offer the perfect holiday for both families and couples but Atlantis The Palm is targeted slightly more towards couples. Add to this the things Dubai has to offer for couples and we have a clear winner.

Which Hotel Offers The Best Value for Money?

It’s too easy to research which hotel is the cheapest. Cheap doesn’t always win your heart on a holiday. So the best way to find out which hotel offers the best value for money would be to compare the Trip Advisor Ratings with the average cost of a stay per night.

HotelRating$Per Night$Per Star
The Cove @ Atlantis Bahamas4/5$326$81.50
The Reef @ Atlantis Bahamas4/5$367$91.75
The Royal @ Atlantis Bahamas3.5/5$312$89.35
The Coral @ Atlantis Bahamas3.5/5$257$73.47
The Beach @ Atlantis Bahamas3.5/5$258$73.86
Atlantis The Palm Dubai 4.5/5$246$54.67

Verdict: The winner by a country mile is Atlantis The Palm for Value for Money.

All prices were taken from Kayak.com of the cheapest nightly rate in 2021.

Atlantis Dubai or Atlantis Bahamas – The Winner

Even though both hotels are up there with some of the best in the world, Atlantis The Palm comes out on top with a huge 4 points to 1. This goes to show just how good the hotels in Dubai really are!

Thanks for reading! We hope this article has helped inspire you on which hotel is the best for you. Even better, experience them both if you can! Make sure to come back for more on Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Also, follow us on Pinterest and Subscribe to our Youtube channel too.

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