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Al Safa 1 | Comprehensive Area Guide

Al Safa 1 Area Guide

Al Safa, a prominent and thriving residential complex in Dubai, is one of the most preferred residential areas around. Guarded with bustling communities of Umm Sequim and Jumeirah, Al Safa guarantees a peaceful yet eventful lifestyle in Dubai.

Al Safa is divided into two sub-communities – Al Safa 1 and Al Safa 2. Today, we are going to throw light on the Al Safa 1. This residential community is best known for its wide range of villas & townhouses where tenants and investors can meet their financial expectations too.

Where is Al Safa 1 in Dubai?

Al Safa 1 is a sub-community within the territory of the greater Al Safa district. The community of Al Safa 1 is surrounded by the celebrated tourist spot, Safa Park on the North and by Al Safa 2 on the South. The western border of Al Safa 1 rubs its shoulder with Jumeirah 3 while Al Quoz 1 lies on the Eastern side. The locality of Al Safa 1 is quite close to the happening districts of Jumeirah and Business Bay.

Who Prefers to Live in Al Safa 1?

Life in Al Safa 1 is peaceful, suburban and very quiet. Featuring plenty of residential villas and apartments, this place is perfect for big families who prefer to live in a peaceful environment yet not too far from the heart of the city. It’s the perfect mix.

The community of Al Safa 1 is home to the massive and spectacular Safa Park, kids’ play areas and pools. Such things are so perfect for living with kids and pets. However, the high-cost living at Al Safa 1 is not at all suitable for middle-class income groups and single residents.

Local Amenities to Al Safa 1

The lavish sub-community of Al Safa 1 is a perfect gateway to a luxurious lifestyle. In order to achieve that goal, the whole community has been crafted with utmost care and attention. Let’s explore this wonderful locality to understand what you can expect here.


There are quite a few good options for parents who are looking for nursery schools for their toddlers. Nursery learning programs are offered by the following schools:

  • Curious Minds Nursery
  • Adventure Kids Nursery
  • Mini Miracle Nursery

If you don’t mind to send your little munchkins to the nursery schools from neighbouring communities, then you have many reputed nursery schools including:

  • Little Woods Nursery
  • Le Petit Poucet Nursery
  • Milestones Nursery
  • Kangaroo Kids Nursery
  • Raindrops Nursery
  • Inspire Children’s Nursery
  • Kids Cottage Nursery School
  • Blossom Village Nursery Dubai
  • The Palm Nursery
  • The Cardinal Valley Nursery
  • Montessori Dubai Nursey & Kindergarten

For school goers, the Al Safa 1 community hosts many world-class schools around the locality. These are:

  • Emirates English Speaking School: Established in 1979, this is a private K-12 school in Al Safa. It is presently offering world-class education to more than 1700 students with a dedicated team of 100 teachers. Over half of the teachers hold relevant teaching qualifications as per the KHDA (Dubai’s education regulatory authority).
  • Jumeirah College: Located within Al Safa 1, this is one of the best educational institutes in the area. Here international-mindedness and global perspective are integral parts of the learning procedure. This college has been rated “Outstanding” by KHDA for 9 consecutive years.
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School: This is a top British international school in Al Safa 1 for the age group of 3 to 19 years. The original campus is located on Sheikh Zayed Road while the second campus is located at Arabian Ranches. The school takes special attention to extra-curricular activities along with classroom teaching.

There are many other good options for school-going children near Al Safa 1. The following schools can be reached within 5 – 10 minutes by road.

  • Al Sufouh Girls High School
  • Manor Primary School
  • Jumeirah Model School
  • Lycee Francais Jean Mermoz

Read our full review on the Best Schools in Dubai with Outstanding KHDA Rating.

Clinics and Hospitals

Al Safa 1 sub-community aims to offer its residents a wholesome suburban living standard and a proper medical facility is a crucial part of it. To treat your ailment, you can take the help of the following clinics and hospitals in the area:

  • Medcare Hospital: This is the most reputed multi-specialty hospital in Al Safa 1 and can be reached within 2 minutes.
  • Medcare Eye Clinic
  • Emirates Clinic
  • Medcare Paediatric Speciality Centre
  • Emirates Hospital
  • Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery Dubai
  • Dubai London Clinic & Speciality Hospital
  • Al Badaa Health Centre
  • Zabeel Health Centre

All these clinics and hospitals in and around Al Safa 1 maintain a large number of experienced doctors and trained nurses so that patients can enjoy a smooth recovery as quickly as possible.

Mosques in Al Safa 1

Al Safa 1 - Mosques - Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab | The Vacation Builder
Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque

Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab is one of the largest mosques in the UAE and has the capacity to accommodate approximately 2,000 devotees at a time. Even non-Muslims are allowed to enter.

There are no other mosques in Al Safa 1’s sub-community but you can access any from the neighbouring community. Residents of Al Safa 1 can easily access Khalifa al-Fahd Mosque within a 5-minute drive from their home.

Other prominent mosques sitting near Al Safa 1 are:

  • Masjid Aisha Umm Al-Mu’mineen (a 5-minute drive from Al Safa 1)
  • Aesha Mosque (a 5-minute drive from Al Safa 1)
  • Almuhtadi Mosque (can be reached withing 6 minutes from Al Safa 1)
  • Masjid Majid Bin Sayed Mosque (located at an 8-minute drive away from Al Safa 1)
  • Jumeirah 3 Park 1 Mosque (an 8-minute drive from Al Safa 1)

Other Places of Worship in Al Safa 1

The sub-community of Al Safa 1 is inhabited by people of different cast, culture and religious belief. Apart from mosques, different other places of worship can be found in and around the locality to cater everyone’s religious needs. Some of them are:

  • Dubai Korean Disciples Church (a 7-minute drive away from Al Safa 1)
  • David’s Place (an 8-minute drive away)
  • Josefina Y Marcelo (a 7-minute drive away)
  • The Gatekeepers Weekday Warehouse Church (a 16-minute drive away)
  • Emirates Baptist Church
  • United Christian Church of Dubai

Hindu temples near Al Safa 1 include:

  • Shiva Temple
  • Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir
  • Shrinathji Temple
  • Shri Krishna Haveli

Sikh residents in Al Safa 1 can visit the following gurudwaras which are within a 20-minute drive:

  • Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara
  • Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Temple in Jebel Ali


Living within the limit of Al Safa 1 doesn’t come with much difficulty to secure everyday essentials. This sub-community has got a number of supermarkets in and around the locality which brings a wide range of products to make your living smooth at Al Safa 1. The most popular supermarkets that you can access are:

  • A-Mart: This fabulous supermarket is the ultimate place to shop for everything Asian. If you are very particular about Korean or Japanese products, then no one can offer you better than A-Mart at Al Safa 1. This supermarket is just 3-minute drive away from Al Safa 1 community.
  • Park ‘n Shop: Another great way to shop for your kitchen and home is the Park ‘n Shop supermarket from Al Safa. You will reach this place with a 4-5 minute drive from Al Safa 1. Apart from a wide variety of regular grocery items, this shop’s bakery and cheese section are the major attractions to shoppers.
  • LuLu Express Al Quoz: This supermarket is another great place to shop for Al Safa 1 residents. The store always offers some amazing discounts on their wide range of products so that people can enjoy shopping here while saving a lot.
  • Carrefour Market: This is one of the best supermarkets near Al Safa 1.
  • Village Supermarket: This store boats fresh and home-grown products apart from regular stuffs.

Nearby Areas

Many residential communities and entertainment destinations surround the locality of Al Safa 1. Take a look at the most prominent nearby areas and residential communities in Al Safa 1 below:

Shopping Malls near Al Safa 1

Dubai is a global shopping destination and how is it possible not to have shopping opportunities when you are at Al Safa 1. Some popular shopping malls located near this sub-community are:

  • Wasl Sqaure
  • Safa Centre

All these shopping malls are not far from the Al Safa 1 sub-community and can be reached within 5 minutes by car.

Some other popular shopping malls near Al Safa 1 include:

  • Oasis Mall
  • Al Safa Mall
  • Emax Oasis Centre
  • Sunset Mall
  • AMSAF Mall


Neighbourhood of Al Safa 1 is lined with renowned eateries and fine-dining restaurants so that you don’t have to go too long to satiate your cravings. Here are the popular restaurants near Al Safa 1:

  • Pizza Express: As the name says, this is the best place to munch on some pizzas near Al Safa 1. This restaurant serves pizzas of all tastes and toppings.
  • China Garden Restaurant: This restaurant is the best in the lot when you wish for some Chinese as well as Asian delicacies.
  • House of Kebab Restaurant: Are you a fan of Kebab? Then head straight to this restaurant to savour these delicacies backed by the engrossing aroma and divine taste.
  • Chinese Kitchen: This is another good place to have wonderful Chinese cuisine.
  • Chez Sushi: Finding a brilliant Japanese Sushi restaurant near Al Safa 1 is now possible with Chez Sushi. They serve one of the best Sushi in the area.
  • Sobahn: This Korean Japanese restaurant serves an amazing range of seafood along with best drinks in a captivating ambience.
  • Mamak: This restaurant is meant for pure and authentic Malaysian food lovers. All their platters speak of the sincere effort put to prepare every dish you order.
  • Smiling BKK: This Thai restaurant is another popular place near Al Safa 1 to enjoy simple yet mouth-watering delicacies of Thailand.

Some other favourite food joints from the neighbouring communities of Al Safa 1 are:

  • Indian Pavilion
  • Café Havana Umm Suqeim
  • Zahret Al Rumman Café
  • Subway
  • Arabian Fame
  • Ashbilia Restaurant
  • Zabina Restaurant

There are a great number of coffee shops in and around Al Safa 1. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Caribou Coffee
  • Starbucks
  • Costa Coffee
  • Café Barbera
  • Alchemy Coffee

Hotels near Al Safa 1

Hotels Near Al Safa 1 - Habtoor Palace Dubai | The Vacation Builder
Habtoor Palace – Dubai

Dubai knows exactly how to treat guests with utmost care and impeccable hospitality. Although the locality of Al Safa 1 doesn’t boast any hotel within its limit but you can access many world-class hotels within a few minutes by car from the area. We are listing here the some of best hotels near Al Safa 1.

All these hotels are equipped with excellent rooms to meet any sort of accommodation requirement. You can easily find your kind of accommodation in any of these hotels without crushing your budget.

Beaches near Al Safa 1

Beaches Near to Al Safa 1 - Sunset Beach | The Vacation Builder
Sunset Beach – Dubai

There is no beach in the Al Safa 1 sub-community. But residents can easily access a series of beautiful beaches from the locality to enjoy a fun-filled weekend holiday.

The most celebrated beach destinations from Al Safa 1 are – Sunset Beach, Kite Beach and Public Beach. All these beaches are pretty close to Al Safa 1 and can be reached by a short drive of 10 minutes.

If you drive for about 15-20 minutes from Al Safa 1, then you can access more popular and spectacular beaches of Dubai like Marina Beach, Aquaventure Beach and Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach.

Popular Landmarks

Popular Landmarks Near Al Safa 1 - Safa Park | The Vacation Builder
Safa Park

The most famous and spectacular landmark is the Al Farooq Omar bin Al Khattab Mosque & Centre. This place allows you to take a fascinating glimpse of beguiling Ottoman architecture. The symmetry and colours in this mosque have created a beautiful world of charm and peace.

Another prominent landmark near Al Safa 1 is Safa Park. Spreading across a massive area of 64 hectares, this park is a perfect picnic and laid-back weekend destination for residents of Al Safa 1 sub-community. The skyline of Dubai looks fascinating under the shades of palm trees in Safa Park.

Wasl Sqaure is a popular hangout destination from Al Safa 1 area. This place allows you to buy branded items from sprawling outlets without going to the heart of the city. You can also dodge the shopping part and just enjoy spending time with friends and family at Wasl Square.

Other prominent landmarks in the vicinity includes:

  • Dubai Fountain
  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
  • Burj Khalifa

Parks and Playground

At Al Safa 1 sub-community, you will get enough scope to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The area itself has two parks:

  • Safa Club 1
  • Safa Private Park

Apart from them, you can visit the very famous and beautiful, Safa Park which is only 14 minutes away from Al Safa 1 sub-community. This park offers a massive platform for children as well as grown-ups to take part in various outdoor activities including boating, BBQ, biking and many more.

Other parks from the neighbourhoods include:

  • Safa Park 2
  • Al Quoz Park 3

Gyms and Fitness Centres

Keeping you fit and fine requires a regular exercise regime and Al Safa 1 sub-community takes your health seriously just like you do. The most notable gym of the community is DuGym Gymnastics Club@JPS. This place with modern equipment and trained instructors will surely help you to achieve your health goals.

Other nearby fitness centres around Al Safa 1 are:

  • Al Safa Sports Centre (a 5-minute drive from the community)
  • Fitness First Oasis Centre
  • Seed Fitness Jumeirah Dubai
  • Gym Giorgia

If you’re reading this during the winter and wondering where some of Dubai’s Best Outdoor Gyms are then check this.

Spas and Salons

Are you looking for a place to pamper your body and mind? The neighbourhood of Al Safa 1 community offers you plenty of such places. You can visit any of the following spas and salons to rejuvenate yourself amidst wonderful settings:

  • Honeymoon Salon, Jumeirah 3 (a 5-minute drive from Al Safa 1)
  • Belle Femme Beauty Salon, Jumeirah 3 (takes 5 minutes to reach by car from Al Safa 1)
  • Fresh Look Beauty Salon (8-minute far from Al Safa 1)
  • Legend Beauty & Spa Centre (it is just 2-minute drive away from Al Safa 1)

Public Transportation Facilities

Owning a private car is the best possible way to get around in the locality and neighbourhood of Al Safa 1 but that doesn’t mean you can’t rely on public transport system of the area. In fact, there are plenty of public transportation options are available for the residents.

The whole area of Al Safa 1 sub-community is dotted with a number of buses stops particularly near the schools. The Hadiqa Street bus stop is positioned pretty close to Wasl Square and Safa Park. So, taking a public bus is a great choice after mall hopping or jogging in the park. You can also avail public buses from Al Wasl Road Ferdous Building and Safa Spinneys.

Business Bay and Noor Bank are the nearest metro stations to Al Safa 1. Both these metro stations belong to Red Line of the Dubai Metro.

Apart from metro and public buses, a hoard of taxis is there to take you anywhere you wish to go. But the most popular choice to book a cab is using either Uber or Careem taxi-hailing mobile app.

Parking in Al Safa 1

Residents of Al Safa 1 sub-community don’t need to worry at all about parking their vehicles. Enough parking slots have been allotted for them. All villas in Al Safa 1 are designed with dedicated parking spaces for minimum of two vehicles.

Large villas in Al Safa 1 even come up with more parking spaces. You can even spot as many as 14 parking spaces with a 9-bedroom mansion in the community.

Properties in Al Safa 1

Al Safa 1 is a part of the prestigious Al Safa residential community project. This sub-community may not be as eventful as Dubai’s hardcore residential communities but it gives peace-loving people a chance to live comfortably and securely with all urban amenities.

The sub-community of Al Safa 1 consists of villas, townhouses and apartments. Most properties here are either compound villas or independent villas. This lavish and popular community is often considered a great place to invest money in properties.

Independent properties in Al Safa 1 flaunts various styles and designs but properties of any villa compound showcase the same style to keep parity with the compound’s theme.

Most of the villas in Al Safa 1 sub-community is paired with a private swimming pool, a spacious backyard and a private garden. Some of them even include separate quarters for the house helps.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Al Safa 1?

Living in Al Safa 1 is peaceful but not at all cheap. People with substantial income can only afford to buy property here or take them on rent. Residents of Al Safa 1 are majorly a blend of business owners, officials holding affluent positions and long-term expats from different countries.

This area is ideal to live with a large family that includes parents, grandparents and children. Apartments in Al Safa 1 are more perfect for bachelors and couples.

Here are the approximate recent rental and sales costs of the properties in Al Safa 1. Take a look to decide how much you may need to live at Al Safa 1.

Property TypeAverage Rental Price (Year)
1-Bedroom Apt.75,000AED
2-Bedroom Apt.100,000AED
3-Bedroom Villa115,000–180,000AED
4-Bedroom VillaFrom 135,000AED
5-Bedroom VillaFrom 185,000AED
6-Bedroom Villa280,000–400,000AED
7-Bedroom Villa400,000AED+
Villa TypeAverage Sale Price
3-Bedroom Villa2,500,000AED
4-Bedroom Villa4,500,000AED
5-Bedroom Villa5,000,000AED

Reasons to Live in Al Safa 1

Living amidst the posh neighbourhood of Al Safa 1 comes with its own share of benefits. If you are thinking of shifting your base to Al Safa 1, then we have enough good reasons for you to do so.

  • Life in Al Safa 1 is suburban, undisturbed and peaceful.
  • Children will have enough free public playgrounds to play around.
  • Most villas have their own garden and private pool.
  • Residents can send their children to reputed education centres.
  • Medical facilities in Al Safa 1 are excellent with some world-class clinics and hospitals.
  • A wide variety of shopping, entertainment, dining, fitness centres and salons is there to give you a taste of urban lifestyle.
  • Al Safa 1 sub-community sports a family-friendly ambience.
  • Daily commuting to and from Dubai is just a matter of few minutes.

Things To Do In and Around Al Safa 1

Living in Al Safa 1 is itself very satisfactory. But that doesn’t prevent you from exploring various other attractions from the neighbouring areas. Here is a list of things you can try while spending your days in Al Safa 1.

1. Be Mesmerized at Al Farooq Omar bin Al Khattab Mosque & Centre

Al Farooq Omar bin Al Khattab Mosque & Centre is the most prominent landmark in Al Safa 1. This mosque is the one of the pioneers in supporting the drive to allow non-Muslims to mosques. Apart from discovering the faith of Islam, this place allows you to witness the splendid architectural styles and designs of Ottoman and Andalusian influences.

2. Spend a Laid-Back Evening at Safa Park

At a distance of just 2.5 kilometres from Al Safa 1, lies the massive and spectacular land of Safa Park. This 64-hectare landmass is the home to more than 200 avian species along with numerous flowering plants and trees. There are several attractions in the park including Kids Play Area, Train Rides, Ladies Special Garden, Electronic Games, Sports Facilities and many more to make any ordinary day-out extraordinary.

You can also explore several other tourist attractions near Al Safa 1. The most popular ones are:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • The Dubai Fountain
  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo


Q. What are the commute times by car to popular landmarks of Dubai?

We are listing here the commute times by car from Al Safa 1 to all major destinations in Dubai.

  • 14 minutes to Dubai International Airport
  • 9 minutes to Burj Khalifa
  • 14 minutes to Sheikh Zayed Road
  • 9 minutes to Jumeirah Beach
  • 10 minutes to Dubai Mall
  • 10 minutes to the Mall of the Emirates

Q. Is Al Safa 1 noisy?

Al Safa 1 is not at all noisy. Regular life here is very peaceful and only noise you can hear are from supercar gears or construction tools.

Q. Is it safe to live in Al Safa 1?

It is completely safe to live in Al Safa 1. Being the home to people of high networth and influential positions, this sub-community practices best security measures.

Q. Is it possible to commute to Dubai everyday?

Yes, it is possible and comfortable to. The best road that connects Dubai to Al Safa 1 is the Sheikh Zayed Road. This road is just 14 minute away from the community. Taking Sheikh Zayed Road also connects you with all major destinations in Dubai.


Al Safa 1 is a wonderful residential community in Dubai. This place keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of city life whilst at the same time not being too far away to join the action. Peaceful living comes free when you decide to live in Al Safa 1. We hope that our area guides are helping you to find your kind of place.

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