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7 of The Best Companies to Work for in Dubai

Dubai is an incredibly popular city for expats, who actually make up the overwhelming majority of the city’s population. So you might be thinking of taking the plunge and looking for work in Dubai!

Moving abroad and starting a new job can be a daunting experience for anyone, but we’re here to show you some of the best companies to work for in Dubai!

We will be breaking down each job to explore employee perks and benefits, the average pay, and job opportunities.

1) DHL

The Best Companies to Work for in Dubai - DHL | The Vacation Builder

The good thing about DHL is that they offer a wide range of jobs from couriers & warehouse work to maintenance. They are also a familiar international company if that is something you are concerned about!

An appealing aspect to DHL is that they market themselves as a workplace where you are able to progress. There are also various student and internship programs to help younger people build their skills. The company provides Certified training for quality services and they openly recognise their staff’s work with an employee of the month.

One of the benefits of DHL are the office locations, as Dubai is littered with them across the entire city! This works great for people living in different areas or even just outside the city.

According to Indeed, drivers can earn 3,902 AED per month which is 66% above the national average. Elsewhere, a Key Account Manager earns on average 5,000 AED per month, and a Quality & Process Controller earns on average 7,000 AED per month.

DHL is a great option for those who have already enjoyed working for a courier or want to try their hand at something new!

2) Emaar Properties

Best Companies to Work for in Dubai - Emaar Properties | The Vacation Builder

Emaar Properties is a real estate development company which has worked on projects from properties & retail to leisure. It’s a great one if you’re looking for an Emirati based company but with a worldwide established reputation and opportunities to grow within a huge firm.

In terms of offices, the main location is just outside of the city centre, so it is a good location if you live near Dubai Marina, JBR, or The Gardens. However, there are other offices and projects for different purposes located elsewhere, such as the Sales Centre at the opposite end of the city.

In terms of pay, according to Indeed, a Receptionist or Secretary earns 5,000 AED per month, which is 81% above the national average. A Customer Service Representative earns on average 6,000 AED per month, and a Sales Executive earns on average 8,000 AED per month.

Emaar Properties say that they offer a wide range of job opportunities where they focus on helping their employees grow, professionally and personally. They may be an ideal company if you are passionate about the environment, as Emaar Properties has a strong environmental policy. They uphold high sustainability standards through reusing and recycling materials and energy, as well as working in line with the UAE’s green vision.

Emaar Properties is an award winning company, which is ideal for those looking for good benefits, a range of options for work as well as a sustainability goal.

3) Bacardi

The Best Companies to Work for in Dubai - Bacardi | The Vacation Builder

Bacardi might seem like a strange one to have on this list, but they are a good company to work for – and not just for the rum lovers!

Bacardi offers various perks including a generous pension package and health insurance. The average pay for Bacardi employees is 45,833 AED per month! Remember that this is an overall average.

In terms of location, the Bacardi office is located in the Dubai Media City, so if you live near or around the Palm Jumeirah or Dubai Marina, it is a good one to bear in mind.

Bacardi has been cited as a good company to work for in the UAE. In fact, so good that in 2020 it was rated above 90% on the Dimensions of Credibility, Pride, and Camaraderie by Company Employees! This is even more impressive, when you factor in that it became the first spirits company to be certified as a Great Place to Work in the Middle East.

Fun Fact: Bacardi has been family owned for 7 generations!

Bacardi is a great company to work for if you are looking for a long running, accomplished, established, and worldwide business to work for. The jobs offered also include good benefits!

4) Hilton

Best Companies to Work for in Dubai - Hilton | The Vacation Builder

Hilton truly dominates a lot of Dubai’s hotels! Some of the biggest luxury hotels, including Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, DoubleTree, and Hilton Dubai Creek, are, as the names suggest, owned by Hilton!

But as a place to work, Hilton offers Leadership Development to train team members and help them grow in their career. There are also a lot of transparent benefits, including: higher than average salaries for hotel chains, good paid time off, training and assistance programs, health and welfare benefits, pension plans, and even a stock purchase plan.

In terms of offices, as you can imagine there are Hilton hotels located all across Dubai, and therefore all sorts of places you can work at!

Regarding pay, according to Indeed, Sales Managers can earn around 6,129 AED per month. Receptionists can earn on average 4,550 AED, and Spa Therapists can earn approximately 3,000 AED.

Hilton is a cultural place to work, with employees covering over 115 countries and more than 40 languages. They offer some interesting opportunities for young people including apprenticeships, internships, and graduate programs. The jobs offered also vary from working in the physical hotels to corporate and office roles.

Hilton is a good employer to look out for if you are wanting a range of perks, to work for an international company, and to be able to be offered opportunities for young people.

5) American School of Dubai

This may be slightly more of a specific role, but if you have any teaching experience, the American School of Dubai is definitely one to consider.

The American School of Dubai is very transparent about their benefits, salaries, and opportunities. The key benefits they provide are medical and dental insurance, annual leave, and pensions.

The other benefits are quite unique and useful, starting with Dependent Tuition which means that faculty members are able to enrol up to 2 dependant children. They can also receive free tuition for KS1 to Grade 12. They also offer Overseas Differential which means that faculty members are able to receive a differential amount based on 20% of their annual salary. Staff can also be reimbursed for their relocation. As well as this, they can provide housing and shipping allowances.

In terms of location, the American School of Dubai can be found in the Al Barsha region, which is accessible in the city.

The salaries at the American School of Dubai range from approximately 12,118 AED per month to 21,311 AED per month.

With regards to job opportunities, each year, the American School of Dubai allocates coursework for each person to be taken at a university or college for further development.

The American School of Dubai obviously offers some great benefits, a good salary, and has won various awards and accreditations.

Likewise, if you have children, you may be looking for what schools are a good match! For that, read our post on 8 Schools in Dubai With Outstanding KHDA Ratings!

6) Omnicom Media Group

Omnicom Media Group is an international marketing agency covering a broad range of services!

They offer a range of benefits including a free gym membership. The sister company, PHD has been named as the third best employer in the UAE consistently since 2014!

Omnicom Media Group and PHD are both fittingly located within the Dubai Media City.

In terms of pay, a Junior Executive can expect to earn on average, 10,000 AED per month. A Senior Technology Specialist can earn approximately 13,500 AED per month, and a Digital Planning Manager can earn around 24,000 AED per month.

The pay is an obvious draw to this job and is a good option for someone looking to work in media in the heart of the action!

7) Pizza Express

Who doesn’t love pizza?

The good thing about Pizza Express (aside from the pizza) is that there are various job roles out there. You can work in the restaurants or alternatively, work in the offices.

The benefits of Pizza Express include a generous 50% off staff discount, Pizza Express food on your breaks, holiday allowance, and medical insurance.

The Best Companies to Work for in Dubai - Pizza Express | The Vacation Builder

A big benefit is that there are various restaurants located across the city, so you can comfortably find a location to work in that suits you.

Pizza Express offers across the board training, whether you are waiter or a manager, you are able to learn and develop new skills!


We obviously can’t say which company offers the best place to work as that is entirely subjective to your needs and what work interests you! However, hopefully our guide has sparked some ideas for you!

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