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Safa Park Dubai – Everything You Need to Know

Safa Park Dubai

Safa Park is a gorgeous and tranquil public open space area located on Dubai Creek. The park is plotted right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city of Dubai, similar to the world-famous central park in New York.

However, once inside Safa Park, you wouldn’t realize this apart from the towering skyscrapers around the distance which gives this place a unique feel. Here comes our Quick Guide on Safa Park.

Many use this park as an escape from city life to take a walk or read a book. The boating lake offers a pleasant stroll to completely unwind from busy Dubai. Furthermore, Safa Park offers much more than this to its visitors which we have explored below.

Things To Do At Safa Park

Take a Walk Around the Boating Lake

Safa Park Dubai - Everything You Need to Know | Things to do at Safa Park - Take a Walk Around The Boating Lake | The Vacation Builder

Water is a natural relaxant for most of us and a walk around the boating lake at Safa Park is sure to chill you out. You can take a stroll and admire the waterfall, stop by a bench and read a book or meet up with friends for a coffee.

Go for a Jog

Safa Park Dubai - Everything You Need to Know | Things to do at Safa Park - Al Safa Park Running Track | The Vacation Builder

Safa Park has a track and field track that runs the circumference of the area. This measures around 2.5km which is enough for a steady jog given how hot it usually is in Dubai most of the year!

Cycle Around Safa Park

Safa Park Dubai - Everything You Need to Know | Things to do at Safa Park - Careem Bike Station | The Vacation Builder
Photo Courtesy of Channel4FM.com

If you fancy a bike ride you can hire a bike for a few hours from the Careem Cycle Station just on the edge of the park. The cost of this is just a few dirhams and provides something nice for the family to enjoy. Below is the location of where to hire the bikes at Safa Park.

Have a Game of Tennis

Safa Park Dubai - Everything You Need to Know | Things to do at Safa Park - Play Tennis | The Vacation Builder

For the sports enthusiasts out there, Emirates have a tennis court here. Whether you are playing for fun and want to rent a court or you would like some lessons, Emirates Tennis can cater for all. The Emirates Tennis Academy hosts lessons for juniors and adults. They also have ladies mornings.

For more information on tennis at Safa Park you can check out the Emirates Tennis Academy website here.

Shoot Some Hoops at the Basketball Court

Safa Park Dubai - Everything You Need to Know | Things to do at Safa Park - Shoot Some Hoops | The Vacation Builder

If you need something to wear out the kids whilst enjoying some active family time then bring a ball. Not only could you set up jumpers for goalposts on the field but you can shoot some hoops in the basketball court.


Safa Park Dubai - Everything You Need to Know | Things to do at Safa Park | BBQ | The Vacation Builder

There are many static BBQ’s around the outside edge of the park which are free for use by the public. Pick a spot in the shade and enjoy some delicious BBQ food whilst taking in the views of Downtown Dubai and Dubai Creek.

Take Your Kids to Safa Park Play Area

Safa Park Dubai - Everything You Need to Know | Things to do at Safa Park -  Kids Play Area | The Vacation Builder
Photo Courtesy of https://www.weekendnotes.com/

Parks are meant for children to play right? Well at Safa Park there is a lovely little play area for the young ones to enjoy. It’s best to avoid Fridays if you can as it does get overcrowded.

If you’re looking for something else to entertain the kids then you could also rent a tandem go-kart. The karts hold up to 4 people and are available for a small fee.

Pedalo Along the Boating Lake

Safa Park Dubai - Everything You Need to Know | Things to do at Safa Park - Pedalo's | The Vacation Builder

Pedalo’s are available to take out across the boating lake should you fancy a nice ride on the water.

Admire a Distant View of the Burj Khalifa

Safa Park Dubai - Everything You Need to Know | Things to do at Safa Park - Admire the Views | The Vacation Builder

The Burj Khalifa is 3 miles away from Safa Park, although it feels so much closer due to the size of the building. Take a picnic and relax on the grass whilst admiring the Burj Khalifa and other amazing sky scrapers in the backdrop.

Be at One with Nature

When strolling around this park you will notice the many different types of animals that reside here. Walk close to the tree’s and bushes and you will see many different types of birds. Lizards are also very common here.

For real bird lovers, make sure you bring a camera to snap photos of the many Kingfisher and Parakeets too.

Play Football

There are a few permanent football goals which are set up in the high-season. Parents take a picnic and let the kids run wild with the ball for a bit.

Visit the Fairground

Safa Park Dubai - Everything You Need to Know | Things to do at Safa Park - Fairground | The Vacation Builder

The fairground at Safa Park is great entertainment for young children. There are rides such as bumper cars, a Ferris Wheel and a merry-go-round. All rides are reasonably priced.

There is a string of many beautiful parks and gardens in Dubai along with Safa Park. Take a look at these wonderful spots across the city through our Most Gorgeous Parks and Gardens in Dubai article.

Safa Park Map

Situated between the busy Shiekh Zayed road and Dubai Creek, Safa Park is easy to access, bringing hundreds of visitors every day across the year.

Safa Park Ticket Fee

Entry to the park is just 3AED per person. There is no entry fee for people with special needs and for children under the age of 2 years. Once inside the park activities such as renting a bike or a tennis court are also very reasonably priced.

Safa Park Opening Times

The park is open 7 days a week. Sunday to Wednesday 8 am to 10 pm. From Thursday to Saturday, the gates open at the same time and they stay open until 10 pm. Many of the locals will tell you that the gates are often left open after peak hours but the risk is up to you!

How to Get to Safa Park?

With the park being located in the heart of Dubai, access is easy. You can take a taxi to reach the park in minutes from some of the major tourist areas. However, the most efficient and cheapest way to reach Safa Park is to take Dubai Metro.

Nearest Metro Station

Take the red line to Business Bay Metro Station which is less than one mile from the park. Just a 10-minute stroll from the station will have you at your destination.

Distance to Safa Park by Car from Other areas of Dubai

Downtown Dubai7mins
Palm Jumeirah19mins
Jumeirah Beach (Umm Suqeim)12mins

Restaurants Near Safa Park

Hadicat Al Safa

This cafe is situated inside the park and provides light refreshments such as sandwiches, sweets and coffee.

Lazeez Indian Restaurant

Indian food is a personal favourite. What’s more if you’re looking for an Indian Restaurant close to Safa Park then this is it. Located just a stone’s throw away from the back of the park on Al Hadiqa road.


Next door to Lazeez there is a Subway for anyone craving their traditional foot-long sandwich. For me, Dubai has many amazing restaurants to explore rather than grabbing a Subway but the choice is yours.

Madeenat Hatay Turkish Restaurant

Moving further down Al Hadiqa road and next to Subway you will find Madeenat Hatay. This place comes with amazing reviews and is worth trying whether you’re in the area or not!


Next one along, Mamak serves up Malaysian cuisine at a very affordable price. This cozy little restaurant packs a punch for anyone who likes spice.

Wokyo Noodle Bar

To complete our world food tour (all of which are just across the street from Al Safa Park), we have an Asian Noodle Bar. This chic bar does eat-in and take-away.

Al Wasl Road Restaurants

For those looking for something a little more substantial and who don’t mind a 10-minute walk, head to Al Wasl Road.

  • Qsetna Restaurant – Traditional Arabian Food at a Cafe-Themed Location Available Between 8am and 11:30pm Daily
  • Chez Sushi – A Funky Japanese Restaurant Serving the Best Sushi in the Area
  • Chinese Kitchen – A Local Established Chinese Eatery Offering Sit in and Take-Away Food.
  • Shay al Yoom – Located across from Al Wasl Road on Al Bailee Street, This Restaurant Offers Mouth-watering meat from the Grill. Open 24 Hours.

Hotels Near Safa Park

Safa Park Dubai - Hotels Nearby | The Vacation Builder


Overall, Safa Park offers plenty for a day out with the family. Furthermore, entry is cheap and so are the activities inside. Whether you are looking for a more cost-effective day out in Dubai or just something different to the usual main-stream theme parks, Safa Park is worth a try.

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