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Zabeel Park Amphitheatre Dubai

Zabeel Park is home to many great tourist attractions such as The Dubai Frame, Dubai Garden Glow, Dinosaur Park and more. However, many of the events take place at Zabeel Park Amphitheatre. Traditionally built during the Roman Empire, Amphitheatres where made to showcase spectacles such as Gladiator Games, Wild Animal Hunts and even Executions! But over in Dubai, it takes a bit of a different stance.

Upon the opening of Zabeel Park in 2005, more than 90,000 people visited during the first day! Since then, the park has become an ever growing popular place to visit.

For more on Zabeel Park you can read our full guide. But for now, we take a look at the Amphitheatre and all of the events which take place here.

Zabeel Park Amphitheatre Opening Times

The Amphitheatre is open to the general public from 8am to 10pm daily. Whilst there are not events going on you can use the space to shoot some great photo’s or even take a picnic on the grass.


This massive Amphitheatre is located at Zabeel Park. The exact location is Zabeel Park, Zabeel Area, Near Al Jafiliya Metro Station, in between Sheikh Rashid Road and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. When you want to access the Amphitheatre, we would suggest you take entry through Gate Number 1 or 2. These are the gates closest to the Amphitheatre.

Entry Fees

You have to pay a nominal entry fee of AED 5 per person to enter Zabeel Park. This fee also includes your car parking charge. Children up to the age of 2 are free to go. Payment is done by NOL card only.

How To Reach Zabeel Park Amphitheatre?

The most convenient way to reach Zabeel Park Amphitheatre is to hop into a Dubai Metro train on Red Line. Al Jafiliya metro station will be your final destination to reach the park. Dubai Metro is surely the most comfortable and cheapest way to reach Zabeel Park but it may take a little longer than private cars or Dubai taxis.

Line 21, 10 and 27 bus routes are also an affordable public transportation option to access Zabeel Park. All public buses in Dubai are fully air-conditioned and they are designed to offer you a safe and comfortable journey across the city. Apart from Dubai Metro and buses, Dubai taxi and private car rentals are at your service to take you to Zabeel Park from anywhere in the city. Such transportation facilities are not going to be cheap like Dubai Metro but they will save your time for sure.

Costs to Reach Zabeel Park Amphitheatre from Different Parts of Dubai

Mode of TransportBusTaxiMetro
From JBR13AED 28mins65AED 21mins5AED 1hr
From Downtown Dubai7AED 27mins20AED 7mins4AED 24mins
From Palm Jumeirah10AED 1hr 39mins60AED 19mins9AED 1hr 24mins
From Deira6AED 35mins21AED 7mins4AED 24mins

Events at Zabeel Park Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre hosts a whole load of year round events from music festivals to drama shows and fine art events. There are also often New Years Eve parties hosted from Zabeel Park.

Nearby Attractions

Zabeel Park itself boasts plenty of tourist attractions which are all at walking distance from the Amphitheatre:

  • Dubai Frame (0.3 miles away)
  • Dubai Garden Glow (0.5 miles)
  • The H Dubai (0.6 miles)
  • Dubai World Trade Centre (0.6 miles)
  • Dinosaur Park (0.6 miles)

What Facilities You Can Access At Zabeel Park Apart From The Amphitheatre?

When it comes to amenities for its visitors, Zabeel Park has almost covered everything that one can expect here to plan a great outing. Some of the major amenities available at the park include:

  • Dedicated 2.5 km jogging tracks
  • Tourist train ride service
  • Public toilettes and changing rooms
  • Plant and horticulture spaces
  • Cooling fountains and beautiful sculptures
  • Prayer rooms
  • Bicycle rental facility
  • Barbeque stands for picnics
  • Separate and safe children’s play areas with slides, play equipment, climbing frames and shades
  • Cricket pitch
  • Mini golf
  • Skating area
  • Flea market
  • BMX track
  • Boat rentals for boating on the lake
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Cafes and food stalls
  • Car parking area with 2,323 parking slots (among which 28 parking slots are reserved for people of determination)

Are Pets Allowed Inside Zabeel Park?

Pets are not allowed at the Amphitheatre or inside Zabeel Park at all. Just like most of the public parks in Dubai, Zabeel Park is not pet-friendly. Ironically, the park hosts several pet-adoption events when exceptions are made for animals.

COVID Restrictions at Zabeel Park

Presently there are some restrictions that you have to follow inside the park as well as in Amphitheatre:

  • Wearing face masks is mandatory
  • Maintain a social distancing of minimum 2 metres
  • Follow general COVID-19 safety rules like sanitizing your hands frequently, avoiding touching things unnecessarily etc.

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