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Plan Your Dubai City Walking Tours with Our Quick Guide

Dubai City Walking Tours | The Vacation Builder

When exploration is in your mind, Dubai can be your best pick to take your experience to a whole new level. Blending the glamour of the modern time rightly with the glory of the past is what this city does the best.

The essence of its unique cultural amalgamation happening in Dubai can be best captured through Dubai City Walking Tours. We are dedicating today’s post to amazing city walk tours in Dubai.

We are furnishing here all the essential things and factors involved with these city walking tours in Dubai. Even if you have never imagined walking the lanes of Dubai, we can promise you will long for one as soon you are done with this post.

Reasons to Go For a City Walking Tour in Dubai

We completely predict your level of astonishment when someone suggests you take a city walking tour that too in a “hot” city like Dubai. But we have even stronger reasons to smash your notions!

Plan Your Dubai City Walking Tours with Our Quick Guide | Reasons To Go For A City Walking Tour in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

1. Getting to Know the City Quickly and Efficiently

If you are really into exploring the destinations from their cores, there’s no alternative to city walking tours. Dubai’s walking tours can be best enjoyed with like-minded fellow travellers but if you are comfortable with your own company then also the walking tour feels great. The short duration of these tours doesn’t hamper your other travel plans

2. Discover Every Nook ‘n’ Corner

Al Shindagha District

As Dubai is not that huge, you design a customized walking tour covering all those hidden and off-beat spots. Such tours allow you to walk down those narrow lanes, town squares or one-way side alleys that vehicles simply can’t access! This certainly blesses you with an intriguing understanding of the city, its heritage and its history.

3. Walking Tours Are Highly Flexible and Hassle-free

One of the best parts of joining a city walking tour is you can skip the pre-register part and just turn up at the meeting point shared by the tour operator or the website. It doesn’t require much to do from your part to take that walk across Dubai.

4. Making New Friends and Meeting Locals on the Go

Walking tours comprises a diverse travel audience all over the globe. So, it is a rare opportunity to meet so many interesting people with lots of interesting stories to share with. You will realize how you can travel even better without spending too much yet enjoying every bit of your Dubai trip.

5. Walking Tours Are Cheaper…Even They Can Be Free-of-Cost

In a luxurious city like Dubai, all tourists are already well prepared to take the financial blow but Dubai city walking tours are pleasant exceptions! Many such tours come free. Even if they charge, you will be more than happy to pay because those prices are really nominal compared to your overwhelming experience.

11 Fabulous Walking Tours in Dubai You Can Be a Part of

Once you are in Dubai, it is quite common to lose your focus there is too much to look at. To help you out, we are listing down here the best city walking tours in Dubai that you can take part in.

1. Al Fahidi Historical District Heritage Tour

Plan Your Dubai City Walking Tours with Our Quick Guide | Fabulous Walking Tours in Dubai | Al Fahidi District | The Vacation Builder

After watching those iconic skyscrapers of Dubai on magazines, travelling sites and televisions for ages, it is hard to believe that a part of the city still nurtures a splendid historical area in the historical district of Al Fahidi. The old world that opens up before your eyes at Al Fahidi is enchanting!

Al Fahidi is the oldest part of the town. It is a pleasant place to explore the stunning history and heritage of Dubai. Located along Dubai Creek, this district maintains most of its ancient infrastructure in original and intact through meticulous preservation walk.


1.5 hours – 2 hours

2. City Orientation Tour

Plan Your Dubai City Walking Tours with Our Quick Guide | Fabulous Walking Tours in Dubai | Emirates Towers | The Vacation Builder

This is one of the most celebrated walking tours in Dubai and there’s enough reason for its undisputed popularity. City Orientation Walking Tour will captivate your sense as you will be gazing at the majestic architectural wonders of the city.

It includes Burj Khalifa, Emirates Towers, Rose Tower, Dubai Mall, Dubai World Trade Centre and Dubai International Convention Centre to show you the best side of Dubai. As Dubai Mall visit is included, you can also do some quick shopping during your tour.


About 3 hours

If you want to explore those mind-bending buildings in Dubai, we have already something for you. Take a look.

3. Al Souk Al Kabeer Art & Culture Tour

The best way to understand any place from its core is to peep into its ancient culture and heritage. You can do this best if you pick the Al Souk Al Kabeer Art & Culture walking tour. In spite of its short duration, you will meet the famous historical and cultural things of Dubai.

The tour takes you to the Grand Mosque, Ali Bin Abi Taleb Mosque and the home of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum whom the city respects the most. You will also be visiting Khyma Museum and Xva Gallery to behold some precious Middle-Eastern artworks and the oldest residential houses.


1 hour – 1.5 hour

4. Dubai Night Walking Tour

Plan Your Dubai City Walking Tours with Our Quick Guide | Fabulous Walking Tours in Dubai | Dubai Marina at Night | The Vacation Builder

Day in and out, Dubai looks amazing all the time. In fact, we wouldn’t mind saying that the city after dark even looks better! To watch the city with its best-of-best ‘night’ things, you must opt for a Dubai Night Walking Tour.

For the best sights of illuminated Dubai, this tour has included a bunch of favourite touristy spots like Marina promenades, Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain and some plush residential districts. You must not forget your camera at home because you gonna click tons of dazzling photos of Dubai’s nightlife through this tour.


More or less 4 hours

5. Walking Tour to Dubai Creek, Gold and Spice Souks

Plan Your Dubai City Walking Tours with Our Quick Guide | Fabulous Walking Tours in Dubai | Spice Souk | The Vacation Builder

Dubai and shopping go hand in hand. Shopping has always been a crucial part of Emirati culture and they have crafted separate Souks (traditional marketplaces) to promote different categories of goods.

This particular walking tour to Dubai Creek is not meant for witnessing the common life of locals but also introduces you to the two most beguiling souks in the city – the Gold Souk and the Spice Souk. Visuals from both these buzzing marketplaces will blow your mind. The latter will also captivate your senses with the aroma of exotic oriental spices.

We also have a full guide on Spice Souk of Dubai. You can go through it if you are looking for more info.


Approximately 3 hours

6. Deira Shopping Walk

Plan Your Dubai City Walking Tours with Our Quick Guide | Fabulous Walking Tours in Dubai | Deirak Souk | The Vacation Builder

Deira, being one of the oldest and busiest commercial hubs in Dubai, is a fantastic place to pick for a city walk tour. Featuring innumerable retail outlets, cafeterias, restaurants and roadside vendors, shopping always comes with an extra perk.

Traditional vibes and vibrant scenes of Deira make it a hot favourite among locals as well as foreign travellers. This exquisite shopping hub is also known for its vast collection of hand-crafted art pieces, attars, home decors and sculptures.


1.5 hours – 2 hours

7. Dubai Food Tour

Plan Your Dubai City Walking Tours with Our Quick Guide | Fabulous Walking Tours in Dubai | Dubai Foor Tour | The Vacation Builder

Legacy of good food is something that Dubai can always boast off. The region grows a wide range of oriental spices and produces that make Emirati food delicious and healthy too. For foodies, the city offers a great opportunity to explore its mouth-watering food scene.

There are so many places across the city where all kinds of cuisines are made to serve people coming from all strata of life. Dubai cuisine can never leave anyone disappointed.

Our Dubai Food Scene article on Emirati Cuisine will certainly give you more insight!


2 hours – 3 hours

8. Dubai Photo Shoot (With a Personal Photographer)

You can capture your beautiful moments against the iconic backdrops of Dubai. How? Just hire a personal travel photographer. The photos taken digitally can be downloaded from anywhere you wish. This walking tour benefits you in two ways –those heart-warming destinations and your photos with each of them.


2 hours – 3 hours

9. Bur Dubai Sightseeing Walk

Plan Your Dubai City Walking Tours with Our Quick Guide | Fabulous Walking Tours in Dubai | Bur Dubai from Creek Area | The Vacation Builder
Image Courtesy: CultureTrip

Nestled amidst the oldest part of the city, Bur Dubai is a perfect area to explore through walking tours. This neighbourhood is home to plenty of historic buildings, museums, mosques, ancient sculptures and monuments.

The star attractions of the Bur Dubai walking tour have to be the Al Fahidi Fort, Juma Grand Mosque and Shindagha. Showcasing the city’s rich heritage, Bur Dubai walking looks like passing through the marvels from the past.


1 hour – 2 hours

10. Al Quoz Walking Tour

We are going to end this list with Al Quoz Walking Tour. Coming last in our list never implies that this tour has less than others. If you are willing to try out new and more exciting places through your walking tours in Dubai, then you would love to head for Al Quoz.

This district comes with attractions like Ski Dubai, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai Garden Centre, Meme Gallery, The Courtyard and hundreds of cafes and restaurants. Lip-smacking cuisines and wonderful experiences are the two important factors for a rewarding walking tour and Al Quoz has them all.


More or less 3 hours

11. Dubai Miracle Garden

Plan Your Dubai City Walking Tours with Our Quick Guide | Fabulous Walking Tours in Dubai | Dubai Miracle Garden | The Vacation Builder

Flowers are probably the rarest sight in desert but it’s not the case in Dubai! Although the city sits right in the middle of an expansive land of sands, you can check out millions of flower booms in the world-famous Dubai Miracle Garden.

Spreading over an area of 72,000 square metres, the heart-fluttering floral installations of this park are simply magnificent. Just remember that Dubai Miracle Garden is a seasonal affair and you must plan your walking tour accordingly.

Please go through our Dubai Miracle Garden Guide article for more details on this jaw-dropping place.


Typically 3 – 4 hours

Tips for City Walking Tours in Dubai

Plan Your Dubai City Walking Tours with Our Quick Guide | Tips for City Walking Tours in Dubai | The Vacation Builder

Nothing to worry about when we are here to help you out with your Dubai City Walking Tour. Here are a few useful tips to make your walking tour smooth and easy.

1. Choose a date from the winter months. Dubai’s summer is ruthless and city walking tours in summer can leave you completely exhausted.

2. Carry a water bottle, something to munch, a sunglass and a scarf in your bag. This will help you to keep your body hydrated and save you from bright sunrays.

3. Wear comfortable shoes. Ditch your fashionable stilettoes because you have to walk a lot.

4. Be respectful towards Emirati culture and traditions. Never ever abuse anyone in public even if things go wrong.

5. Cover your head and shoulder if you are visiting any religious place in Dubai.

6. Wear decent and comfortable dresses. Cotton-made dresses are the best picks. Don’t flash too much skin.

7. Follow what is written on the signboards around you otherwise you may land yourself in trouble.

8. Emirati people a very friendly. So, don’t do anything ridiculous to taste their limit.

9. Always carry a photo ID proof and some cash with you during the whole trip.

10. PDA (Public Display of Affection) is a strict NO-NO in Dubai.

11. Drinking in public is not allowed in Dubai. Don’t even think of opening a beer bottle to chill out on the road.

Which Are the Best Tour Operators to Design a Walking Tour for You in Dubai?

Dubai thrives on tourism. So, there is always someone ready to help you with your tours and travels. When we are talking about Dubai Walking Tours, we have short listed our favourites who are known to offer exceptional walking tour experiences across Dubai.

There are many more tour operators in Dubai who will be pretty eager to arrange a walking tour for you. You can also take help from a local tour agency to get that done at a very reasonable price.


Dubai is a global destination with a very charming local population. Walking tours allows you to venture out in the city and interact with its people at your own pace. You don’t have to spend huge money to appreciate the hidden gems and off-beaten spots in Dubai when you are city walking. We hope, this post will be helping you to pick your own places for a wonderful experience in Dubai.

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