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Why You Must Visit Al Hamra Beach – Ras Al Khaimah

Al Hamra Beach - Ras Al Khaimah | The Vacation Builder

When you’re looking for a sparkling white sand beach, alluring desert dunes and rough mountain terrains all at once, Ras Al Khaimah can be your best bet. Al Hamra Beach is one of the most spectacular beach destinations in this beautiful region. The crystal-clear turquoise waters will inevitably make you fall either for some exciting water activities or for an elevating family picnic.

Below we’ve got all of the reasons to step outside of Dubai, visit Ras Al Khaimah, and take a trip to Al Hamra Beach.

Where is Al Hamra Beach?

Al Hamra is an open-for-public beach that is situated along the coastline adjacent to the western side of the Jazirat Al Hamra Old Town. The distance of the beach from Ras Al Khaimah Centre is 29km and from Downtown Dubai 92km.

How to Get to Al Hamra Beach from Dubai

Ras Al Khaimah is located almost at the tip of the northernmost part of the United Arab Emirates and is around 114km away from Dubai. This stunning place comes with an equally stunning public beach, Al Hamra. If you are looking for easy and affordable transportation from Dubai to Al Hamra Beach, then Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah bus service is there for you.

Bus lines including routes 102, 103 and 104 operate between Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah. The journey time can vary from 3 – 4 hours. You can also take a direct bus from Dubai International Airport (Terminal 1 and 3) for Ras Al Khaimah. A bus ticket costs approximately 40AED per person.

Another way to reach Al Hamra Beach is to hire a taxi or to drive. Driving your own car from Dubai to Al Hamra Beach is truly a beguiling experience backed by captivating views and landscapes.

If you’re looking to hit Al Hamra Beach straight from the plane, then a short 34km taxi ride from RAK Airport will get you there for around 80AED.

Things to do at Al Hamra Beach

Although Dubai is the most popular travel destination in the UAE, tourists often look beyond to explore some unique and fascinating places in and around this city. Al Hamra Beach surely tops that list as it has so many stunning things to offer.

Below are our favourite things to do whilst at Al Hamra Beach.

1. Enjoy the Peaceful Beach Vibe Dubai City Doesn’t Offer

Things to do at Al Hamra Beach Ras al Khaimah | The Vacation Builder

Al Hamra doesn’t come with fancy sun-beds or modern loungers. Here it’s all about the sand, sea and sun. This beach is great for people who love to bring back the memories of an old-fashioned beach day with very little to spoil the natural beauty.

As Al Hamra Beach is still not infiltrated by too many tourists, you can enjoy your time without any crowd. Take a walk on the beach, swim in the open sea, collect some seashells and read a book under the shade of an umbrella. It seems everything goes slow when you are in Ras Al Khaimah.

2. Go for a Picnic

Al Hamra Beach is fairly isolated from the hustle and bustle of the main town. Therefore, planning a family picnic here is a great idea. But don’t forget to bring your own food and water as the beach doesn’t have any food stalls nearby.

You can also choose to make your own food right at the seashore. Bringing a barbeque grill will simply make the picnic more fun. Spending time with your family and friends in lieu of a picnic on Al Hamra Beach is surely tempting.

3. Night Camping

Things to do at Al Hamra Beach - Night Camping | The Vacation Builder

Just like other parts of the UAE, Al Hamra Beach shows high temperatures during the day but as soon as the night falls, the weather takes a U-turn and the sea breeze makes the temperature drop. Camping by the night is, therefore, very pleasant at Al Hamra. Setting up a bonfire, grilling food over a barbeque and gazing at the star-studded night sky is something to look forward to while camping out here.

4. Go Jet Skiing

Things to do at Al Hamra Beach - Jet Ski | The Vacation Builder

For the thrill seekers of the world there are water sports available from the nearby Hilton Al Hamra Beach & Golf Resort with a company called Adventure Sports.

Attractions Near to Al Hamra Beach

If you are left with some free time after enjoying a great time at Al Hamra Beach, you can visit and explore the following places.

1. Ghost Town of Jazirat Al Hamra

Al Hamra Beach - Things to do nearby - Ghost Town of Jazirat Al Hamra | The Vacation Builder

The old town of Jazirat Al Hamra is perhaps the most interesting and intriguing attraction near Al Hamra Beach. This was once a very flourishing village with a long-standing legacy of pearl trading.

The remnants found in the old town of Jazirat Al Hamra collectively form a stark window to peep into the ancient coastal community life in the Ras Al Khaimah region. The sight features many old houses, streets, market stalls, unearthed artifacts and mosques which will help you to take a walk through the times.

Distance from Al Hamra Beach: 2.7km

2. Al Hamra Marina & Yacht Club

Al Hamra Beach - Nearby Attractions - Al Hamra Marina & Yacht Club | The Vacation Builder

At a short 4 minute distance from Al Hamra Beach, there is the fascinating world of Al Hamra Marina & Yacht Club. The club is designed to offer some of the fun-filled and enthralling boat activities to the visitors.

Several types of boat rentals are available here so that you can pick the most suitable one for you. Non-members are allowed to take paddle boards, kayaks, pico boats etc on an hourly rental basis. Boat rentals start from AED 50 for an hour.

The entry fee to Al Hamra Marna & Yacht Club is AED 25 for adults and AED 10 for children (aged between 7 -18 years). Family Ticket of AED 40 allows entry of 2 adults and 2 children into the club.

Distance from Al Hamra Beach: 5.8km

3. Al Hamra Mall

Al Hamra Beach - Nearby Attractions - Al Hamra Mall | The Vacation Builder

One of the best places to have amazing food and shop a few things of your choice is the Al Hamra Mall that sits pretty close to the beach. This shopping centre is considered as one of the best in Ras Al Khaimah.

Al Hamra Mall houses a well-crafted amusement centre, the Fun Ville and is a hot favourite among kids and teenagers. You can also watch the latest blockbusters at the VOX Cinemas here too.

Distance from Al Hamra Beach: 1.3km

4. Al Hamra Village

Just because Al Hamra Beach is a less-crowded and secluded destination, don’t think there is no nightlife here. Al Hamra Village decks up generously after dark so that you can enjoy blissful nightlife close to the beach. You will be surprised to spot a number of well-known bars of Ras Al Khaimah including Marina Muse and Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Lounge right at Al Hamra Village. Some great dining options are also there too, including Lexington Grill, Le Chalet and UMI which are particularly known for their gourmet food menu.

Distance from Al Hamra Beach: 2km

Hotels Nearby

It’s not surprising that Al Hamra Beach features loads of luxury hotels in the neighbourhood. However, there are also plenty of budget hotels in and around the beach.

Below we’ve picked out the best ones where you can book your accommodation during your trip to Ras Al Khaimah.


Everyone loves spending time at a beach particularly when it’s stunning and yet less-crowded. Al Hamra Beach is that one place which gives you the very best a beach can offer near the city of Dubai.

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