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11 Best Places In Dubai To Watch Sunrise And Sunset

11 Best Places to Watch Sunrise and Sunset in Dubai

Dubai, the futuristic city, is a fabulous dream destination where charming places are scattered all through the town. Although majestic skyscrapers, unbelievable installations and perfectly manicured parks steal the show, there’s more to count on – gorgeous sunrise & sunset points!

Thanks to its strategic location along the banks of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is dotted with a series of spots famous for sunrise hues. Here we discover the most fabulous places in Dubai to catch the best sunrise & sunset views.

Why Dubai’s Sunrise Is So Alluring?

Dubai flaunts a more or less arid and hot climate. It is the “Golden Hours” of the sunrise when you can enjoy the most pleasant time of the day. During these hours, you can soak up as much soothing temperature and calming breezes as you want. This is the perfect time to take a stroll around the city and catch its awakening moments.

Sunrise Timings In Dubai

Here are the approximate timings of sunrise in Dubai for a year. This table will save you from missing those stunning sunrise hues in the sky early in the morning.

MonthsTimings in Dubai Local Time
April – September (Summer)5.30 AM – 6.10 AM
October – Mid December6.10 AM – 7.05 AM
Late December – March (Winter)6.10 AM – 7.00 AM

Places To Watch Sunrise And Sunset In Dubai

Now let’s get straight into those wonderful places where you can catch the best views of Dubai’s sunrise.

1. Burj Khalifa

Best Places to Watch Sunrise in Dubai - Burj Khalifa | The Vacation Builder

When it’s about beholding the mesmerizing sunrise in Dubai, nothing can come close to watching it from the Burj Khalifa. The tallest tower in the world beats every other place in the city with its sheer height where not just sunrise but also sunset also looks fantastic.

There is no better opportunity to catch the bright sunrise and sunset views from the outdoor terrace on the 124th and 125th floor ‘observation deck’ at the Burj Khalifa. The light, shadows and sunrise hues simply create a beguiling atmosphere for artistic photography.


After a gleaming dawn experience, Burj Khalifa offers visitors breakfast at the Café on every Saturday and Sunday.


1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


5.30 AM onwards


Ticket prices are AED 135 for adults and AED 100 for children. This cost includes access to both the levels and the breakfast at Café.

2. Palm Jumeirah

Best Places to Watch Sunrise in Dubai - Palm Jumeirah | The Vacation Builder

Everything looks stunning from the Palm Jumeirah! Right? Palm Jumeirah is surely the real testament to Dubai’s brilliance in modern architecture. So, it is not hard to guess that even the sunrise comes here with its best hues and captivating backdrops.

After the Burj Khalifa, this man-made palm-shaped island is the best place in the city to watch a magical sunrise. Literally from every spot in Palm Jumeirah, you can get clear views of the sunrise. We would suggest you to visit The Pointe Palm Fountain a fascinating sunset view is waiting for you with beautifully illuminating Atlantis in the backdrop.


The Pointe is the best place in Palm Jumeirah to click plenty of stunning sunrises as well as sunset moments. It also comes with a great variety of dining options.


Palm Jumeirah, Island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Deira Creek

Best Places to Watch Sunrise in Dubai - Deira Creek | The Vacation Builder

When most of us appreciate Dubai for its towering skyscrapers and modern architecture, the city has got its own old-world charm. Deira Creek located in Old Dubai, depicts the best part of Dubai’s good old days. Deira Creek, the remnant of Dubai’s commercial hub back in the day, offers a whole new vantage point of beholding sunrise in the town.

The warm orange and bright purple sunrise hues are inevitable parts of sunrise and sunset at Deira Creek. When sunlight shines across this place and reflects off the water and silver buildings of the area, it fills the whole locality with an ethereal glow.


You can hop on to a traditional Abra at the “Golden Hour” to watch mesmerizing sunset hues in Deira. If you don’t wish to venture across the water, then sit by markets or fishing boats to relish these fascinating moments.


Old Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

4. Kite Beach

Best Places to Watch Sunrise in Dubai - Kite Beach | The Vacation Builder

There so many things to do and enjoy at the Kite Beach in Dubai. This beach is one of the best in and around the city and it remains the top favourite among the photographers for obvious reasons. Be it sunrise or sunset – Kite Beach offers the most rejuvenating views for sure. Everything from Kite Beach looks magical when the sun paints the skyline with vibrant hues.

From this beach, you can click some impressive photographs with the beautiful backdrop of the iconic Burj Al Arab. Kite Beach is well-known for its adrenaline-pumping water activities and cozy eateries. After a great treat to your eyes, Kite Beach can offer you the best treat for your tastebuds too.


There are loads of things to do at Kite Beach apart from enjoying a blissful sunrise or sunset. Kayaking and kitesurfing are the most popular adventure sports to try here. This place is ideal for a day-out at the beach with the whole family.


Kite Beach, Off the Jumeirah neighbourhood, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

5. Al Qudra Lake

Best Places to Watch Sunrise in Dubai - Al Qudra Lakes | The Vacation Builder

Dubai and its neighbouring regions are not well blessed with lakes and waterbodies. But that actually worked as a strong inspiration to create them artificially. Al Qudra Lake is a perfect example of this. This oasis, sitting in the middle of the city, offers shelter to more than 130 avian species and many desert creatures including antelopes and camels.

Watching sunrise or sunset over the horizons of this stunning lake is truly a delightful experience. The chirping of birds makes the scene even more alluring. Don’t forget your camera to bring here to capture captivating sunset views and peaceful surroundings at the Al Qudra Lake.


Al Qudra Lake brings both the beach and desert together. Reflection of sunrise or sunsets on the rippling water looks heavenly. You can plan a rewarding outdoor camping with your kids here and enjoy a wonderful birdwatching session simultaneously.

Location Al Qudra Lake Wildlife Park, Al Qudra Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

6. Madinat Jumeirah

Best Places in Dubai to Watch Sunrise - Madinat Jumeirah | The Vacation Builder

Known as one of the most spectacular and panoramic places in Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah is so ideal to behold an overwhelming sunrise view in the region. This luxury resort showcases every modern facility that one requires for a blissful stay.

When you aim for best-in-class grandeur backed by splendid views, Madinat Jumeirah is there to cater your dreams. You will be surprised to know that the area houses around 40 world-class restaurants, lounges, a souk and a private beach.


Madinat Jumeirah’s private beach is certainly the most desired place to watch a serene sunrise while getting freshened up with fresh breezes. You can pick your cozy spot in Madinat Jumeirah to get he best view of the city and the sea.


6 King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

7. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Best Places to Watch Sunrise in Dubai - Hot Air Balloon | The Vacation Builder

Floating at an average height of 4,000 feet above the ground and watching the Hajar Mountains guarding your back is truly an invigorating and unbelievable experience. This heavenly feel can come true if you sign up for a hot air balloon ride in Dubai.

Hot air balloon rides are usually arranged in the early morning hours in Dubai so that you can watch the sunrise up above the sky and far from the ground. Witnessing the sun paint the sky with different hues while floating across the expansive sand dunes and barren lands is indeed magical.


There are a number of reputed hot air balloon agencies in Dubai to take you up in the sky during the “Golden Hours”. There is absolutely no problem in finding the right agency that fits your budget and your requirements.


Hot air balloon ride price usually starts from AED 1,000 per person. Price may vary depending upon the package you choose.

8. Desert Safari

Best Places to Watch Sunrise in Dubai -Desert Safari | The Vacation Builder

For good reason, a desert safari is one of the most anticipated and favourite tourist activities in Dubai. Apart from the fun part and thrill element, Dubai desert safari is one of the most fascinating ways to behold magical moments during sunrise or sunset.

Desert safari’s in Dubai are often considered the most rewarding adventure activity as it gives your that rare opportunity to watch the sun come out or go away amidst the massive ocean of sand.


Desert safari’s in Dubai are a blend of natural beauty, wildlife and breathtaking panoramic views. Such safari trips take you on a journey of your lifetime and you can freeze those moments with your shooting gear.

Camel rides, photoshoots in traditional Emirati attires, sandboarding and Henna painted on your hands are just some of the added attractions.

9. Al Jaddaf

Best Places to Watch Sunrise in Dubai - Al Jaddaf | The Vacation Builder

Dubai knows exactly how to surprise people with innovations. The whole city is dotted with a hoard of places to offer stunning views of sunrise and sunset. If you are looking for a fantastic sunrise point without much crowd, then Al Jaddaf should be your pick.

Covering a stretch of around 7 kilometres, Al Jaddaf is a hub full of pubs, clubs and restaurants. This place doesn’t attract much crowd which means you can have your time in the lap of solitude.


Overlooking the Dubai Creek, Al Jadaf is the best spot in the town to hail a boat and then take a tour around Dubai to explore its gems. The boat ride also allows you to have a blissful time with mesmerizing sunrise moments.


Dubai Culture Village, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

10. Sunset Beach

Best Places to Watch Sunrise in Dubai - Sunset Beach | The Vacation Builder

Living true to its name, Sunset Beach is one of the most favourite places in Dubai to watch the sunset over a serene location. This beach is pretty close to another popular destination, Kite Beach but it is certainly quieter.

The quiet surroundings of Sunset Beach make a perfect romantic set-up for couples to adore a relaxed and tranquil sunset.


You can also find the lush Umm Suqeim Park within the walking distance from Sunset Beach. Plenty of restaurants and cafes from this park offer a variety of cuisines. Friday early morning hours are the best time to visit the beach as well as the park.


Just behind the Umm Suqeim Park in Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

11. Bluewaters Island

Best Places to Watch Sunrise in Dubai - Bluewaters Island | The Vacation Builder

Bluewaters Island is a luxurious residential complex in Dubai which is famous for its gleaming nights and alluring sunrise hues. This place opens up a whole new world of entertainment with its vibrant commercial zones.

During the early morning hours, Bluewaters Island becomes illuminated with all shades from the sun and the skyline looks ravishing with the fascinating city backdrop. When it’s about wonderful sunrise spots in the town, Bluewaters Island can’t be skipped.


At Bluewaters Island, you can find a pedestrian bridge connecting the main island with Jumeirah Beach Residence. You can take a stroll on the bridge or on the beach to enjoy spectacular sunrise.


Jumeirah Beach Residence Coastline, Near Dubai Marina, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Tips For A Wonderful Sunrise Experience In Dubai

  • Wear something light and comfortable. Consider the weather and the local vibe before choosing your attire.
  • Always carry something that can add more warmth to your body as early morning hours in Dubai can cause a little chill in the air.
  • Never forget your cameras. You must check if your shooting gear is working properly or not the day before you visit the sunrise/sunset point. Don’t let the camera ditch you when you need it the most.
  • Always look for the signboards that tell something related to photography. Although Dubai doesn’t restrict anyone to click photographs unless and until it’s a matter of security or personal privacy.


In the bustling city of Dubai, it is really surprising to find sunrise and sunset so captivating. But this is the truth! We have crafted this post so that you don’t have to research much to experience the best sunrise/sunset experience in Dubai.

Thank you for reading. For everything Dubai & Abu Dhabi check out our other articles here. Also make sure to follow us on Pinterest and Subscribe to our Youtube Channel too!

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