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How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai?

How Much do Hotels Cost in Dubai

Dubai is filled with luxury hotels, and plenty of them! If you are considering a stay any time soon you may be wondering, How Much do Hotels Cost in Dubai? Scrolling through tens of hotel sites can be overwhelming so here we have put together a month by month guide to the actual costs of hotels in Dubai from 2020.

The overall average cost of a hotel in Dubai in 2020 was 771AED / £151 / $209.

All of the below is based on real figures from Trivago’s Hotel Price Index. We will keep updating this article each year to give all travellers a true reflection of real hotel costs in Dubai.

Which Month Has the Cheapest Hotels in Dubai?

Dubai Average Hotel Prices | The Vacation Builder

Overall, the cheapest month to visit Dubai for hotel costs alone was May. An average hotel stay in May 2020 was just 530AED/£104/$144!

Depending on where in the world you are flying in from, will affect your overall vacation costs. For more on that, check our guide below.

How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai in January?

Winter in Dubai is a popular time to visit. The desert temperatures become more bearable and January is the coolest time to visit. Temperatures are generally in their low 20’s most days which is perfect for sightseeing.

The only downside to visiting Dubai in January is that it is one of the most expensive months to book a hotel.

The average hotel price in Dubai for January 2020 was 1019AED / £200 / $277 per night.

Just because hotels are generally expensive in Dubai in January doesn’t mean that you can’t grab a good deal though. Typically waiting to book until last minute can see you get a good rate. Many tourists opt to stay in Dubai over New Years which pushes the average price up. Staying during the middle of January can see prices fall quite considerably.

We found a night at Shangri La Hotel for just 706AED / £139 / $192 in mid January 2022, which is much less than the monthly average, so don’t be put off visiting Dubai in January.

How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai in February?

Continue into February and the weather starts to pick up by a couple of degrees, but hotels are generally cheaper. This makes February a great time to visit Dubai.

The average cost of a nights stay in February during 2020 was 875AED / £172 / $238.

February is generally a quieter month to visit Dubai. Coupling that with the mild temperatures and cheaper hotels makes February a better time to visit than January.

How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai in March?

When thinking of the weather, March is definitely one of the best times to visit Dubai. Temperatures generally reach the high 20’s most days which is perfect for both exploring without too much sweat, and relaxing by the sea.

The average hotel price during March 2020 in Dubai was 748AED/£147/$203.

How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai in April?

April is usually the month of Easter which means term holidays and trips to Dubai! Although the locals still class April as one of the last winter months, most around the world wouldn’t class 30C as winter!

The average cost of a hotel in Dubai in April 2020 was 790AED/£155/$215.

April is another great month to visit Dubai to grab some rays at a reduced cost.

How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai in May?

The start of summer. May is when the heat really starts to turn up in Dubai. If you are visiting any time between May and September make sure to pack plenty of sun-screen and choose a hotel with beach access and plenty of pools!

The average cost of a hotel in Dubai during May 2020 was 530AED/£104/$144.

May is the month for extremely low hotels in Dubai!

How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai in June?

Now we are in to the really hot months. Visit Dubai during this time only if you are used to / enjoy the extreme heat!

When it comes to hotel prices, June 2020 had an average nightly cost of 823AED/£161/$224.

How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai in July?

July is the month when Dubai usually see’s temperatures well into the 40’s. However, you can grab yourself a bargain hotel if you are capable of dealing with the heat!

July 2020’s hotel prices averaged out at just 699AED/£137/$190 per night!

How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai in August?

In fourth place for the cheapest month to stay in a Dubai hotel is August. August in Dubai is hot hot hot! But so are the prices!

The average nightly stay in a Dubai hotel in August 2020 was just 639AED/£125/$173.

How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai in September?

We explored the cheapest time to visit Dubai in a previous post; which turned out to be September. What’s more, hotel prices in Dubai during September are very reasonable too.

The average cost of a hotel during September 2020 in Dubai was 593AED/£116/$161.

How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai in October?

October is definitely one of the best times of year to visit Dubai. The weather generally hovers around the mid thirties and it’s not too busy. However, hotel prices are usually on the up from this time of year as we enter the winter season.

The average cost of a night in a Dubai hotel during October 2020 was 869AED/£170/$236.

If you are reading this article in 2021, remember, The Dubai Expo runs from October 2021 to April 2022 and will have a big influence on hotel costs.

How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai in November?

November, similar to March, is probably one of the best times to visit Dubai with regards to the weather. Temperatures during the day time are generally around 29 to 31C which is great for pool time, water parks or sightseeing.

The average hotel cost during November 2020 in Dubai was 608AED/£119 /$165. This makes November the second cheapest month to book a hotel in Dubai.

How Much Do Hotels Cost in Dubai in December?

December is the most expensive time to stay in a hotel in Dubai. There is no wonder really, with this being the Christmas and New Year break for many around the world.

December in Dubai is jam packed with a festival type atmosphere. There is so much going on in and around the city in December for Christmas and New Year. The temperatures are still around 26C most days and anyone who has been to Dubai before, knows all about the Christmas shopping experience!

The average cost of a night in a hotel in Dubai during December 2020 was 1068AED/£210/$290.

This works out at more than double the cost of staying during May!

Don’t Be Put Off Visiting Dubai by the Averages!

All of the above will give you a general idea, by month, of the cost of hotels in Dubai. However, if you are looking to visit in any particular month, like January for example, do not be put off by the averages!

The average hotel price takes into account all of the high end and low end hotels in Dubai. Keeping a keen eye on the hotel search engines and booking at the right time can still mean you can visit in during your month of choice and still at a good price.

For more on How to Visit Dubai on a Budget, check out our guide below.


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