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September in Dubai - Month Guide

September is when you can expect to see Dubai cool down ever so slightly, but don’t get us wrong, it’s still a scorcher!

We are now on month 9 of our month by month guide to Dubai. Below we will be taking a look at the weather, reasons to visit Dubai during September, events going on throughout the month, and the average hotel and flight prices too.

We will hopefully be able to get you prepared for what you can expect by choosing to visit Dubai in September!

What’s the Weather Like in September?

What's The Weather Like in Dubai in September? | The Vacation Builder

You can expect to see the Dubai desert temperature begin to drop in September by approximately 3°C compared to those in August. The average night temperatures also drop by approximately 3°C compared to August. But you will be still looking at high 30s during the day and high 20s during the night!

As for the sea temperature, you can expect it to still be warm, only dropping by 1°C compared to August. September also has nice early sunrises, which are perfect for a morning jog or a refreshing swim in the sea before it gets too hot!

Reasons to Visit Dubai in September

September is a great off-peak time to visit Dubai as there isn’t too much tourism about due to the heat and being out of term season.

Temperatures are also dropping slightly as Dubai begins to exit the summer months. The heat may be a bit more tolerable but don’t underestimate it, it will still be very hot! However, if you are from an exotic hot country, you may be used to these kind of temperatures, in which case, September is the optimal time to visit!

Reasons to Visit Dubai in September | The Vacation Builder

A key draw to visiting in September is that we found it to be the cheapest month to go to Dubai. If you are looking for a more budget friendly luxury holiday, September may be a time worth considering! Just remember to keep hydrated and avoid spending extended periods of time in the sun.

Dubai Events in September

As September is still in the hot summer, there will not be an awful lot of events happening. However, compared to some of the previous months, there are more citywide things going on.

Saudi National Day

Dubai Events in September - Saudi National Day | The Vacation Builder

Saudi National Day is celebrated every year on the 23rd September to commemorate the 1932 renaming of the Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

You can find all sorts of cultural entertainment all across the city as well as live concerts, fireworks, and various shows. Previously, there have been Saudi Arabia flags illuminated on Dubai’s most iconic landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Frame.

The full details of the day haven’t been revealed yet, so stay tuned!

23rd September 2021

Dubai Home Festival

The Dubai Home Festival is a must for anyone who is in need of new furniture or simply loves a sale!

It was launched to support the homeware and interior design sectors in Dubai. The festival features not only established brands, but also gives young creators a platform to showcase their work.

The Dubai Home Festival also offers massive discounts on many different brands, various free design consultations, raffle draws, and numerous special events.

19th – 30th September 2021

Destination Dubai

Dubai Events in September - Destination Dubai | The Vacation Builder

If you are keen to experience Dubai’s nightlife, you could consider Destination Dubai.

Destination Dubai is an urban event that takes place over 7 days. There are various activities including a water park visit, a comedy show, a city tour, and a Burj Khalifa visit. There are also various excursions included such as yacht cruises and a desert safari trip.

As for the nightlife, there are all sorts of parties taking place including a pool party, beach party, and chill out party.

The number of events you can attend will vary on the package you opt for, but this could be a great trip for those wanting to unwind in an urban style!

23rd – 30th September 2021

Can buy individual tickets for specific events

Packages range from £550/$755/2800AED to £1799/$2360/9150AED

Fall/Winter Collection Launch

The fall/winter collection launch will be a popular one for fashion lovers! You can find new season offers and sales, and will have the chance to stock up on new trending fashion lines from all sorts of high-street brands!

The sale marks the end of the hot summer and welcomes the cooler and touristy winter months with open arms.

5th – 18th September 2021

How Much is a Vacation to Dubai in September

As we mentioned, September is the cheapest time to visit Dubai! On average, hotels will cost you approximately 593 AED / £125 / $161! Compared to the peak times, you will be looking at spending on average 1,068 AED / £216 / $300. Going on holiday in September will cost you almost half the price of travelling during the busier times!

How Much is a Vacation to Dubai in September | The Vacation Builder

At peak times, you are looking at spending at least 1,781 AED / £351 for a round trip direct flight per person from London to Dubai. For flights with one or more stops, this will cost at least 1,330 AED / £262 per person for a round trip flight.


Thank you for reading our guide to Dubai in September. Be aware that September is still an incredibly hot month to visit, the sun is not going anywhere yet! The attractions will be quieter, and in general, the city will be too. However, when compared to previous summer months, there are certainly a lot more citywide events going on.

The main selling point for September is the fact that it is the cheapest month to visit, so if you do want a luxury holiday on a bit of a budget, then September is the perfect time of year to visit!

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