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The Best Hotels in JBR for Every Budget!

The Best Hotels at JBR for Every Budget | The Vacation Builder

Jumeirah Beach Residence is a 1.7 kilometre stretch of beach and promenade a stones throw away from Dubai Marina. The attractive location of the hotels in this area attracts a significant section of tourists throughout the year.

The glamourous JBR has never failed to impress tourists over the years and is a safe bet for any first timer visiting Dubai.

If you’re planning to take a trip to JBR, this guide is definitely for you. Below we’ve set out the best hotels in JBR for low, medium and high budgets. Choose the best among the rest without burning a hole in your pocket!

Budget Hotels at JBR – Our Top 3 – Under 500 AED

Are you on a tight budget? Then this section will relieve you from all that midnight tension of choosing the best hotel within your range. We have picked up the three best budget hotels in the Jumeirah Beach Residence area based on our personal experience. 

1. Ramada Hotel and Suites by Wyndham

The Best Hotels at JBR for Every Budget - Low Budgets - Ramada Hotel and Suites | The Vacation Builder
Enjoy Views of JBR, Bluewaters Island & Dubai Marina from Ramada JBR

Ramada Hotel & Suites by Wyndham Dubai, a five-star hotel equipped with the best amenities, welcomes tourists at a jaw-dropping rate. The service is highly satisfactory, and you cannot resist hitting a five-star review.

A night for a couple here is available from as little as 368 AED.

Tripadvisor Rating- 4.5/5.0

2. Marina View Hotel Apartments Dubai

The Best Hotels in JBR for Every Budget - Low Budget - Marina View Hotel and Apartments | The Vacation Builder

Here you can get exclusive amenities during your trip that is within your budget. Check in the Marina View Hotel Apartments in JBR for a luxurious stay with studios, a swimming pool, and a gym. Spend 314 AED per day for a couple staying overnight here. Isn’t the price unbelievable?

Tripadvisor Rating- 4.0/5.0

3. Suha JBR Hotel and Apartments

The Best Hotels in JBR for Every Budget - Low Budget - Suha Hotel and Apartments | The Vacation Builder

Suha JBR Hotel & Apartments didn’t just make the 2021 TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Awards because of it’s low cost. The sylish and modern accommodations here coupled with incredible marina and beach views, rooftop pool and up to four bedrooms (perfect for families) makes this a great budget choice.

Apartments start from just 446 AED which is a steal considering the location so close to The Beach.

Tripadvisor Rating- 4/5.0

Medium Budget Hotels at JBR – Our Top 3 Between 500 & 1,500 AED

This section of our guide is undoubtedly the most preferable among tourists. While planning a trip, tourists are primarily in search of hotels that provide the most facilities at an affordable price. We heard you right! In this section, we will bring up such gems that give you all comforts at a much less than expected price.

Here are our three medium-budget hotels in Jumeirah Beach Residence. 

1 . JA Hotel Ocean View

The Best Hotels in JBR for Every Budget - Medium Budgets - JA Ocean View Hotel | The Vacation Builder

JA Hotel Ocean View is a five-star hotel with an attached spa, swimming pool, gym, and meditation area. The room’s interior decoration is so lavish that it feels more like a home than a hotel.

The spacious balcony attached to each room will grab all your attention. The room service is excellent and deserves a thumbs up right away. Here you are going to get all these facilities right in the heart of Jumeirah Beach Residence at 1,000 AED for a couple staying overnight.

Tip: Friday Brunch here is out of this world

Tripadvisor Rating- 4.5/5.0

2. Hilton Dubai The Walk

The Best Hotels in JBR for Every Budget - Medium Budgets - Hilton The Walk | The Vacation Builder

If safety is your priority, then the Hilton Dubai The Walk is the best place for you.

The most striking feature of this hotel is that they have incredible dining options and an amazing rooftop bar. The chefs are experienced and will serve you hot delicious food every time you feel hungry. A footbridge connects this Hilton Hotel with its sister hotel and also grants access to the hotels spa and marina beach.

We found 1 night here for as cheap as 990 AED on Hotels.com

TripAdvisor Rating- 4.5/5.0

3. Delta Hotels Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

The Best Hotels in JBR for Every Budget - Medium Budgets - Delta JBR | The Vacation Builder

You dreamt of a sea-facing hotel, and as always, we are here to bring your dream close to reality.

You would be delighted to know that you get a sea-facing hotel with an attached balcony all within your medium budget with Delta Hotels Jumeirah Beach. Brazilian cuisine lovers are going to love it here, but that’s not all as there are a total of 5 restaurants to choose from.

Rooftop views, a swimming pool, fitness centre and on site massage centre all add to reasons why this hotel is incredible value for money. Apartments are available with up to 4 bedrooms, which is great for families.

Rooms here are available for as low as 690 AED per night.

TripAdvisor Rating- 4.5/5.0

Luxury Hotels at JBR – Our Top 3 – Over 1,500 AED

Welcome to the elite group of hotels! You need not compromise on a single thing during your trip if you choose any of these next hotels.

The next three are for larger budgets, but that will be compensated by the enormous amount of good memories that you will carry along with you. To be a part of luxury staying at Jumeirah Beach Residence, book your room in any one of the three below-mentioned best hotels.

1. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai – Jumeirah Beach

The Best Hotels in JBR for Every Budget - High Budget - Double Tree Hilton The Walk | The Vacation Builder

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai is the most beautiful and spacious hotel in the entire Jumeirah Beach Residential area.

Some people may say “the sun rises in the west” (which can never be the truth), but you will not find a single person who is not satisfied after staying in this hotel. Experience a night here with your family and take back bundles of good memories with you. There are different types of suites available, and the cost varies according to it. 

The ocean front infinity pool, private stretch of beach and full service spa are all what contributes to this hotel being one of the best on The Walk. The resort is also great for families and features a children’s pool too.

TripAdvisor Rating- 4.5/5.0

2. Ritz Carlton

The Best Hotels in JBR for Every Budget - High Budget - Ritz Carlton JBR | The Vacation Builder

Just a few steps from The Walk at JBR is one of the most renowned luxury hotel chains in the world.

Ritz Carlton JBR not only has the most tranquil swimming pools of any JBR hotel but sea facing guest rooms and suites, incredible leisure facilities, a kids club, 9 restaurants, 2 poolside bars and a lazy river! We aren’t even going into an exhaustive list here. The hotel is just incredible!

TripAdvisor Ratings 4.5/5

3.  Address Beach Resort JBR

The Best Hotels in JBR for Every Budget - High Budgets - Address Beach Resort | The Vacation Builder

Address Beach Resort wows its residents with probably the best rooftop terrace and bar in the whole of JBR. Unparralelled views of JBR and Bluewaters Island are not all that this hotel offers though.

There’s a ton of facilities including kids club, beach bar, playground, pool bar, children’s pool, spa, private beach access and 5 restaurants.

Address Beach Resort was rated our favourite Address Hotel in Dubai in a previous article and there is no wonder why!

TripAdvisor Ratings 4.5/5

By now, you may have already decided on your budget cap but you are confused about which of the three you should choose to stay when you are going on a vacation to Dubai? So, in this next section, we will pick the best hotel from every budget range for you to choose from. 

The Best Low Budget Hotel at JBR..

The Suha JBR Hotel & Apartments makes the cut for our favour budget hotel in JBR.

The value for money available from this place is unrivalled when we compare to the location and facilities available. The hotel made TripAdvisors Travellers Choice Awards in 2021 and is also a great bet for families.

The Best Medium Budget Hotel in JBR..

Sea-facing hotels are the trendy demand among tourists presently. The Delta Hotel in JBR has seen saturated bookings in the last few years. The hospitality of the hotel staff has gone out of the way to impress the tourists who chose to lodge here. From housekeeping to room service, Delta Hotels deserve a five-star rating in every aspect. 

Next, coming to the location of the hotel, it is located in Bahar 7, right at the heart of Jumeirah Beach Residence. The area seems creamy, right? Yes, indeed it is. 

There are 360 guest suites in the apartment, a waiting lounge, reception, gym, meditation space, a swimming pool and five international cuisine serving restaurants. They serve food native to different countries, which is highly appreciated among tourists. Free Wi-Fi facilities and swimming pool need no extra mention, at least when speaking about the Delta Hotels in JBR.

This choice may surprise some as both JA Ocean View and The Hilton seem more lavish. However, when we consider value for money there is no rival in this category.

The Best Luxury Hotel in JBR..

The Best Hotels in JBR for Every Budget - The Best Luxury Hotel is Address Beach Resort | The Vacation Builder

It was a difficult choice between Ritz Carlton and Address Beach Resort but Address Beach Resort just about edges the win for us!

The location of this resort on the edge of JBR means that views are easily captured of all three of Bluewaters Island, The Walk and Palm Jumeirah.

What’s more, the cuisine available here and quality of rooms make your stay feel that extra bit more luxurious!


Jumeirah Beach Residence has been the focus of tourists over the years. We have today given you an overview of the best hotels in each price range. Hopefully we’ve helped you make your choice on which hotel to choose!

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