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Dubai Spice Souk | A Complete Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Dubai Spice Souk | The Vacation Builder

Despite Dubai’s awe-inspiring architecture and modern way of life there’s much more culture to explore than you may imagine.

Today, we take a look at one of our favourite places to visit, the Dubai Spice Souk. A traditional Arabian market bursting with taste, and one you cannot miss out on when visiting Dubai.

Snuggled into the narrow lanes of Deira, the spice souk takes you through an intriguing aromatic journey. Be ready to breathe in the smell of all those mystical and aromatic spices across the Arabian Peninsula while treating your eyes with colourful vistas of the surrounding.

Additionally, apart from enjoying a great shopping opportunity, the Dubai spice souk is the holy ground to snap some breathtaking photographs, depicting the riot of colours in best way. And if you want to extend your shopping to some great abayas, click here for the best places in Dubai.

So, are you ready to embark on the journey to mystical world of spice? If, yes then carry on reading.

How to Get to Dubai Spice Souk

Dubai Spice Souk is located next to its very sought-after counterpart, the Dubai Gold Souk.

While the glitter of the Gold Souk is enough to overshadow the presence of this spice souk, surprisingly this small place has crafted a special niche in the travel map of Dubai. With its old-world charms and exotic characteristics, Dubai spice souk is a must visit.

You can reach Dubai spice souk by Metro. The nearest Metro Stations is the Al Ras Station. Take the Green Line. The souk is about a few hundred yards away from the exit of the Metro Station.

Here’s a map below to assist.

Al Ras to Dubai Spice Souk

There is another interesting and exciting way to get to the spice souk. You could take an Abra boat for instance!

Jump into a small boat from the Deira Creek jetty and reach the souk across the creek. It will cost you no more than 1 AED! Amazing value right!?

Dubai Abra Boat Rides to Dubai Spice Souk | Everything You Need to Know About Dubai Spice Souk | The Vacation Builder
Abra Boat Rides to Spice Souk are Joyful & Cost Effective

Dubai Spice Souk Opening Hours

The souk operates every day of the week from 10 o’clock in the morning to 10 o’clock at night except for Fridays. Friday opening hours are from 4 pm to 10 pm. The spice market goes on a break between 1 pm to 4 pm. This means you can plan your spice journey without any rush and chalk out a relaxed itinerary to suit your needs.

We suggest you to start your trip at the early hours. This will present you with a rare opportunity to take gorgeous photos of piles of spices with an equally gorgeous backdrop.

As the market reaches its peak hours, it becomes really hard to catch those interesting moments and explore the neighbourhood.

Restaurants Close to Spice Souk

While roaming through the slender lanes of Dubai Spice Souk, aromatic smells coming from those exotic spices is enough to make one go hungry.

Several local eateries are available in and around this souk which will help you to fill your tummy with delectable local dishes. You can trust these eateries when it comes to staying true to the traditional Arabic cooking style.

Below are the most popular and reliable restaurants near the spice souk, but there are plenty of others that you can give a fair try.

  • Bayt Al-Wakeel: This is one of the best and nearest restaurants to Dubai Spice Souk. Located at the Creekside close to the Dubai Old Souk Marine Transport Station, Bayt Al-Wakeel serves dinners with authentic Arabic and fusion preparations.
  • Bastakiah Nights: Housed inside building #2 at Al Fahidi Street at the locality of Historical Bathakiya. Bastakiah Nights is a wonderful place to enjoy more Arabic cuisine. This place is actually a mansion which has been converted into a restaurant with wise interiors.
  • Basta Art Café: If you are looking for a dining option where you can relish both Arabic food and arts, then it has to be the Basta Art Café. This café gives you plenty of opportunity to choose from its sumptuous menu card listing local food, snacks and Arabic delicacies.

Hotels Near Dubai Spice Souk

When it comes to hotel accommodation, Dubai can astonish travellers with every sort of luxury. All the hotels of the town are quite dedicated towards their job and you can surely enjoy a blissful stay at any of them.

When seeking to stay near the souk, you can browse through a series of hotels, ranging from luxury to standard types. Depending on the availability and your budget, you will not face any problem at all to pick a hotel of your choice near the souk area.

Here are few hotels from the nearby locality that can be your abode during your trip to Dubai.

  • Mazmi Casa: This place is just 0.3 km far from the Deira Spice Souk and houses rooms with excellent facilities including air conditioning, wi-fi, restaurant and a bar.
  • Al Seef Heritage Hotel Dubai: This fabulous hotel comes under the Curio Collection by Hilton and there is no place better than this to book your stay amidst the most authentic Arabian setting. The hotel is about 0.9 km away from the spice souk. All rooms of the hotel are equipped with flat-screen TV, wi-fi, air condition, a fridge, a desk, a bidet and a hair-dryer.
  • XVA Art Hotel: Located at the heart of historical Al Bastakiya, the XVA Art Hotel is truly an invigorating experience from your Dubai days. Well-furnished and meticulously designed rooms of this hotel introduce you to the artworks of celebrated artists and famous designers of the region.

Dubai Spice Souk Location

The spice souk is located at Al Baniyas Street. Narrow lanes of the spice market lie at Al Ras in Deira. For more easy direction, you can ask for the Dubai Gold Souk which sits just beside the spice souk.

Address: Sikkat Al Khail Road Al Ras, Dubai 75157 United Arab Emirates.

Spice Souk Prices

Dubai Spice Souk Prices | Everything You Need to Know About Dubai Spice Souk | The Vacation Builder

If those not so well-organised shops and shabby appearance of the locality of the spice souk is giving you a notion of cheap shopping experience, then stop there. In fact, the truth is complete opposite. Everything including the spices are all costly and if you’re a foreign traveller, then be ready to receive heavily inflated price quote for every item you decide to buy.

Dubai spice souk is the best place in the town to showcase your bargaining skills. Respectful bargaining can really help you to shop till you drop.

What to buy at Dubai Spice Souk

What to buy at Dubai Spice Souk | Everything You Need to Know About Dubai Spice Souk | The Vacation Builder

Of course, Dubai Spice Souk is the best place to shop any sort of spices particularly the exotic ones but that doesn’t mean there is nothing more to shop for.

Dubai spice souk is surely a lovely vibrant paradise to every shopaholic. Apart from spices, you can stuff your bags with fragrant herbs, room fresheners, nuts, dry fruits, essential oils, textiles, perfumes and many more. Just name what you are looking for and you can probably find it at Dubai Spice Souk.

Other Shops Nearby

When visiting Dubai Spice Souk, ensure you make the most of being in the area. Just a stone’s throw away there is Dubai Gold Souk. There is also The Perfume Souk which offers traditional perfumes and fragrances. Additionally, the Old Souk is worth a visit for a taste of a traditional Arabian market.

All of the other souks you can visit are within approximately 300m, so is easy walkable.


When visiting Dubai, it is easy to forget about the ancient heritage that the city holds. This is due to the modern way of living and the many luxurious activities and places there are here.

Make sure you take a day off to walk through the many traditional souks of Dubai as we are sure you will not regret it.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post about Dubai’s Spice Souk. Make sure to come back for more on Travel & Living in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Follow us on Pinterest and Youtube too!

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