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Dubai Expo 2021 | Tickets | Location | Guide

Dubai Expo 2021 | Tickets | Location | Guide | The Vacation Builder

Dubai is the rumbling ground of global ethnicity and endless opportunity. This city has already established its strong reputation as a vibrant cosmopolitan travel destination.

It would be unfair to judge this fabulous city only with its travel hotspots, duty-free shopping scene and inspiring architecture. That’s why we have put together Your Guide to the Dubai Expo 2021.

When you look beyond the typical definition, you will discover Dubai as one of the fastest emerging business hubs in the world. And what else can be better than Dubai Expo 2021, to understand the true essence of this city through a spectacular show.

What is Dubai Expo?

We have witnessed many grand celebrations across the globe to rejoice several occasions but when we are talking about Dubai Expo, we are actually looking at the World’s Greatest Show. With a tagline of:

“Connecting minds and creating the future”

Dubai Expo is designed to celebrate the union of human brilliance and its achievements.

Dubai Expo 2021 is the first World Expo in Africa, Middle East and South Asia region. This is internationally known as MEASA. This mega event is going to welcome approximately 200 + international participants coming from a record number of 192 countries.

What is the Purpose of Dubai Expo?

This is the greatest opportunity for us to connect with many other people from every corner of the world.

The purpose of Dubai Expo is to meet new people and celebrate the best forms of culture, art, science, innovation, technology and geography together.

Different nationalities and ethnicities come together as one at such an event.

Through this grand event, the UAE has decided to show the world what can be possible to achieve when we all come together. Dubai Expo also aims to inspire the next generation to work towards the innovation that can play a benevolent role in pushing human progress further for next 50 years.

The Expo will showcase UAE’s vision by promoting tourism, business development and establishing the country as a lucrative global venue.

The Expo will allow each visitor and participant to realise their potential as well as strength of collaboration between different sets of organisations to achieve more sustainable growth of humanity and the planet.

When is Dubai Expo 2021?

This event was originally scheduled for October 20, 2020. The last date of the Expo was due on April 10. 2021. But the authority has revised the dates and suggested a delay in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Dubai Expo 2021 will be hosted between October 1st 2021 and March 31st 2022.

How to Get Tickets for Dubai Expo 2021

The countdown to Dubai Expo 2021 has started but make sure you collect your tickets early. This grand event is going to be nothing but fun, food, creativity, music and technology.

Open 7 days a week to entertain you with as much as 60 daily shows organised in Expo-managed spaces. Shows spaces such as Al Wasl Plaza, three Thematic Pavilions, parks and several public areas will be optimised for use.

Tickets to this mega event became available in April 2020. One-day tickets are priced at AED 120 and a three-day ticket will cost you AED 260.

If you’ve already booked your ticket for Dubai Expo 2020, don’t worry. Tickets will have the full value but it will be replaced for new dates. New tickets will be sent directly to your email address at later dates. You can also request a refund in case you can’t make it during the new dates.

There are several attractive discounts and offers available with Dubai Expo tickets. The students of any age are eligible to receive 50% off while youths aged between 6 and 17 years and caregivers can also avail 50% discount on actual ticket price. There is no entry fee for differently-abled, senior citizens (above the age of 65 years) and kids aged 5 years and below.

Where to Buy Tickets for Dubai Expo

To promote fair and easy distribution of tickets amongst all Expo enthusiasts, organisers have allowed resellers to sell Expo tickets. One can also collect the ticket directly from the counters at the Expo 2021 venue.

For online ticket purchases follow this link.

Expo Location

To organize a grand event like this, a giant area is mandatory. It is no wonder the organisers chose an area of 4.38 square kilometres, located at Dubai South District.

The exact location of the Expo is at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, close to Al Maktoum International Airport. You can also access the Expo site seamlessly from Abu Dhabi International Airport and Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminals.

Dubai Exhibition Centre will be soon presented with its own metro stations (two in number) to ensure smooth and comfortable transportation of 36,000 passengers per hour.

Hotels Near Dubai Expo

When planning a trip to the Dubai Expo, book hotels in advance as they will sell out quickly.

Alternatively, apartments near the Expo 2021 site are available for rent. Such accommodations are perfect for people who want to relish a home like environment. Apartments offer more space for sure but the guests have to manage their living on their own.

If you are more interested in plunging into the unmatched hospitality of Dubai’s hotels, then Expo 2021 presents you with plenty of opportunity. Below are mentions of a few of the best hotels in and around the Dubai Exhibition Centre that you can consider.

  • Novotel Trade Centre: Encompassing 412 rooms with outdoor facilities like gym, beauty salon and swimming pool; Novotel Trade Centre is the best hotel to choose for your Dubai Expo visit.
  • Ibis One Central: This is the largest hotel in the Expo 2021 area with the total of 588 rooms. This hotel offers easy and fastest access to the exhibition halls of the Expo site.
  • Ibis Trade Centre: Fitted with 210 aesthetically decorated room, this hotel aims to offer best-in-class accommodation in Dubai. The hotel ensures that every guest get free shuttles to all major attractions and landmark of the city. Luxurious ambience and impeccable service are their USP.

What happens at Dubai Expo?

Dubai Expo 2021 is a massive international event in terms of volume, size and duration too. The event offers an ideal platform where people as well as their respective countries can share their ideas, innovations and learnings with the world. This is a place to woo yourself with some of the greatest minds with their greatest innovations. This Expo also comes with plenty of entertaining events to make everyone’s journey a memorable one.

Events, exhibitions and performance from the Dubai Expo have been designed mindfully to inspire next generation.

The primary goal of Dubai Expo is to encourage people across the globe to put effort in making this world a better place to live and be happy.

Best Time to Visit Dubai Expo

Dubai Expo is a six-month long mega event. So, you will have enough scope to match your travelling dates with the dates of the event. November to February is the best time of the year to schedule your trip. Climate during these months remains comparatively pleasant to enjoy lots of outdoor activities in and around Dubai.

Construction of Dubai Expo

Al Wasl Dome Dubai Expo 2021 | Your Guide to Dubai Expo 2021 | The Vacation Builder

Since the World Expo started its journey in the year 1851, it has always been the grandest way of presenting the most intriguing and successful achievements of the nations under a single roof. Dubai Expo 2021 has already caught immense international attention.

Dubai Expo 2021 is going to encircle 190 pavilions representing different countries of the globe across an area of 1,083 acres. The location lies in between the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The Expo is divided into three major themed districts – Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability.

Construction of the Crown Jewel is already complete and is truly an architectural marvel. This structure is the world’s biggest 360-degree projection dome fitted with more than 200 projectors. Known as Al Wasl Dome, it features a sturdy steel lattice which is spacious enough to house two Airbus A380s.

Additionally, the has been designed meticulously to reflect the country’s heritage and history in all its glory. The exterior of Al Wasl Dome looks like an ancient golden ring inspired by the World Fair logo.

Images will be projected on the semi-transparent dome which can be seen both within and outside of the location. Al Wasl is the Expo’s main centrepiece that connects all other districts and will host all the major ceremonies. A 55-metre high observation tower just beside the Al Wasl Plaza, allows visitors to catch a fascinating bird’s eye view of the site along with Jubilee Park.

More than 40,000 workers are working hard on the site to make Dubai Expo 2021 an architectural brilliance. Hundreds of date palm trees have been planted on the site to give it a touch of greenery.

How to get to the Expo from Dubai?

The Expo 2021 site is pretty close to the main city centre of Dubai. You can take a cab from Downtown Dubai and reach the site within 40 minutes. Several public bus transit routes from Dubai can also help you to reach the Expo location easily. The expo site is also coming with two metro stations to make travelling even more comfortable and hiccup-free.

How to get to the Expo from Abu Dhabi?

You have to travel for about 120 kilometres from Abu Dhabi to reach the Dubai Expo location. This can be covered comfortably by car or bus. Accessing Dubai Exhibition Centre from Abu Dhabi is simple and easy for sure.

For a full guide of travelling between Abu Dhabi and Dubai (Which will help with transport to the Expo), read this.


Dubai Expo 2021 is sure to be one of the greatest shows the world has seen thus far. Plan your visit to Dubai during the Expo to compliment your visit with fine arts, business opportunity and technological excellence.

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