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Dubai Garden Glow | Our Full Guide

Dubai never ceases to surprise people with its unprecedented technology and matchless innovation. The best specimen to support this statement has to be the Dubai Garden Glow. This breathtakingly beautiful theme park is the ‘World of Imagination’ where skilful artistry meets unimaginable concepts. This ‘largest glow-in-the-dark’ park in the world twinkles with millions of LED lights and illuminates your evenings like never before.

Dubai Garden Glow Location

Zabeel Park, Gate No. 6 & 7, Area B, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Saturday to Thursday: 5.00 PM – 10.30 PM
Fridays & Public Holidays: 5.00 PM – 11.00 PM

Entrance Fee

AED 65 per person for single entry (includes Dinosaur Park + Glow Park).
Under 3’s go FREE!

How To Reach Dubai Garden Glow?

Accessing this famous tourist attraction from any corner of the city is not at all a difficult task. You can reach the park from Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 via the Red Line (Dubai Metro). In that case, Al Jafiliya Metro Station will be your final stop.

One can reach the garden by entering Gate No.6 and 7 in Zabeel Park either by cab or walk from the Al Jafiliya Metro Station.

If you want to take a public bus, then you have to board the 32C bus that runs between Dubai Garden Glow and Dubai International Airport at regular intervals.

For a comfortable and quick journey to the park, you can always book a taxi or hire a private car. Dubai is well equipped with all modern private and public transport facilities to offer you seamless travelling across the city.

Travel Times and Costs from Around the City to Dubai Garden Glow

RouteMode of TransportTravel TimeApprox. Cost
From JBRTaxi21 mins60AED
From JBRMetro1hr 9 mins5AED
From Palm JumeirahTaxi21 mins60AED
From Palm JumeirahTram & Metro1hr 19 mins8AED
From Palm JumeirahBus1hr 55 mins8AED
From Downtown DubaiMetro25mins3AED
From Downtown DubaiTaxi7 mins15AED
From Downtown DubaiBus25 mins5AED
From Deira CentreMetro31 mins7AED
From Deira CentreTaxi9 mins22AED
From DeiraBux32 mins4AED

We always use Rome2Rio to plan our transport around any place in the world.

When is the Best Time To Visit Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai Garden Glow is a seasonal affair, which means the park doesn’t remain open year round. During hot summer days, the garden remains closed, reopening for public visits in October. So, the best season to visit Dubai Garden Glow has to be the winter months i.e. between October and May. As the park opens in the late afternoon, you can plan your visit around 4.30 PM. This will give you a rare chance to witness the transition phase from a spectacular art gallery into a glowing land of lights.

When is the Best Time to Visit Dubai Garden Glow | The Vacation Builder

Things to do at Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is truly an amazing site to cherish for a lifetime. It’s a great place to take your toddlers and watch their eyes be mesmerised!

1. Glow Park

Things to do at Dubai Garden Glow - Glow Park | The Vacation Builder

Welcome to the world’s largest glow-in-dark theme park. This particular section of Dubai Garden Glow is the brainchild of more than 500 engineers, skilled craftsmen and architects. It is indeed hard to believe that the whole Glow Park has been designed manually and fabricated with handcrafted lights.

Each and every model that you see at Glow Park is environmentally friendly. The stunning reproduction of Masai Mara Wildlife, myriad of aquatic creatures and the perfect replica of the Netherlands ’ tulip garden – all are mind-blowing. This skilfully constructed park radiates a beauty that leaves an everlasting impression in your mind forever.

2. Dinosaur Park

Things to do at Dubai Garden Glow - Dinosaur Park | The Vacation Builder

The Dinosaur Park is undeniably one of the greatest attractions in Dubai Garden Glow. This is the biggest outdoor prehistoric theme park in the world where you can feel the thrill of living among gigantic creatures that are not always very timid. The Dinosaur Park takes you through all three periods – Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous – for a wholesome experience.

More than 120 electro-mechanical devices have been put into use to relive the era of dinosaurs. These life-size models are so realistic that you may take them as real for the initial few seconds. Dinosaur Lab tells you about the life cycle of these deadly creatures while Dinosaur Museum displays exact replicas of their skeletons and fossils.

3. Ice Park

Another captivating element from Dubai Garden Glow is the Ice Park. This crowd-puller section spellbinds visitors with its sheer size, immaculate presentation and unmatched craftsmanship. This is the best place in Dubai Garden Glow to witness what kind of optical extravaganza can be created with 5,000 tons of ice and light.

Ice Park primarily focuses on showcasing the beauty and glory of wildlife and wonderful monuments across the globe at a freezing temperature of -7 degree Celsius. The whole of the Ice Park is made of about 5,000 tons of rock-solid ice. Here you can find the ‘icy’ version of Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Mini Dubai and adorable characters from the Ice Age movie.

4. Magic Park

If you don’t believe in magic, we bet you are going to believe soon after entering the Magic Park at Dubai Garden Glow! As the name indicates, this section of the park is meant to create a magical world with some unbelievably realistic tricks. This mesmerizing world of optical illusions is aptly backed by stunning Visual Arts to offer nothing less than the best hypnotic effects.

At The Magic Park, you will encounter more than 25 fun exhibits apart from numerous 3D artworks. These artworks use geometric forms tactfully to stun you with effects that you would never guess. This park is particularly suitable for curious minds that want to explore and explain everything around.

5. Flower Wally

There is this special corridor in the Dubai Garden Glow called Flower Wally – dedicated to nature’s delicate creations, the flowers. Here, more than 500 different types of flowers have been created taking inspiration from real-life varieties.

When your head is overloaded with growling dinosaurs and towering architecture, Flower Wally may feel like a splash of fresh air to you with its soothing surrounding. This fascinating flower show will surely catch your attention to those tiniest details, flawless precisions and vibrant hues which are responsible for these masterpieces.

6. Happiness Street

Not many countries thought about considering ‘happiness’ as a yardstick to measure their development. However The UAE has done that! Yes, UAE includes the ‘happiness’ factor to decide the development of the country along with its people.

Dubai Garden Glow has also paid a heart-warming homage to this unique effort by the UAE government and developed the Happiness Street. This particular section of the park bears magnificent installations that not just support this cause but also delights the crowds with spectacular displays.

7. Art Park

Art Park is a relatively new attraction to the Dubai Garden Glow. This recently developed theme park boasts a hoard of glowing artworks but what makes them different from others is they are made of only recycled materials. If you want the data, then we would love to furnish it with 2,000 music CDs, 1,000 porcelain artefacts, 3,000 plastic bottles and 14,000 medicine bottles. Artists from China and Russia put a great effort to install these models at Art Park.

Art Park aims to educate children about the benefits of harmonious living with nature and its creations. This helps young minds to understand how their actions can result in a more sustainable and resourceful environment for future generations.

8. Heart Tunnel

Things to do at Dubai Garden Glow - Heart Tunnel | The Vacation Builder

It may not be Valentine’s Day but who needs a particular day to celebrate LOVE! Love is always in the air and so is the Heart Tunnel at Dubai Garden Glow. If you are looking for a sweet way to rekindle your love for someone special, head for this all-red tunnel. This could even be a great place to propose in Dubai!

Heart Tunnel is really the ‘path of love’ where thousands of heart-shaped hoops, flowers and balloons wait to greet you. If you take a good look, you will understand everything here is made of lights and pure love. Take photos and enjoy a good time with the special one at Heart Tunnel for a blissful loving memory.

9. Colourful World

Things to do at Dubai Garden Glow - Colourful World | The Vacation Builder

Colourful World is a mind-boggling blend of colours, lights and laser effects. Your journey through this world of psychedelic effects will be simply unforgettable.

10. My Dubai

Things to do at Dubai Garden Glow - My Dubai | The Vacation Builder

My Dubai section from Dubai Garden Glow park displays the everyday life of local people in Dubai. realistic installations make it more real and comprehensive.

11. Glowing Safari

As the name suggests, this part of the park takes you on a safari trip to life-size wildlife installations where thrill and entertainment go hand in hand.

12. Happy Forest

At Happy Forest, colourful replicas of nature and wildlife are drawing broad smiles on the faces of the visitors. All models here are crafted with recycled fabrics.

13. Water Set

This is the only marine-themed glow park in Dubai where various kinds of brilliantly crafted jellyfishes, seaweeds and fishes await you. They perform to music and their reflection in the water makes the experience astonishing.

14. Magical Nights

This is a brand new concept where illuminated massive lanterns, wildlife animal figurines and several sculptures representing nature in a most brilliant way.

For a full list of all the amenities at Dubai Garden Glow, visit their website.

Interesting Facts About Dubai Garden Glow

  • The park authority is so serious about the environmental impact that it uses more than 10 million energy-saving LED light bulbs instead of standard LEDs.
  • Tons of recycled luminous fabrics have been used to construct the life-size figurines that you spot inside the park.
  • Dubai Garden Glow owns the largest Dinosaur Themed Park in the world.
  • The park teaches kids how to reduce their Carbon Footprint through various fun activities and alluring presentations.

Tourist Attractions Near Dubai Garden Glow

When you are enjoying your time at Dubai Garden Glow, there’s no harm in taking a few hours to explore the nearby attractions. The major tourist destinations around Dubai Garden Glow are:

  • Brain Game Dubai (about 6 Km away)
  • Dubai Dolphinarium (about 6.5 Km away via E11)
  • The Green Planet by Meeras (approximately 7 Km far)
  • Laguna Water Park by Meeras (about 6 Km away via Jumeirah Street)
  • Safa Park (12 Km away via Sheikh Zayed Road/E11)
  • Karama Park (3.5 Km away via Umm Hurair Road/D78)
  • Adventure Park (approximately 20 Km away via D83)

Tips For Visitors In Dubai Garden Glow

Visiting Dubai Garden Glow can really be a little overwhelming and confusing too for the first-timers. So, we have a few handy tips for visitors in the park.

  • Always carry a valid photo ID with you. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter the park.
  • Keep your pets at home. The Park Authority doesn’t allow animals.
  • You are not allowed to bring toys, balls, scooters or bicycles inside the park premises.
  • Entry Ticket to Dubai Garden Glow covers entry to Dinosaur Park and Glow Park.
  • Entry Ticket to Dubai Garden Glow doesn’t include the entry to Ice Park. You have to buy a separate entry ticket to visit the Ice Park.
  • The ticket Booking Counter is open untill 9.45 PM.
  • You can also buy your ticket online to avoid the queue in front of the booking counter and to enjoy some extra time in the park.
  • Children must be accompanied by parents or guardians during their stay in the park.
  • Don’t smoke when you are inside the park. It is strictly a smoke-free zone.
  • You can not bring outside food and drinks into the park.
  • You can carry your cameras inside Dubai Garden Glow Park without paying anything extra.
  • Visitors to Dubai Garden Glow can park their vehicles at Zabeel Park.
  • Wear something decent. The local culture of Dubai is not very comfortable with excessive skin-show. In fact, the management reserves the right to refuse entry to a guest wearing inappropriate attire in a public place.
  • Dubai Garden Glow is a vast area with countless attractions. It is not possible to cover everything in a singe visit. Better you pick your favourites and head for them first.
  • Dubai Garden Glow includes many eateries to keep you full and hydrated.

Does The Park Offer Something New Every Season?

Expanded over an area of 40 acres, Dubai Garden Glow is literally a treat to your eyes and an exploration for your mind. This park is the finest collaboration between the world’s best creative brains and unprecedented technologies. Right from its inauguration in 2015, Dubai Garden Glow has given a new definition to after-dark entertainment in Dubai.

As the park reopens every year in October, it comes up with something new and spectacular surprises to beat what it had offered last year. Therefore, you can visit Dubai Garden Glow as many times as you wish to explore more creative and innovative additions to the park.

How Does Dubai Garden Glow Contribute Towards the Environment?

Many of you may think that it’s really not a good idea to cause so much of energy consumption just for entertainment. Well, Dubai Garden Glow thinks the same. That’s why they have not just installed millions of lights but energy-efficient LED lights to illuminate the park, its massive replicas and landscapes.

Dubai Glow Garden also takes care of everything that can contribute to Global Warming. The park has been utilizing only biodegradable products to manufacture the installations which help in reducing Carbon Footprint for making this earth a better place to live. Inside the park, there are several installations to teach visitors about the importance of maintaining Ecological Balance.

How Much Time Do You Need To Explore Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai Garden Glow remains open for about 5 hours and believe us, you will not even realise where the time went. We suggest you be present at the gate of this park 15 minutes before the actual opening time so that you don’t waste a minute of the scheduled park timing.

Does Dubai Garden Glow Deserve Your Time?

Every bit of this fascinating park deserves your money, attention, time and visit. There is nothing similar to Dubai Garden Glow in this world and it would be a sin if you miss this deliberately.


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