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How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai – 4 Simple Steps

How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai

Whether you have just moved to Dubai, you’re an expat or you’re researching you big move out here, you’re going to be wondering How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai. Rest assured, this article gives you a a step by step method of just that.

You will be relieved to hear that opening a bank account in the UAE is not much different to any other country, even your own!

Generally, it is a smooth and straightforward process to get your Dubai bank account up and running the same day.

Below we have our guide on how to open a bank account in Dubai in 4 easy steps.

Step 1

How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai - Step 1 | The Vacation Builder

The first step is that you must choose the bank you are going to go for! Dubai has various local banks, but also has the option of international banks if you would prefer. You simply need to weigh up your options to choose the bank that is best suited for you!

You can open accounts with renowned banks such as HSBC or opt for local options such as the Emirates National Bank of Dubai.

Step 2

How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai - Step 2 | The Vacation Builder

The next step to bear in mind when opening an bank account in Dubai, is that you must be able to visit the bank physically to confirm your identity and sign the necessary documents.

This is unless you plan to open an account with a large worldwide bank, in which case you should be able to head on over to your local branch in which ever country you reside at the moment.

Step 3

How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai - Step 3 | The Vacation Builder

The most important thing you will need to do to open a bank account in Dubai is to ensure that you have the correct documents.

The very least you will need are:

  • Your passport, but you should make copies and have extra passport photos on hand
  • A no objection letter from either your employer or sponsor

Depending on your circumstances (eg. resident or non-resident) and what bank you are going for, you may need any of the following documents:

  • A copy of your visa if you’re a recent UAE resident
  • An Emirates ID card or a copy of your application (residency visa)
  • A document showing the name of your employer and your salary
  • A letter of recommendation from another bank, this can be the one from your home country
  • A signed rental contract or a recent utility payment receipt

Step 4

How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai - Step 4 | The Vacation Builder

Once you’ve made your bank visit with the required documents, you should see your bank account up and running the same day if you’re a Dubai resident. It really is that easy to open a bank account in Dubai!

If you are not a resident of Dubai or opening a saving account, this may take longer with a residency visa. Do note that residency visas take several weeks to arrive. If you do not have a residency visa, the UAE only allows expats to open a savings account.

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As you can see, opening a bank account in Dubai is not really a complicated process, especially if you are a resident. If you are a non-resident, there are a few more documents you will need to obtain. But overall, so long as you are organised and prepared, it is a fairly straightforward process.

However, there are other elements you may want to consider, which we will answer for you below!

FAQ’s About Opening a Bank Account in Dubai

Can you open a bank in Dubai if you live abroad but have property there?

A key thing to remember with Dubai and the UAE, is that its citizens only make up a tiny portion of the population. The majority of those living and working across the UAE are expats.

If you live abroad, you may not be able to visit the banks in person. It is far easier to be able to sign the documents in person if you can. What you can do is open an account remotely and send a financial legal advisor on your behalf. But do note that not all banks will accept this, so make sure you check beforehand.

If you are visiting or staying in the UAE but do not intend on applying to be a resident, you can still open a non resident account in Dubai. You will need some of the documentation mentioned previously, including a passport, a letter from your employer, your UAE identification card, a copy of your visa, and a utility bill with your local address.

What is the best bank in Dubai for expats?

Choosing who to bank with can be a tricky choice for expats. It is easy to opt for the big familiar international banks, but local banks offer similar services at competitive rates and also sometimes offer appealing deals.

Here are some of the most popular local banks in Dubai:

Of course, you may find that international banks are best suited to you. Some of the biggest international banks are listed below:

  • HSBC
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Citibank

Do note that fees will vary widely between banks.

Is there a minimum salary / amount to open a bank in Dubai?

This is where Dubai most likely differs from your home country. When opening a bank account in Dubai, you will be required to deposit a certain amount of money. There may also be a minimum balance, so if you go below this, you may be subjected to charges.

Generally, banks in the UAE will require a minimum of between 3,000 and 5,000AED to open a bank account in Dubai. This comes out at about £628 – £973 or $820 – $1,360.

Make sure you are aware of how this works for your chosen bank and that you are prepared for it.

How much can you withdraw from ATM’s in Dubai?

Typically, ATMs in Dubai allow you to withdraw up to 5,000AED. This is approximately double the amount you can withdraw in the UK, which is £500 a day.

However, other factors may affect the maximum amount you can withdraw. Depending on your debit card, you may be allowed to withdraw up to 10,000AED.

You can check out our full article on Withdrawing Money from ATMs in Dubai, fore more information!

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