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Al Wasl – Dubai | Area Guide | Things to Do

Al Wasl - Area Guide | The Vacation Builder

Dubai is a thriving business hub and there’s no denial to the fact that it is the city with a large population of expats. To accommodate growing economy and expanding population, Dubai has designed some extraordinary communities in and around the city. Al Wasl is one of them which is best known for its family-friendly and peaceful neighbourhood.

Below we have put together a full area guide to help anyone looking at moving to this upbeat area of Dubai.


The locality of Al Wasl can be spotted in the western part of Dubai and between the 1st and 2nd interchanges of Sheikh Zayed Road. This residential community is bordered by Jumeirah in the north, Business Bay in the south, Al Safa in the west and Al Satwa in the east.

Who Prefers to Live in Al Wasl

Al Wasl is surely one of the best gated residential communities in Dubai. Being pretty close to Downtown Dubai and Satwa commercial hub, Al Wasl community offers a wide range of schools, clinics, shopping outlets and entertainment facilities.

The peaceful and family friendly community of Al Wasl makes it an attractive proposition to live for both Emirati families and expats.

The locality of Al Wasl is excellent for people with families and a moderate to high-income source.

Amenities in Al Wasl

The local community is a beautiful residential area known for its quiet and contemporary vibe. Whats more, the area is loaded with all sorts of family-friendly amenities to enjoy peaceful living. Everyday, something new is popping up in this swanky neighbourhood. Below we take a look the kind of amenities one can find in and around Al Wasl.

Schools and Universities

When you are living at Al Wasl with family, you must not worry about where to send your children for an excellent education. The neighbourhood of Al Wasl is dotted with plenty of reputed schools and prestigious universities.

For small kids, the following nursery schools are great to start the journey of academia:

  • Honey Bee Nursery
  • Little Wings Nursery

Both these nurseries are in the close vicinity of the Al Wasl residential community. These pre-schools take utter care of your little one’s academic needs while ensuring the overall growth of every child.

Al Wasl is situated amidst the swanky and thriving neighbourhoods, which actually benefits it in term of accessing numerous world-class schools.

Some of most celebrated schools that you can access from Al Wasl are:

  • Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS)
  • Jumeirah College
  • Jumeirah Baccalaureate School (JBS) – this is rated an ‘Outstanding’ by KHDA

If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet good schools for your kids near Al Wasl locality, then you have:

  • Horizon English School (British curriculum) near Al Safa Park
  • JSS Private School LLC (Indian curriculum)
  • Dubai Japanese School (Japanese curriculum)

For higher studies, Al Wasl doesn’t have a university, but that’s not an issue when you have the Canadian University Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road. This is the closest option you can avail from Al Wasl.

Other prominent landmarks with an abundance of colleges and universities are:

  • Knowledge Park (a 20-minute drive from Al Wasl)
  • Academic City (a 30-minute drive from Al Wasl)

Clinics and Hospitals

One of the main things to consider when relocating is the local medical facilities.

Jumeirah Street (D94) is the prime medical hub in Al Wasl with numerous clinics and medical centres. If you take a good look at them, you can find a wide selection of polyclinics, multi-specialty hospitals, dental clinics, chiropractors and countless specialist medical practitioners along Jumeirah Street.

To seek medical help for any of your health issue, you have:

  • Dubai London Clinic Dental Centre
  • Dr. Micheal’s Dental Clinic
  • International Aesthetic Medical Centre

These all are located along the Al Wasl Road (D92) and can be reached within minutes if you are residing in Al Wasl area.

The closest hospital to Al Wasl is the Emirates Hospital in Jumeirah. This hospital offers several specialty services with the help of professional medical practitioners so that you don’t have to hop from one clinic to another to treat different ailments.

Mosques and Other Places of Worship

Al Wasl residential community is home to many expats apart from local Emirati people. This is why you can see several mosques, temples and churches in and around this particular locality. Following your religious path is not a problem here.

If you are looking for mosques, then you can visit any of the following:

  • Abdulrahman Al Qasimi Mosque
  • Khalifa Bin Da’en Mosque
  • Masjid Othman Bin Affan

These are the most famous mosques in Al Wasl and they are serving the Muslim community of the area for a long time. Non-Muslim people are allowed in the mosque if wearing decent attires.

If you are following the path of Christianity, you don’t have any church in Al Wasl to offer your prayers but you can access a few from the neighbourhood.

The nearest churches to Al Wasl area are:

  • Saint Mary’s Catholic Church
  • Holy Trinity Church

Both the churches are located in Oud Metha locality which is only a 20-minute drive from Al Wasl community.

Followers of Hinduism can visit the Krishna Temple and Shiva Temple in Meena Bazaar, a few minutes away from Al Wasl by car. For the Sikh community residing at Al Wasl, there is a Gurudwara on Al Safa Street.


When it comes to securing basic amenities and everyday necessities, residents of Al Wasl community are well served with plenty of choices. You can buy your groceries and household products from a number of sprawling supermarkets located in the area.

The most sought-after supermarkets in Al Wasl are:

  • Carrefour
  • Waitrose

These two supermarkets hold immense stocks that can literally stop shoppers from going anywhere else. Various other supermarkets can be found across the neighbourhood, including Spinneys and Choithrams. Apart from giant supermarket stores, the locality of Al Wasl is lined with a vast number of smaller stores for quick grocery shopping.

Nearby Areas

Nestled in the heart of Dubai, Al Wasl is one of the most prestigious residential community projects in the city. This well-designed community features some awe-inspiring residential properties backed by a hoard of fascinating recreational spaces.

All across Al Wasl, there are multiple upscale restaurants, corporate high-rises, luxury hotels and entertainment zones.

You will be even glad to see the immediate neighbourhoods of Al Wasl which includes Satwa, Al Safa, Umm Seqeim, Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Road and Business Bay. Popular city destinations like Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai are also not very far from Al Wasl.

It takes only 10 and 20 minutes by car respectively to reach Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina. The close proximity of Al Wasl to Sheikh Zayed Road actually makes it possible to have a quick access to all major hotspots of Dubai which is one of the main reasons why the area is always in such high demand among busy professionals.

Shopping Malls

Al Wasl - Area Guide - Shopping - City Walk Dubai | The Vacation Builder
City Walk – Dubai

Just like Dubai, Al Wasl community is also very serious about offering their residents the best-in-class shopping experience. Moving to this residential community will benefit you with a hoard of shopping destinations in and around the area.

Galleria Shopping Mall is on the eastern side of Al Wasl Road is the most popular shopping complex in the locality. Situated next to the Emirates Post Office, this shopping mall houses outlets of some of the most exclusive brands and labels.

Although Galleria Shopping Mall is not huge in terms of floor area compared to other biggies in Dubai, it can still serve the purpose of an extravagant shopping spree, exciting entertainments and a mind-blogging dining experience under one roof.

Another contemporary outdoor mall near Al Wasl is the City Walk. Best known for its modern ambience, this mall comes with plenty of fantastic dining and shopping opportunities. Apart from shopping, you can plan a wonderful day-out with kids at City Walk. When you feel hungry, just head to any café or restaurant in the mall to enjoy tasty treats.

Dar Wasl Mall is another great choice for shopping enthusiasts in Al Wasl. Sitting along the Al Wasl Road, this mall hosts several cafes, home furnishing stores and boutique outlets.

For a more exclusive urban shopping experience, try Boxpark at Al Wasl Road. Inside this shopping centre, a series of home-grown eateries can be spotted. Sukkar, Logma and Operation Falafel are the best place to dig into delicious home-grown foods. Several retail stores are there to cater your needs.

Popular Retail Outlets

If you are looking for retail outlets, then Al Wasl neighbourhood is not going to disappoint you.

Popular retail outlets include:

  • J3 Mall
  • Wasl Square
  • Palm Strip Mall
  • Wasl Vita

When it’s about traditional outlets and boutique shopping, Al Wasl comes with a great option, the Mazaya Shopping Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road.


Al Wasl - Area Guide - Restaurants - Farzi Cafe, City Walk | The Vacation Builder
Farzi Cafe – City Walk, Dubai

With so many malls in the vicinity, Al Wasl can offer you with a huge number of options when it comes to restaurants.

Food lovers from Al Wasl must explore places like:

  • Bianca Mozzarella & Co in Boxpark for authentic Italian delicacies
  • Farzi Café in City Walk for modern Indian foods
  • Atisuto in Galleria Mall for Japanese dishes

Dar Wasl Mall, Wasl Vita and Wasl Square also feature trendy eateries and restaurants to satisfy the hunger of Al Wasl residents.


With so many cafes, restaurants, entertainment hubs and shopping malls, Al Wasl residents can enjoy incredible nightlife whenever they wish. After dark, it is always better to go out with friends and families for an elevating experience.

Al Wasl neighbourhood sure is swanky enough to inspire you to schedule a night-out.

Hotels in Al Wasl

Al Wasl - Area Guide - Hotels Nearby | JW Marriott | The Vacation Builder
View from the Garden at JW Marriott Hotel

Visiting Al Wasl for personal or professional reasons may cause you to book a hotel room near your destination. Al Wasl and its neighbouring areas are dotted with numerous hotels. Booking your accommodation according to your budget is never an issue here.

Here is the list of most popular hotels in and around Al Wasl.

Beaches Near Al Wasl

Al Wasl - Area Guide - Nearby Beaches - Kite Beach | The Vacation Builder
Jogging Track at Kite Beach

If we are talking about beaches, then residents of Al Wasl community have a solid reason to feel good. Sea and beach are both are just 10 minutes away from Al Wasl.

Among the prominent beaches near Al Wasl, the most beautiful ones are:

  • Jumeirah Public Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • Kite Beach
  • La Mer with a stretch of beach access

You can reach any of these beaches within 10 – 15 minutes from Al Wasl. There are several interesting outdoor activities and water sports on the beaches to keep everyone engaged for the whole day. The most favourite beach activities are kayaking, kitesurfing, beach volleyball and water skiing.

Watching mesmerizing sunset hues from the beach in Dubai is really fascinating. You can take some beautiful pictures against some of the most iconic landmarks of the city. So, beach hopping is a special gift to Al Wasl residents.

Notable Landmarks

Al Wasl - Area Guide - Notable Landmarks - Dubai Water Canal | The Vacation Builder
Dubai Water Canal

Al Wals area is coming up with new landmarks every now and then to match the vibe of a trendy and cosmopolitan neighbourhood.

The most celebrated landmarks of the area include:

  • Dubai Water Canal: This man-made canal cuts through the Safa Park and offers a stunning promenade for a perfect walk in the evenings. Views at Dubai Water Canal are simply breath-taking.
  • Safa Park: At a stone’s throw from Al Wasl, this huge park is full of greenery and gorgeous views. Fitness enthusiasts and pet-owners regularly visit this park for fresh air and soothing shadows of palm trees.
  • Boxpark: This is the most urban entertainment area near Al Wasl. Shopping, dining and fun come hand in hand here. This is a perfect spot for a fun weekend with family and friends.
  • City Walk: This is one of the most notable landmarks near Al Wasl. Developed by Meraas, this shopping mall is the hub of elusive retail experience, immersive entertainment and sedating fine-dining experience. This place caters to all ages.

Parks and Playgrounds

Al Wasl - Area Guide - Parks and Playgrounds - Safa Park | The Vacation Builder
Safa Park

Al Wasl has always been known for its family-friendly set-ups. This makes the area a great choice for people with kids and grandparents. Community of Al Wasl features the Al Wasl Park 1 with perfectly manicured lawns and judiciously planted trees. This place sees footfall of little children and grandparents along with a large number of fitness enthusiasts.

Other major parks and playgrounds from the neighbourhood include:

  • Al Khazzan Park on Al Safa Street
  • Satwa Park
  • Safa Park on Sheikh Zayed Road

Safa Park is only 7 minutes away from Al Wasl. The park hosts a bunch of activities to keep both children and adults glued. With a lake, basketball court, picnic spots and running tracks, Safa Park is the best choice for Al Wasl residents to enjoy loads of outdoor activities.

Fitness Centres

To live a happy life, it is crucial to maintain a healthy body and sound mind. The locality of Al Wasl doesn’t have many gyms and fitness centres within the territory but residents can find lots of fitness centres in nearby Business Bay and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Here are some of the best fitness centres close to Al Wasl:

  • Fitness 360 Mazaya Centre
  • Fitness First Bay Dubai

There is also a fitness centre for children in Al Wasl which helps young ones to develop a healthy lifestyle paired with the right dose of physical activity.

Spas and Salons

There is a string of spas and salons to take care of Al Wasl residents’ beauty and personal well-being. If you wish to book a relaxing spa time or looking for a relaxing grooming session, Al Wasl offers you an overwhelming variety to pick from.

The most popular spas in Al Wasl are:

  • Pastels Salon
  • Kozma & Kozma
  • Salon Ink
  • Honey Rose Beauty & Spa on Al Safa Road

More salons and spas can be spotted if you drive to Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay and Jumeirah area.

Public Transportation

If you have to rely on public transportation, Al Wasl is not going to disappoint you. The nearest metro stations to this residential community are Business Bay and Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa Station which takes 7-10 minutes to walk.

There are also several bus routes that connect Al Wasl to many famous and happening hotspots in the Dubai.

Parking Spaces

Properties, including the apartment buildings in Al Wasl, come with dedicated parking spots. Therefore, residents never face any problem keeping their vehicles under the roof. For visitors, there are provisions for paid parking spots across the community. Many parking areas have been designed in Boxpark and Dunai Canal area so that visitors don’t have any tough time to park their cars.

Properties in Al Wasl

More and more people are moving to Al Wasl because it offers an impressive collection of villas and high-quality apartments. Whether you prefer the convenience of an apartment or the personal space of a villa – Al Wasl has it all.

Al Wals primarily promotes villa compounds and independent villas. Some of the popular villa compounds are:

  • Dar Wasl
  • Al Wasl Villas Compound (pet-friendly)
  • The Galleria Villas
  • 18 Villa Compound

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Al Wasl?

The rapidly developing Al Wasl area is the home to gated communities, villa compounds and high-end apartments. Therefore, living here doesn’t come cheap. The area is quite in demand among large families with a moderate to high-income source.

Below we have put together the average rental price trends in Al Wasl.

Villa TypeAverage Rental Price
3-Bed140,000 AED
4-Bed175,000 AED
5-Bed250,000 AED
Apartment TypeAverage Rental Price
1-Bed50,000 AED
2-Bed100,000 AED
3-Bed130,000 AED

Reasons to Live in Al Wasl

With every passing day, Al Wasl gains more and more attention from people looking to settle down in Dubai. Here are some valid reasons to make Al Wasl your next residency.

  • Al Wasl features a very comfy and peaceful environment which is just perfect for peace-loving people.
  • This family-friendly residential community ensures safety and security for everyone.
  • Compared to other parts of the city, Al Wasl is still thinly populated which means you can enjoy so much personal privacy.
  • All essential urban facilities including shops, clinics, fitness centres, parks, hotels, malls, supermarkets etc. are readily available.
  • Al Wasl borders swanky neighbourhoods of Downtown Dubai, Al Safa, Business Bay, Satwa and Jumeirah.

Things to do in and around Al Wasl

Al Wasl - Area Guide - Things to do - Green Planet | The Vacation Builder

Al Wasl is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Dubai but it is emerging fast as a lively district with so many things popping up recent times. Dotted with shopping malls, retail boutiques and restaurants, Al Wasl is now one of the most happening hotspots in the town.

Let’s explore below what you can do to get the best of Al Wasl.

  • Take a stroll along the Sheikh Zayed Road. Tourists and locals often visit this road to make every hour count with so many things to do or look for. Food and shopping are inseparable parts of your visit to this glamorous neighbourhood.
  • The flagship attraction near Al Wasl has to be City Walk on Al Safa Road. This place is a refreshing blend of landscaped boulevards and innovative graffiti artwork. Upscale boutiques, contemporary cafes, fine-dining restaurants are all here.
  • South to Al Wasl, lies the funky neighbourhood of Boxpark. Showcasing weird but interesting arrangements of shipping containers will surely catch your eye. Concept stores, laidback cafes, comforting foods, boutiques and neon lights create a magical world at Boxpark.
  • For a more typical shopping extravaganza, Galleria Mall must be the destination. It also features an indoor climbing wall which is also one of the best cinema settings in the town.
  • For some outstanding culinary exploration, you can head for Dar Was Mall. Local chef, Reif Kushiyaki with his eponymous restaurant is always happy to serve you with best of Japanese street foods outside Japan.
  • Safa Park is a notable landmark in the region which is just 7 minutes away for Al Wasl. To soak up more sun and feel the cool breezes, this park is the best you have in and around Al Wasl. Family picnics & BBQ’s are always a good idea to spend time amidst the greenery of this well-maintained park.

Al Wasl FAQs

Q. How far is Al Wasl from prominent landmarks of Dubai?

Distance of Al Wasl from the following prominent landmarks are as follows:

  • From Dubai International Airport – 15 Kilometres via Sheikh Zayed Road (commute time 15 mins)
  • From JBR Dubai – 20 kilometres via E11 (commute time 20 mins)
  • From Downtown Dubai – 5 kilometres via Happiness Street (commute time 8-10 mins)
  • From Business Bay – 2 kilometres (commute time 10 mins)
  • From DIFC – 5 kilometres (commute time 10 mins)
  • From Palm Jumeirah – 23 kilometres (commute time 20 mins)
  • From Burj Khalifa – 4 kilometres (commute time 9-10 mins)

Q. Which is the closest beach to Al Wasl?

Jumeirah Beach is the nearest public beach to Al Wasl.

Q. Is Al Wasl a child-friendly community?

With lots of parks and playground around it, Al Wasl is not just perfect for your child to enjoy a wonderful childhood but also good for the whole family.

Q. Is Al Wasl noisy?

Al Wasl community is quite peaceful with occasional sounds coming from construction works and supercars.

Q. How is life at Al Wasl?

During the day, the area remains busy as visitors roam around to explore the popular tourist attractions. At night, lots of activities can be seen around the locality. Nightlife in Al Wasl is pretty safe and satisfying too. Overall, this residential community sports a quiet ambience.

Q. What kind of properties are there in Al Wasl?

Al Wasl community is a mix of low to mid-rise villas and apartments. Most of these flaunts contemporary designs to match the modern lifestyle and taste. Property price are from mid to high range.


Al Wasl has got everything to make living effortless. The peaceful environment adds even more charm to it. Anyone looking to move to this area surely won’t be dissapointed.

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