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Bluewaters Island or JBR – Where to Stay?

Bluewaters Island or JBR - Where To Stay, The Vacation Builder

Dubai is the home to some of the most extraordinary districts to stay. Be it for a few days or for years, these wonderful neighbourhoods from the city are going to make your stay happy and happening. Today we are going to tell you about two such celebrated areas – Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and Bluewaters Island.

If you’re eager to evaluate all aspects of these two hotspots to decide where to stay – Bluewaters Island or JBR- this post can be your quick and helpful guide.

We are going to reveal here the strengths and weaknesses of both these places on the basis of location, hotels, things to do, nightlife, restaurants, beach, families / couples and public transport so that you can develop a fair idea of which location will suit your requirements best. Here we go!

About JBR and Bluewaters Island

Bluewaters Island or JBR - Where to Stay | About JBR and Bluewaters Island | JBR | The Vacation Builder

Jumeirah Beach Residence, or JBR as it is popularly called, is one of the most sought-after areas to live or spend a vacation in Dubai. This small and elongated stretch of Dubai Marina district is truly a “vertical community” where leaving in the cloud is not at all imaginary but a hardcore reality.

JBR is the home to the iconic Dubai locations like The Beach and The Walk apart from the most coveted seafront in the town. This bustling beachfront features plenty of choices to pick a luxury apartment. JBR is a splendid area that blends both vacation vibe and luxury lifestyle.

Bluewaters Island or JBR - Where to Stay | About JBR and Bluewaters Island | Bluewaters Island | The Vacation Builder
Bluewaters Island

Bluewaters Island is also a very distinctive residential area in Dubai with tons of retail, hospitality and entertainment options. Staying at this eye-pleasing island is like living a dream. This artificial island epitomizes the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai.

Bluewater Island is undoubtedly the trendiest heaven for getaways with hordes of funky hangout joints, specialty restaurants, shopping outlets and glamourous accommodations. This ultra-luxe hub is immensely popular among tourists and travellers.

So, both JBR and Bulewaters Island are two incredibly popular hotspots in Dubai where residents as well as tourists love to live. Staying at any of these areas means nothing less than being in the heart of fabulous attractions round the clock.

Verdict: It’s a tie.

Which Enjoys a Better Location?


Flanked by Dubai Marina on one side and the Persian Gulf’s other side, the waterfront community of Jumeirah Beach Residence is perfect for those who want to stay close to the beach and the sea. The entire area is run by The Walk, a 1.7-kilometre beachside boulevard.

Staying at JBR comes with numerous facilities and amenities underneath your building or just around your hotel.  Walkways, pools, gardens and convenience shops are everywhere across the JBR. The Beach and its activities are to fall for. There’s something for everyone, every age group, every type of fun-lovers!

JBR is a 12-minute drive from Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City. Accessing the city’s primary business hubs from JBR is just a matter of 10-15 minutes if traffic condition is not that awful. Dubai International Airport and Burj Khalifa are about a 30-minute ride from JBR.

Bluewaters Island

Located across the water from Dubai Marina, Bluewaters Island can be called the legitimate neighbour of the JBR. This artificial island is a mind-blowing lifestyle destination. Starting from record-holding Ain Dubai Observation Wheel to majestic Caesar’s Palace, every inch of this island is ready to take your breath away.

Just like JBR, Bluewaters also allows people to enjoy a stunning coastline (doesn’t matter if it is man-made) running around the island. The Persian Gulf and Dubai’s sparkling skyline are the most picturesque sight from Bluewaters and these sights never lose their charm.

The whole island is split into different areas to cater different purposes including the residential, leisure, retail, hotels & clubs and entertainment. It is fun to be around this urban hotspot that has got so many exhilarating things to keep you busy all year round. Even a simple walk along the coast can be so serene at Bluewaters.

Located off the coast of JBR, Bluewaters Island also sits pretty close to Dubai Marina. This prime location takes maximum of 10 minutes to reach JBR Beach, The Walk, Tower Metro Station, DMCC Metro Station and Amwaj Rotana. Dubai International Airport is about a 30-minutes-drive from the island.

So, there is not much difference between JBR and Bluewaters Island when you scale them on location advantages. They sit right on the primary spots in Dubai.

Verdict: It’s a tie.

Where is Better to Stay for Hotels?

Bluewaters Island or JBR - Where to Stay | Where is Better to Stay for Hotels | The Vacation Builder

A memorable vacation is impossible without a good hotel stay. Dubai understands this like anything and the city has developed all sorts of accommodation options for the tourists. Be it JBR or Bluewaters Island – there is no dearth of decent accommodations within your budget.

JBR is specially a good place to find a hotel. This area is lined with countless hotels and beach resorts. As per your budget and travel requirement, you can always find many good options at JBR to book your stay.

You will be happy to know that, almost every hotel in JBR has been designed to serve your family more than you could expect. Apart from going to The Beach with your kids, you can keep them engaged at the poolside, in the kids’ club or in a dedicated play area.

Another strong reason to pick a hotel from the JBR area is exploring a wide range of variety in terms of budget and amenities. JBR hotels are enough to end your search for that perfect place to plan an enticing beach holiday.

Here we are listing down the best hotels in JBR where holidaymakers can expect a blissful stay for sure:

Hotels In JBRAverage Room Rate (Per Night) Starts FromTripAdvisor Rating
The Ritz-Carlton DubaiAED 1,3004.5/5.0
Rixos Premium DubaiAED 8505.0/5.0
Sofitel Dubai Jumeirah BeachAED 6154.5/5.0
Address Beach ResortAED 1,5005.0/5.0
Hilton Dubai JumeirahAED 1,0004.5/5.0
LeRoyal Meridien Beach ResortAED 1,2004.5/5.0
Movenpick Hotel JBRAED 4504.5/5.0
JA Oasis Beach TowerAED 9504.5/5.0
Hilton Dubai JumeirahAED 1,0004.5/5.0
RODA Amwaj SuitesAED 9504.5/5.0
Best Hotels In Jumeirah Beach Residence

Now, it’s time to explore the hotels on Bluewater Island. This artificial island is the proud home to the iconic Caesars Palace but still, this place doesn’t have many options when it comes to hotel accommodation. The average room rate starts at Caesars Palace from AED 1,600 and it receives a perfect 5/5 TripAdvisor rating.

There are not many hotels right on the island. As people can easily visit this place from the nearby JBR area, all the hotels in JBR serve the island visitors smoothly. But you can also book your stay with various luxury apartments there.

It is obvious that JBR has got much better options to pick a hotel.

Verdict: JBR for hotels

Where is Better to Stay for Things to Do?

Bluewaters Island or JBR - Where to Stay | Where Is Better to Stay for Things to Do | The Vacation Builder

We guess you are not someone who is going to be happy just by relaxing at the hotel while vising Dubai. We agree that the city offers exceptionally amazing hotel accommodations but there’s something more incredible out there.

One of the strongest reasons to pick your place of stay in Dubai should be the what are the things to do in and around that particular area. Both JBR and Bluewaters Island offers a wide range of tourist attractions and fun activities. Let’s check out what you have got to do there.

Things To Do at JBR

The best thing about staying at JBR is not just one but two actually! The Beach and The Walk. The Walk is the main promenade that JBR residents can proudly boast of. Lined with innumerable retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, several children’s playgrounds, outdoor gyms and those watersports at the beach – JBR is always brimming with special occasions and activities.

We are listing here the most favourite things to do or try out at JBR:

Things To Do at Bluewaters Island

Bluewaters is a gorgeous man-made island that takes your beach vacation plans to a whole new level. That level is exciting of course! Surrounded by the azure blue waters of the Persian Gulf and connected by a trunk to the mainland, this island always keeps buzzing with so many beautiful places and enticing activities.

We are here with the most popular things to do at Bluewaters Island:

  • Enjoying the stellar view of the city and the sea from the top of the Ain Dubai
  • Meet the charismatic personalities at Madame Tussauds Dubai wax museum
  • Having a sumptuous meal at The London Project Restaurant
  • Chill out at the Cove Beach
  • Experience royal treatments at The Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai Hotel
  • Doing plenty of shopping from both homegrown and celebrated international brand outlets

Verdict: JBR is the winner when we are talking about things you can do.

Where is Better for Nightlife?

Nightlife in Dubai may not be the best in the world but it is something extraordinary for sure. Both JBR and Bluewaters Island are dotted with funky eateries and entertainment places that remain open past midnight (and sometimes till dawn).

Bluewaters Island or JBR - Where to Stay | Where Is Better for Nightlife | The Vacation Builder

JBR area sits among spectacular waterfront destinations including Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Marina. So, the JBR along with its swanky neighbourhoods allows tourists and residents to sway the night away with the gang.

The main night-time attraction in JBR is the beach and don’t forget that it is among a few of the beaches that are open to all in the city. Lots of people across the city land in the area for a night’s drink, a small stroll or a meal keeping the beach in the backdrop. This means light looks way more promising and busy at JBR than daytime.

At JBR, you can often find a large chunk of people walking around the streets or having a good time at the nearby cafes and restaurants. Street performances are quite frequent here. During national events, JBR takes part in the celebration by exhibiting fabulous fireworks.

Off to Bluewaters and it’s an equally promising venue to spend the night out of your hotel room. This island makes it a point to come up with innovative shows and entertainment options to keep the night young and electrifying.

This small island is a ‘powerhouse’ for party lovers, particularly the ones who like to venture out at night. Bars, clubs, pubs, hotels, cinemas, lights on the streets – everything is there to turn Bluewaters into a perfect party destination after the dark.

The only thing that JBR can beat Bluewaters Island on the nightlife front is the sheer number of entertainment zones. JBR has got countless and therefore it is much easier for you to choose a spot that fits your mood and your pocket. Bluewaters has got mostly expensive options for nightlife lovers.

Verdict: JBR is the winner for the variety and affordability it offers.

Where is Better to Stay for Restaurants?

The food scene in Dubai is always tempting! You can say, this city has curated one of the most fascinating culinary sectors in the world. Thanks to people of different ethnicity and food heritage, the city quickly learned to adopt new recipes all over the globe.

Bluewaters Island or JBR - Where to Stay | Where Is Better for Stay for Restaurants | The Vacation Builder

Both JBR and Bluewaters Island showcase a series of restaurants serving your favourite delicacies on your platter. Let’s see what these two spots have for food enthusiasts.

Popular Restaurants at JBR

  • Wagamama, Japanese restaurant
  • Mango Tree Thai Bistro, Thai restaurant
  • Berbecuw Delights, Indian restaurant
  • India Palace, Indian restaurant
  • Pizza Hut, American pizza franchise
  • Bombay Bungalow, Indian classic street food
  • II Caffe Di Roma, casual Italian dining
  • So Miya Le Palais, Arabian & Middle East cuisine
  • Rosso, traditional Italian cuisine
  • Chilli’s, American & Mexican cuisine
  • The Butcher Shop & Grill, Steak and burger
  • Noodle House, Chinese & Asian cuisine
  • Mood by PAUL, French café
  • La Casa Del Habano, Cuban restaurant
  • Al Bait Al Shami Restaurant, Arabian and Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Benihana, Japanese fine dining restaurant
  • Urban Seafood The Beach, modern seafood joint
  • Chowking, seafood specialist
  • The Walk Restaurant at Movenpick Dubai Hotel, a la carte menu
  • Café Bateel, Arabic coffee specialist
  • Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, breakfast dishes
  • Tim Hortons, classic breakfast expert
  • WOFL, best waffles in Dubai
  • Shrimp Kingdom, seafood dishes
  • KFC, fast-food joint
  • Pancake House, pancake specialist
  • Bla Bla, beach club & dining
  • McDonalds, burger and fast-food
  • Burger King, expert in burger making
  • Baskin Robbins, ice cream & desserts
  • Conestreet, desserts and beverages

Popular Restaurants on Bluewaters Island

  • Brass Monkey
  • Cove Beach Dubai
  • The London Project
  • The Piazza Lobby Lounge
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • SHI Restaurant & Lounge, Chinese fine dining restaurant
  • Sah El Nom, Syrian restaurant
  • Roman Lounge, cakes & pastries
  • Keventers, milkshakes
  • Havana Social Club, Cuban restaurant
  • Scarlet’s Patisserie, bakery
  • The Coffee Club
  • Leen’s
  • Tete, Brazilian & Lebanese restaurant
  • Wonderbee, contemporary bakery
  • The Selfish Bull, Canadian lobster specialist
  • Puerto 99, Mexican restaurant
  • La Brioche, awesome breakfast menu
  • MERIKA Café, Hungarian sweet and cake specialist
  • McDonald’s, American fast-food
  • Dolce Green, fine dining with a healthy twist
  • Alici, Italian seafood
  • Basanti & Co, Indian cuisine
  • Bacchanal, multicuisine
  • Cleo’s Table

You can clearly see that both JBR and Bluewaters Island are overloaded with dining options ranging from plush restaurants to mid-range eateries but JBR has slightly more options when you are looking for budget-friendly spots.

Verdict: JBR for variety, numbers and all-types-of-budget-friendly options

Where Has the Best Beach?

Bluewaters Island or JBR - Where to Stay | Where Has the Best Beach | The Vacation Builder

Although Dubai is nestled along the stunning shoreline of the Persian Gulf, it is very surprising to know that many beaches in the city are privately owned by hotels. This is why you can’t visit all beaches from the city unless you are a guest of these privately owned properties.

The best part about JBR beach is it’s free and open to the public. From the beach, you can cherish the most mesmeric view of Downtown Dubai along with those iconic buildings such as Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. The visitor count at JBR beach mostly remains lower than in any other beach area in Dubai. So, it’s really peaceful out there.

JBR beach also features tons of adventure sports in the water. You can indulge in a blood-pumping session by signing up for one or more activities on the beach.

The beach of Bluewaters Island is also free to the public. There are many restaurants and cafes along the beach. But the scope for watersport activities is almost nil here. Ain Dubai is the most fascinating experience to have on the beach where to can take a good look at Dubai’s hypnotic skyline.

Verdict: JBR

Where is Better to Stay for Families?

Bluewaters Island or JBR - Where to Stay | Where Is Better to Stay for Families | The Vacation Builder

When you are travelling with family, particularly with kids, we will recommend you to choose the JBR over Bluewaters Island. JBR has got the most two celebrated city destinations – The Walk and The Beach. Your little ones will be immensely happy as soon as you bring them to the beach.

JBR will never disappoint any of your family members because it has got something for every age group. Even if you don’t feel like going anywhere, life at JBR is enough to lift up your mood. Vibrant people with pulsating personalities keep the buzz up here.

On the outdoor activity front, Bluewaters Island has limited options. It is not boring there but certainly, JBR has got an exceptionally energetic vibe.

Verdict: JBR

Where is Better to Stay for Couples?

Bluewaters Island or JBR - Where to Stay | Where Is Better to Stay for Couples| The Vacation Builder

After going through the last segment, it is clear that JBR is more ideal for families whereas Bluewaters Island is perfect for couples looking for some privacy and peace. If you are looking for spending quality time with the love of your life, choose Bluewaters Island over JBR. Beach is not at all crowded and you can explore the neighbourhood without any tantrums from other tourists.

Verdict: Bluewaters Island

Where is It Better to Avail Public Transportation?

From JBR to Bluewaters Island, it takes only a 300-metre walk via the pedestrian bridge. So, you can avail yourself of similar transportation facilities to other parts of the city from both the localities.

Bluewaters Island or JBR - Where to Stay | Where is It Better to Avail Public Transportation | The Vacation Builder

JBR is one of the best communities in the city where people with no intention to drive can live smoothly. The area is well connected to every other neighbourhood in Dubai via metro service. The nearest metro stations to JBR are DMCC Metro Station and Dubai Marina Metro Station. The area also has two tram stations at both ends of the community. Apart from this, you can hop into a taxi to reach your destination in comfort.

You can also take metro routes from Bluewaters Island as it sits pretty close to two metro stations – DMCC and Jabel Ali. The island also notes a sufficient number of taxis to make transportation smooth.

Verdict: JBR


We hope, this article helped you to have an overall idea about two prominent touris places in Dubai – JBR and Bluewaters Island. Both of these areas are quite beautiful and ideal for planning a beach holiday. JBR won our hearts with its never-ending festivity mood. We gave our opinion but you are still free to take the final call.

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