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7 Reasons Why Dubai Creek is a Great Place to Stay

Reasons to Stay in Dubai Creek | The Vacation Builder

Dubai, a top tourist destination from the Middle East, is a city full of countless possibilities of enjoying a captivating vacation. Not just holiday-makers but expats too come to the city in bulk to explore new dimensions of living a good life and securing a well-paid job.

With a population of 3.3 million, the city spreads across an area of about 4,115 square kilometres. Moreover, different area’s of Dubai present divergent landmarks, things to do, budgets and, of course, different vibes.

The first thing you’re going to want to do when planning a vacation in Dubai is to decide on the area you stay, of which there are many choices.

Today we are here with Dubai Creek which is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the city.

Dubai Creek Location

Dubai Creek is one of the most fascinating touristy areas in the city.

The area standouts for its conventional atmosphere and traditional appeal. This serene area, packed with some of brilliant old architecture, is located in the Ras Al Khor area. It is connected by main Ras Al Khor Road just opposite to Al Jaddaf area of Bur Dubai.

This saltwater creek, spanning across 3.2 kilometres, cuts through the scenic Sheikh Zayed Road and Safa Park of the Jumeirah District before meeting the Arabian Gulf. Dubai Creek divides the city into Bur Dubai and Deira Dubai.

How To Get To Dubai Creek?

Thanks to its convenient location within the city limit, reaching Dubai Creek is not a problem. From Dubai International Airport, it takes only 15 minutes to reach Dubai Creek crossing the Al Garhoud Bridge.

This bridge connects Bur Dubai and Deira area. Travelling between Dubai Creek and Deira is smooth with plenty of options including water taxis, buses, taxis and metros.

Top 6 Reasons To Stay In Dubai Creek

There are many countless reasons to stay in Dubai Creek. Still, below we have summed up the best things for you and mentioning here only our 6 best reasons to choose Dubai Creek as your place of stay.

1. Historical Facts to Unfold

6 Reasons to Stay in Dubai Creek - 1. Historical Facts to Unfold | The Vacation Builder

If you are interested in history and don’t want to miss a chance to explore more of it in Dubai, then there is nothing better than Dubai Creek to stimulate your imagination and boost your interest.  The history and culture of this area is richer than you could have imagined.

Dubai Creek is not just the first major port of the emirates but is also the bearer of great historical significance.

This creek served as a safe harbour to trade along with other ports in the Arabian Gulf area. It was once the hub for trading gold, spices and fresh catches from the sea.

It split through the ground in the 1950s to make room for a small canal. Originally, the creek didn’t have any water circulation. Water gushes in from the sea and ends abruptly at Ras Al Khor Sanctuary.

2. A Walk to Remember

When you want to spend some alone time and wish to avoid the busy streets, Dubai Creek can be your solace for long hours.

This place is more than perfect for walking along. Fairly straightforward lanes of the creek are laced with souks, shops and restaurants that serve as pit stops to make your evening walk never ever tiring.

If you consider the length, Dubai Creek is about 14 kilometres long. This much is sufficient enough to offer you a glimpse of almost everything from the town. We recommend you to take the route from Al Fahidi to Al Seef that will take you through the most beguiling and historical parts of the UAE.

Dubai Creek represents the stunning amalgamation of Old Dubai and modern Dubai. From ancient Arabic architecture to contemporarily styled spaces, there are so many things to catch up with at this creek area.

3. An All-Inclusive Shopping Extravaganza

When you are in Dubai, it is impossible to resist the temptation of go shopping. Well, Dubai Creek can curate a wholesome shopping experience for you with some interesting twists.

When the famous and giant shopping malls in Dubai leave no room for bargaining, traditional marketplaces (commonly known as souks) in the Dubai Creek area are the heavens for shoppers who love to pick things after a ridiculously funny process of haggling.

The best things to shop from Dubai Creek markets are gold, spices and textiles. On either side of the creek, you can spot some of Dubai’s classic markets which were once the most significant economic hubs of the city. On the Deira side, you will meet the glittering Gold Souk while on the Bur Dubai side, you will find plenty of traditional textile shops.

Dubai Creek area also houses a wide range of spice shops where you can pick fresh herbs, ingredients, herbal remedies, spices and more. The aromatic ambience, vibrant sights and humming sounds of the Spice Souk create a unique world where things look more magical and less realistic.

 4. A Chance to meet Historical Giants at Al Fahidi District

It is really unbelievable to see that Dubai comes with a long-standing and very impressive history of its own. Most of its historical gems can be found across the Dubai Creek area. This is why history buffs prefer to stay in this area to explore its engaging history and entertaining heritage.

The most rewarding way to understand the local history is to plan a day trip to the Old Town, particularly the Al Fahidi District. The most prominent historical landmark of the district has to be the Dubai Museum.

Dubai Museum showcases a vivid presentation of the past. This historic building is the home to a wide variety of life-size panoramas to depict the Emirati life from a bygone era. The visitors can take a deep look at traditional scenes of Emirati households, mosques and souks.

You must also pay a visit to the House of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. Heritage Village and Al Bastakiya District feature a hoard of ancient buildings along the roadside. A stroll to these areas is truly enchanting and probably the most informative too.

5. A Chance to Sail Through the Creek

Dubai Creek is the only place in the city where you can have a rare experience of sailing through the calm and rippling water connecting the sea and the harbour area.

You can hire a water tax or hop into a wooden dhow to absorb the stunning surroundings of the creek area. Watching the city skyline from a cruise or dhow is quite fascinating particularly after the sunset.

You can also extend your stay on the creek water by ordering dinner. Good food and enticing beverages certainly make your cruise time more fun and rewarding. Dhow or water taxi rides are highly recommended for people who wish to see the beauty of Dubai from a different vantage point.

6. Seamless Transportation

Travelling across the city of Dubai can be a little time-consuming because of the considerable distance from one spot to another. But Dubai Creek enjoys the advantages of its fabulous strategic location that allows people to access all major touristy places and city landmarks in a short time.

There are various transportation modes available in Dubai Creek area ranging from water taxi, Dhow, cab, public bus and Dubai Metro. You can book your ride within your budget and of course with your preferences.

7. Fantastic Views Over the Water & City of Dubai

Reasons to Stay in Dubai Creek - 7. Views of the Water and City of Dubai | The Vacation Builder

It goes without saying that the views of the water and the city from both Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina present something that other area’s of Dubai just cannot live up to.

To make the most of the incredible views, book a hotel right on the waters edge and opt for a room high up!

Our Top 3 Hotel Recommendations in Dubai Creek

Reasons to Stay in Dubai Creek - Dubai Creek Harbour Residences and Hotels | The Vacation Builder

If you are planning to stay in Dubai Creek, there is absolutely no dearth of hotels in and around the area.

Below we have listed our top 3 hotel recommendations which will never disappoint you.

  • The Oberoi, Dubai: This 5-star hotel is one of the best in Dubai Creek area. Located on the Sheikh Zayed Road near the Business Bay, it is contemporary luxury hotel equipped with all modern facilities. Room charges are approximately AED 990 for one night.
  • JW Marriot Marquis Hotel Dubai: JW Marriot Marquis Hotel is another wonderful place to book your accommodation in Dubai Creek. Location of this property is the USP for sure. Room charges start from around AED 775 per night.
  • Jumeirah Creekside Hotel: Even if you are travelling with a tight budget, you can still book your accommodation with this 5-star property from Dubai Creek area. Room rate usually ranges around AED 650 per night.

We picked these 3 hotels from the Dubai Creek area because they are exceptionally good at offering top-notch customer service without squeezing too much out of your pocket. With so many options around the Dubai Creekside, you can always find a hotel that fits your budget and travel requirements.

Is Dubai Creek a Good Place to Stay?

Dubai Creek is a great place to stay! If you’re looking for incredible views of the city and the water, easy transportation and a taste of the real culture of the UAE then opt for the Creek!


That sums up our favourite reasons to stay in Dubai Creek. Historical tourist attractions and peaceful surroundings are what you can expect from the creek area.

In our opinion, Dubai Creek has everything to make holiday-makers extremely delighted. So, your next vacation in Dubai must be paired with a visit to Dubai Creek.

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