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How to get to Cannes from Nice Airport

So imagine this; you’ve just got off the plane in Nice, your walking out of the arrivals area to the beautiful French Riviera sunshine and gorgeous mountainous backdrop. All you can think about is getting to your hotel/apartment/villa, dropping your bags and getting out to explore what’s around. You’ve not thought about how to get to Cannes from Nice airport.

Most people call a taxi. All of us are guilty of this but not planning ahead in the south of France can cost you a pretty penny. I’ve written many blog posts on the affordability of travel to The French Riviera but one thing is for certain; taxi rides are a rip off. 

A taxi ride either side of Nice into Cannes or Monaco would cost you anywhere in the region of £60-£80, one way! Rest assured, I’ve listed below alternative and affordable options. 

Bus 210 – Nice Airport to Cannes

How to Get to Cannes from Nice Airport | Bus 210

Immediately outside the arrivals area of terminal 1, situated just behind the “Welcome to Nice” sign there is a bus station. The ticket office is literally a next to the arrivals exit doors on your left. For arrivals into terminal 2, tickets can be purchased inside the building at arrivals level gates 2/3. Bus number 210 will get you from Nice airport to Cannes in around 40 minutes. Return tickets are currently 33 Euro’s (2019 Prices). There are discounts for under 12’s (5 Euros) and groups too. 

Take platform 4 if you arrive at terminal 1 and platform 3 if your arriving from terminal 2. The bus drops you off in the centre of Cannes, with easy walking distance whichever area in Cannes you are staying. Buses run 7 days a week from 8am until 8pm every half an hour. There is a night bus available too which is the N200 Cannes and runs on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and eves of holidays. 

If you want to be ultra organised you can pre book online but booking at the airport is quick and easy. Click the link here to visit the website.  

Train from St Augustin Nice to Cannes

How to get to Cannes from Nice airport | Train from St Augustin

Alternatively, you can catch the train from St. Augustin station in Nice direct into Cannes. This is slightly cheaper than taking bus 210. St. Augustin station is approximately a fifteen minute walk from terminal 1 and 25 minutes from terminal 2.

Type in Nice St. Augustin in your google maps and it will find and route it easy enough. Catching the train to Cannes from here will cost only 5 Euros one way. So if your happy to walk and carry your bags or your not in a hurry you can save yourself some money here. 

Lignes D’Azur Lines Buses

How to Get to Cannes from Nice airport | The Vacation Builder

You can travel from Nice airport to Cannes extremely cheap if your willing to walk into Nice city and catch the Lignes d’Azur Buses. Tickets from the centre of Nice into Cannes are just 1 Euro. There is a catch to dirt cheap public transport however. Buses are often overcrowded due to the affordability and stop many times before reaching Cannes. A trip to Cannes can take as long as an hour and a half using this method. However this is a good option should you be travelling from the centre of Nice to Cannes for any other reason and your short of cash. 

Taxi transport is throwing away good holiday spending money so I haven’t written about that! Hopefully the above methods have helped you get from Nice airport to Cannes. Now you know how to get there you can check out my blog post on things to do in Cannes if you so wish.

For more useful information on how to get around why not use one of my favourite websites Rome2Rio. This site operates a search engine and will create maps and transport links of how to get just about anywhere in the world.

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