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Where to See Supercars in Dubai – 8 Great Spots

Where to See Supercars in Dubai

Dubai is well known for fast and luxury cars. And with the price of fuel cheaper than bottled water in most places, it’s no wonder why Dubai is a supercar hotspot. If you’re a car lover, then Dubai will have you rubbing your eyes, as most places around the city will have you second take as supercars fly by every day.

Here we take a look at the top 8 places to find supercars in Dubai.

Best Places to Find Supercars in Dubai

1. Jumeirah Beach Residence

Where to see Supercars in Dubai - Jumeirah Beach Residence | The Vacation Builder
Rolls Royce at one of the Hotels on JBR

One of the most popular tourist spots in Dubai, JBR doesn’t shy away when it comes to supercars. Although JBR is a tourist hotspot, it’s still home to some of the best bars and shops in all of Dubai. What’s more, the beach has plenty to offer in the way of activities and sea view restaurants.

All of this means that even the locals in Dubai flock to Jumeirah Beach Residence on a weekend. And with locals in Dubai, you’re going to get some of the best supercars revving down The Walk.

2. Dubai Airport

Where to see Supercars in Dubai - Dubai Airport | The Vacation Builder

So you know how some of the big malls in the UK or the USA have raffle cars which you can win? And they’re usually a Kia or a Dhiatsu or something.. Well not in Dubai. Dubai Airport usually has a few luxury cars dotted around which you can win for the price of a sandwich.

Further to this, if you head for the park & valet area, you are more than likely to see some top supercars parked there!

3. Dubai Mall – Fashion Avenue

Where to see supercars in Dubai - Dubai Mall | The Vacation Builder
Lamborghini at Dubai Mall

Next up, one of the most popular places in Dubai, The Dubai Mall. Here, you want to head for the Fashion Avenue entrance. The most expensive clothing stores live on Fashion Avenue, and so do the supercars!

4. Dubai International Motor Show

Where to See Supercars in Dubai - Dubai Motor Show | The Vacation Builder

The number one spot to see the most luxury supercars in one place, Dubai International Motor Show. Here you will find custom builds, supercars, show cars and some private collections all under one roof.

5. Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is world famous for being one of the “tallest” places to live in the world. And by tall, we mean mega skyscrapers full of luxury penthouses.

What’s more, with luxury penthouses comes wealth, and with wealth comes supercars. Take a stroll around this district and you are more than likely to see at least a few of the best cars in Dubai.

6. Atlantis The Palm ( Or many Palm Hotels)

Where to see Supercars in Dubai - Atlantis The Palm | The Vacation Builder
Ferrari & Rolls Royce at Atlantis The Palm

Here we have two fabulous supercars parked up in the parking lot at Atlantis. However, it’s not just Atlantis that you’ll find some of the best cars in Dubai.

Check out any of the high end hotels on Palm Jumeirah such as Anantara, Sofitel, Fairmont and you will find the best cars.

7. Dubai Police Cars

Where to see Supercars in Dubai - Police Cars | The Vacation Builder

Anyone staying in Dubai for a decent period of time and travelling down Sheikh Zayed Road will at some point, see one of these Dubai Police Cars zoom by.

The Dubai Police has supercars from Mercedes to Bentley ready to catch anyone who tries to overstep the law.

8. Gulf Car Festival

Where to see supercars in Dubai - Gulf Car Festival | The Vacation Builder

The Gulf Annual Car Festival is built around hot rods. Here you have your “Fast and Furious” type cars taking part in antilag, drifting and burnouts. This is great fun for anyone interested in cars.


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