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Dubai Expo 2020 – Postponed

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On 4 May 2020, the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) Member States and the World Expo governing body’s, announced that the therosold to agree on the delay of Dubai Expo 2020 has been passed. Thus leaving Dubai Expo 2020 – Postponed. More than two-third BIE paris members voted in favour of postponing the expo by one year.

On 30 March 2020, the expo indicated that it was investigating postponement of the world’s fair. Expo 2020 Dubai was scheduled to open on October 20, 2020, and to end on April 10, 2021. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, dates have been rescheduled.

According to recent news, new dates have been scheduled for the opening of the event on October 1, 2021.  The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic that had brought the whole world to stand still and caused the largest global recession in history has also brought Expo 2020 Dubai under question. The event was expected to attract nearly 25 million visitors in October this year.

Authorities mentioned that this is the time for solidarity where we should stand together to help each other, as many countries have been adversely affected by this. More than ever now humanity needs to come together to remember what unites all of us.

After the authorities announced new dates many stakeholders of the Expo 2020 around the world have showed support towards it.

What Next for Dubai Expo 2020?

Due to the length of the Expo (6 months), it’s very challenging for the organisation to execute it with full perfection. Many conflicts arose, as migrant workers continued to work on the Expo 2020, while the whole country was under lockdown due to the spread of coronavirus.

The Geneva council urged to the WHO to encourage the UAE for the safety and health of the people to halt any construction operations.

The Expo was an event that aims to unite the world with creation, collaboration, and new technology. UAE was holding Expo 2020 to show its vision on the support of growth of tourism in UAE. The development and innovation of business in the UAE was due to be showcased at this extraordinary event.

When Will Dubai Expo 2020 Return?

When the Expo does eventually return in 2021, Dubai will be the first Middle Eastern city to host the event. It was a moment of celebration for Dubai when they won the right to host this worldwide event, with fireworks erupting at the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. Meaning Dubai will yet again astonish the whole world. This also created scope for new job opportunities in Dubai.

Expo 2021 will be the largest event ever staged in arab world. The event is ready to welcome 192 participating countries around the globe. It is organised by Reem Al Hasimi (managing director of the expo 2020). 

Connecting the Mind & Creating  Future

Dubai Expo 2020 Postponed

Youth are the main core of the proposed Expo. It aspires to create a meaningful legacy that will benefit upcoming generations, spanning everything from innovations and architecture to friendships and business opportunities.

It has three sub-themes that will guide us on the journey of the Expo 2021. The three sub-themes are shown by three pavilions.


Dubai Expo 2021 - Opportunity

Revealing the potential within individuals and communities to discover hidden talent and spirits to help create a better world. Even by doing small actions we can create a great impact on the world and be a source of change.


Mobility - Dubai Expo 2021

To unfold new possibilities for discovery we should enable smarter movements of thoughts, ideas and goods around the globe. By mobility we see how humanity has made a greater leap than ever before. Thus we have developed into better individuals creating innovation of new technology and ideas.


Sustainability - Dubai Expo 2021

Dubai Expo 2021 will embrace the natural resources and renewable energy systems of the planet. Through sustainability, Expo 2021 will encourage the greatest technology and show how the world can live in harmony by the use of nature high technology. It will inspire to achieve ambitious goals by developing strategies to recycle and use natural solutions.

Dubai Expo 2021 Organisation

Expo 2021 will be situated on a 438-hectare area located between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Before the opening of the Expo 2021, a whole new city is being created in this large area with an extraordinary mega-structure. The master plan is designed by an American firm HOK and Ahmed Al Khatib, operating as the Chief Development and Delivery Officer for Expo 2021.

The masterplan is made such that it looks like three petals each representing one of the sub-themes with a central part that overlaps. The connection point is known as Al Wasl plaza which is dome shaped. The dome is made of a 360-degree projection surface with the use of latest technology.

Dubai Expo 2021 initiate – Dubai Happiness Agenda, has 16 programmes under four themes that sums up 82 projects to be set in the city with an aim to make the city the happiest by the end of 2022.

List of Events to Explore at Dubai Expo 2021

  • Global celebration
  • Live performances
  • Health awareness and happiness
  • Get to experience culture in an engrossing way
  • Innovative business ideas
  • High-tech models
  • Jam-packed entertainment programs
  • Take a glimpse of future travel with hyperloop
  • A world full of flavour
  • World Class architecture
  • Outdoor performances
  • Innovative landscapes

The Mascot of The Expo 2021

To discover the meaning behind the world’s next Expo, one magical Ghaf tree, two intrepid Emirati siblings and three helpful robo-guardians have been revealed as the mascots.

The old ghaf tree Salama The tree has magical powers and is known for her captive story and great knowledge of UAE history.

The two siblings Rashid and Latifa – The two are guided by the wisdom of Salama and go on an exciting journey to explore the world-changing inventions revealed at past World Expos and discover all about Expo 2020.

The robots Opti, Alif and Terra – They represent Expo 2020’s three sub-themes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, respectively.

Further Development of the UAE

The Dubai Expo 2021 has already united the country’s relationship with others as it has allowed Israelis to visit. Previously, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) does not recognize Israel as a state, and the two countries do not have public diplomatic or economic relations. The UAE also does not allow Israeli citizens or those suspected of being Israeli citizens entry into the UAE, including Israeli passport holders, except for transit.

The Expo also has set up a women centric pavilion to encourage the role of women in society and find ways to tackle gender inequality and celebrate the achievements of women.

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Expo 2020 – BIE Member States finally confirms postponement of the Expo – By Saina Khatoon.

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