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Beach Babies – Here’s Our Top 10 Best Beaches in the UAE

10 Best Beaches in the UAE | The Vacation Builder

Looking forward to some exiting beach days, then heading to the UAE, especially Dubai, would be a wise thing to do. You will be surprised to know that UAE is home to a 1,300km stretch of soft and sandy shoreline.

What ’s more, there are plenty of activities to keep you engaged at these beaches. There’s something for every age group.

While children can keep busy building sand castles, teenagers can work out at the open gyms. Likewise, adults can sign up for some exciting water activities, while seniors can relax on the soft sands, losing themselves to the picturesque views and surroundings.

However, if you are pressed for time, it will be impossible for you to make time for every beach in this vast country. So what do you do then? Well, consider visiting The Vacation Builder’s top 10 picks, which we promise will not disappoint you!

Let us dive further in to see the best beaches in the UAE!

1. Corniche Beach, Abu Dhabi

Best Beaches in the UAE - #1 Abu Dhabi Corniche | The Vacation Builder

If you are heading to Abu Dhabi, then do not even think about skipping Corniche Beach.

The ambiance of this beach, coupled with its clean and safe waters has led to this beach being awarded with international recognition in the form of Blue Flag status. The mesmerizing sight of the Lulu Island is next level too!

You need to avoid peak hours and weekends if you are interested in spending some quiet time by the beach. There is quite a lot worth exploring around this beach. You can choose to either walk or rent a bicycle.

With lifeguards on duty and calm waters in your stride, you can have a great swim at the Corniche Beach. Likewise, you can spend quality time playing a game of beach volleyball. If you are up for some water sports then do give kayaking and waterskiing a shot.

All these activities are going to make you hungry. Catch up on great meals and beverages at one of the many cafes or restaurants that surround this beach. Some of the go-to options include Cold Stone Creamery, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Nakarish Café and Le Café Lobby Lounge.

Other amenities at this beach include restrooms, changing rooms, showers, sun loungers, and cabanas.

With so much to do under one roof, the Corniche beach definitely deserves to be a part of the UAE’s top ten beaches.


Our Verdict: 8/10

2. The Beach at JBR, Dubai

Best Beaches in the UAE - #2 JBR The Beach | The Vacation Builder

The Beach at JBR is a beach that is open round the clock to welcome its visitors.

What makes JBR Beach special, you ask? Well, a unique mix of serene blue waters, enchanting skyline and an abundance of activities is what makes this beach a true stand out.

If you have a thing for water sports, then you can jump onto the water bikes, sea scooters and boats. There is a weekend market that opens up around this beach too. What’s more, the colourful shops around here are sure to persuade you to engage in some retail therapy.

There’s a jogging track, open gym, and children’s play area at The Beach too and don’t miss the camel rides. If you end up visiting post sunset, then you will have great time with its buzzing nightlife and fascinating views of the Marina skyline.

You can also grab food at at the cafes & restaurants located on the promenade.

This is one of the most happening beach area’s in Dubai and certainly deserves a spot in UAE’s top ten beaches.


Our Verdict: 9/10

3. Ajman Beach Corniche, Ajman

Best Beaches in the UAE - #3 Ajman Corniche | The Vacation Builder

If taking a nice swim and soaking in the sun is on your priority list, then Ajman Beach is the place to be. The best part about this beach is that its waters are very calm. People, who have had the opportunity of swimming in this beach, have even gone on record to state that it was more a pool like experience.

This beach is open 24 hours. One highlight about the Ajman Beach is that it boasts of the longest coastline. Two public beaches namely, the Al Hamriya Beach and the Al Zorah Beach, which are next to one another, contribute to this.

It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that this is essentially a no-frills beach. This beach is perfect for people who wish to spend some relaxing time around the shore.

Another advantage to this area besides the unspoilt nature of the coastline are the luxurious hotels that surround it.

Seafood lovers say hurray! Good seafood is what you get to experience at the Ajman Beach.

Are you planning a group picnic close to Dubai? Without further thought, head to Ajman Beach.


Our Verdict: 8/10

4. Kite Beach, Dubai

Located in the Jumeirah neighborhood, the Kite Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Dubai. Since people love flying kites at this beach, this lovely coastline has come to be known as the Kite Beach.

Irrespective of whether you are a lazy bum, who wants to relax by the sea, or a sports enthusiast, who wishes to get rid of those extra calories, Kite Beach is meant for everyone.

The Kite Beach is home to a 14km stretch, which makes a perfect coast sidetrack to jog or run. At this beach, you can engage in water sports such as kite surfing, paddle boarding, and wakeboarding.

Lifeguards are posted at this beach. Thus, swimming at the Kite Beach is a risk free choice.

The foodie hidden inside of you will also be happy to visit the Kite Beach. This is all thanks to the many food trucks that line up around this beach. You can pick some yummy snacks from these trucks. Likewise, there are coffee shops and restaurants around Kite Beach as well.

The casual beachside atmosphere is what contributes towards making Kite Beach a part of the top ten beaches of UAE list.

Our Verdict: 9/10

Best Beaches in the UAE - Sole Mio - Kite Beach | The Vacation Builder

Tip: When visiting Kite Beach make sure you make the most of the food trucks! Also, Sole Mio has the best service for Umbrella, sun-bed and towel rentals as well as food and drink delivered right to you!

5. Saadiyat Beach, Abu Dhabi

Best Beaches in the UAE - #5 Saadiyat Beach Abu Dhabi | The Vacation Builder

A beach in Abu Dhabi, which has gained popularity in recent times, is Saadiyat Beach. If you are a yoga person, then you are sure to have a great time with the weekly yoga classes that are conducted at this beach.

Home to around 300 sun loungers, if you wish to relax by the beach, then you can go ahead and rent one. One of the best ways of spending time by the shore here is to lose oneself to the calming sound of the waves, sight of a beautiful blue sky and of course, a dash of cool breeze that brushes past you.

You can make your way past the white sands to grab a cup of coffee at one of the beach cafes. Lifeguards, changing rooms, and lockers are some of the amenities available at this beach.

Entry onto the beach carries a small fee of 25AED.

Saadiyat Island Beach gets a well-deserved spot in our list of top 10 beaches of UAE.

Our Verdict: 9/10

6. Jumeirah Public Beach, Dubai

Best Beaches in the UAE - #6 Jumeirah Open Beach, Dubai | The Vacation Builder

What is a visit to Dubai, if you fail to make a stop at the beautiful Jumeirah Beach? Visit to this gorgeous beach is totally free of cost and is one of the most popular beaches in the UAE.

It is worth mentioning here that the Jumeirah Beach is one of the most well-maintained and clean beaches in the UAE.

If you are done spending time by the shore, you can shift base to the park that accompanies this beach. Children will have a great time at this park and there is a swimming pool too!

You can make the most of your visit to Jumeirah beach by engaging in some fun water sports. Kite surfing, jet skiing, and other water adventures wait to be explored here.

After a game of beach volleyball, you can grab lunch at one of the many restaurants around the promenade. Likewise, you can extend your stay by booking a night at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Clean toilets, parking facilities, and changing rooms are some amenities available at this beach.

It would be unfair to skip Jumeirah Beach from the list of UAE’s top 10 beaches.


Our Verdict: 8/10

7. Al Hamra Beach, Ras Al Khaimah

Best Beaches in the UAE - #7 Al Hamra Beach, Ras Al Khaimah | The Vacation Builder

100km North of Dubai is Ras Al Khaimah. Here you will find true UAE heritage and history, as well as luxurious beach hotels and unspoilt sands.

Al Hamra Beach makes our top 10 due to the fact that it gives you the perfect mix between unspoilt scenery without lacking on facilities such as Hotels, Restaurants and a golf course.

The beach is close by to luxurious hotels such as Ritz Carlton & Waldorf Astoria. Keen golfers will

It is going to be worth visiting this beach, which is why we have made it a part of our top 10 beach favourites.


Our Verdict: 8/10

8. Khor Fakkan Beach, Sharjah

Best Beaches in the UAE - #8 Khor Fakkan Beach, Sharjah | The Vacation Builder

Khor Fakkan Beach is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Dubai.  You will have a great time here, with a stunning backdrop of the Hajar Mountains and the gorgeous Indian Ocean.

What’s more, there are many tiny islands and ocean spots worth exploring at this beach. One of the popular spots is Shark Island, where you can choose to either swim or sunbathe.

Khor Fakkan essentially means “The Creek with Two Jaws“. This name has been bestowed upon this beach by its rocks. Ferry rides, boat rides, and sailing are some of the activities that visitors can engage in on their visit to this beach.

If you are heading to Fujairah, it’s worth visiting Khor Fakkan Beach. One common misconception about this beach is that it belongs to the Emirate of Fujairah, being so close. However, this area actually belongs to the Emirate of Sharjah; which is the other side of the country!

Play area’s for kids, lifeguards, and changing rooms are some of the amenities made available here.

This beach is surrounded by a mountainous trail, which ends up making it a hit trekking zone as well.

Undoubtedly, this one of its kind beach deserves a spot on our top ten beaches of UAE list.


Our Verdict: 10/10

9. Umm Al Quwain Beach

Best Beaches in the UAE - #9 Al Quwain Beach | The Vacation Builder

Umm Al Quwain is the smallest Emirate in the UAE with regards to population and the second smallest in area.

The great advantage about this fact is that the beaches are generally quiet, vast and picturesque.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque isn’t far away too, so if you’re travelling in for a beach day from Dubai make sure to make the most of this fascinating place of religion.

Umm Al Quwain beach is also home to the famous abandoned ship as well as the every growing popular Kite Beach Center.


Our Verdit: 8/10

10. Fujairah Beach

Best Beaches in the UAE - #10 Fujairah Beach | The Vacation Builder

Located to the south coast of the UAE and lining the Indian Ocean you will find Fujairah Beach. This has got to be one of the most picturesque beaches in the world let alone the UAE!

The mountainous backdrop, long stretching shoreline and fascinating sun-sets makes ensures this beach makes it into our top 10!


Our Verdict: 10/10


Without wasting any further time, plan your next trip to the UAE. There are lots of beautiful beaches waiting to welcome you. How about you awaken the beach baby in you?

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