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How to Get to Dubai from the USA

How to Get to Dubai from The USA | The Vacation Builder

Home to some of the most ancient yet modern attractions, Dubai is a go-to of sorts for people who are planning a relaxing or an active vacation. More Americans each year are flocking to the Emirate hotspot but many are unsure of the best way to get there.

This post takes you through the best ways of getting to Dubai from the USA.

A shopper’s paradise, Dubai has a lot on offer. From breath-taking architecture, luxurious stay facilities, beach side engagements to some of the best dining options, this and much more is what you will get to experience in Dubai.

Of late, Dubai is flooded with tourists most of whom have travelled in from the USA. There was a time when US tourists were hesitant to travel to Dubai because they had to plan a minimum stay of about 2 weeks in order to adjust with the Dubai time zone. Similarly, the flights were very expensive.

However, with more US citizens being open to the idea of travelling to Dubai, flight prices have become very competitive. Hence, if booked at the right time, you will be able to save quite a lot on your commute.

For more information on the best time to book flights check out this post.

The excitement and thrill involved on a Dubai vacation coupled with an array of activities that can be planned in and around Dubai has helped US tourists to shed all inhibitions and instead extend their Dubai stay. The time difference is no longer viewed as a hurdle by US tourists.

Let us now explore the many aspects of travel to Dubai from the USA.

How to Reach Dubai from USA?

If you have made up your mind to take your next vacation in Dubai, then you will have to get your flight tickets booked. Many airlines operate on the USA-Dubai route. These flights take off from different airports. Based on which part of USA you have been residing in, you can select an airport that is closest to your location.

Let us quickly take a look at some of the prime airports in the USA that act as departure points for airlines flying to Dubai.

John F. Kennedy International Airport

People, who are planning to fly to Dubai from New York, can choose an airline that departs from the New York airport, which is also known as the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Located in the Jamaica vicinity of Queens, this airport boasts of 6 passenger terminals and 4 runways.

Airline operators, which fly between John F. Kennedy International Airport and Dubai include Turkish Airlines, Air France, Egypt Air, Gulf Air, Delta Airlines and KLM.

Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport, also referred to as LAX is a primary international airport that serves passengers in Los Angeles and other metropolitan areas in the vicinity to fly to Dubai. Turkish Airlines is a leading operator on the Los Angeles-Dubai route.

As compared to John F. Kennedy International Airport, the number of flights operating on the Los Angeles-Dubai route are lesser. More specifically, there are about 7 take offs to Dubai from Los Angeles every day.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

O’Hare International Airport is located at Northwest Chicago, Illinois. It is one of the busiest airports in the United States and caters to multiple destinations including North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia of which Dubai is a part.

Around 30 flights take off each day from Chicago to Dubai. Airlines that operate on this route include Turkish Airlines, Gulf Air, Emirates, Air Canada and Lufthansa to name a few.

Washington Dulles International Airport

An airport in the US that witnesses over 24 million passengers each year is the Washington Dulles International Airport. The Dulles Airport is a hub for United Airlines. Over 100 flights operate between Washington and Dubai each day.

Popular Airlines on the Washington Dubai route are Lufthansa, Delta, KLM, Swiss Airlines, United Airlines and Turkish Airlines among others.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is a primary international airport that serves the regions of Atlanta, Georgia. Over 1000 flights take off from Atlanta to various domestic and international destinations.

The Atlanta-Dubai route is equally popular. Air carriers such as Turkish Airlines, Delta, KLM, American Airlines and Gulf air carry passengers between Atlanta and Dubai.

Which Airlines Operate Between USA and Dubai?

Turkish Airlines

Your trip to Dubai will remain incomplete if you fail to travel in style. When we talk about world-class travel, how is it that we miss out on Europe’s favorite carrier – Turkish Airlines.

On your travels to Dubai from the USA, this airline will help you to experience some unique amenities, which other carriers fail to offer.

Both business as well as economy class on Turkish Airlines is equally comfortable and passenger-friendly, which will further contribute towards making your journey to Dubai a fascinating one.

Website: https://www.turkishairlines.com/


When you reach Dubai, your energy should be at the next level and feeling full of life. This is only possible if you have had a comfortable flight. With unbelievable legroom, even in its economy class, you will feel extremely relaxed and at ease when flying Emirates.

Dubai for sure has some fabulous drink and dine options. Why not get a taste of Dubai right in the flight with some sumptuous meals and drinks onboard an Emirates flight to Dubai.

Website: https://www.emirates.com/in/english/

Gulf Air

Your travel to Dubai will be a memorable one if you opt to fly with Gulf Air. Gulf Air are an airline that promises top-notch Arabian hospitality to all its passengers. You will definitely be in awe of the amenity kit provided onboard.

Every USA-Dubai Gulf Air flight assures absolute customisation, as the objective of this airline has always been to regulate its functions and services in line with customer requirements and aspirations.

Website: https://www.gulfair.com/


Are you planning a vacation in Dubai? Why not fly Lufthansa? The flight attendants on Lufthansa airlines are extremely efficient, professional and friendly. This for sure will lighten up the time you spend on a US Dubai flight.

Keeping in mind highest standards of hygiene, all Lufthansa planes ensure complete neatness and cleanliness, something which every Dubai bound passenger is sure to look up to. Also, the food served on this airline is much better as compared to most other air carriers.

Website: https://www.lufthansa.com/in/en/homepage

Delta Airlines

On your trip to Dubai, keep yourself well entertained during the commute by choosing Delta Airlines, which promises the best onboard entertainment facility ever. Let us not miss the good food that is served on Delta planes.

The best part about his airline, which has helped this carrier bag some loyalties, is the fact that Delta Airlines are consistent with their departure timings. Except for unavoidable calamities, during other times their flights are on time. Thus, with Delta you are sure to reach Dubai as per schedule.

Website: https://www.delta.com/

Flight Time to Dubai from the USA?

Once you have made up your mind to travel to Dubai from the USA, apart from deciding which airline and airport, another important question is the flight durations.

Below is a list of the flight times to Dubai from each airport in the USA.

  • JFK to Dubai – 12 Hours and 15 Minutes
  • LAX to Dubai – 15 Hours and 55 Minutes
  • Chicago to Dubai – 13 Hours and 25 Minutes
  • Washington Dulles to Dubai – 14 Hours and 40 Minutes
  • Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta to Dubai – 17 Hours and 30 Minutes

Types of Flight to Reach Dubai from the USA

Non-Stop Flight

When you decide to fly on a non-stop flight from US to Dubai, you board a flight at one of the US airports and arrive directly at the Dubai Airport. Ideally, a non-stop flight between US and Dubai will take between 12 and 17 hours.

Connecting Flights

Here, you board a flight at a US Airport, which takes you to a midway destination. You then leave the plane and take another flight to Dubai. It cannot be specifically stated how much time such an arrangement would take for a passenger to reach Dubai from US. This mainly depends on the time gap between the two connecting flights.

Direct Flights with Stopovers

In this case, you board a flight for Dubai from the US. Instead of flying directly to Dubai, the flight you have boarded will take one or two stopovers before you reach your final destination. Flights with a single stopover between the US and Dubai may take about 21 to 23 hours. However, the fastest single stopover flight between US and Dubai is 17 hours.

From this, it is clearly understood that non-stop flights will reach Dubai from the US much faster as compared to connecting or direct flights with stopovers. Waiting time on connecting or direct flights with stopovers is generally 1 to 1.5 hours.

How Much do Flights to Dubai from USA Cost?

As a part of your US Dubai travel agenda, it is obvious for you to spend ample time figuring out air carriers that would fly you to Dubai at cheaper prices.

A number of factors would determine the cost of your US Dubai Flight.

  • Firstly, the time at which you decide to fly from the US to Dubai or vice versa will determine the cost of your flight. Prime time flights would charge higher. Thus, it is advisable to look for flights that do not fall in the prime slot.
  • Secondly, the air carrier you choose will also have an impact on your US-Dubai airfare. A low cost carrier would be more economical as compared to a luxurious airline.
  • Similarly, the type of flight you choose will also play an important role in determining USA to Dubai Flight costs. For instance, a non-stop flight will be more expensive as compared to a flight with one or more stopovers.
  • Booking one-way flights with different air carriers can aso help save money on airfares.

You can easily go through a low airfare finder online, which will help you to find flights that boast of lowest airfares. My personal favourite is Kayak.

On the USA to Dubai route, return journey included, the average lowest airfare that you will have to pay is around $650. Likewise, the highest fare that you may come across is $8500 for first class services.

The earlier you book; brighter are the chances of you getting flight tickets at competitive rates.

How to Get to Dubai from the USA | The Vacation Builder

Cheapest Time to Buy Flights to Dubai from the USA

Most people, who are planning a trip from the US to Dubai, look hard for periods or seasons, when the footfalls to Dubai are comparatively lesser and thus the air prices on the lower side.

However, Dubai being one of the most popular destinations in UAE, it is flocked by tourists all-round the year. Hence, it is difficult to pick out a duration or month, wherein there are chances of air tickets coming cheaper.

Having said that, we can always segregate the high cost period. This is essentially the peak time in Dubai wherein the air prices are skyrocketing. The months that we are referring to here are December, January and February.

Most tourists visit Dubai to bring in the New Years. Similarly, January and February is the time when the Dubai Shopping Festival takes place, which further hikes the air price and tourist presence. Hence, in order to avoid both rush and high airfare, these months need to be avoided.

Again, let us try to figure out that one month, wherein the air prices and tourist presence is mediocre as compared to the peak periods.


The Best Time to Visit Dubai from the USA

To make the most of your visit to Dubai from the USA, you need to plan your trip around the time when it is winters in Dubai. You may consider flying to Dubai anywhere between November to April.

Between December to February is the most ideal time to visit Dubai. Post May, summers start setting in. Summers in Dubai are extremely hot due to the soaring temperatures. People, who find it difficult to keep up with the scorching heat should avoid Dubai summers altogether. You an read more on Dubai weather here.

During summers, stays in Dubai comes cheap. Most stay-in facilities offer complementary meals as well.

If you are visiting Dubai with the sole purpose of ticking off all the attractive sightseeing destinations in Dubai of your list, then you should choose to travel to Dubai during periods when tourists just start coming in, but do not overcrowd the place.

An ideal time to explore Dubai without having to find a way amidst crazy crowds is from late November to early December. The climate during this time is pleasant as well.

What is Dubai without a fair share of shopping? If you wish to enjoy some best deals on the items you shop for, then you should be in Dubai in the month of January. This is the time when the Dubai Shopping festival takes place. At this festival, you will be offered up to 75% discount on items that you shop for.

Even though Dubai beaches welcome you all round the year, an ideal time to spend some quality time by the seaside is during the months of April and May. During winters and extreme summers, you will find it difficult to make the most of your time at the beach.


For most of us, such long distance vacations do not happen very often. Hence, it is vital that we plan our trip by taking into consideration all the necessary pros and cons.

This write-up has acted as a guide for you to draw a layout of your US-Dubai trip. Right from which airport, you should be kick starting your onward journey, to which air carrier you should be opting for, this and much more is explained in great depth above.

By following this guide, you will be able to make it to Dubai not just during the right time, but also at the most cost effective time too.

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