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Withdrawing Money from ATMs in Dubai

Withdrawing From ATMs in Dubai

Like many other major cities, Dubai has thousands of ATM’s. ATM’s make travelling around the world easy and care free. What’s more, this gives you security as you don’t have to needlessly carry wads of cash around Dubai.

If you’re travelling from abroad you can withdraw money on your card from ATM’s in Dubai but it is always best to confirm with your bank before visiting.

Below is our guide on withdrawing money from ATMs in Dubai.

How Much Can you Withdraw From Dubai ATMs?

Most ATM’s in Dubai traditionally allow withdrawals of up to 5,000AED. This converts to around £1,000 / $1,350. You will find this figure more than double what you can withdraw when at home. However, again make sure you confirm this with your bank as each bank has its own withdrawal limits.

You will find that it is mostly only UAE banks that allow this amount to be withdrawn at any one time.

The Benefit of Withdrawing from ATM’s When in Dubai

There are many benefits from withdrawing by card when in Dubai:

  • Saves carrying a lot of cash around that you could lose or misplace
  • Makes your holiday a lot more stress free
  • You can take advantage of better exchange rates and lose the commision that many exchanges add on.

Even though the world is fast becoming an ever more cashless society, we still advise to take at least a little paper money. This can be used for tipping, taxi’s (even though some take card now), and what if you happen to lose your card or it doesn’t work? Always be prepared.

What Cards Are Accepted in Dubai?

Most major international bank cards are accepted in Dubai. Remember, Dubai is the financial capital of the world!

If your card belongs to Maestro or Mastercard you can bet your life that it will work when in Dubai. Again, always double check with your bank first and let them know that you are travelling abroad.

Sometimes, if you do not notify your bank that you are abroad they may view any foreign transactions as fraudulent and block your card. You do not want this hassle when you are supposed to be enjoying your trip to Dubai.

Where are ATMs in Dubai?

Dubai has literally thousands of ATM’s around the city so there is no need to worry about finding a place to withdraw cash.

Typically local banks in Dubai include:

  • Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • National Bank of Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai Islamic Bank

International banks that you may reconigse in Dubai:

  • HSBC
  • BNP Paribas
  • Barclays

Below is a map where you can see a snippet of just how many ATM’s there are in Dubai with their rough location.

Another way of finding ATM’s when in Dubai is to visit the Visa ATM Locator and the Mastercard ATM Locator.

Some More Tips on Withdrawing Money in Dubai

Avoid ATM Charges

There are a few other things to consider when withdrawing money in Dubai. ATM fee’s are one of them. Make sure you browse for FREE ATM withdrawals.

Like many countries, Dubai has ATM’s in really convenient places, but at a price. A lot of these ‘conveniently located’ ATMs carry a withdrawal fee of around 10AED. To avoid this, do your research and also make sure you withdraw as much as you think you need in one transaction. This will avoid multiple fees should you need to use an ATM which charges.

Use Transfer Wise

If you’re visiting a friend or family in Dubai and assuming they have a Dubai bank account, another great method is to use Transfer Wise. You can send them the money before you fly out, meaning you take advantage of the best exchange rates as well as missing out on ATM / bank charges.

Don’t Withdraw Money at Dubai Airport

We’ve all been there. You just land in Dubai, and all excited (an unprepared) you see an ATM and think, “I’ll get what I need right away”.

As far as we know, all of the ATM’s in Dubai carry charges. You’ll also find that these ATM’s are not owned by Visa or the like too and will offer lower exchange rates.

Take a Combination

Our advice for visiting anywhere is to always take a combination of cash / debit card and credit cards. That way, if one or the other doesn’t work or is lost, you always have an option.


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