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Is it Safe to Swim in the Sea in Dubai?

Is it Safe to Swim in the Sea in Dubai

If you’re a Dubai first-timer, you may wonder, Is it Safe to Swim in the Sea in Dubai? The answer is absolutely yes and below we have put together a list of each beach in Dubai where it is safe to swim and a complete guide to sea swimming safety in Dubai.

Folks from all around the world rush to the sandy beaches of Dubai to have fun with the sun, sand and sea. The beaches of Dubai beaches flaunt crystal waters and offer an endless swimming experience. However, fun swimming in the sea could turn into a tragedy if someone ignores the safety regulations. Each year many water-related accidents could have been avoided easily by observing these safety measures.

Places for Safe Sea Swimming in Dubai

Water babies love to visit Dubai because of its pristine and sparkling beaches. Although not every beach is safe to take a plunge into the open sea, there are many safe places for gaining wonderful sea swimming experiences in the city. Let’s see which beaches in Dubai come under swimming-friendly category.

1. The Beach @ JBR

Is it Safe to Swim in the Sea in Dubai | The BEach @ JBR | The Vacation Builder

Opposite JBR, Dubai Marina, The Beach offers an iconic view of the Blue Waters Island and The Palm Jumeirah standing right in the Arabian Gulf.

This beach is one of the most popular beaches among tourists and locals because it has everything from swimming, shopping and dining, to cinema, water sports, outdoor gyms and much more.

Visitors can rent a bed and tan for the whole day to enjoy beach swimming and sunshine at their own ease.

Beach Type: Public Beach

Beach facilities: Lifeguard service, changing rooms, showers, Shop, Dine, Play

Beach award: Blue flag

Website: https://www.thebeach.ae/en/

Beach Times: Sun-Sat: 10:00-22:00

Contact: +97143173999

2. Cove Beach – Bluewaters Island

Is it Safe to Swim in the Sea in Dubai | Cove Beach | The Vacation Builder

Located on the new BlueWaters Island, just outside the iconic Caesers Palace, Cove Beach is another premium beach in Dubai. Here you can enjoy the mind-blogging views of the Arabian Gulf and take a swim in the sea. This beach is very safe and well-maintained.

The beach is popular amongst celebrities, social influencers and athletes due to the highly rated Caesers Palace Hotel. Celebrities also like to spend time on this beach as it’s a private beach and allows access to very limited people only.

Beach type: Private

Beach facilities: Lifeguard services, beach beds, beach cabanas

Website: covebeach.com/

Beach Time: Sun-Sat: 10:00-1:00

Contact: +971504546920

3. Summersalt Beach Club

Is it Safe to Swim in the Sea in Dubai | Summersalt Beach Club | The Vacation Builder

looking for an upscale place on Dubai’s shoreline to enjoy a typically sunny day on the beach? Here comes the Summersalt Beach Club. This stunning place gives you a perfect chance to enjoy lunch with a beachside setting whilst having access to the premium beach for swimming.

The guests of Burj-Al-Arab or Jumeirah Al Naseem are free to access the Summersalt Beach. If you’re not staying at one of these hotels, you can easily obtain a day pass to enjoy the endless premium experience.

Beach Type: Private

Beach facilities: Lifeguard Service, Dine, Beach Club

Beach Award: Blue Flag

Website: https://www.jumeirah.com/en/dine/dubai/al-naseem-summersalt

Beach Time: Beach Club: Daily, 09:00 – 19:00 | Summersalt by Kayto | Summersalt by Kenji: Daily, 12:30 – 00:00

Contact: +97144323232

4. Sunset Beach

Is it Safe To Swim in the Sea in Dubai | Sunset Beach | The Vacation Builder

If you want to escape the bustle of the city and are ready to go to a quiet place for reading, jogging or swimming, then go to sunset beach. This calm beach allows you to enjoy the disappearance of the sun in the blue water of the Arabian Gulf and watch the spectacular sunset hues painting the sky in red, orange, purple and blue.

This beach has got another name, the Public Beach. Whichever name you prefer to pick, it doesn’t going to change a thing of its beauty. Swimming at Sunset Beach is quite safe and the view of majestic Burj Al Arab can be best enjoyed from here.

Beach Type: Public

Beach facilities: Lifeguard services, Library

Beach Award: Blue flag

Timing: 24-hours open

5. Al Sufouh Beach

Is it Safe To Swim in the Sea in Dubai | Al Sufouh Beach | The Vacation Builder

Al Sufouh beach is truly a ‘hidden gem’ in the map of Dubai’s scenic beaches. Many even find it hard to locate this place because of its secret abode between Madinat Ul Jumeirah and Royal residences. The beach is free from any sports distractions and gives you space to soak up the sun.

With no distraction from any sort of water sport activity, Al Sufouh Beach lets you float and swim into the azure blue water of the Arabian Sea as much as you wish for. It is also known as “Black Palace Beach”.

Beach Type: Public

Beach facilities: Lifeguard service

Beach Award: Blue flag

Beach Time: Sunrise-Sunset

Website: https://www.visitdubai.com/en/places-to-visit/al-sufouh-beach

6. Kite Beach

Is it Safe to Swim in the Sea in Dubai | Kite Beach | The Vacation Builder

Kite beach is most popular among kitesurfers which gives them the freedom to challenge their sports skill over the clear crystal water of Arabian Gulf. Visitors can also enjoy swimming, beach volleyball, food and even a beach gym right at the beach.

Kite Beach is an absolute must-visit when you are in Dubai. And if you are a beach-lover, then it would be a sin to miss this place. Make sure you check this guide of Things to do at Kite Beach.

Beach Type: Public

Beach facilities: Lifeguard Service, dine, play, library

Beach Award: Blue flag

Beach Time: Sun-Sat,10:00 AM- 22:00 PM

Website: http://www.kitebeach.ae/

Contact:+971 4 219 0999

7. Jumeirah Public Beach

Is it Safe to Swim in the Sea in Dubai | Jumeirah Public Beach | The Vacation Builder

The Jumeirah Public Beach in Dubai is favourite among tourists and residents primarily because of the iconic view of Burj-Al-Arab. It offers swimming in the sea backed by round-the-clock lifeguard services.

Swimming at Jumeirah Public Beach is safe and it enjoys a blue flag status. The nearest Jumeirah beach park has a garden, children’s playgrounds, a barbecue area and many more which provides a next-level experience to the visitors of the beach.

Beach Type: Public

Beach facilities: Lifeguard Service, changing room, shower, restroom, dining options

Beach Award: Blue Flag

Timing: 7.00 AM – 11.00 PM

Website: https://www.dm.gov.ae/

Contact: +971800900

8. La Mer Beach

Is it Safe to Swim in the Sea in Dubai | La Mer Beach | The Vacation Builder

La Mer Beach is relatively new to Dubai and was developed to revive the beach experience at its best possible level. Facilities on the beach include shopping at dining. The sea is very safe to swim here too and is firmly backed by an effective lifeguard service.

Beach Type: Public

Beach facilities: Lifeguard service, changing room, shower, Shop, Dine, Play

Beach Time: Sun-Sat: 10:00-00:00

Website: https://www.lamerdubai.ae/en/

Contact: +971800637227

9. Al Mamzar Beach Park

Is it safe to swim in the sea in Dubai | Al Mamzar Beach Park | The Vacation Builder

What can be a better spot than a huge park in front of the Arabian Gulf with five sandy beaches for a perfect family day-out along the shoreline? That’s why Al Mamzar Beach Park is often rushed by the families from the city or from abroad.

This beach has some specific days reserved only for women who like privacy whilst having a dip in clear crystal water. This is one reason why Mamzar Beach stands out from the rest. Families can also rent out a chalet to make their beach visit memorable.

You will surely love our Al Mamzar Beach Park article to find out more details about this gorgeous place.

Beach Type: Public

Beach facilities: Lifeguard, chalets.

Beach award: Blue Flag

Beach Time: Sun-Wed, 8:00 AM -22:00 PM

Website: http://dubeach.com/beach/mamzar-beach/

Here you can find more information on how to book a chalet at Mamzar Beach.

10. Umm Suqeim Night Beach

Dubai can get really hot in the summer. So why not take a dip in the evening? Umm Suqeim Beach now makes this very much possible. The beach is equipped with smart poles which provide high-intensity lighting as soon as the sun sets. Lifeguards are present too, which makes sea swimming safe here for everyone.

Beach Type: Public

Beach facilities: Lifeguard, Lighting

Beach Time: Past sunset-until midnight

Website: https://www.dubaitravelguide.info/umm-suqeim-beach/

What is The Blue Flag Beach Award?

A beach with a blue flag is safe to swim and play in the water. The award is issued by considering specific factors on a beach such as:

  • Safe to Play on the Beach
  • The site is coastal
  • Lifeguards
  • Disabled Persons Friendly
  • Kiosk / Changing Facilities

Most of the Dubai beaches own blue flag status which shows that its beaches are safe to swim in the sea.

How to Ensure Safe Swimming in Dubai?

Here are some tips that will help you out to have safe swimming in the beaches of Dubai:

  • Keep an eye on children
  • Try to locate the lifeguard stand on the beach map
  • Always swim near the lifeguard stand
  • Call the lifeguard on time when you need help
  • Do not swim with rocks in the sea
  • Finish your swimming before sunset
  • If you want to swim at night then go to the night beach.
  • Most importantly pay attention to beach flags

Beach Flag Colour Meanings

A beach area which is open to the public has some flags which indicate the safety factor. You will see one flag out of three:

  • The red flag indicates there is a danger to swim.
  • The yellow flag indicates swimming with cautions
  • A green flag indicates you can swim worry-free


Most of the Dubai beaches flaunt a blue flag award which is highly safe to swim. Whilst on many other beaches you will find lifeguards who will guide you to ensure the safety of swimming.

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